Thursday, January 30, 2014

Saturday 2.1.14

Dan Tyminski

1.  Barbell
With a partner, AMRAP 20:
1 Squat Clean and Jerk each
2 Squat Clean and Jerk each
3 Squat Clean and Jerk each
4 Squat Clean and Jerk each
5 Squat Clean and Jerk each
Guys:  205
Gals:  145
While we are calling this a Squat Clean and Jerk is essentially a ground to overhead, passing through a squat - anyhow.
Example - you do one cluster, your partner does one cluster. You complete 2 reps, you partner does 2 reps.  Continue through the fives.  ONCE YOU BOTH HAVE COMPLETE THE 5 REPS, THAT IS ONE ROUND.  Start round two by having both athletes completing 1 rep and continue again.  

2.  Gymnastics
30 Strict Muscle ups for time - use a band if needed.

3.  Running
2-3 miles 

Teams of 2 complete 3RFT:
75 Wall Balls, 20/14
50 KBS, 70/53
25 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20


  1. Masters 40 NER
    Just started the Program about a month ago.
    Hoping to qualify for Top 200 Masters WODs

  2. Open Team WOD with Dellus West in 14:22

  3. Today did regionals program.
    1. Barbell - completed 2 rounds + 3 reps. Total 36 clusters. Rx
    2. 30 strict MUs - 10:15 without bands

  4. Open.

    1. 18:40 with female partner. Man that was hard...

  5. Open
    1. Bus and erica -17:27- kb-88#
    2. 1 mile sled pull -70# - 15:00

  6. Open
    1. Partnered with Bus 17:27 I scaled wallballs 14# to 9ft.
    2. Did a one mile sled drag with 45# 24:?? Killed me.

  7. Open:
    1. Partnered with Austin. I went 10#wb/44#kbs 20:33. First workout back after being sick all week. That was rough
    2. 1mi run with 25# vest 9:08

  8. Open
    1) 18:21 Rx - partnered with Joey S. Did 60ish KBS @ 70# which is the most I've done in a WOD. WB & BJ felt great.
    1) 1 mile run/walk with 70# sled - 19:55. TOAST!

    1. great job partner loved working with ya! My sled time was 16:53 wasn't fun at all with 70lb

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  10. Regionals
    1) 3rounds 4 c+j (this sucked ass)
    2) DNF (ballsed)
    3) 18:02 (3miles)

  11. Had no superfriend. So did 1 heavy round by myself.

    75 wallballs @30lbs
    50 KBS @40kg
    25 Burpee Box jumps @24"
    = 11:00

  12. Regional barbell
    56 reps each with partner (112 total)
    Tried to thruster it the entire time .. Just because I felt like it lol

    Hit the other stuff in a few hours. May sub Hspu for muscle ups

  13. Open
    1) Partner with Sarah - 20:33 20# WB and 70# KBS
    2) 1 Mile Sled Run: 15:37 with 70# on sled this was awful.

  14. I'm off to Jackson Hole for the next week, so I'll be doing some big mountain skiing WODs each day for a bit!

    Ended up doing today's Regional Barbell work yesterday with Dan because we can never resist lifting heavy things. We love it. We're deprived a little more from it since we're following the Open programming mixed in with some accessory work for us.

    I made it a goal to do all sets TnG Thruster-jerks and was able to do that, so I was pretty pumped about that.

    See you all in a week!

  15. 1. No partner for this so did 1:1 work to rest. 2 full rounds into 3 on 3rd.
    2. 4:42
    3. May take the puppy for a jog later

    Also did open partner wod for fun 19:42

    1. Nice work Blaine. You crushed those muscle-ups. Impressive.

    2. Thanks man one of yhe benefits of being 160# plus my kip isnt very efficient so strict isnt that far off.

      Puppy and I went for a 20 min jog probably only covered 2 miles however. She was in a sniff everything and not run mood today

  16. Regionals.

    1) did by myself also with a 1:1 rest ratio like Blaine. Was 1rep shy of two rounds. 205 is only 25lbs under my current 1rm so I'm happy with this. Starting to feel much smoother with my jerks.
    2) 14.02. As rx'd. Last 10 had a very small kip just to get my head through.
    3) nice easy 2.9mi run in 20.40.

  17. Regional

    1) No partner so did 1:1 work to rest.
    Completed 2 Rounds. Very happy with this considering bodyweight is around 170lbs and my max rep clean and jerk is 265lbs.

    2) 30 Strict Muscle Ups
    Time - 14:15


  18. 1. Did open wod with Hayden Clark. 16:31 RX
    2. 30 stricties 7:21 with a baby band. Tried to get the most out of this with as little assistance as possible. No rep'd myself on a few bc I got a little kippy even with the band. Haa
    3. Done...

  19. 1. 2rnd + 13 reps. No partner so tried to keep 1:1 w:r ratio instead. Happy with consistency overhead.
    2. 30 strict MU, with heavy band. Really tried to focus on pull through transition as that is where I fail to get stricts. ~11:30
    3. Ran about 2.9mi around town in ~19:30ish. Felt awesome considering I haven't run in 2 months

  20. 1. No partner so did 1 rep in every 40 sec for 20 min (30 reps) and had to scale to 80 kg since 95 kg is my 1 RM C&J
    2. Can't to a strict muscle up even with a band :(
    3. 5 km run 23:17
    4. Did two rounds of the OPEN WOD by myself 23:57

  21. Open 2014
    Metcon team wod : 15:20Rx with Manuel Forcier

  22. Solo today hit 3rds 30 wall ball 20 kb swing 2p 10 burpee bj 10:38 looking forward to rest day.

  23. 1. did 10min with the fiance', all squat clean thrusters. got 1 round plus 3.

    did a regional workout from 2011 with some buddies.

