Friday, August 31, 2012

Monday 9.3.12

I am traveling this weekend, and don't know what my ability to get on the 
internet will be, so I am posting the next three days early.


1.  Front Squat
work up to a 3RM

2.  Open 12.5
7 minute up ladder (3-6-9-12....) of:
Thrusters, 100/65
C2B Pull ups

3.  Terminators
4 x 12 Reps - midline static, with the pad under hammies, not butt.  Press the bar above your eyes, not towards your waist.  
Mel demos Terminators...

Sunday 9.1.12

Super buddies.
Rest Day

Spend the day with a super buddy.


Ali B.

1.  Muscle ups

3 sets of max reps, rest 2 minutes between sets.

2.  For time
50 Burpees
50 C2B Pull ups
50 Push Jerks, 155/105

3.  Bulletproof Shoulders
Demo vid

Build speed and power in the "second pull" of your O-lifts, 
(aka, finish with an open hip) by working kneeling box jumps...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday 8.31.12

1.  Dynamic Box Squats
8 x 2, @ 60% plus band tension - Speed, speed, speed.  Sit on foam (an abmat or two works in place of foam) 1" below parallel.

2.  Snatch
8 x 1 @ 80%, OTM

3.  Clean & Jerks
8 x 1 @ 80%, OTM

4. 21-15-9
Deads, 225/155
Wall Balls, 20/14

5.  400m Sled drag
you choose weight.

 Get after it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday 8.29.12

1.  Unstable Bench
work up to a 1RM

2.  DB Bench Press
1 x 15-20 reps - leave one or two in the tank.
1 x Max reps - go to failure.

3.  OTMx12
Odd:  5 strict presses - don't overextend your midline.
Even: 1-3 Muscle ups - no big kips.  these should be done as strict as possible.

4.  4 Rounds
6-12 Strict Bent Over Barbell Row - double underhand grip.  no torso movement.
8-12 Rehab Muscle Snatch


Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday 8.28.12

1.  2 mile run
Not for time

2.  Mobility
35 minutes

3.  Ab work
Choose 2-3 movements.  

"Every day is a new day.  Every moment is a new moment.  
Show them that you are different creature now than you were 5 minutes ago.  
Cause I am pissed off for greatness."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday 8.27.12

Box Squats!

1.  Box Squat
work up to a 1RM

2.  Front Squats
3 x 6

3. Sumo Deadlfit

4.  3 RFT:
400m run
15 Air Squats
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.
15 Air Squats
Jen Smugs Sumo Deads...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday 8.25.12

1.  Shoulder Press
4 x 6-8

2.  3 Rounds of:
Max Reps in :40 (:20 rest) of:
KBS (70, 53)
Hand Release Push ups
C2B Pull ups

Record Scores as follows:
HSPU 19/15/14
KBS 21/15/13...

3.  Bullet Proof Shoulders
Demo Vid.

 Can you pick out the inefficiencies in each of these positions?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday 8.24.12

Derek's Game Face...

1.  Box Jumps
6 x 2 at max height.   Don't need to rebound.

2.  Snatch 
9x1, OTM at 75%

3.  Clean and Jerk
9x1, OTM at 75%

4. Alt. Weighted Step ups
2 x 8/side - with a loaded barbell on the back rack, step up to a 20" box (or something that gets your raised quad close to parallel to the ground).  Alternated legs every rep, 16 steps = 1 set.

5.  5 Rounds, NOT for time:
50m Heavy Forward Sled Drag - Heavy enough that is forces a walk.  If you can run it's too light.
15 Weighted Sit ups
Rest about 2 minutes between rounds.
On the sled drags choose a weight that is right for you.  Try to keep your torso more upright and "heel to toe" as you walk.  This doesn't make it easier, but results in more posterior chain engagement, which is what we are after in this WOD.  Remember we are not always after faster times and better scores.  Sometimes its about the stimulus not the score.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday 8.23.12

Big Bri - 2010 Master's Champion

Rest Day

Those that succeed at the highest level have total commitment.  There is no plan B, because having a plan B is planning to fail.  "There is no maybe.  You need to get up and say I'm going to be a Champion, and I'll do whatever it takes."  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday 8.22.12

1.  Unstable Bench
Work up to a 1RM - Demo Vid, record weight as barbell + weight of both kettlebells (ie, 185+70)

2.  Band Tricep Push Downs
2 x Max Reps

3.  Superset
Weighted Strict Pull ups, 3 x 6-8 - any grip is allowed
Band Pull aparts, 3x10-12

4. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 for time of:
Plate GTO, 45/25 - ground to overhead anyhow with a bumper plate. 
5 Burpees and 30 Double Unders between rounds.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tuesday 8.21.12

Heather...stay out of the penalty box.

