Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday 3.1.13

Becca Voigt

1.  OTM x 20
Odd:  Max rep Double KB Squat Clean Thruster, 53/35 - both KBs must touch ground at the start of every rep.
Even: Rest
Post scores for all 10 rounds

2.  3 RFT:
12/9 Muscle ups
500m Row

3.  3 Giant Sets:
15 Weighted Sit ups, 100/70
15 Back and Hip Extensions - demo vid.
15 Ring Rows
15 Bent over DB Reverse Flyes

"The muscle up is no more than surmounting an object from which you are hanging or passing through an overhead egress - both functional and potentially lifesaving. The move is low skill, very low skill, yet possesses enough technical challenge that few people are able to perform it even when possessing the requisite contractile force. The modern trend of "dumbing down" PT, i.e. deliberately removing skill components, reduces strength (the productive application of force), blunts power, and retards speed."
-Greg Glassman

Rachel Martinez


  1. when it says 12/9 that 12 for males and 9 for females?

    Thanks for the fantastic programming btw!

  2. Skipped 1 because we are doing a CFT+Metcon event at our box tomorrow so I wanted to save my legs.

    2 - 16:43 (went into this planning to do sets of 3 in round 1, 2's in round 2, and singles in round 3....ended up doing 3-3-3-2-1 and then singles for all of rounds 2 and 3)

    3 - done with 2 pood KB sit-ups

    4 - tabata DU - 222 total, 22 low, 37 high

  3. 1. used 55# DB's (no kbs)
    All rounds 8, last round 9. Total- 81

    2. 6 Bar muscle ups+100 DU's- 3min

    3. 80# Db (highest DB)
    95# GM's
    Horizontal Supine ROw
    20# rear flyes

  4. 1. Most:21 least:16 awkward movement haha
    2. 12:34 disappointed with muscle up consistency
    3. No time. Leavin for Dallas for my level 1 cert at Crosssfit Strong.

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    2. incredible numbers on the kb's man....

    3. Just found an awkward Rythm man. Never done double KB anything haha are you drew from Alabama??

    4. I used to train at mike McElroy's gym in Flowood man! Small world. He used to talk about you all the time.

    5. thats awesome man! Hes a great guy.

  5. 1) 13/11/9/9/10/8/9/8/8/8=93 reps
    2) 17.50. Muscleups slowly getting better.
    3) done.

  6. 1. #30's 7/6/5/5/6/5/5/5/5 49 total -> oww forearms!
    2. Ring muscle up attempt, fail, fail, fail. Bummer.
    3. Done with #25 sit ups.

  7. 1. 13,12,9,9,8,7,8,7,8,7 rxd
    2. 12:22 rxd

    I got the chance to train at CFNE by Heather, KM, and Ben. Amazing people! Thanks so much for the hospitality and even better programming. Happy birthday Ben.

  8. How the heck did you get 21 Dex?!? Amazing!
    Slept in a little bit for work soon I was in a time crunch.
    1. I must be doing it wrong- managed 10-9-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8...really crappy
    2. Skipped but added 6 MU in between the 3rd exercise rests.

    1. I was thinking the same, at 9 I thought to myself "Well done!", and he gets 120% MORE? Wtf. Oh what a world.

    2. I just had a weird touch and go Rythm. First time doin any double KB movement.

    3. I need to see a vid of it to get the form...either way it was awesome scores

  9. 1. Fran .... I know I know... but sometimes u gotta live a little! lol it was programmed at my box so I kinda wanted to do it... butterfly pull ups getting better ... still lost them on the 15s but happy with a :30 secPR!
    2. kb clusters - For some reason I assumed these were max sets as in unbroken... now I think I did it wrong.... was averaging 10-12 at between :37-;41 seconds.
    3.& 4- going to do these tonight ... I want to be fresh for gymnastics training ... not sure what I'm in fo!

  10. 26/5'9/165

    1. 15-15-12-12-12-12-12-12-11-12
    - these were tough.

    rested about 5-10min
    2. 9:58

    3. complete

    -coach how long do you typically want us to rest between wods?

  11. 1. Used 145# barbell.. only one KB
    2. 10:51 RXd
    3. Complete

    1. MU/ ROW WOD

    2. Yeahhh buddy some footage! Crushed it!

    3. Now that I know I can get some long footage on a iPhone I'll do it more often! I'm not that tech savvy! Lol but thanks, wasn't expecting those MUs to be that much harder coming off that first row, but hey that's how most wods go!

    4. Goat work:

      10x20 UB DUs for time

    5. Well there's Taylor's secret! He has a girl watching him.

    6. That would be the case if it were my wife, because she's super hot and I like to impress her buuutttttttt, it's my little cousin. Haha but she does make a great training partner!

