Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday 2.15.13

Ally B.
1.  Handstand Push ups
3 sets of max reps - No kipping.  Rest as needed between sets

2.  Kenya
50 Squats
30 Push ups
15 Pull ups

3.  L-Sits
Reverse Tabata, 8 x:10 on, :20 off.

“Be impressed by intensity, not volume.”
- Coach Glassman


  1. 1. 21/13/11 - a year ago I couldn't string together more than 5. Huge gains here!

    2. 5 rounds. Push ups got ugly. Bet Taylor can't get 6!

    3. Done

    1. yup think I'll wait for Taylor to post on this one ha! lol

    2. I know you are good at push ups Joe, but what the heck, I'll try!

    3. Taylor youll crush this like every other one haha!

  2. Anyone else have smoked triceps for breakfast? Really feeling it from the push presses yesterday.

    Met-Con first - 3 + 50 + 8 - I hate push-ups.

    HSPU - 5, 5, 5 - I'll take it, like I said, triceps were mush.

    L-Sits - done, but more like tuck sits towards the end.

    Also did some hip mobility and band pull-apart stuff.

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  4. 1) 14/12/9

    2) 5rds +11 squats

    3) done

  5. 1. 26/18/13
    2. 5+ 8 squats
    3. I hate L-sits. Haha

  6. 1. 8-10-9... Still feeling yesterday even with the pre WOD mobin'. Couldn't bust it out. Oh well.

    2. 3+80

    HSPU and push ups are goats. Grrrr.

    3. Done....

  7. Hi Guys,
    My husband and I have been following the programming since September.
    We are very excited to do the Open this year and test oursevlves.
    We are always so impressed with all the competitors' posts on here, it definitely keeps us motivated when we can only workout by ourselves at home.
    Just want to hear what suggestions you guys have for recovery? Beside a good diet and restful sleep, is there any thing else that you feel really gives a boost in your recovery?

    It's the Open time so everyone is reviving up the engine for sure, but lately I have been feeling really flat. I am getting through the WODs but my legs feel beat up and just got no second gear to push.

    Any advice?

    Thank you Ben Bergeron for your unselfishness to put this website up and allow all to benefit from your programming.

    1. The obvious ones are easy - lots of sleep, good diet (there are a million opinions on what defines "good"), and mobility work on a daily basis. However, I think the often overlooked one, and the one I've found most important while starting a family, is stress management. Try to leave "work" at work. Keep things organized at home. Don't take on too much at once. And take some time every day to just sit quietly and unwind.

    2. hey Belinda! nice to hear we can motivate u! it's a pretty awesome little community we r building here!
      first things first ...
      do u know the difference between rest &recovery?
      this is a great article I read not to long ago...

      make sure u are taking the time for recovery... and that your recovery is the right way :)

    3. ^ what she said anndddddddddd I find supplements help me a ton. I personally take these supplements:
      Fish oil
      Vitamin C
      Electrolyte rehydrate powder
      Whey protein
      And plenty of water

    4. yes to these and I through Glutamine in post WOD (may be covered by BCAAs) and powdered tumeric in capsule form at night.

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  8. 1. 24-21-16
    2. 4 +31...took to much time on squats. Could of gone faster and less breaks, push ups killed my time
    3. Done ;(

  9. Giant sets from Yesterday Good mornings at 135, muscle snatches at 65
    Handstands: 20,15,12 overhead still knocked out from yesterday
    WOD: 4 rnds + 50 + 30 +3 PU (went into this with the mindset of active recovery since I was feeling very beat up from yesterday - then I got into it)
    Lsits : done but again with the cramping, anyone with this problem and solutions?

  10. 1). 24, 25, 25
    2). 5 rounds...snuck the last PU in at the buzzer
    3). Done

  11. 1. 24, 19, 15
    2. 5rds + 50 squats + 22 push ups (tried for 6, only could go so far once you fail push ups)
    3. Done

  12. 1. 13, 9, 12
    2. 4+56 pushups were bad
    3 no airdyne this afternoon. Did :30 on :30 off for 10 mins this am at home as a warmup.

    Thanks to the good folks at Crossfit Hyannis for letting me drop in. Great box!

    1. Oops got today and tomorrow mixed up. Should have done l sits

  13. 8 8 8 goatville
    5 rounds 12 squats

  14. I'm picturing myself on the couch tonight with bags of ice across my neck/shoulders and strapped to my triceps. Tore up!

  15. 1. 12/12/10
    rested 2 min between rounds
    2. 4 + 77 push ups sucked !! trying to find a good pace with high rep push ups... seems like if I try and break them up ... I do worse !
    3. done !restibg tomorrow... I have a little competition on Sunday ...doing it with my bro! :) gotta represent team Nasso! :)
    btw... tomorrows wod looks awesome !

  16. 1. 31, 31, 30 for HSPU

    2. 4 rounds + 50 + 17

    3. Gonna do it tomorrow

    1. Not games standard HSPU. Got a little confused and used a mat.

  17. 1.) 19, 17, 10

    2.) 5rds + 64

    3.) check

  18. 1) 3-3-3. These are my extreme goat. I can kipp the crap out of them, but strict is another story...

    2) 4 rounds +3 -- This was the first time I was able to do 30 push-ups in a row (first round, obviously) - so I am happy with this :)

    3) Done. Need to work on stretching my hamstrings even more to keep straight even longer...

  19. 1. 28,22,17
    2. 4+80. Wanted 5 rds
    3. Done

  20. 1. 18, 17, 15

    2. 4 Rounds + 50 Squats (Push Ups got me)

    3. Done

  21. 1. 16, 11, 8

    2. 3 Rounds + 56 (you think YOU'RE bad at push-ups?....)

    3. First 4 just on the ground, last 4 off of dumbbells (last 3 weren't too smooth, tough choice on choosing the difficulty of these but now I know off of DB's the whole time would've been the best choice)

  22. 1. 19, 17, 16
    2. 4 rounds and 28 squats
    3. Done

  23. 1) 23-19-16
    2) 3+80 - high volume pushups already slow me down but my triceps are so sore today, made them even worse! and i'm just slow to begin with, i really wanted 4 rounds

  24. 1. Later
    2. 4 Rds + 78 reps. Legs burned... Push-ups no prob.
    3. Later

    1. 1. 12-7-9 hate making excuses but shoulder is still jacked

      2. 4+46 reps. Felt good about that because I really hate air squats

      3. Done. My abs better look like Taylor's now. Haha

  25. Hspu's - 16, 14, 12. ~3 min rest between

  26. A. snatch@60%x1,70%x1,75%x1,80%x1,85%x1
    B. c&j @60%x1,70%x1,75%x1,80%x1,85%x1
    C. Front squat 85%x2

    1) 25,20,17
    2) 5+45 (paced a little too much in the beginning)
    3) will do tomorrow

  27. Shoulders still not feeling 100%.

    1.) HSPU's went 7, 12, 14. Took forever to warmup, pretty discouraged after this.
    2.) 2 + 70. Definitely pussed out on this big time. Depending on what comes up next week, I think I am going to redo this when I don't feel sorry for myself and want to give up on a WOD.
    3.) Went ok, haven't done L-sits in a while and had to start breaking 4 rounds in.


  28. KENYA
    5 rds +34

    Skill work
    10 min OTM
    odd 40 du's, even 20 ghd su CHECK!