Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monday 5.5.14

Happy 14th Birthday Maya!!

Active Recovery

1.  "Filthy 50"
50 reps for time of:
Box Jumps, 24,20
Jumping Pull ups
KBS, 35/25
Walking Lunge Steps
Knee to Elbow
Push Press, 45/35
Back Ext.
Wall Balls, 20/14
Double Unders

2.  C2B Progression
EMOMx6:  7 unbroken C2B


  1. With a few regionals coming up this weekend, one of them being the southeast, what would you suggest to get ready for the weekend?

  2. Great wod to start the week!!!

  3. Hello, Ben, I have one question: if I training on regionals, can I do still strength train or skills train?

  4. Open:
    Filthty 50
    Timer failed at 14:52 abd it was 15 burprees. Slowly finished burpees and DUs unbroken

    emom - done

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  6. Did a strength session before doing the filthy 50:
    1) Filthy 50: 25:30
    2) completed all the way through but just barely.

  7. Ben,
    Any possibility of adding a section/programming for 2014 TEAM regional athletes?
    It would be very much appreciated!!! : )

  8. Open master 44
    26:40rx. I can't figure this wod out. Go hard or pace I always end up between 25 min+-.

    1. I am with you on that... No matter what I do, it ends up between 26-32 minutes...Seems the harder I go early, the slower my Wall Balls & Burpees become...Pace helps, but not much...

  9. 1. Filthy 50
    2. C2B progression
    Did this @ 45 secs

    So I'm happy to say today was the start of the last week for the first of 3 cycles for the catalyst program, i.e. maxing out what I've been doing the last 6 weeks. I hit my first ever 300# jerk from behind the neck today, which I was stoked about till I thought about the fact that it's more than I've ever even front squatted, but hopefully my weak legs will catch up in the following cycles.

    1. Smoking time on the F50 and congratulations on the big jerk number!

  10. Hey brothers and sisters,

    Sorry for the lack of posting in the past weeks.
    My team and I are deviating a bit from the program until our regional which is next weekend.

    Will be back right after!

    Keep up the good work guys, have fun !!


    1. Good luck to you and the whole Deka team!

    2. Good Luck in Regionals...Keep us posted!

    3. Best of luck Greg! Can't wait for regionals to start.

  11. OPEN
    1. "Filthy 50" - Rx
    ... my timer stopped at 12:08 somewhere along the line - best the K2E/WB/Burpees have ever went ...
    2. Week 3 of 5-3-1 - Press
    3. EMOMx6: 7 unbroken C2B - Rx
    ... butterfly is getting better but need to learn to breathe ...

  12. Open:

    1. "Filthy 50" - 24:08 Rx. 2:00 PR, but man, I don't know where the time goes on this WOD. Unbroken on box jumps, jumping pull-ups (except a quick second to look to make sure the plates I was standing on weren't about to slide apart), KBS, walking lunges, push press and double unders. KTE and burpees (shoulders were absolutely lit) were slow. Wall balls and back extensions were broken, but pretty efficient. If I can keep shaving two minutes off every time we do this workout, I will be happy.
    2. Skipped. Trying to give my hands a chance to heal. Spent about an hour on them yesterday, but I still split on the KTE.

    Before the Filthy 50, worked on my overhead movement goat and did 2 split jerks at 205 EMOM for 10 minutes.

    1. Great Job...NICE PR!!! Big Time!!!

    2. Hey Michael. I think I ripped my hands the same day you did on the bar muscle ups. From the first day, before I went to sleep I put triple antibiotic on my hands and tapped them up. Kept the tape on until I finished my morning wod.That really helped to keep the rip moist and it didn't affect any wods since the rip. I am almost 100% healed. Most pain free rip I've ever had. Just a thought for you next time.

    3. Thanks for the suggestion Brent.

  13. Hit yesterday's regional prorgamming:

    1) h sq snatch - 205
    2) hs walk - done
    3) metcon - 32:30. ouch

  14. A lot of cursed timers today! Mine too failed heading into the WB but I estimate I finished somewhere in the 20 - 21 min range which is off of my goal of sub 20 min but would be a PR.

    C2B later after work

  15. Open

    Recovering from a competition over the weekend.

    Did a slow row/wb/box jump/push press wod.

    C2B EMOM - Done. Felt great.

    Back on schedule tomorrow.

  16. Open:

    A) Worked on butterfly pull up progressions for 15 minutes

    B) Filthy 50 - 21:57 Rx

    1. What are you talking about being weak...I will take that 21:57 "50" time anyday!
      Nice to have you posting!

    2. wait till you see my light weight snatches and clean and jerks! I think I was just born to be a gymnast lol

  17. Hey all,

    I've been following this site since September last year, but was too embarrassed to post my results because my lifts are weak. SO I decided to finally step up the game and post for the world to see (at least the comp wod world). Anyway, good luck to all still doing filthy 50 this afternoon!

