Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thursday 8.2.12

Rest Day

Chael Sonnen, UFC middleweight fighter, might be the best personality in all of sports.  
Swagger, whit, intimidation, confidence, humor - Homeboy's got it in spades...


  1. Chael is definitely a character and knows how to build buzz, hype, and tension around an event, but I prefer the quiet modest type haha :D

  2. Not the best blogger, but I'm working on it!
    BW 150
    PP 145 x 13, 140 x 15
    BOR: 145 (I think)
    MS: 95
    Shrugs: 230....these were clean grip done with a dip....not a strict shrug, don't know if I was supposed to do that or not, but it seemed the most logical to me. My thumbs felt like they were going to fall off
    Metcon: 15:33 with 20# vest...BUT!!! My muscle ups weren't happening with a vest, I don't use false grip so they were challenging, so I took a back seat to the RMU with the rooks. This was a dream WOD turned completely nightmare because of that damn vest!!

  3. HAHAHA I think im his biggest fan now!

  4. Hey there,

    I did Mondays workout because I missed it.

    BS: 295 (40# PR)
    FS: 155
    RDL: 185 X 8
    4 rounds RX complete
    Split practice...Not exactly a split but a good not too far to go

  5. Rest, coached a few classes, a little row & some mobility.