Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday 2.14.13

My Valentine.

1.  OTM x 10
Odd:  1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch - no dropping
Even:  2 Front Squats - from a rack

2.  Open 12.3
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards
12 Push Press, 115/75- can be done as shoulder to overhead anyhow.

3.  3 Giant Sets
6 Good Mornings - moderate weight
9 Muscle Snatch - moderate weight
12 Band Pull Aparts


  1. Just crapped my pants. I couldn't even get 8 rounds last year. Lots have changed though, so I'm ready to get it.

  2. I assume the front squats and snatch complex OTM is for load?

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  4. Hey ben can you repost your video demo of muscle snatch? I remember there were some specifics in it i was wanting to refer to...thanks!

  5. Cheryl...found it.

  6. 1 - snatch complex - 145, 150, 155 (fail snatch), 155 (fail snatch), 155
    Front squat - 275 across

    2 - during the Open - 7 rounds + 12 box jumps

    This morning - 6 rounds + 15 + 8....WTF

    1. It's just one of those days, Sheldon. You'll bounce back! :-) nice work either way!

    2. We are just as good as today. Tomorrow is a new day buddy.

    3. This why I compare Crossfit to Golf. One day you play great. The next day it plays you. Lol bounce back bud!

    4. Thanks for the encouragement folks. I'm not taking into consideration that I was doing it alone, in my shed, at 5:30 in the morning, with a less-than-optimal pull-up bar set-up...but those are all just excuses and I should be able to trump last year's score regardless.

      I do think I'm going to start doing met-cons first, because my motor is lagging way behind my strength numbers, in my opinion.

  7. went moderate on these, focus on squat form my feet are notoriously wide during my snatch work.

    Snatch: 145 across
    Front Squat: 235 across

    Open last year: 8 + 15 & 7 (22) =310
    Today:11 + 15 = 411

    Happy with this improvement, thanks for the programming Ben!

    3) Laters....

  8. 1. Snatch: 155 across
    Front Squat: 325 across

    2. 7 rounds + 9 BJs (2 more than last year)

    3. Done, ended up using only 95# on Good Mormings and 65# on Muscle Snatch.

  9. 1. Snatch: 2x165#, 2x175#, 1x185#/ Front Squat: 275# across

    2. 303 reps (PR), old: 248 reps

    3. Done

    ....almost tanked today b/c of a cold. Happy jig today.

  10. 1. 205 on snatches across 335 on front squat across
    2. 9 rounds+ 7 t2b (threw up immediately after, 1st time I've ever done that. I've reached manhood?)
    3. 135 on good mornings, 45# on muscle snatches.

    I tried to go balls to the wall on the amrap instead of pacing it. Felt ok till about round 6-7.

    Question: should I be practicing a pace during training? Or go balls to the wall so I can have a faster pace during competition? I feel like when I have "pace pace" in my head I keep my foot on the break. May be a dumb question. But I need to know.

    1. Jubba and I were speaking about that awhile ago. Graham Holmberg goes balls to the wall during training but paces during competition, I believe.

    2. That's what I was thinking today. Pacing during training leaves me pissed off sometimes when I feel like I have gas left in the tank afterwards.

  11. 1) 225 FS, 135 snatch, snatches are improving well.

    2) 8+15 bj, one round less than last year. - no excuses, I bombed.

    3) skipped

  12. 1. Snatch: 155 - across, felt off. FS: 285 - across
    2. 9 r + 18 reps.
    3. Skipped. Now fooood! Thanks for today and great job everyone :-)

  13. 1. snatch 115/120/125x3 - stayed at workable weights... I need to get comfortable hitting these numbers with minimal warmup
    front squat- 195 across- got soft in the middle on the very last rep
    2. hate this wod... I forget what I got last year 11 or 12 rounds? have to look it up .. I remember the ttb slowing me down a little ... not the case today ... hit 14 rounds + 15 box jumps but it felt horrible! omg ! let the open begin! I forgot how bad these wods hurt!
    3. doing that later got to do mobility.. high rep box jumps destroyed my knees... gotta work on flute hamstring activation ... my knees are taking a beating!

    1. If you hate this WOD it doesn't show. Unreal! So impressive

    2. thanks! it hurts when u know u have nothing holding u back but your mind ... sometimes not being strong enough or fast enough is easier to deal with than knowing u HAVE to go fast because there is no reason not to lol..

      thanks guys!

  14. 1) 132/132/143/143/147 on snatches and 264 on front squats with 275 on last set.
    2) 9rds +3 push press (pr of 6 reps from last year)
    3) 88# on good mornings and muscle snatches.

  15. 1. Snatch @155, fs @ 265, felt heavy.
    2. 4 rds just under 7 min... A little too much force on my hand, t2b felt easy but hand was hurting, so just stopped and finished up some ghd sit-ups and box jumps for 5 more rds
    3. Done

  16. 165 across
    235 across

    9 rounds I cramped hard at round 6 and couldn't breath for like 1:45 but I was able to push through so i'm still happy

    Did back extensions instead
    Kept the 115 on the bar

  17. 1). 175 and 245
    2). 9+14
    3). 3x500 emot3m. 3x10 315 DL

    First day back in a week, got 331 in the open last year...really thought I could get 11 rounds

  18. 175 and 285
    10+10 = 370 = 64 rep PR
    Done with 95#

  19. One of those days, everything was off. Take it for what it is and get back on it tommorow.

    1.) Snatch-#135x3, #145(F), 145
    Front Squat- #225x3, #245x2

    2.) 8rds + 26 (314)a 1 rep loss from last year
    -Was a little too confident and went out of the gate faster than I could handle, felt terrible after round 3.

