Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday 3.1.13

Becca Voigt

1.  OTM x 20
Odd:  Max rep Double KB Squat Clean Thruster, 53/35 - both KBs must touch ground at the start of every rep.
Even: Rest
Post scores for all 10 rounds

2.  3 RFT:
12/9 Muscle ups
500m Row

3.  3 Giant Sets:
15 Weighted Sit ups, 100/70
15 Back and Hip Extensions - demo vid.
15 Ring Rows
15 Bent over DB Reverse Flyes

"The muscle up is no more than surmounting an object from which you are hanging or passing through an overhead egress - both functional and potentially lifesaving. The move is low skill, very low skill, yet possesses enough technical challenge that few people are able to perform it even when possessing the requisite contractile force. The modern trend of "dumbing down" PT, i.e. deliberately removing skill components, reduces strength (the productive application of force), blunts power, and retards speed."
-Greg Glassman

Rachel Martinez

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thursday 2.28.13

Will Blackburn.

1.  Rack Jerk
5 x 5, Climbing
Post scores for all 5 sets

2.  21-15-9
Power Cleans, 185/135
Front Squats, 185/135

3.  L-sit
Accumulate 2 mins

"No, it doesn't ever get any easier. You wouldn't want it to either."
- Greg Glassman

How fast are you?  How aggressive are you in training?  
Do you grunt and scream like a Tasmanian Devil?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday 2.27.13

Rest Day.

"Cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, 
speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination: 
you're as good as your weakest link."
- Greg Glassman

Three things...

1.  If you are a beast, and don't "have enough time" to do the metcons/runs, but have time to throw around a barbell you are not going the Regionals or the Games.  Your weaknesses will be exposed - and it will be your fault for not having the balls to train your weaknesses.  The fact is, it's not a time thing, it's a priority thing.  The easy fix to this - just start every training session with the metcon and I bet you will have time at the end for your barbell work. You are a beast - so train like a ninja.

2.  NO EXCUSES - EVER.  It was raining, you had to do pull ups at the globo gym, your hand ripped.  Adversity happens to everyone, in every training session, everyday.  Every Games athlete deals with the same issues as you - but they recognize adversity as a part of life.  If you use excuses now what happens on game day?

3.  Pay attention to the small things.  This seems obvious when comes to things that directly impact your training: sleep, nutrition, warm up, cool down, recover and rest.  But there is one small thing that will trump all those together - your mental thought process.

Your Thoughts become your Words, Your Words lead to Action, and Action will dictate your Results.

If you have negative approach to a workout or are disappointed with your performance you need to turn it around mentally.  Instead of dwelling on how bad your handstand push ups are and fearing the workout, be excited at the opportunity to become better at a weakness.

During the workout recognize the voice in your head.  That is your personal coach.  Is that voice a good coach or bad coach?  Is the voice telling you that you can lift the weight, that you can do one more rep, that you can be a little bit faster?  Or is the voice reminding you about the pain, how heavy the weight is, and that you need more rest?

After the WOD reinforce anything that went well and use any negatives as a learning experiences.  Take solace in the fact that we fail in training to succeed in competition.  You need to fail reps, blow up, and try new things that don't work in order to improve.  Focus on the improving, not the failing.  While you are lying on the floor after the wod tell yourself that you love the feeling of battery acid in your veins, you love working hard, and that you got 1% better today.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuesday 2.26.13

McD dares to touch the Devil's Tricycle.

1.  Clean Complex
Power Clean + Squat Clean

2.  Front Squat 

3.  OTM x 10
Odd: 5 Hang Squat Clean
Even:  15 Box Jumps, 30/24" - games standards.

4.  Run
6 x 400m Run, 1 minute rest
Record times for all six rounds

“If you can brag about either a low 4’s mile or a high 4’s bench press 
you could also be a lot fitter.” (No one has both.)
- Coach Greg Glassman

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday 2.25.13

1.  Snatch Complex
Power Snatch + Squat Snatch, climb up to a max set.

2.  Box Squat 
3x3, across

3.  OTM x 10
Odd: 5 Push Press
Even:  Max reps of unbroken C2B Pull ups

4.  Row
12 x 1 min on/1 min off
set the rower up for "timed intervals" and record meters for each round.

"Our emphasis on skill development is integral to our charter of optimizing work capacity."
- Greg Glassman

Will Blackburn

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday 2.24.13

Rest Day.

"Work capacity is to fitness what location is to real estate."
- Greg Glassman

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday 2.23.13

Rachel Martinez.
1.  Clean
5 sets of 5, TnG
Post Scores for all 5 sets

2.  For time:
1000m Row
20 Cleans, 185, 135 - are these power or squat cleans?  good question - read the FAQs
50 Pull ups

3.  "IRIS"*
4 RFT:
9 Snatches, 115/80
30 Wall Balls, 20/14
58 Double unders

* The "Iris" wod is for Dallas Hagler, his wife and the entire crew at CrossFit Mobile in Mobile, AL.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with you guys.  

