Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday 8.5.12

Rest Day

Six Secrets to Success...


  1. This really hit home for me... Thanks for the post. I am someone who has always avoided failure... Which has stunted my growth as an adult and stripped me of success in my life and in Crossfit. I have never trusted myself or my decisions. Rather doing what i think inshoukd do... I look to others fonadcicenand approval....once again stripping myself of growth...
    Something is very different for me right now. For once, I didn't wait for the right choice or the approval of others. I made s choice to get what i deserve in life.'I made a choice to stick to a training plan. I made a choice to take every opportunity that I can regadless of how certain I am about the outcome. As I type this, I am half way through my miserable drive from Florida to San Diego where I will begin a new job in a new city... I will has access to bigger training resources and bigger competition. It may workout ... It may not... But it's A step up... even if it's not the end of the road...

    So to make a long story short... I felt A sense of confidence and security knowing that i did make the right choice... Regardless if it was the "best choice".

    Thanks ben and thanks arnold! .)

  2. Good luck to you Cheryl! I know it couldn't have been an easy decision to move across the country like that, but it is a brave decision that I hope to one day make with my wife. Congratulations and I wish you the best!

  3. You've done more than most people just by taking a leap of faith and going for it. I packed a bag with some clothes and moved to Norway. So far it's working out just fine. Go for it and don't look back!!! :) Life is a journey and the experience and memories will always be with you.