Monday, May 5, 2014

Tuesday 5.6.14


1.  Snatch
Practice hitting 1 Hang Squat Snatch every 2 minutes - use this session to figure out your weights for the Regional Event.

2.  EMOMx15
Min 1:  6 Pistols + 2 Muscle ups
Min 2:  3 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats,
Min 3:  3 Bar Facing Burpees + 3 Strict HSPU

3.  Row
1K Row

1.  Snatch
Practice hitting 1 Hang Squat Snatch every 2 minutes - use this session to figure out your weights for the Regional Event.

2.  Handstand Walk
6 x 50' unbroken

3.  5 RFT:
20 Pistols
2 Legless Rope Climbs

4. 3 RFT:
8 Muscle ups
30 Wall Balls, 20/14 

1.  21-15-9:
Dead Lifts, 225/155
400m Run

2.  Snatch
A.  work up to a heavy Muscle Snatch
B.  work up to a heavy Snatch Balance
C.  work up to a heavy Snatch

3.  Clean Complex
work up to a heavy set of:
Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean (above knees) + Low Hang Squat Clean (below knees)


  1. Hello, help me please, which weeks is to do today?

    1. I think he intends it to be if you are competing in the first weekend of regionals you do week 1 and any other regionals you do the week 2,3,4

  2. Open:
    Didn't have much in tank today.
    1. Metcon - didn't do
    2. a. 70kg
    B. 100kg
    C. 100kg
    3. Did 80kg and 90kg and stopped.

  3. Regional: Week 4

    1. Snatch - 102kg/225lb--107/235--110/243--112/245--115/254X (Got under 115/254 but didn't catch it right, I'm thinking with practice I will go for 107-112-115)

    2. Handstand Walk (Done, and beginning to feel a lot more solid)

    3. 5RFT - 5:01 (10ft rope with no jump)

    4. 3RFT - 7:40 (Wanted to try for unbroken MU, got first round then 4-4 and 4-2-2)

  4. Masters Games:
    1. EMOM 5
    Squat Snatch 50kg singles only.
    2. HS walk practice. 10 min.
    3. 5:11 ( rope 3,5m)
    4. Scaled to :
    3 RFT
    30 wall Balls
    15 C2B pull ups

  5. 1. 7:09
    2. Snatch practice (had not snatch for 2+ month du to shoulder injury)
    Muscle snatch 50kg
    Snatch balance 60 kg (minor pain)
    Power snatch 65 kg
    3. Up to 105 kg

  6. Open
    1) 6:55 - UB on DL
    2) - a) 105#, I re-dipped on 115#. b) 155#. c) 165#
    3) did not have time this morning

    1. Thanks for giving me something to chase this afternoon Clayton! I usually work out in the wee hours of the morning, but today, I am working out in the afternoon. Great job!

    2. That's crazy fast! And unbroken too. Something to chase.

  7. open master 44
    1. 7:38 rx. Should have tried to run faster earlier.
    2a. 135
    2b. practice with lite weight
    2c. got 175 easy missed 185 but had to move on because of time. Felt pretty good.
    3. 205. low hang is a problem for me.

  8. Open

    1. 6:58 - UM on DLs. Took the last two days off. Was hard getting the motor primed today. Felt stiff and creaky.

    2. Did some of this stuff. Really need to work on popping the bar off my hips. Was never a fan of it due to whacking the boys a few times so I always avoid it. But now it's limiting my progress. Need to harden up and get after it.

    3. Didn't do. Ran out of time waiting for my training partner on his multiple bathroom breaks. The Eagle has landed. Haha.

    1. I meant to say unbroken on the deadlifts. Damn smartphones. They were designed for folks with opposable thumbs.

    2. Stiff and creaky, huh? Sub-7 sounds pretty damn awesome.

    3. Haha. Thanks Michael. That first day back is always tough for me. The fewer days off the better I typically do. I'm feeling like I should take a full week off to reboot, recover etc. and then come back. But I can't seem to get myself to do it. This stuff is too much fun.

      Keep crushing it man!