"Significantly improve your 400 meter run, two thousand meter row, squat, 
dead, bench, pull-up, and dip. Now you are a more formidable being."
- Greg Glassman

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday 2.22.13

1.  Run
800m for time

2.  Push Press
5 sets of 5, climbing
post scores for all 5 sets

3.  For time
1000m Row
20 Bench Press, 185/125
50 Ring Dips

4.  Run
800m for time

5.  Handstand Hold
Tabata protocol

"It is men of action who most commonly possess the discipline and character required for both genius and success. At CrossFit doing trumps thinking, and training teaches us more about performance than reading, and experimenting reveals more than comparing theories. That is why we find ourselves disproportionately graced by the company of intelligent and successful men and woman."
- Greg Glassman

Montoya's reverse Tabata L-sit demo and commentary. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thursday 2.21.13

1.  Run
800m Run for time

2.  Dead Lift
5 sets of 5, climbing
post scores for all five sets

3.  For time:
1000m Row
20 Deads, 275/185
100 Squats

4.  Run
800m Run for time

5.  L-sit 
Reverse Tabata.

"Stick to the basics and when you feel you've mastered them it's time 
to start all over again, begin anew - again with the basics -
this time paying closer attention."
- Greg Glassman

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wednesday 2.20.13

Kev practices barbell levitations on his rest days.

Rest Day.

"Valid criticisms of a fitness program need to speak to measurable, observable, repeatable data. If an alternative to CrossFit is worthy of our consideration it ought to be presented in terms of distance, time, load, velocity, work and power related to movements, skills, and drills. Give me performance data. CrossFit can be scientifically and logically evaluated only on these terms.
Criticisms of any program by summonsing exercise physiologists, dead or living, or triangulating a program's tenets vis-a-vis other programs and theories takes the discussion conveniently from the real to the theoretical where neither logic nor science can explore meaningful assertions about or devise tests of a program's strengths and weaknesses. Criticisms misplaced so seem to always come with the trappings, language, and style of science. Those least inclined to allow for scientific analysis are regularly given to scientific jargon, citing authority or studies, and ad hominem attack."
- Greg Glassman 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday 2.19.13

1.  For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1:  Front Squats, 225/155 - no racks, must be taken from the ground.
10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100:  Double Unders

Becca Voigt's time - 18:48
Chris Spealler's time - 16:50

Read the FAQs to find out about warm ups, cool downs and details about the programming.

"The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, 
the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community."
- Greg Glassman

James Hobart goes sub 10 on yesterday's wod.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday 2.18.13

Erika Snyder

1.  Snatch 
3 x Max Reps, TnG
Beasts 195/125
Ninjas 165/115
Rest 2 minutes between sets.  If you drop below 4 reps decrease the weight.

2. Box Back Squat - demo vid.
3x3 across, set up box at parallel.

4.  For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Jerk, 205/145 - no racks, must be taken from the ground.
2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20, Pull ups

5.  L-Sit
Accumulate 120 seconds
Hold a perfect L-sit for as long as possible, note the time and rest as needed between efforts.  Repeat until you have accumulated 2 minutes.  

"The L-sit is little know outside the gymnastics community but may be the most effective ab exercise.  
Athletes who have developed their L-sit to the point where they 
can hold it for three minute subsequently find all other ab work easy."
-Coach Glassman

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday 2.17.13

Athletes in our CompWOD community 
had a big part in making this movie come to life.  
Congrats on doing a great job honoring a true hero.

Rest Day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday 2.16.13

1. For time
15 Cleans, 185/135
Muscle ups, 10/7
Row 1000
If "Squat" or "Power" is not designated for a Clean assume it is the choice of the athlete to determine the best approach.

2.  3RFT:
9 Power Snatches, 95/65 - this is essentially a GTO anyhow, in other words muscle snatch is ok.
3 Shuttle Runs of 20m down and back, (this is 120m total every round).

3.  Airdyne
Max calories in 1 minute
30 second rest
Max calories in 1 minute
you must beat your 2 minute score from earlier this week.

"The most important criterion for exercise selection is neuroendocrine effect.
Regardless of your sport or your fitness goals these moves are the shortest path to success."
- Coach Glassman 

Have you seen Chris Spealler's Blog.  
Check it out here.  
Lots of good stuff about being a competitor.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday 2.15.13

Ally B.
1.  Handstand Push ups
3 sets of max reps - No kipping.  Rest as needed between sets

2.  Kenya
50 Squats
30 Push ups
15 Pull ups

3.  L-Sits
Reverse Tabata, 8 x:10 on, :20 off.

“Be impressed by intensity, not volume.”
- Coach Glassman

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday 2.14.13

My Valentine.

1.  OTM x 10
Odd:  1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch - no dropping
Even:  2 Front Squats - from a rack

2.  Open 12.3
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards
12 Push Press, 115/75- can be done as shoulder to overhead anyhow.

3.  3 Giant Sets
6 Good Mornings - moderate weight
9 Muscle Snatch - moderate weight
12 Band Pull Aparts

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wednesday 2.13.13

Rest Day

The CompWOD & The 2013 OPEN
All of our athletes are looking to qualify for Regionals, but all athletes should not approach the Open the same way.  Here's how we break it down...

