Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday 5.2.14

Working with Meg Fox on her Dead Lift technique 
during a video shoot for Kill Cliff.

1.  21-15-9-6-3
Strict HSPU
Front Squats, 195/125
Bar Facing Burpees

2.  10 RFT:
200' Run
1 Legless Rope Climb

1.  3RFT:
400m Run
10 Front Squats, 185/135
50 Double unders

2.  Clean and Jerk
EMOMx10:  Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

3.  C2B Progression
EMOMx7:  6 unbroken C2B


  1. Morning from SA! Do you want us to complete all the work coach? Don't worry about time cap? This is going to be nasty, but excited for the challenge!

    1. U going to regionals Tyton.
      Will see you there!
      Think coach want u guys to do all the work!!

    2. Indeed! See you there Willem!

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    4. All the best with ur prep!!

  2. Coach due an injurie i have on my shoulder i must skip c2b at the moment how i can replace it ?

    1. it depends on your shoulder mobility. If hanging is the issue then that takes all those movements out.. If you can pull like a row, then you can do ring rows. Anything that targets your back and pulling. If all those movements are no good due to shoulder, there is still the explosive movement in the c2b with your hips. So you could do KB swings. Again, depends on what hurts and what your shoulder can handle. Nothing is worth injuring it more. Worst case do some type of ab movement targeting your core. You can never go wrong with that. All of these just suggestions. I've been coaching for a few years so that is the protocol I personally would use. Of course, if Coach Ben gives you advice go with his!

  3. Any suggestions got team training? Do you have a different blog for that?

  4. Regionals
    1. Scaled to
    Kip HSPU
    FS 80kg
    13:39 (9 strict HSPU - rc disc.)
    2. Scaled to 3,5 m

  5. 1. Metcon 13:32
    2. EMOM 10 90kg
    3. Done

  6. Open.
    1) 12:16 Did on treadmill...
    2) EMOM 10 @ 80kg
    3) Done as Butterfly... Bit harder this time felt tired after other work...

  7. Open:
    1. 10:53 RXd on treadmill
    2. Done at 85kg
    3. Done (butterfly)

  8. Hey Everyone,
    I have not posted since the Open, because I changed my programming to a gymnastics bias to get ready for the NPFL combine in Atlanta which occurred last weekend. I qualified for the finals in Las Vegas because I am a 40+ body weight specialist.
    I just wanted to wish those who qualified for Regionals good luck. And a congratulations to Vadim for qualifying for the Games. Awesome job man, go kill it!
    Thanks for the programming Ben, it's truly awesome.

    1. Awesome Victor, curious to know how the NPFL was?

    2. Victor, Congrats on making it to Vegas! You killed it over the weekend!

    3. Congratulations Victor! That is really exciting!

    4. Cliff - I didn't know you were following CompWod! You cane a beast, keep up the good work.

      Danielle - The NPFL is very fun to watch and do. The fact that you can be a specialist is even better. The powers o be of the NPFL mentioned that being a specialist is gonna be the way to go. It definitely plays in my favor as the heavy ballistic weights take a toll on my body, but the gymnastics is something I can do for a long time without breaking down. I kinda feel like a place kicker in the NFL. Those guys are old as dirt (comparably speaking) and still play.

      Thanks for your support!

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  10. Regional:

    1. 21-15-9-6-3 - 24:40 (HSPU just died on me as usual, hoping to just finish this workout this year)

    2. 10RFT - 6:03 (This was with a 10' rope so i didn't jump, was more of a walk through, gonna try push it next time, will have too with my event 4 time atm)

  11. Open master 44
    1. 12:36 RX. Went OK but was painful.
    2. EMOM @165. Felt good.
    3. Done. Great practice. Love it.

  12. Open

    1 - 14:22

    2 - 205 throughout

    3 - complete

  13. Regionals:
    I am a bit backwards with the programming I will be back on track from here on out. I did day 1 stuff today and day two stuff on Wednesday after it came out. Here is what I have so far

    Event 4: 12:39rx
    Event 5: 3:31rx

    Day 1
    Event 1: 205#... Not happy about this total but it matches a hang snatch pr

    Event 2: 360' (3 UB 120' laps)

    Event 3: 8:31 rx everything UB Minus the last set of cleans I peeled off on 6...

    I am feeling really good about all of the events so far minus that snatch... I'm just hoping not too many women out snatch me hah. There are some super strong and athletic women in this sport!