    1. 21-15-9:
    7:22 - Unbroken DL's. First run was 1:30ish then last two fell into 2 mins, congestion in the chest got the best of me today. I hope this damn pollen count drops eventually so I can breath outside again

  10. Open

    1) 7:14. UB DL, runs were terrible. Felt so slow.
    2) A - 125
    B - 185
    C - 165
    3) 185. Scary miss on 2nd clean at 195

  11. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 7:02 Rx (0:25 PR)
    2. Muscle Snatch - 125# / Snatch Balance - 135# / Power Snatch - 165#
    3. Clean Complex - worked up to 195#
    4. Week 3 of 5-3-1 - Squat

  12. Open

    1. 10:56
    2. Practiced muscle snatch, snatch balance, squat snatch with light weight
    3. Ran out of time

  13. Open 7:25. Will finish snatch and clean tomorrow or later today. Ran out of time before appointments. Was at 135# on snatches

  14. Lesson learned, dont attempt to do a 3 part wod in one hour while going on 4 hours of sleep. Needless to say, reversed order since my peak focus is strength and not metcons for the summer.
    A - 75#
    B- 75# (not warmed up nearly enough and wanted to get to snatch due to lack of time)
    C- 90# (same as pr from a few weeks ago)

    Blah, 105 #
    Stopped after high squat clean at 115#. Right knee was too tight and just all out did not take enough time to warm up in the first place. Again, learned my lesson.

    3. 9:39 RX

    Running felt strong, DL 7-6-5-4 first round, 5-5-5 2nd round, 5-4 last round. Big improvement from only being able to do them in 2's for the open.

  15. Regionals.

    1) worked up to 191. A 4# snatch pr. My snatch has gone up about 25# in the last month. Super excited. Had been stuck at 165# forever. Looking for that 200# mark in the next couple months.

    2) done. Went max distance unbroken each round. Averaged around 20'

    3) 14.19. Those legalese rope climbs killed me. Also did Sundays work yesterday so wasn't as fresh as I would have liked.

    4) 7.11. Broke muscle-ups as 4-4/4-3-1/4-2-2. Pretty happy with this one. My muscleups have come a long way.

    Overall great day. Thanks coach.

    1. Great job Drew! What has been the game changer for your snatch?

    2. I'm with Michael, I'd love to know!

    3. Mobility mainly. I have been struggling with the snatch for a long long time. After Ben posted that article about "iron scap" I started adding in a very similar routine about 2 times a week and doing a little during my warmup trying to work my overhead stability. However about February/march time frame I started doing Kelly Starret's "keg stretch" with a 45# bar and a foam roller religiously every day. Been doing a quick set during the warmup and then a more prolonged session following my workout and then I try to get one more in some time during the day. After a few weeks of complete and total agony as all the muscles in my chest and shoulders felt like they were being ripped apart I have slowly started to win my over head mobility back.

      I also do some overhead distraction and static hangs every other time I workout. Always hitting a jerk grip, snatch grip, and narrow grip hold to ensure I mobilize the entire range of motion.

      Other than that guys it's been all due to Ben's programming. I went from being able to hit 165 from time to time, and then every time pretty easily. With all that confidence and practice it was just a matter of time. Now I'm using 170 like its 135 or 125.

      That is what has been the key difference for me. Hope it helps.

    4. Thanks Drew! I was hoping it was a nice tasting magic elixir that I could buy at GNC, but I see it was just hard work. Bummed...

  16. 1. Metcon 9:30
    2. Muscle Snatch 65kg
    3. Snatch Balance 90kg
    4. Snatch 90kg
    5. Clean Complex 100kg

  17. Regional (2nd group)

    1 Snatch 200/205/210f

    2 HS Walk done

    3 5RFT 7:00

    4 3RFT 6:14
    I need to work on my mental game on wall balls....I have a hard time keeping the sets big as the workout goes on. MUs were UB and so was the first set of wall balls but it got ugly after that.

  18. Open
    2. A. 60kg
    B. 75kg
    C. 75kg
    3. 95kg

    1. 6m54

  19. Open

    1) 6:06 Rx... UB on deads.. a little slow on the runs

    2a) Muscle Snatch - 165lb (failed 175)
    2b) Snatch Balance - 225lb (didn't try more)
    2c) Full Snatch - 225lb (only had about 10 min to work up to this, 25 under PR)

    3) skipped... into week 2 of 3 of smolov front squats, so I'm trying to be smart...

    1. that's some fast work, Zak. Good job

    2. Thanks! My training partner this morning is a freak runner, so I was trying desperately to stay ahead of him on the deadlifts... he finished in 6:17

    3. Wow what a time !! congrats

    4. Now that's moving! Great work

  20. Regionals (2nd group)

    1. Worked up to a pretty heavy snatch for me
    2. Done! Feeling better about HSW now!!
    3. 12:something.
    4. 12:08 Not my best MU performance but I pushed through :)

  21. Open
    1) 6:54 - I suck at running so this was good to do. Deads ub
    2a) 155 muscle snatch
    b) 245 Sn balance
    c) 225 Snatch PR - boom! Fired up on this one. Hit it first shot decently clean
    3) 225 - was weak sauce after all the previous work

  22. Open
    1) 6:41 rx. Deads UB.
    2-a) 145#
    2-b) 155#.
    2-c) 175#
    The snatch balance is something I need to do on my own more often. Real sticky.
    3) 225#.
    I've been incorporating du's for a while as part of my warmups. I'm happy to say.. I'm finally seeing a lil ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel. Work in progress!