    3.) check

    1. We are close in numbers. What are your stats?

    2. Bit confused haha what stats are you asking for?

    3. Nevermind! I'm 22/#170/5'7

  20. So slight improvement from last year. Last year I was DESTROYED by push presses, this year wasn't much different, but there was a huge improvement -

    Mid-Atlantic region
    2013 - 231 reps - 1,345th place (mid Atlantic region)

    2012 - 131 reps - 2,201st place

    Clearly, I'm not making it regionals, but it's a big improvement none-the-less. AND I went into today's workout with a really crappy mindset/mood and wasn't looking forward to it.

  21. 1. 185# snatch across (really smooth)
    295# x 2, 275# x 3 (little tight upper back)
    2. 12rds even= 432 reps (pretty happy with this, felt a little tired in my core and legs from the get go. Prolly from the brutality of this week. Nonetheless decent score)
    3. 95# on goodmornings and snatches

  22. 1) Snatch: 100 for the first four rounds - then upped it to 105 for 5th (underestimated myself...should have used 105 the whole time)
    Front Squat: 170

    2) 9 Rounds + 9 (333 reps) - last year I got 7 rounds + 15 (267), so I am happy! :)

    3) Done

  23. Spliting this into two workouts, AMRAP 8 rounds + 15/12. Last year had 7 rounds + 14 bj but i know i didnt do games standards last year. Oh and my toes to bars are all singles, cant link them together. My mind knows how but my body just wont cooperate in a WOD! 1 & 3 later.

  24. M/5'9 140# 14 yrs old:

    1: snatch=95 FS=155
    2: 8 round + 12 box jumps (BJ=24 inch, shoulder to over head=80)
    3: didn't have enough time

  25. 1) 165 across (missed squat snatch on 4th set)
    315 across
    2) 8+32 (99 rep PR from last year)
    3) no time

  26. 1. 185# across, 275# across
    2. 11rds + 8BJ: 404....27 rep PR.
    3. No time

  27. Snatch complex/FS OTM 135/255 across

    12.3 8+27 Rx

    calf started cramping in rnd 6 and cramped up HARD with 17 seconds left right as I got to the bar for T2B, fell off bar and couldn't continue - still limping. wanted 9 rnds but still very happy and big Pr over last year.

    Shut it down, may catch part 3 tomorrow.

  28. 1) 165/285
    2) 8+23
    3) 95lb good mornings, muscle snatches 25lbs, pullaparts

  29. 1. Front Squat : 315 across
    Power snatch + squat snatch: 185 across

    2. Last year 6+ something
    Today: 8+2 reps. I'll take any win I can

    3. Done

  30. 1)Snatch 125 Squat 203
    2)9+35 - that's 1 rep away from 10 rounds....last year, 2 reps away from 10 rounds. I used 80# though, I knew last year during the Open it was 75# but when this was posted it said 80 so I thought he was making it slightly heavier OH WELL
    3) Done

  31. M/25/6'0"/185#

    1) 155, 225
    2) 8+30 reps. About a 1 round improvement over last year. My shoulder to overhead has gotten much stronger since starting this programming, so thank you for that!
    3) I forgot there was a part 3...

  32. Feeling pretty worthless today, my shoulders are definitely not back in snatching shape. Had nothin today. My arms and lats have been insanely sore since the pull-ups in Monday's WOD. Think that has something to do with it.

    1.)Used 205 on snatch, 335 on FS. FS was too light and wasn't ready for that snatch weight. I have a strong snatch, but when I am forced to lower and do repeated reps, I fall apart. Only made it 8 minutes and missed two snatches.

    2.)Frustrated from the first part, head wasn't in this. 7 rounds + 10 box jumps. Stopped about 20 seconds early to cheer the wife on. HATE this WOD, still not comfortable rebounding the box jumps, I'm too heavy for that shit.

    3.) 135 on the Good mornings, 70 on the muscle snatches, did those exactly how the video describes.

  33. M/20/5'11"/165

    1. - 175# snatches across
    - 245# FS's across

    2. - Last year: 9 rounds + 7 PP (346 reps)
    - Today: 9 rounds + 8 TTB (359 reps)
    - timer went off when I was mid-swing of my last TTB of my 10th round! PISS!
    - happy with this PR because I stepped down from about 75% of my box jumps today (quite slow) since if I rebounded all reps as of now I don't know if I would still get a headache or not. Instead I just mixed in about 3-4 rebounded reps each round, and mostly just went faster on the TTB as compared to last year.

    3. Skipped.

    1. *snatches not done as TNG, because I hurt something in my hip last time doing heavy max effort TNG snatches

  34. 1-skipped
    2-9rds plus 13 box jumps (2 complete round pr)
    had to pick daughter up from pre school very limited time today.

  35. 1. 105/165

    2. 10 rounds + 17 rx

    3. complete

  36. 145 x 2, 155 x 2, 165 x 1 / 275 across. my last squat snatch was the best one I've done in months. So excited. Actually got under the damn bar.

    7 +15. waaaayyyy worse than open. Let's just forget about that one.

    95, 65 and thin band

  37. 5th day in a row, trying to catch up, not the wisest choice but got it done

    on my last week of an oly cycle
    A.sntach at 90%x1
    B. c&j at 90%x1
    C.front squat 90%x2

    1. snatch at 185, 195 (on last set)
    front squat at 295 (305 on last set)
    2. 9+8rx pr by only 10 reps