Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday 8.28.12

1.  2 mile run
Not for time

2.  Mobility
35 minutes

3.  Ab work
Choose 2-3 movements.  

"Every day is a new day.  Every moment is a new moment.  
Show them that you are different creature now than you were 5 minutes ago.  
Cause I am pissed off for greatness."


  1. If I'm on the "big dude plan" should I run 4 miles, 2 miles x 2 (probably AM/PM), or just the 2 rx'd?

    Also how much volume should we shoot for with the abs? Just a rough estimate.

  2. 1. done. around 16:00ish.

    2. voodoo flossed my patella pain, mashed my triceps, sat on lacrosse ball and flossed hips/hams.

    3. 4 rounds, not for time
    10 abwheel rolls
    20 toes to bar
    30 sec L sit
    3 AMRAP

  3. Try to stay off the shoulders with the ab stuff. Instead of doing crazy amounts of Toes To Bar, try hollow rocks, v-sit hold, ghd or abmat sit ups, weighted sit ups, Standing band crunches, wood choppers, leg lifts, etc...

  4. Hard to run 2 miles in STT without getting hit by a car... So instead did a 5K row at a 2:00 split (20 mins). Mobility and abs this afternoon.

  5. Hard to run 2 miles in STT without getting hit by a car... So instead did a 5K row at a 2:00 split (20 mins). Mobility and abs this afternoon.

  6. 1. Got 1.5 miles and the calves were done.
    2. Calf mashing with the bar & a ball, shoulder mob and hip mob.
    3. 25 abmat situps, 20 leg raises, 20 GHD

  7. Stretched it to 5 miles (8:04 pace). Semi-training for the BAA Half Marathon in early October.

  8. 2 mile run (untimed)-check

    30 min Mobility-check

    AB work
    Knee to elbow 4x10
    Weighted Situps 3x15 at 50#

  9. M/210#/6'5"
    1. 2 miles run: 14:40 (treadmill)
    2. check
    3 x 6 strict T2B with slow excentric phase
    4 x 20s ring L-hold
    3 x 15 GHD with focus on speed and popping knees coming up
    3 x 6 70# weighted situps

    Definitely felt legs from yesterday on the run.

  10. M/49/5'8"/165

    1. done on treadmill 0.5 incline 8:00 pace
    2. done - focussed on hamstrings and shoulders, also voodoo flossed my elbows -I will lock out in 2012
    3. 3 rnds each for time (superset), 2 minutes between rnds of 20x80# weighted situps, 20 V-ups, 20x25# weighted russian twists.

  11. 2 miles chech
    Weighted. Ghd. Strict t2b
    35 min mobility check
    Goat work

  12. 1. Check
    2. Check
    3. Check L-Hang Accumulated 2:00, Plank Front & Sides 1 min each, & GHD Sit Ups 1 Set of 25

  13. 2 miles with 50# vest untimed
    45 min mobility (PR, and needed)
    GHD situps, V-ups, 25# Russian twists

  14. Taught two Taekwondo classes who happened to need to do these very things ;)

    1 Mile barefoot. 1 mile shoes.

    Mobility and Stretching.

    Lots of plank holds, leg lifts, negative situps, 2 point bridges etc.

  15. 1. 2 miles in 18:35 *knee still bothering me, but felt better after mobility/stretching
    2.Split practice-4min/side
    Couch stretch-3min/side
    Lying Hamstring stretch w/band-3min/side
    IT Band stretch with band-3min/side
    Foam rolling-9min everything
    3.2 rounds of: 25 ghd situps, 15 hollow rocks(1st time=brutal), 25 lying leg raises w/band

  16. 1. Done
    2. Mob - focused on hamstrings/hips/lower back
    3. Abs - sit-ups, L-sits and GHD sit-ups

  17. 1. Rowed 4k slow instead... Gave my knee a break from impact.
    2.core ( from
    3 rounds for QUALITY
    L-sit 1:00 min
    15 toes to bar (strict)
    Superman hold 1:00 min

    Mobility- focused a lot of work on left leg lower ... Took some advice from responses yesterday ... Tight calves shins ankles... Did some TKEs ... Helped a lot .. Feeling much better tonight going to do some more in a bit

  18. 2 miles in just under 16:00, comfortable pace. Hamstrings were heavy from yesterday.
    Quads, IT bands, hamstrings, shoulder IR, and couch stretch.
    GHDs, hollow rocks, and weighted sit ups.

  19. What a nice day, Thank you Ben! I feel great. Mobility always suffers or gets cut short. Way to allow for 30 plus solid minutes.

  20. 1. check
    2. check
    3. 2X15 Weighted strict GHD sit-ups and "strict" T2B

  21. 1. Check
    2. Check
    3. Check.... Tabata Sit ups, supermans, russian twists

  22. It was miserable cold that day, I opted to do the WOD with my class. 300 DU for time with 5 burpees OTM. 7:31

    Mobility - done
    Ab work - 10 GHDSU OTM for 10Mins.

    I also got roped into snatching in the evening. Well, I was working with a few of my athletes and ended up just going for it. #220 PR