    1. Awesome to hear about your double unders Steeve!

  23. Opens:
    Mecon: 8:44RX Pr 1:10
    Snatch Muscle 70#
    Snatch balance 115#
    heavy snatch 120#
    Clean complex 135#

  24. Open

    1. Metcon=6:51

    2. Snatch
    Muscle snatch - 165lb pr
    Snatch balance - 245lb
    Snatch- 240lb (performed EMOTM from 135lb on up)

    C. Clean complex = 265lb

  25. 1. 8:13 Subbed Row 500M
    2. A. 135
    B. 165
    C. 165
    3. 245

  26. Open/Masters

    1. 7:15 the last 400 really got me.

    2. Muscle snatch - worked up to 95# felt really weird since I hardly ever do them
    Snatch balance - worked to 135# felt nice and easy
    Snatch - hit 200# a 2# PR. Bar path felt really good after this snatch work, really happy to finally hit 200 pounds.

    3. Clean complex - hit 245# pretty easy, felt the strain on wrists so stopped there.

    Great day of training! Thanks Ben!


  27. 1)6:53 RX
    2)185 muscle snatch
    225 snatch balance
    185 snatch lol
    3) later I hope..

  28. Open:
    1. Metcon=5:57

    2. Snatch
    Muscle snatch - 205
    Snatch balance - 225
    Snatch- 225

    C. Clean complex = 265 (lost grip on last rep)

  29. Today is my 1st day back training since i competed in a local competition on saturday. It went very well, my team took 1st place winning 3 out of the 4 wods. I feel like following this programming really helped me in the competition and thank you for doing it. :)

    1. hit 205 easily and then jumped to 225 and failed multiple times. Not happy with it but just know i need to work on it.

    2. complete. used 195lbs on hpc and fs. Felt good and could have gotten heavier for sure.

    3. 3:30 on the row.

  30. Open:

    Did the lifting first.

    1.A. Muscle snatch: 132 lbs. I have never done these. Took me a few reps to get it right.
    1.B. Snatch balance: 165 lbs. I have always been horrible at these, but these felt really good. Gave me some confidence moving into 1C.
    1C. Snatch: 165 lbs. Maybe a little too much confidence. I hit 165 like it was nothing (PR is 168). Definitely, the best snatch I have ever had. Put 175 on the bar and fell apart. It didn't feel heavy and the pulls were good, but I just couldn't catch it. Bad mobility. Gotta fixed that.
    2. Clean complex: 220 lbs. Hit the power clean and hang clean at 232, but couldn't hold onto the bar to get into the low hang position. I think 232 is a PR for a hang clean, though.
    3. 7:15 Rx. Deads all unbroken. First run: fast. Second run: meh. Third run: call the paramedics. 0:05 PR.

    1. Michael next time you get a chance video one of your snatches preferably around 90+% and link it I would love to check out your technique seeing as how your legs and shoulders are so strong but your snatch seems to be lacking

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks Blaine! I definitely will.

  31. Open
    1. 7:12
    2. 60/85/75
    3. 120

  32. Hey guys, I'm new here and will be trying to post as often as I can.

    Muscle snatch: 165 (5 lb PR)
    Snatch balance: 205
    Snatch: 175. this felt easy, I have a bad habit of losing misses in front.

    Clean complex: 215.

    16 intervals of:
    10 sec max effort airdyne sprint
    20 sec easy airdyne
    Couldnt do deadlifts because just getting off of a low back injury

  33. Open
    1. 7:38. DLs unbroken, happy about that.
    2. Muscle snatch - 155. Snatch balance - 205. Missed 225 twice. Squat snatch - 185, missed 205 twice. Shoulders were fried.
    3. Clean complex, worked up to 245.

  34. Open
    7:35 (UB deadlifts, run is slow)

  35. Regionals
    1. 205/225/missed 235
    2. Hswalk getting better
    3. 5 rft RX. 7:55
    4. 3rft. 530

  36. Open
    1. 7:09
    2. Muscle Snatch - 155#
    Snatch balance- 235#
    Snatch 235- missed 250#, still chasing it!
    3. (limited time)
    Hit 225#- had to teach class

  37. Open/Masters 48

    1. 8:22 @ 205#
    2. Muscle snatch 145#
    Snatch balance 95# - shoulder pain
    Played around with split snatch and hit 125#.
    3. Ran out of time so played with Jerk off of back for an upcoming comp that has x bear complex in it

  38. Open
    1) 6:10 - 2 seconds slower than on 8/29/13
    2) A) 125#
    B) 185#
    C) 185# - Missed 205#
    3) Quickly worked up to 215#

  39. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael! Last time I had Clayton pushing me and this time I was pretending I was chasing him on the runs.