1.  "Penalty Box"
6 x 300m Row at 2k Pace, Sub 25 SPM
There are three rules...
1.  The 500m Pace below your average 2K pace (see below for help on this).  
2.  Strokes Per Minute (SPM) must be below 25.  
3.  No pausing/stopping during the stroke.
There is a 3 Burpee penalty for every stroke that you violate a rule.  Complete the burpees after each set.  Rest as needed between sets.

2K TIME  - 500m Pace
6:20 - 1:35
6:40 - 1:40
7:00 - 1:45
7:20 - 1:50
7:40 - 1:55
8:00 - 2:00
8:20 - 2:05
8:40 - 2:10

2.  GHD Sit-ups
50 reps, not for time

3.  Split Practice
4 mins/side

4.  Couch Stretch 
3 mins/side - demo vid.

5.  Side Lunge
2 mins/side - One leg extended straight with foot planted flat or toe up (best to work both).  The other leg should be bent with weight on the heel, stacking your knee over your foot.

Side lunge....

The Penalty Box... Learn to pull with smooth, powerful, efficiency.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday 8.20.12

Max's max box squat.

1. Box Squat
work up to a 1 rep max - Box set up at parallel.

2.  Back Squat Medley
10 reps at 30%
10 reps at 40%
10 reps at 50%
10 reps at 60%
Max reps at 60%
Percentages of 1RM "free" Back Squat that we established at the beginning of this program.  Rest as needed between sets.  Gold standard is 30+ reps on the last set.  This is taken from Tom Platz's Squat Training program.  Tom does the final set with 405 for 30+ reps (and can do 225 for 100 unbroken reps!).  Check him out below doing 500x23.

3.  Glute Ham Raises
3 x 6-10

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday 8.18.12

Ali B lines up for Snatches, OTM

1.  Bench
3 x Max Rep barbell bench at 60% of 1RM

2.  4 Rounds of:

Max reps of Strict C2B Pull ups in 2 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Max reps of Push Press 165, 115 in 2 minutes - taken from the floor, no racks.
Rest 1 minute

3.  Rehab High Hang Muscle Snatch
3 x 10, demo vid - one thing not mentioned in the video; once the elbows go high and outside don't let them descend as you turn over.  Work the external rotation with the humerus (upper arm) parallel to the ground.

4.  Dumbbell Shrugs
3 x 12-15 - Shrug up and back, not up and forward.

Montoya working with Coach B at CFNE

A message from Derek, CFNE Competitor Coach

In classic Ben Bergeron style, he is sharing his knowledge and programming expertise with all of us on
this site for free. He is also not mandating for anybody that they should, shouldn’t, or can’t follow the
programming. I can tell you that Ben has been overwhelmed with the positive response to the website
and the people following the programming.

As the Competitor’s Coach for Crossfit New England’s competitors, I have had the opportunity to talk
extensively with him Ben about Competitor’s Wod programming, the website and his intentions over
the last few weeks and have a few thoughts to share:

1. Competitor’s Wod programming is aimed at preparing the skilled, experienced athlete for the
Crossfit Games Competition Season. Because of the seasonality of the sport, and the periodization
that Ben is programming, this is not aimed towards generally getting people ready to compete in local
throwdowns, or competing at Garage Games for example, but specifically towards next year’s Games

2. Its most likely that Competitor’s Wod programming is not for you. I don’t mean you, specifically, but generally speaking, this programming is intended for a small percentage of the Crossfit population.
Its difficult to generalize, but if you have to scale the vast majority of the programming, then maybe
you should think twice. Another crude guideline would be your "Fran" time -  under 4:00 for guys, and
under 5:00 for girls. Above that and you should really think twice or talk with a coach.
Bottom Line---If you do crossfit to be generally healthy for life and/or for another sport then you’d be better off following .com or CFNE class programming. If you want to be a competitor, chances are you’ll make more progress by sticking to this type of programming and adding some goat work 1-2 times a week. If you’re unsure, post about your situation here and I’m sure you’ll get all the feedback you need.