    1. Are you sure your event 5 time is correct?

    2. yep, ex-gymnast...legless rope climbs are easier/faster in small sets over leg assisted... however my rope is only 12' so I did not jump and just pulled from the floor. ( I assumed with a running jump I could hit two feet on a leap, so i figured it was fair).
      My set up was sprint 100' turn around sprint back 100' then from a dead stand 12' rope climb (legless)

      I'll video next time :)

    3. NO worries thats my mistake I had convinced myself it was a 200meter run and that time was not computing with that distance, but obviously 200' all total only adds up to about 600 meters so yeah good job man you killed it. Now I have a mountain to climb to try and beat that

    4. haha no worries, I am excited about this one though. Best of luck man! Make sure you sprint the runs! This is way different than the rope climb WOD form last year.

  14. Finished in 11:21 need a little moe speed on the pistols. Def think I can shave 1:30 off that time..... We will see next week:).

  15. Did the strict HSPU WOD yesterday... it definitely isn't as bad as it looked, I paced pretty hard:
    1. Max Hand Squat Snatch @ 145#
    Failed at 155# like 6 times, I know I have this in me...

    2. 21-15-9-6-3
    Strict HSPU
    Front Squats, 195/125
    Bar Facing Burpees
    Time: 16:03min

    3. 20min EMOM:
    10 alternating pistols
    3 muscle ups
    This was easy peasy, should have went for 5's on the MU

    Super pumped they finally released the team WODs... can't wait to get after them!

    1. One more thing... I can't thank Ben enough for all the programming of the strict HSPU work leading up to Regionals, so THANK YOU! This helped so much!

  16. 1. 3RFT:
    10:32; Really wanted sub 10 but was finding it difficult to breath this morning damn allergies have me all twisted.
    2. Clean and Jerk
    Skipped; still doing catalyst 5 weeks in and feel strong as a horse
    3. C2B Progression
    Did every 30 secs for first 4 mins then every 45 for last 3

    1. Haha thanks Michael but after looking at some of these times not as fast as I thought

    2. Great job Blaine! Fast and strong as always...

  17. Open:

    1. 11:03 Rx. Front squats and double unders unbroken. Third run a little slower than it should have been, but I am extremely happy with this.
    2. 185 lbs. This felt good. I might have been able to hit 205. Technique was good on these.
    3. Done. My hands are an absolute disaster.

    Have a great day everyone!

  18. Regionals.

    1) 21.31. Hspu killed me. Good workout though. Hspu are a work in progress. Today however, they were more work than progress.

    2) 6.43. Had to sub L-pull-ups for the rope climbs today.

    1. Nice work getting through those front squats!

  19. Open
    1) 14:25 Rx. Still working on du's.
    2) 205#
    3) done

  20. Regionals:

    1) 19:57
    2) 11:00 - Finished 6 legless then had to switch to a little leg assistance on the last 4.

  21. Couldn't get myself going today. Back is sore, knee is sore, taking an extra test day.

  22. Open
    1. 10:28 RX
    2. 5 set 75 kg
    5 sets 80 kg
    3. Done

  23. Open:
    1) 13:53 RX! Stoked I did that RX.
    2) 75Kg
    3) Done, Kipping, can't seem to get butterfly down. Anyone know of any good youtube tutorials?

  24. Open/Masters:

    1) 15:00, DU's still a weakness, but determined to get them
    2) Used 155, felt good to try and stop the early arm bend
    3) done

  25. Regionals
    A. 12:07 only did 21-15-6, wanted to save my legs a little and just pace out the tough rounds.
    B. Leggless : 6:20 , reaching with no legs and touch the beam is tricky... I could have had a couple no reps depending on how strict they are.

  26. Open...

    1. 10:49 RX
    All FS UB - some trips on DU's

    Wait til you all see my man nick Zapps time...woooo

    2. Complex
    Min 1-3: 185lb
    Min 4-6: 190lb
    Min 7-10: 200lb

    3. C2B
    Bumped reps up to 10 EMOTM - complete

  27. Master/Regionals
    1. Scaled back the reps. 15-12-9-6-3 12:22
    2. Run/Legless scaled. 6 rounds 3:15

  28. Open

    1. 10:54 as rx'd
    2. 155 lbs. as 'rx'd
    3. Complete - subbed kipping pullups for C2B

  29. Open/Masters

    1. 11:57
    2. Done with 185. Stayed a bit lighter trying out a wider jerk grip
    3. Done


    1. Great job...wish 185# was "lighter" for me on that clean complex!

  30. Open:
    1. 12:41. Front squats hurt me. Weak.
    2. 185. Form got better as I went on.
    3. Done 10 sets with 25lbs book bag.
    4. Hatch squat.