    100 pull ups
    100 kbs
    100 double unders
    100 ohs (95)


  24. Regionals
    1. Partnered with my girlfriend. Made it through 2rds+8 reps. 38 total c+J for me.
    2. Just did 30 MU's since I've never done it before. 10:55.
    3. Made up rowing/ghd workout- 19:57

  25. Regionals:
    1.) Did this one by myself since I had no partner. I just used a 1:1 work to rest ratio. Did 4rds +3Rx. I did clusters the entire 20min. Very happy with my effort here.

    2.) 12:22rx

    3.) This evening:)

  26. Open
    One man Wolf pack with this one. Kept a quick sprint mind for this solo wod. So I did

    2 rounds
    75 wall balls at 20#
    50 swings at 70#
    25 BJs at 30

    50 WB
    25 KBS
    15 BJs

  27. open
    1) 15:31 partner w/ Steve Venturi

    worked on some heavy thrusters after for a local comp tune up before the open

  28. Open:
    I am at work for 24hr but I was able to bring stuff with me so I could do the WOD. I did it by myself Rx.

  29. Masters 46
    2/1/14 Southington XFit comp. Partner WOD'S 8 th place finish.
    1.) 12 min C&J max #225 partner #255
    1.a) 4 min AMRAP ( 67 reps)
    40 power cleans #185
    -then- Dead's #275
    2.) 11 min Cap (8:20)
    Front squats #155
    -then- 50 thrusters-
    3.) 12 min (one partner rows 3 mins other does reps, then switch for the whole time)
    25 later hops 18"
    20 kbs #53
    15 Shoulder to over head #115
    -then- with remaining time front rack lunges #115
    Row total = 2984
    Total reps 288 (48 lunges)

  30. 1. 39 reps @ 185/155 for partner
    2. 13:28 purple band
    3. 2 miles in 12:46

    Feel pretty beat up from the week

  31. Did 1x265 PC every 30seconds for 20 minutes
    "DT" Hero Wod in 6:24

  32. Jealous as hell Brooks. Jackson Hole is on my list of mountains to hit out West.

  33. Open
    Partnered up with my wife Amy today. It was fun! 25:05.

    Then did OTM6 - 5 squat snatches at 75lb. Obsessed with improving my snatch lately!

  34. All by my lonesome, 10PM. Helped my parents move, worked, and helped my wife with her Chemistry homework all day. Finally got freed up around 9:45, decided to go do some mobility in the living room, got moving, got feeling good, wandered out into the garage.

    1. 6x4 FS (knee was bothering me thursday so I didn't squat heavy) 245 Across.

    2. Solo wod, so I did 3rft 40 WBS, 25 Swings #70, 13 Burpee BJ 24", 15:41. Not really stoked on the time, but stoked I did it. My erectors were locked up radically on the third round. I feel like they have been getting crushed lately.

  35. 10:00 OTM 8-10 Butterfly C2B
    Open WOD w/Training Buddy 16:38
    5x3 Speed DL @315

  36. Open Wod with brother-in-law: 19:51

  37. 1. Barbell- w/ Anton. 2 rounds plus the 1 and 2 clusters, I did the last 4 reps because Anton is a p*ssy. lol. 35 reps for me

    2. Goat tabata with ctb, rebounding box jumps, and ttb. Box jumps aren't a goat but I wanted my heart rate up before the ttb.

    3. 2 miles in less than 14, don't know the time exactly.

  38. I've been gone for a bit, but I've stayed close to the program with my group at Sundown CF. It's so awesome to see everyone doing so well.

    Open -


  39. So.....I did this crazy wrong. I did the 20 min all the way up with one of my competitive female clients. We got to the round of nine......I hit 6 within time...then both skipped up to 15 each after time was called.

    1. Pretty sure we could have killed two rounds. It was drop...reset...go the whole time pretty much. Wish I would have seen it, but just didn't pay close enough attention.

      Did 30 burpee muscle ups for time but didn't have a clock....then rowed a big canoe around the lake with the kiddo, my brother, and dog for about an hour.

  40. After finishing up Friday's Regional's work last night (the row/GHD WOD), decided to hit up the box today to make up Saturday's stuff.

    First went to the beach for a couple hours (the beauty of living in sunny SoFla), and stopped on the way back, and quickly warmed up for the partner 20min AMRAP.

    She did 95, and I stuck with 205. Not a good idea- what resulted was me getting stuck, and her push pressing/jerking the weight. She got a lot more rest than I, so I was stuck at the barbell most of the time.

    2 full rounds + 22 (2 of my squat clean and jerks into the round of 5.)
    - Much harder than I expected. Wanted to quit at about minute 5 when I realized how much faster she was moving than me.

  41. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Catching up on my posting from this past week. All 4 metcons missed were done today (2/2) and yesterday (2/1). Only had time for the metcons.

    Barbell - Rx

    1 Round + 20 Reps (I went second: Partner got 2 CnJs in round of 5)