3. Once you decide what is right for you, stick to it. This goes both ways. If you’re fit enough and
experienced enough to do Competitor’s Wod programming and want to do it, then do it 100% and stick
to it. Vice Versa – if you know in your heart of hearts that its not right for you, then commit to ONE program, be it .com, CFNE, or whatever. I can tell you firsthand that the BEST program is the one that you are committed to. Doing a .com wod today, and some class wods later in the week, and something from another site here or there is a recipe for disaster.  Personally, I spent a very unproductive, frustrating year a few years back jumping around- OPT, Mike’s Gym, Greg Everett, CFNE, etc…what a disaster. Finally I got sick of it and just decided to do whatever Ben told me to do, and I’ve been making gains ever since. For more on this, read Ben’s journal article about training like a racehorse.

Please understand that the purpose of this post is not to exclude anyone, or to tell you that you can’t
do something. The purpose is to clarify what the intention is, and also to help prevent overtraining and
injury that can arise from people following programming that they might not be ready for.

On another note, over the last few weeks we have noticed that the amount of activity and posting on
the CFNE site has decreased. I can promise you that this is NOT what Ben is after. We take great pride in having one of the most active sites and communities in Crossfit. Competition is a part of what we do, but it is not what we are all about. Long story short, if you’re a CFNE member and you’re following Competitor’s Wod programming, please post on CFNE's site or both sites.

Good Luck and God Bless,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday 8.17.12

Pat Smulligan
1.  Dynamic Box Squats
6 x 2 at 60% including band tension

2.  Snatch 
9x1, OTM at 70%

3.  Clean and Jerk
9x1, OTM at 70%

4. AMRAP 8
8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (4/side) 155, 105 - From the ground, no racks.  Back knee kisses the ground
16 Dead Lifts 155, 105
24 Leg Lifts - Lie on your back with legs extended, 1" off the ground.  Lift your legs to perpendicular.
32 Double Unders

Ali "Blades" LeBlanc

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday 8.16.12

Rest Day
It is mean of me to post this on a rest day.  
Watch this and see if you can stay out of the gym.
Best damn pre game speech ever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday 8.15.12

1.  Unstable Bench
Work up to a 1RM - Demo Vid, record weight as barbell + weight of both kettlebells (ie, 185+70)

2.  Overhead Press
1 x 15-20 - These are strict presses - not Push Presses.  Leave a couple reps in the tank.
1 x Max Reps - You choose the weight for both sets.

3.  Superset
Strict Bent Over Barbell Row, 3x8 - double overhand, no torso movement.
Band Pull aparts, 3x10-12

4.  8 RFT
1 15' Legless Rope climb
12 Hand Release Push ups

Monday, August 13, 2012


"Fuel For Fire"
For time:
1,000m Row
1,000m Run
50 Box Jumps, 24/20
30 Burpees
50 Box Jumps, 24/20
1,000m Run
1,000m Row

Training with a belt:  Good, bad, meat-heady, or smart?
I am not going to get into the benefits and drawbacks of belts.  Instead, here is the bottom line...
Over 90% of 1RM - Yes
Under 90% of 1RM - No.
Competition - Yes.
Accessory work (i.e. Front Squat 4x8) - No.
If you don't like using a belt - don't.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday 8.13.12

1.  Box Squat
Work up to a 1 rep max - Box should be at parallel.  The points of performance mimic the box squat jumps we did on Friday.  

2.  Front Squats
3 x 6

3.  Romanian Dead Lifts
3 x 8

4.  5 RFT:
10 Pistols (5/side)
15 GHD Sit ups
200m Run
1 minute rest between rounds.