  40. Open
    1- 7:20
    2a- 135
    2b- 215
    2c- 195
    3- 205

  41. Open:
    1. 7:18
    2. A. 115
    B. 135 bad
    C. 175
    3. 195.

  42. Open:
    1. Subbed 500 m row 8:14
    2A. 125
    2B. 155
    2C. 175
    3. 215

  43. 1. 6:37, DLs felt fast
    2. a. 155# b. 235# c. 185#, still dumping forward...
    3. 225#

  44. 6:40 met con.
    Muscle snatch 175#
    Power snatch 205#
    Snatch 225# missed 235# twice. Just couldn't stand it up.

  45. 1. worked up to 215. every two minutes for 16-18 minutes.

    2. practice HS Walk

    3. worked on Legless Rope Climbs.. 20min ish

    4. 8min04sec

  46. open
    1. 5:59
    2. A) 70 kg
    B) 90 kg
    C) 100 kg
    3. 120 kg

    I really have to work on my snatch

  47. Regionals-

    1.) 175/185/195/205 and missed 215. Funny. Didn't realize it was 215- thought it was 205. Still not confident at 195 to make it my starting weight though.

    2.) Done. I hate pistols.

    3.) Gonna have to hit even a little later tonight or tomorrow.

    3 days until the start of an awesome weekend. Got the OK to miss the Day 1 briefing for graduation. Good luck to everyone else competing week 1, and if you're in the SE, see you in a couple days!

    1. Jumped on the rower with 0 warm-up, or sneakers…

      3.) Barefoot 1000m- 3:27
      My lungs are hating me right now. On fire!!!

  48. Masters 46
    1.) 7:57 DL #225
    2.) #115
    3.) #165

  49. Open
    Only had time for 1 and 2 tonight
    1. 9:20
    2. A 145 B 205 C 215 (I am not comfortable with snatch balance)

    Wife made up filthy 50
    28:17 (v-ups/45# bar)

    Josh & Katie

  50. Open
    1. 7:36
    2. A. 135#
    B. 225#
    C. 185#
    3. 235#

  51. Wod=6:31

    Muscle snatch-185
    Snatch balance-235


  52. Regional wk3
    1. 195f/205/215f just lazy :/
    2.9:23 had to do 7 strict unbroken pullups per rope climb.

    Exhausted tonight. Long day teaching at school and teaching at box. 11:00pm wod in garage. Glad to get the work in. Time for a snack and bed.

  53. Regionals Programming - Week 1 (North Central)
    1. Did with team two different times. Only two attempts in team format. Attempt 1. 155/165 Attempt 2. 155/175f. I've hit 175 a handful of times. Not real sure yet if I'll go 165 or 175 for the second attempt.
    2. Done. Very glad to see the MU's ring height moved up to 88 in.
    3. 3:32. Just tried to keep a decent 1:45 pace.

  54. Open:
    1: 7:29
    2: 135, 205, 185... Ran out of time.

  55. Open
    1. 9:38
    2. 90, 125, 125
    3. 155

  56. 1. 9:15
    2. Muscle snatch 95#, snatch balance 125#, snatch 125# (worked technique here working both psn and switch snatch at each weight)
    3. Clean complex 145#

  57. Open
    1. 8:31 RX

    2a. Never have done muscle snatch. Wanted to naturally fall under the bar. Worked up to 70#.
    2b. Worked up to 100#. Focused on the dip, pop up, and drop.
    2c. Worked up to 95#

    3. Worked up to 125. Had 135 but bar got caught on thighs coming up after low hang squat clean and threw off my pull. Ran out of time to try again.

    Overall frustrating night.

  58. OPEN

    Metcon: 6:27 RX

    Muscle Snatch: 135#
    Snatch: Worked up to 185#
    Complex: Worked up to 205#...Felt Tired and sluggish

  59. Open
    1. 9:47.
    2. 115, 125, 135
    3. 165 (power cleaned 185, but was too tired to try squat cleans).

  60. Open:
    1) 9:35 UB on DL's

    2) A. Muscle Snatch 145#
    B. Snatch Balance 225#
    C. Snatch 215#

    3) Clean Complex 235#

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