    1. It's good to post to see your improvement!! And keep you committed to every rep. Keep on posting!

  18. Open
    1) 17:10 rx, :04 slower than PR.
    2) done

  19. open
    1. 23:35 never done before. tougher than I thought
    2. done

  20. 20:41...I was pumped to have shaved some SERIOUS time off this wod...until I was reading the posts and realized I forgot the k2e. Damn it! LOL!

  21. Snatch and Jerk Work

    23:02 on my first Filthy50 Im happy whit this but Burpees and Wallballs kill me

  22. Open/Masters (44)
    FF ~ 26:50 (PR) by about 40 sec
    C2B ~ 7-9-7-9-7-9 (Kipping)

    I need to figure out this FF stuff...I hit the wall, literally at Wall Ball & Burpees. Both are done in sets of 10 for me...I could push thru, but then I need an even bigger break to catch my breath...

    Forgot what I was doing on 2nd minute of the the C2B and did 9 reps, so decided to alternate the #'s today...

    1. Congrats on the PR Tony. Just keep chipping away!

  23. Open - 22:17...over 2 min slower than PR...which means it was a great workout. No rebound on the box jumps.

  24. FF: 27:10- not rx as I mistakenly did ttbs until rep 37
    No false grip mu practice- getting rid of my arm bend at bottom.

  25. Open
    19:09 rx PR (20:32 previous time) wanted sub 20 bad so happy I got it.

  26. Open

    1. 24:20 (think my last time was in the 26's so big improvement)

    2. Done

  27. Filthy= 18:08

    C2b= bumped reps to 12 EMOTM x6

  28. Open

    Filthy 50: 22:08 (sub'd PVC good mornings for Back Extensions, which I understand is no comparison)

    This was 13 seconds slower than my last attempt in December, which is somewhat disappointing, but it could be due to my Box Jumps. I jumped up and stepped down this time versus rebounding last time. Overall, still not too bad.

    C2B: Completed 7 for the first few rounds, then dropped to 6 reps

  29. Open
    1. 18:42
    2. Done- didn't feel good today, no rythem

    1. Thanks Michael, hats off to you too! Keep making it rain PR's

  30. Open
    1. 25.06 6 Min PR! K2E & Burpees hurt. Wall Balls usually kill me but they weren't too bad today. Took me about 45 sec to do the last 19 double unders.
    2. Done

  31. 20:24. Wanted sub 20 but still a 1:20 pr. Stuck on burpees.
    C2b done. Feeling better on butterfly. Great work everyone.

  32. Filthy 50- 23:42 ...
    c2b- skipped having some left triceps/tendonitis issue im trying to patch up :/

  33. Open
    Subbed 26Lb Kb, And 45 Lb Good Morning

    C2b- 7,7,5,5,6,5

  34. Open
    Filthy Fifty-23:20(I want to be sub 20 on this one)
    C2B Pull Ups- Complete/Unbroken

  35. Open
    Filthy Fifty - 26:53
    Will do C2B later...

  36. Regionals-
    A weee bit behind. Did the 50's workout Saturday night, and the 5x1 @90 snatch today along with HS walks.

    Saturday night 50's- 4 OTB Jumps into the second round before the time cap.
    -Just wasn't feeling it. I literally KNOW I'm gonna destroy that score come the weekend.

    Hang Snatch today- 4/9 @195..
    - Really wanted to open up with that weight, but as of right now, it's just too unpredictable. Got really frustrated.

    HS Walks- Each round @50ft. UB

    Debating doing that 5 rd metcon from yesterday, tonight, but with Regionals this upcoming weekend, not sure.

    On another note, in a bit of a pickle. Might not be able to compete Friday. I originally was supposed to walk at my undergrad graduation from the Univ of Miami this Friday. Once I qualified, I told my parents, I'm just going to skip graduation. Well, they didn't like that answer. Instead, had to go through a ton of red-tape, and got very special permission to walk on Thursday with the graduate students. Parents and grandmom are flying in from PA to be there.
    However, check-in and athlete briefings for the Day 1 workouts are on Thursday, and there is 0 way I'll be there in time. Emailed the powers that be, and they left me with, "It doesn't look good- "Athletes that are not present at these meetings will not be permitted to compete at the events being briefed." Told me they'd let me know officially today. Just waiting for an email.

    Wish me luck! Hope I'm able to compete all three days… No way I'm bailing on graduation with my parents coming into town specifically for it!