You are a top 10 athlete in your Region.  You are supremely confident that you are going to qualify for the Regionals and you have your sights on going to the Games.  In this case there is no need to do the WODs more than once.  Instead focus on improving your fitness over the five week Open.
Here is your schedule:
Mon: Training
Tue:  Training
Wed: Rest Day
Fri:  Training
Sat:  Training
Sun:  Rest

Your goal is to compete in Regionals.  You need to do everything in your power during the Open to ensure you secure a spot at the next level.  Your objective is to maximize your Open Score.  Because of this its OK to take extra rest, practice movements instead of training for GPP, or hit the WODs more than once during the five week Open.  You will do the Open WODs twice per week on Thursday and Sunday to maximize recovery.  We have seen big improvements with a second attempt within a week, but see diminished results with a third attempt.
Here is your schedule:
Mon: Training
Tue:  Training
Wed: Rest Day
Fri:  Training
Sat:  Rest
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude 
from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the 
man with the wrong mental attitude."
- Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday 2.12.13

Taylor D.
1.  Complex
Front Squat + Push Jerk + Front Squat + Split Jerk
Taken from a rack.  No thrusters.  Work up to a heavy set.

2.  For time:
20 Clean and Jerks, 155/105
1000m Row
20 Clean and Jerks, 155/105

3.  Airdyne
Max Calories in 2 mins
If you don't have an airdyne row max cals in 2 mins.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday 2.11.13

1.  Row

2.  ARMAP 9:
12 Deads, 275/185
24 Pull ups
36 Walking Lunge Steps

3.  3 Giant Sets
45 Abmat Sit ups
30 Hip Extensions
15  Band Pull aparts

"I don't understand how it is that someone with only seven pull-ups 

could ask me how they could increase their muscle mass or strength. 
The obvious answer is, "work until you've got thirty pull-ups and you'll 
come back with five new pounds of lats and biceps alone." This kind of 
thing is true of squats, deadlifts, push-press, muscle-ups, dips and any 
other fundamental, functional movements. Athletes regularly working 
the basic movements never ask how they can get stronger or bigger 
they already know."
Greg Glassman - Coach

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday 2.10.13


2012 Games Chipper
10 OHS, 155/105
10 Box Jump Overs, 24/20
10 Thrusters, 135/95
10 Power Cleans, 205/125
10 TTB
10 Burpee to Muscle up
10 TTB
10 Power Cleans
10 Thrusters
10 Box Jump Overs
10 OHS

"Typically the worlds best athletes are minimalists when it comes to their training. 
They work hard and fast with few exercises. They master the fundamentals and 
work with them for years. This is the secret that no one wants to hear."
- Greg Glassman

Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday 2.9.13

Rest Day.

Regional Dates have been announced.  Here's the link.

Ty Hanson, 3:29

Cole, 17 years old - 375# Front Squat (PR)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friday 2.8.13

1. Open 11.3  
Squat Clean Thrusters, 165/110

2.  Burner
4 RFT:
15 KBS, 70/53
30 Double Unders

3.  3 Giant Sets of:
Max Reps of GHR
Max Reps of Ring Rows
Max Reps of Band Pull Aparts

Hamel, 3:36.  Potsy 3:41

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday 2.7.13

1. Snatch
3 x max reps tng at 80% of 1RM
These can be power or squat.  Rest as needed between sets.

2.  Front Squat

3.  "Lynne"
5 rounds of:
max reps of Body weight Bench Press
max reps of Strict Pull ups
-No rest between movements.  
-Rest 3 mins between rounds.
-if the pull ups go below 10 reps for any round turn them into kipping pull ups.

4.  Burner
4 RFT:
12 Cals on Rower
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24/20"- jumping onto the box is allowed but not required.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuesday 2.5.13

Jenny Davis
1.  Clean and Jerk

2.  Power Drill
5 RFT:
10 Power Cleans, 135/95
15 Burpees
20 KBS, 53/35
25 Wall Balls
Rest exactly 3 mins between rounds 

Post total time including the rest.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday 2.4.13

1.  Halting Snatch Dead lifts
3x2 - with a snatch width grip pull the bar to a position above the knees, pause and continue to the pockets with chest over the bar (aka "the jumping position"), pause again a second time before for standing to full extension.  

2.  Halting Power Snatch
3x2 - with a snatch width grip pull the bar to a position above the knees, pause and continue to the pockets (aka "the jumping position"), pause again a second time before Power Snatching the bar overhead.

3.  7RFT:
7 OHS, 95/65
7 Burpee Box Jumps, 20"

Sunday 2.3.13

Ally Bushey.
Rest Day.

Schedule For the next two weeks:
Monday - On
Tuesday - On
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - On
Friday - On
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - On
Monday - On
Tuesday - On
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - On
Friday - On
Saturday - On
Sunday - Rest

Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday 2.2.13

Alicia Gomes
1.  "Hulk Hogan"
10 Rounds of:
Every 2 minutes complete:
3 Muscle ups
5 Cleans, 225/155
7 Burpees

Post times for all 10 rounds.   
If you are unable to complete all the reps inside of the 2-minutes decrease the weight of the clean.

Chris Zards, 355 jerk complex