Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tuesday 4.3.12

1.  Team WOD
Teams of 3 complete the following in order:
Relay 400m
Team 400m
100 HSPU - only 1 athlete may kip.
100 C2B
100 Pistols
Relay 400m
Team 400m
Every athlete must do at least 15 reps of HSPU, C2B and Pistols.

2. 3 RFT: 
40m Prowler 180, 135
15 KBS 53, 35 - vertical KB, work the faster cycle time of the snatch variation.
15 GHDSU - Both hands to target
40 DU

Transitions should be faster.  Be ready, kick up as the hands go down - work on eliminating the set up.
If you come off the wall, a teammate should go up next.

Team c2b and pistols
Work transitions.  Always let your teammates know to get ready by counting your last few reps out loud.
Work faster set ups.  Once you get on the bar be ready to go.
There should be zero transition time on the Pistols - work for proper depth....and James, speed up for crying out loud.


  1. WOD1 - 23:20 for Hamel, Meg and I. Great job everyone!! :)
    WOD2 - 7:50