Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday 1.30.14

ECC Event 1, "Ropes and Ladders"

1.  Snatch Technique
A.  Work up to a heavy single Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS from back rack
B.  Work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance
C.  Work up to a heavy High Hang Squat Snatch

2.  Squat 
6x4 Safety Bar Back Squat

3. Metcon
AMRAP 7 of:
up ladder by 3's of:
Front Squat, 115/80
Box Jump, 24/20
complete 3 squats and 3 box jumps, then 6 of each, 9 of each, and continue as far as possible inside of 7 minutes.

4.  Gymnastics Skills
50 L-sit Pull ups

1. Metcon
AMRAP 7 of:
up ladder by 3's of:
Front Squat, 115/80
Box Jump, 24/20
complete 3 squats and 3 box jumps, then 6 of each, 9 of each, and continue as far as possible inside of 7 minutes.

2. Snatch Technique
A.  Work up to a heavy single Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS from back rack
B.  Work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance
C.  Work up to a heavy High Hang Squat Snatch


  1. I can already smell the gnar #nomad

  2. Open:
    Metcon - 67 reps

    Snatch Technique:
    A. 255 (So this is my pr in PushPress and OHS, feeling like have more power, but decided to stop)
    B. Only did 175x3
    C. 200 (from the pockets)

  3. Regionals
    1. Snatch
    A.200lbs. Felt good!
    B.165lbs. Still not good at this.
    C. 155lbs. Everything was forward today. Oh well, next time!
    2. Back Squats- no safety bar so just did regular. 225,255,275,285,295lbs×2
    3. Metcon- 104 reps. Got through the round of 15 plus 14FS. Rebounded all box jumps. Felt great!
    4. Later. Gots ta go ta schoooool.

  4. 1A) 225 (did these with 10 sec pause at bottom). Tried 255, but failed the push press
    1B) Skipped
    1C) 225 (PR Tie)

    Rest this evening.

    1. Finished 15s + 26 (116 reps)

      Did regular back squats and front squats up to heavy triples (365 & 315)

  5. 1)
    A. 245
    B. 175 (without heaving it and just trying to race under, this is really hard)
    C. 165

    2) later at home

    3) Subbed 70# kb swings for box jumps

    Rd of 15 complete + 14 fs (104 reps)

    4) later at home

    1. 2) 6x4 regular high bar bs (no safety bar available to me)


      4) tried overhand, couldn't do, switched to underhand and got about 8, bodyweight strict movements still a big goat of mine

  6. Open:
    1) 93 reps! Felt good, my goal was to make it to the start of 15 so I'm stoked!
    2) A) 175, so close to 180!
    B) 135, these are a goat I need to work on. The major issue with my snatch is I jump forward 2-3" with heavier weight.
    C) 135 with good depth.

  7. Regionals:

    1a: @ 235
    1b: @ 210
    1c: @ 180

    2: @ 265

    3: No Metcon today

    4: 50 L-Sit Pull Ups Done. Felt Good!

  8. OPEN
    1. Completed the round of 18 (126 reps - Games Standard Box Jumps)
    2A. 225# (25# PR and 2014 goal off the list - felt solid)
    2B. 155# (struggle with this movement)
    2C. 140#

  9. Open:

    Met con- 105 Reps (18 +15 FS) women's RX
    2A. 175 lbs
    2B. 155 lbs
    2C. 135lbs

  10. OPEN
    1) 149 - Finished the 21 squats + 2 box jumps (games standards).
    2) A. 245 Sn PP + OHS
    Had to stop to coach a class and my knee swelled up. Bummer. Really wanted to do parts B and C later. Live to fight another day.

  11. Regionals:
    1A) 170# (need work on ohs and wrist still not 100%)
    1B) 155# need work on this also
    1C) 165# this felt better

    2) 275, 280, 285, 295x2 (short on time)

    3) 97 reps (7-min rest after 2)

  12. Regionals:


    I don't know how many of the followers on here also take a peek at the CFNE WOD posts, but if you don't there was a very impressive blog post written by Coach Cheryl on yesterday's WOD posting. Today was one of those days for me. Thanks for words Cheryl.