5.  Split Practice
4 mins/side

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunday 8.12.12

Rest Day

"Step out in front with the F-ing Bold ones, the Great ones"

Saturday 8.11.12

1.  Dips
3 sets of:
3 Weighted Dips
3 Strict Dips
Max kipping Dips
Each set is one giant set, meaning you will perform all the weighted, strict and kipping as one big set.  Here what it should look like; Complete the weighted dips with a dumbbell between your legs.  After your 3 weighted dips drop the weight without coming off the rings and continue with the strict dips.  Then without coming off the rings do a max set of kipping dips.  That is set one.
You choose the weight.  Rest as needed between sets.

2.  Pull ups
3 sets of:
3 Weighted Pull ups
3 Strict Pull ups
Max kipping Pull ups
Same protocol as the dips.  

3.  Push Press
4 x 8, across

4.  BulletProof Shoulders, Demo Vid.
Side Plank Retractions, 1x20 each side
Mod. Push up Hold, 3x15 sec. each side
Scap Push ups, 1x15
T's, 4x5+5 second overload
W's, 4x5+5 second overload
Cuff Isolation, 1x15-30

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday 8.10.12

1.  Snatch 
6 x 2 at 65%, OTM

2.  Clean and Jerk
6 x 2 at 65%, OTM

3.  Box Squat Jumps
8 x 2 - You can use dumbbells and/or weight vest to weight these down, but speed trumps load.  Demo Vid.

4.  Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats
2 x 8 ea/side

5.  3 RFT:
6 Deads, 275/185
12 Box Jumps, 24" (same for men and women)
18 TTB

Enter the tunnel boys...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday 8.8.12

1.  Push Press
Work up to a 3 RM

2.  Ring Push ups
1 set close to failure - Leave 1-2 in the tank
1 set to failure
Rings should be set at 1" off the floor.  Be sure your hips travel the same distance as your shoulders and at the same time.

3.  Pulling Superset
A.  Pull up Rows, 3 x 6-12 - these are essentially a belly button to bar pull up, we are looking for the horizontal row action.  If you aren't even close sub barbell bent over rows. Watch the Demo Vid.
B.  Bent over Reverse Flyes, 3 x 8-12 - yep, old school body building reverse flyes.  Keep it light and controlled.

4.  Snatch Grip Shrugs
3 x 8 - these can be dynamic, aka - use your hips.  Keep the scapula retracted.  Straps are OK on this one.

5. Triplet
9-6-3 of:
Elevated HSPU - you choose the height; one or two plates or parallettes.
Muscle ups

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tuesday 8.7.12

1.  Clean/Run
5 Power Cleans 225, 155
400m Run
10 Power Cleans 185, 135
400m Run
15 Power Cleans 135, 95
400m Run

Rest as needed

2.  Tabata Row
8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off, for total meters - Choose "interval time" on the monitor and then set it to :20 on and :10 rest.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monday 8.6.12

CrossFit St. Thomas is getting Ha-uge.
1.  Deficit Deads
Work up to a 3RM - Stand on 45# plates (maybe 45 +25 if you are short).  These can be done as sumo or traditional pulls.  Use chains and/or bands if available; Demo Vid.

2.  Olympic Pause Squats
3 x 6 - Use high bar rack position and pause for 2 seconds in the hole of each squat; Demo Vid.

3.  GHR
3 x 6-10 - knees should be in contact with pad.  No breaking/flexing at the hips.  Want it to be harder - Use weights for added resistance.  Want it to be easier - attach a band to a pull up rig behind you.

4.  Double DU "Annie"
For time:
100-80-60-40-20 Double Unders
50-40-30-20-10 Abmat sit ups

5.  Split Practice
Spend 8 minutes (4/side) working towards a split

6.  Recovery Row
7 mins of easy rowing - no straps, no monitor

See yourself on this site.
Send pics and youtube clips of your training to  

4 mins/side...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Saturday 8.4.12

1.  3 rounds of "Lynne"
A:  Body weight Bench Press, Max Reps
B:  Max Pull ups, Max Reps - If you can do over 50 kipping pull ups, these should be done as strict pull ups.
Superset means move directly from movement A to movement B.  Rest as needed after movement B.

2.  Strict Press
4 x 8-12 Strict Shoulder Press, across.

3.  Band Pull-aparts - demo vid.
4 x 8-12

4.  Strict Dumbbell Shrugs
3 x 8-15 - shoulder go up and slightly back, not forward.