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  13. 1.14/11/9/10/10/8/9/8/8/9=96 reps
    2. 16:07 Rx
    3. will do tonight after coaching

  14. 1) 14,14,11,10,9,9,8,10,9,12 = Total 106

    2) 10:14...First round of MU Unbroken, Second Round 8+4, Last Round 4+4+4....Dogged the rows and used them as a recovery, still kept them all around 1:50....Could not be happier with this workout!!!

    3) Done

    1. Killed it!!! Nice job bud!

    2. Definitely saw what you meant about trying to find that awkward KB rythm!

    3. I almost lost teeth in that one haha

  15. 1.) 10,9,7,6,5...back got super tight after first round tried to push through but hurt too much went to 5 rounds and stopped.

    2.) 12.40....MU felt good went 12, 5/7, then 6/6 but weak on the rower

    3.) Done

  16. -du mu's otm as skill work instead. 3-2-3-2 etc to 30
    -kbs- 17-14-12-11-11-10-10-10-9-11

  17. 1) 103 (13,12,10,11,10,10,10,9,9,9)
    2) skipped, lat/scap
    3) dun

  18. 1) 12-10-10-8-8-8-8-8-9-9 = 90
    2) 17:37 really getting frustrated with no false grip MU, I can't string them together and that's the whole reason I wanted to get them
    3) done

  19. 1. Rx 7/5/6/8/5/7/7/8/10=69 reps
    2. Mod. MU, 12:57
    3. Done.

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  21. 1. 8-7-6-7-6-7-6-4-8-7 I need to stop conserving / saving so much energy for the second part of each days training and give it my 100% on the first part everyday. I'm guilty of this but I will make the change which will only better my training.

    2. 11:08 RX

    3. Done

    Thanks for the amazing training & programming Ben & awesome job to everyone else!

  22. 1. 1x11/8x8/1x9=84 reps

    2. 19:00.... It is what it is. First time to do 36 reps for MU, so taking the positive.

    3. Done.

  23. No time today.. Gonna hit this tomorrow

  24. 1.) 10 every round, except for 11 and 12 the last two rounds respectively.
    2.) 22:48 Rx
    3.) Ran out of time.

    First time posting in a while, I have been absolutely torn up, haven't really done one of these WODs seriously since last Saturday. Took the muscle-ups extremely slow. Sorry for not posting. It is taking longer than i thought it would to adjust to this amount of volume. My shoulders are fucking killing me. I have been DNF'ng just about every workout since Saturday. Took a couple of days off to try and clear my head. . .

    Dex, I would LOVE to see a video of you doing 21 of those squat clean thrusters in a minute, that's insane.

  25. Hit this early and then traveled the rest of the day
    1) 12,11,10,10,10,10,10,10,9,9= 101 reps
    2) 11:42


  26. Forgot to post last night:
    1) 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 8, 8 ,8 ,8

    2) Did 15 Dips and 15 C2B instead of MU per round - elbows feel like crap. 15:25

    3. Completed, but used 50 lbs for Weighted Sit-Ups. How did you all hold on to 70 lbs? I tried with a hex dumbbell and I just couldn't even hold it...just curious.

  27. I used 2 35# KBs, grabbed the handles then held my hands together. It was not comfortable, the hardest part of the sit-ups was holding the weight!

    1. I feel like an idiot lol. I didn't even think of using two dumbbells, although - it probably wouldn't have made much difference...

  28. 1. 10,8,9,8,9,8,8,8,7,8
    2. 16:06

  29. subbed fran for instability kb work to get thrusters in due to bum elbow. cant do muscle ups so skipped that.
    fran: 4:00 3sec pr happy with this after doing c2b yesterday. was not affected cardio wise so I should of and could of went harder. next time.
    3. 3 Giant Sets:
    15 Weighted Sit ups, 100/70.
    15 Back and Hip Extensions –.
    15 Ring Rows.
    15 Bent over DB Reverse Flyes.

    did first round of weighted situps at 70, scaled down to 60 after feeling like I was giving birth for round 2 and 3.

  30. 1. Did the muscle ups first, wanted to be fresh for it. Stopped after 19 muscle ups. Shoulder started to feel a tweak. First time I've done that many muscle ups in a work out since "Nate" in October. Still had failed reps, still working technique. I did PR with 4 consecutive reps though!

    3. KB thrusters. These were tough. I don't have two 55lb KBs, so I used a 35lb in one hand and 55lb in the other. Alternated them each set. Kept it a bit more interesting and worked core stability. Completed 12,11,10,9,9,9,8,9,8,9.

    3. Done! Felt like my old days doing reverse dumbbell flyes :)

  31. 1. 12/10/10/9/9/8/8/8/8/9= 89
    2. 14:57 Rx
    3. done

  32. 1. 14/13/13/11/11/10/10/10/10/10
    2. 3 RNFT: 3 Muscle ups/500m Row- done, got all m-ups!
    3. done w/53# KB for sit ups (70# was colapsing my lungs!)