    1.A. 185 lbs. OHS squat felt great. Push press not so much.
    1.B. 125 lbs. I really need a good Oly coach.
    1.C. 140 lbs. See above.
    2. No safety bar at our gym so I did 6x4 box squats. 155,205,225,245,265,285.
    3. 127 Rx. Front squats unbroken through the round of 15. Then, 6,6,6 on round of 18. Box jumps rebounded through round of 12. Then jump up/step down after.
    4. Got 35 in before I had to get to work. For some reason, I took forever today.

  13. Regional (reverse order):
    1) 50 L-sit pull-ups: did 5 reps every 30 sec for 5 min.
    2) Metcon: 145 reps.
    3) 6x4 back squat (no safety bar): 255, 275, 295, 315, 335, 345.
    4) (A) up to 205, (B) up to 185, (C) up to 165

  14. Snowmageddon in Atlanta and work was closed again today, so I had all the time in the world (2 hours)

    1A) 265 pp+OHS
    1B) 255 snatch balance
    1C) 185 h sq snatch (shoulders fried from lots of Crossover symmetry stuff yesterday)

    2) 315x4 across (someone got rid of our safety bar so this was just high bar. I also have an impinged facet in my lower back. Gotta take it easy til that gets better.)

    3) 136 reps (finished round 18+10 more squats)

    4) check

  15. Regionals.

    1A) 185 for pp.
    1B) 185.
    1C). 165. This felt really good.

    Had to workout in my garage today and don't have a squat rack yet so had to clean everything and jerk it to my back. Still felt pretty good overall. Need to get some 2.5 and 5 pound plates so I don't have to jump from 165 to 185 to 205 for these wods.

    2) skipped

    3) 140reps as rx'd.

    4) done in 7.04 with rings instead of a bar.

  16. Miserable on this one today... Need to find the answer to building endurance on high rep front squats... 134 reps, I'll be doing some high rep front squats 3-4x a week until the open.

  17. Regionals:

    1: A) got 255 with push press and 3sec pause at bottom 10LB PR. Got 285 with jerk and 3sec pause. 10LB PR!
    B) got 245...ties PR...missed 255
    C) 225 with straps...ties PR

    2: 300 across. legs felt tired.

    Rest later.

    1. Thanks man....trying to post some big numbers like you and Dex. 142....meh...not happy with this. Front squats are my main goat. Working on it.

  18. OPEN

    1) 142 rx
    Unbroken on front squats until round of 21.

    2) Went up to 205 on hang. Didn't want to push press.

  19. Open:
    109 - very impressed with myself on this. FS went unbroken through 12, then 10/5 & 8/5/5. BJ's were slow but steady. There still my goat but I've been working hard on being light and rebounding quickly. Dividends are starting to show... much work left.

    Base gym started closing so Oly work will have to be done later.

  20. Open

    159 Reps on the WOD
    Push Press+OSH 110KG (PR OHS)
    Snatch Bal Felt awful afte the OHS and just did a few reps at 60 for speed.
    High Hang Snatch 90KG

  21. Regionals
    1. A. 205
    B. 185
    C. 155

    2. Short on time

    3. 18 complete rounds, 126 reps

    4. Done

    Going to be gone for 2 days with no access to weights.. Need the rest anyways. Haven't felt this sore in months. Keep killin it everyone!

  22. 1) 18+6 (132 reps)
    2a) 95 kg
    2b) 70 kg
    2c) 80 kg

  23. Regionals
    1) skipped, nursing a shoulder.
    2) don't have a safety bar, so did regular back squats. 315,315,345,345,345,365. 6x4.
    3) metcon; 148 Rx. Focused on keeping midline tight on front squats. Unbroken using a controlled pace.
    4) 50 L-sit pull-ups, done.

  24. Open

    1) 21 + 12 (180)
    Couldn't really create a better WOD for me, haha, hope that one shows up in a few weeks!