  31. Open
    1) 13:30 Rx - 185 ate me up. Had to break 1x first round and 2x on the 2nd and 3rd.
    2) @ 165# - tough!
    3) completed all rounds with butterfly. Really happy about that.

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  33. 3rds
    50 du

    10min EMOM 3x185,3x195,4x205

    7min EMOM
    Did 10 the whole way

  34. Open/Masters 48

    1. 13:59 @ 165#
    2. Done @ 135#, stayed light to work split jerk but it still hurt
    3. Done..

  35. 1. Subbed Row 500
    2. Doing 5/3/1 Clean Day Added In Push Jerk And Split Jerk On Final Reps
    3. done

  36. Open
    My back was shot and the FS were rough
    1. 13:50 All DUs UB
    2. Skipped b/c of the back
    3. All butterfly

    1. 17:52
    3. Red band

    Josh & Katie

  37. Regionals
    1. 16:21
    2. 6:33 ( testing this but feel I can be in the 5's during regionals. Need to be careful not to fail. )

  38. 1. 10:04 really wanting to get sub 10 but ill settle
    2. Worked up to 205
    3. Done

  39. OPEN
    1. 15:20. Been out of it for a while. Broke up the FS round 1. 5-3-2 round 2. 5-5 round 3. 7-3. Double unders 25-25 first two rounds and last round 50 straight.

    2. Skipped

    3. Complete

  40. Regionals:
    1. 19:30

    2. 6:37 pretty happy with both results today. Still working on getting better at strict hspu!

  41. 1- 9:24 Rx
    2- 185 (cause low back injury)
    3- 6 minutes kipping 1 minute butterfly

  42. Regional Programming
    1. Started with 9-6-3 of Strict HSPUs, 160# H Cleans, and Burpees. Same format as team event 6. 2:26
    Took a 5 min break and did 21 & 15 sets of the individual event. 12:03. Pretty rough after sprinting through the team format.
    2. 5:02

  43. 1. Did Regionals Event 4 today- 24:02 Rx. Hit a wall on the SHSPUs. Actually looked forward to burpees.
    2. Done at 185 across.
    3. Did 10 C2B, EMOMx7.

  44. 1. 9:20 RX
    2. 165# (wrist was sore, had to stop early)
    3. Completed

  45. Open
    1- 14:15
    2- 135x4, 155x3, 175x3
    3- Since I foolishly did 7 last time I had to do 8 this time. Actually felt good all unbroken butterfly. Tried to focus on getting above the nipples and somehow it actually made them easier. Maybe it forced a better rhythm or a stronger kip?

  46. Open/Masters
    Complete w/ UB C2B ( possible)

  47. Open Masters
    Surfer on Acid sub row for run: 10:51
    2. 95, 105, 110, 115, 115 . . . 120
    3. Done unbroken

  48. Regionals-

    Event 4- 14:53
    Event 5- 4:34

  49. Open:
    1. 15:13 with 165# squats
    2. Done with 145#
    3. Done, butterfly.

    1. Way to grind it out Ilya! 165 had to be tough because I was saying prayers with 155!! Nice work.

  50. Open
    135# for 8 and 145# for last 2

  51. Made this one up today.


    1. 10:57. Unbroken FS, pretty good dubs, sloooow running.

    2. 185 across. Focused on making them perfect.

    3. Done.

  52. Open:
    1) 11:01 went UB
    2) 185#
    3) Done.

  53. regionals
    1. 15;17... feeling great.. i had a bad idea of going unbroken on front squat.. did'nt hurt the legs buts i had a little probroblem with the cardio..
    30 min rest then
    2. 5;05

  54. Open:

    1. 3RFT: 12:19
    400m Run
    10 Front Squats @155#
    50 Double unders

    2. Clean and Jerk @135 I really wanted to use 155, but I was wiped after the Metcon.
    EMOMx10: Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

    3. C2B Progression: Complete (actually practiced butterflies)

  55. Open
    1. 17:28 RX.
    2. Done at 125# missed round 7 so did extra round after 10th round
    3. Worked on c2b form

  56. Open:
    1. 10:24. Unbroken FS.
    2. 195 lbs.
    3. 5 Rounds unbroken