Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday 2.16.13

1. For time
15 Cleans, 185/135
Muscle ups, 10/7
Row 1000
If "Squat" or "Power" is not designated for a Clean assume it is the choice of the athlete to determine the best approach.

2.  3RFT:
9 Power Snatches, 95/65 - this is essentially a GTO anyhow, in other words muscle snatch is ok.
3 Shuttle Runs of 20m down and back, (this is 120m total every round).

3.  Airdyne
Max calories in 1 minute
30 second rest
Max calories in 1 minute
you must beat your 2 minute score from earlier this week.

"The most important criterion for exercise selection is neuroendocrine effect.
Regardless of your sport or your fitness goals these moves are the shortest path to success."
- Coach Glassman 

Have you seen Chris Spealler's Blog.  
Check it out here.  
Lots of good stuff about being a competitor.


  1. Finally feeling a little better after being sick cant wait to get after this tomorrow!

  2. 1. 7:53

    2. 5:15

    3. 49 cals (vs. 45)

    It is what it is. Rest day!!!

  3. Replies
    1. 2. 2:34 with 50 foot lengths in the shuttle run, 20m is about 65 feet.
      3. 30+24= better than the 2:00 test

  4. 1. 7:20 did singles on mus. slowed me down but not comfortable doing consecutives with the shoulder yet

    2. 2:39 runs felt slowwwww

    3. Skipped. Airdyne was broken

    Thanks to the gang at Crossfit cape cod -mark, sarah and tracy- for letting me drop in. Awesome peeps!

    1. Btw thanks to Ben for the link to the spealler blog. Don't know him personally, but he's such an inspiring athlete and from everything I've heard, a great family guy and a devout Christian. The recent post was spot on- its important to remember why we started competing in the first place. It's FUN! Reminds me of bens post recently about changing the "have to" to "get to." we are all so blessed that we get to do this--- regardless of the result on any given day. Good stuff. Have a great weekend guys!

  5. 1. 6:15...MUs killed me
    2. 3:12
    3. 83....77 earlier in the week. This is on the same airdyne with no cal, just distance

  6. 1. 5:44(all unbroken) RX
    2. 2:53
    4 74... 55 earlier this week. Actually had an air dyne this time. Last time it was a Rower.


  7. 1. 5:31 RXd
    2. 2:48 Rxd
    3. 86 ( 83 earlier in week)

  8. 1.) 6:48

    2.) 3:04... I'm a puss, couldn't get sub 3:(

    3.) 57 cals on rower, 55 cal on the 2 min max

  9. 1. 6:51 MU felt ok on the hand ;)
    2. 3:34...5 min rest between wods...not smart. Heart rate was still jacked a bit.
    3. 53 cals, 46 last time....why does the air dyne suck so much?

  10. Calves and traps so sore
    57 cal

    1. Way too balls to the wall in the beginning of airdyne. Fucked myself

    2. You an me both. Jail house- No lube. No mercy.

  11. 1.) 5:41. Cleans done TnG unbroken, MU's went 5,2,2,1(should have been better).
    2.) 2:47.
    3.) 81 calories. Beats the 72 I got earlier in the week.

    First day in a couple of weeks shoulders are feeling like they are finally getting over being inflamed.

  12. 1. 14:26...muscle ups are a huge goat for me

    2. 3:10

    3. Going to try to fit it in tomorrow, ran out of time.

  13. 1) 9:41 could've done much better if my triceps weren't so sore, I definitely need tomorrow to recover
    2) 3:41
    3) 45 - beats 37

  14. 1) 6.31.

    2) 3.08

    3) 57 cal on rower.

  15. 1) 11:16 - did one muscle-up and the rest were band-assisted bar-muscle ups. Huge goat...Any suggestions besides just doing them? And...still hurts my elbow on the rings.

    2) 3:40 - figured out after the fact that I actually used 75 lbs (added weight as if it was the ladies bar...) - so, yeah -- pretty happy with this!

    3) 40 calories (35 earlier this week)

    I worked on CTB Pull-Ups (Kipping). It isn't the dip that gets me, it is getting up high enough, so I am going to work on these everyday...

  16. 1-6:35 rx much 3/2/1/1/1/1/1
    2-3:15 ps unbroken
    3-78 cal

  17. Hey Ben it was great to meet you today. Thanks for the today's class and for this blog. I've made some great gains over the last few months of following it.

  18. 1. 6:54
    2. skipped - strained ankle
    3. 49 (26/23) first time on airdyne - ouch

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  20. 1. 7:59 (squat cleans. MU done hung from a tractor bucket)

    2. 3:18 (outside in the slippery snow)

    3. Skipped.

  21. 1. Muscle ups are still a major goat. Hadn't done them for months due to shoulder pain... Rotator issues due to mu's.. Just feeling good enough to do them again. With that said, I couldn't even do 2 in a row today.. Only completed 5 total mu's and counted the failed attempts. Took a long time trying too. Cleans felt great, only took 2 min. No rower, so did 50 sdhp's with 55lb KB and 50 with 35lb KB instead. Total time 18:40

    2. 5:12. Lost some time going outside and running on wet grass.

    3. No airdyne, so did 100 DU's for time - 1:53 PR. Then a DU ladder - 10 first min, 20 second min, etc. got thru 5 min + 44 reps.

  22. 1. 6:58rx. Damn shoulder limiting me on those muscle-ups

    2. 2:58

    3. 43 one more from total earlier this week

  23. 1) 6:12
    2) 2:37
    3) 61cals (up from 50 for two min drill)

  24. 1. 7:48 - Muscle ups were no bueno today...i don't know what was up...just didn't have it
    2. 1:57
    3. 23+22 Rower Last week; 40

    Happy with that...
    Me and my brother did our first "team competition"yesterday. Boy/Girl Challenge. It was a lot of fun! We placed high in all except one event, which was just really bad strategizing! :( Ah well! Still had a great time. Not too sore from the competition; just a little tired! :)

  25. 1. 10:28

    2. 3:04

    3. 65 cal on airdyne - beat previous score.

  26. 1. 5:44
    2. 2:43
    3. 54 cals- compared to bike with crazy resistance setting