    A. Worked up to 225, failed 245
    B. Worked up to 275
    C. Worked up to 225

    1. As I said to Cheryl...RIDICULOUS! Nice work and welcome back from the comp...

  25. Today was wasted, felt tight and weak all day. Did plenty of mob last night, but my calfs were so tight, right ankle was collapsing causing some knee pain. Did half of it and called it. Back at it tomorrow.

  26. 1. a.) 165#
    b.) 185#
    c.) chose to test 1rm snatch instead- my goal for the end of January was 155# - done :)
    2. used a safety bar with bands ... hard for sure! not sure of the exact weight of bands but weight on bar was 110#+ safety barx2 sets then 120#+ safety bar x4 sets
    3. metcon- 176 21 rounds + 8 front squats
    4. 12:28 - happy with this :) all pronated grip

    1. @Cheryl, that is a RIDICULOUS metcon - super-impressive...and congrats on remembering to post! Looks like you're crossing a lot off of that to-do list ;o)

  27. 1. My 1 RM Smatch is 70 kg and don't have a rack
    A. 75 kg
    B. 65 kg
    C. 70 kg
    2. 100 kg regular back squat (don't have a safety bar)
    3. 137 reps (18 done + 11 FS)
    4. Done, in sets of 3, realy tough sh..t

  28. 1. snatch push press+ohs 265#, just couldnt press 275. i was strict on not jerking it. lol
    snatch balance: 300#, same as pr. tried 315#, the bitch in my heart was too great.
    high hang snatch: 225# felt really good and fast.
    2. no time for squats.
    3. metcon: 150 reps, like a dumb ass i did 15 front squats on the set of 12, but i didnt count those 3 reps.
    4. L-sit pull ups: done

  29. Open

    A. 100reps
    2)a. 205 shoulders felt weak today
    B. 205 need to be faster
    C. 165 missed 175

  30. Open

    1. AMRAP 7: 110 reps Rx. All of those front squats certainly affected my BJ rhythm, but I'm still happy with my performance. All BJs unbroken with quick rebounds (1 no-rep!) and broke at 10 FS for the rounds of 15 and 18.

    2A. 145# Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS from back rack
    2B. 125# Snatch Balance
    2C. 125# High Hang Squat Snatch

    Another great day.


  31. Open
    1. 102 reps

    A. 85 kg
    B. 90 kg, sat under 100
    C. 80 kg, sat under 85

  32. 6x4 back squat up to 235 def a pr!
    135 high hang
    21+4 wod

  33. Open
    1. 128 reps
    2. A. 225
    B. 205
    C. 155

  34. Took a while for my shoulder to warm up, so spent over hour doing snatch tech.
    1a. 225#
    1b. 195#, a few more weeks doing this and I think I can tack on some good weight.
    1c. 205#, so this is interesting. I struggle to snatch 190# (never hit over 195# SqSn) yet I can cleanly hit HH at 205# and feel like I have room to go higher. I'm guessing this means I need to stop full snatching and work on snatching from hang for a while?
    2. 275# HHBS, kept light and pretty at 70%
    3. 145 reps, all unbroken except one mis-jump in rnd of 9. I think there is some room to speed up BJs from the top. Felt steady on FSs.
    4. Done. First 25 strict, next 25 with blue band. Long-ass levers, lol.

  35. 1. 132reps
    2. 195lbs

  36. Regionals:

    1a. 165# snatch grip push press + OHS
    1b. 175# snatch balance
    1c. 135# high hang snatch
    3. 139 reps
    4. L-sit pull ups in sets of 5 over ?20 min

  37. Open

    1.) 21 f.s + 5 BJs (152 reps)

    2.) Crammed it into a complex.
    Snatch push press+ohs+snatch balance:

    #205...#215 failed snatch balance

    3.) Hi hang snatch: #200...that's my 1RM from the floor, and #205 is my 1RM from the hang. I have an issue haha

  38. 1. A. 225
    B. 225
    C. 185
    2. 225 across
    3. 127 reps
    4. Done in sets of 5

  39. Open 2014
    1. Metcon : 168 Rx unbroken 15 squats ( rnd of 18 : 10+8 ; rnd of 21 : 11+10 )
    2. Push pres ohs : 225# did 245 with a split jerk -10# from PR 6 months+ didnt do heavy ohs.
    skipped the snatch balance
    High Hang Snatch : 135-155-175-185#

  40. Open
    1) Completed set of 18 + 9 totaling 135 reps
    A) 205#
    B) 155# missed 175
    C) 165# - Definitely want to retest max snatch again.