    1. Man that's a real tough situation, hopefully they let you compete in all three days and everything works out for you.

    2. Good luck with it! Congrats on graduation & regionals. Make the best of all of it!

    3. Dylan, I'd think HQ would be reasonable with you GRADUATING COLLEGE but who knows. Truth is, you qualified this year, you'll qualify next year as well at the pace you've been improving. Keep it up!

    4. Thanks a lot guys. Still haven't heard back, but crossing my fingers!

    5. Dylan, hope all works out for you! Enjoy your big graduation day and crush it at regionals!!

  37. Open
    1) 23:04 - 1:34 PR from 12/31/13 still not happy with time.
    2) Done

  38. open:
    1) 19:40
    2) done ,butterfly only for the last one

  39. 19:50 on ff. That's a 4 minute PR!
    Did 10 minutes on the c2b pullups

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  41. Open
    1: 16:43
    2: C2B Completed
    First time posting. Been following for just under a year and have seen great improvements. Thanks for doing this Ben!

  42. 1. 24:04 RX
    2. 3-3-4-3-3-3. I lose my kip

  43. Open:
    1. 19:48
    2. Done with 20lb vest.
    3. Hatch squat.

  44. Open
    1- 18:24 Thats a 1:35 PR!!

    2- done with 9 reps per round.

  45. Open/Masters 48

    1. 27:59. Wall balls killed me today. We started a 30 day squat challenge yesterday and my legs just weren't there.

    2. Done. These felt pretty good today.

  46. Open
    29:40 RX - 18 min PR From last April when we did filthy 50. Used guy target for wall balls. Double unders were bad for me. Typically go unbroken so was disappointed.

    EMOM c2b - got 2-2-0-0-0-0 (but lots of attempts. Chest did not touch... No rep!)

    Did 20 blue banded strict pull ups to end the night.

  47. 29:19:( I've been out of it for a while. My time was way off my PR. No where to go but up, right?

  48. Open
    1. Filthy Fifty - 24:50. Three days of debauchery - drinking and breathing in second hand smoke definitely affected me. Kentucky Derby was fun, but not sure it was worth the toll.

    2. Done. Did strict c2b til about 1/2 way thru then switched to butterfly and kipping.

    Glad to be back on the program.

    1. I was in Savannah Fri-Sun in similar circumstances + awesome southern cooking (i gave birth twice). Sometimes you need those weekends tho! Don't worry, Ben will make you pay for it!

  49. 1. Filthy Fifty: 20:38, 1:40 PR from 12/31/13, although that one had TTB. The KTE and burpees were limiters today.
    2. Done, all butterfly. Hands feeling it.

  50. Open
    Just me today
    1. 21:23 (HUGE PR) Was well on pace to be sub 20 but then the burpees showed up.

    2. complete but lost butterfly at minute 6


  51. Open:
    1. 22:23- About a 2:00 PR for me today. Lost serious time on the Burpees and Knees to Elbows (Grip)
    2. 4 sets

  52. Open (I go a day late)
    1. 26:17 (about 4.5 minutes off PR, but still almost 2 minutes better than the last time , Jan. 1). Had to do "good mornings" with an empty barbell instead of back extensions.
    2. Done, unbroken. all butterfly except for the last rep in rounds 5 and 6.

  53. Open

    1. 39:12 - not pleasant
    2. skipped

  54. In the middle of an OLY lifting program and backing off of the CrossFit a little bit. Completed my OLY lifts then did the 50 and almost PR'd. Maybe there is something to these OLY lifts!

  55. I'm still here. Just work schedule doesn't always let me get the work in, sometimes working out at 6am, sometimes 9pm. Not ideal but lots on my plate so it will have to do!

    !. "Filthy 50" - 29:26 PR. My first time getting this in under 30 minutes. The K2E always are the limiter. Nothing else. They always take up almost 20% of my workout (grip). This time I was able to do atleast 4 reps per attempt. First couple sets I hit 8 and 10 reps.
    2. Did strict. Pullup strength is a weakness and I will be addressing it with strict reps for a while.

  56. Open: Filthy 50

    23:39 - 4 minute PR! I'm pumped about this because this wod is my nemesis. long duration, light weight. I typically start by doing everything up until k2e unbroken. by the time i get to the wallballs/burpees i'm seeing stars. I broke all of those up to 30/20 and the difference was huge. wall balls i did in 4 quick sets. burpees were done in under 4 mins. DU's unbroken. especially happy since moving into our house a month ago this has been a really bad month of training. I got a job as a trainer at a new box opening up in town. Getting my L1 this weekend. going to be a good year of training going forward. finally getting out of the garage.

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