  41. Open
    1. OH PUSH PRESS+OHS @ 120#
    2. Snatch balance @ 110 #
    3. High snatch squat @ 85#
    4. Metcon 15+ 12 fs
    5. Added 6x4 back squat @135#

  42. Open
    1)105 reps 80#
    2) a:130 failed 4 times at 160

  43. A. 265#
    B. 205#
    C. 175#
    D. DNA
    E. Metcon
    108 Total Reps

  44. Open
    1. 93 reps! Super happy with this score. Everything unbroken until the round of 12.

    Having some issues with my right shoulder so I passed on the overhead work and worked on some mobility

  45. 1. 245lbs pushpress+ohs
    30lbs pr on the ohs!
    165lbs high hang
    2. Metcon 134, squat is a weakness:/
    3. Did some c2b work

  46. Open
    1. 108 reps - thru 18 front squats. All FS unbroken but too slow on bj and transitions.

    A. 235 pp + OHS. Did 245 but had to push jerk. PR for OHS.

    B. 205 for snatch balance. PR.

    C. 185 for hh sq snatch. Another PR. Made 5 attempts and finally got it. Fastest I've ever gotten under the bar. Great snatch session today.

  47. Open:

    1) 135 reps
    2) a. 200 b. 185 c. Did no do.
    3) Did the regionals squat 6X4 ( 265, 275, 285, 285, 285, 285)

  48. Open
    1. Finished 18s + 13 front squats Rx
    2. A. 130#
    B. 120#
    C. 90#

  49. We have been snowed/iced in the house the past couple of days due to LEON hitting South Louisiana. Finally got out on Wednesday evening so we did a little metcon.
    4 RFT:
    5 Bar MUs
    15 HSPU
    25 Pistols
    30 DUs


    Todays Metcon
    144 Reps RX Legs were J-E-L-L-O (in my Bill Cosby voice)! Took bar from the ground instead of a rack. The pistols from Wednesday made this worse than it should have been on me. Feeling a lot better on box jumps compared to were I use to be with them mentally.

    Make up the rest on Saturday morning!!

  50. 6x4 Back Squats (No safety bar) 315,325,335,345,355,365
    WOD Rx - 135 reps (18rds+9FS)

    Still feeling sluggish & resting a nagging wrist injury so no Oly for the near future

  51. 1. A) 255 clean, 275 was semi jerk
    B+C skipped - shoulder was yelling at me

    2. Did font squats instead 285-315-325-315-305-305

    3. Metcon : 162 reps (FS 21/21, BJ 15/21)

  52. Regionals
    1. 220
    2. 225 (Snatch balance and being comfortable in the hole of my OH squat is a HUGE weakness)
    3. 165 - Just couldn't get comfortable today.

    Skipped Backsquats, since I made up Monday's WOD yesterday with EMOTM 10x1 @325..

    Metcon- 18+6FS
    50 L-Sit Pull-ups- 5:12

    1. Dylan! My man! Good to see you follow comp wod as well! Strong work on the wod brother!

  53. Been following a week behind for almost a year now. Stoked to be current and able to post here!
    1 A. 215 lbs.. Made damn well sure it wasn't a jerk. Pr by 20lbs!
    B. 205 lbs. Another 20#PR!!!
    C. 175. 10# pr from the HH!
    2. No safety bar.. 225, 225, 245, 245, 255, 255
    3. 100 reps even. Really crapped the bed with how I gamed this. Broke FS sets up in rnds of 12 and 15. Lactic acid yikes! Higher than 5 reps squats has ALWAYS been a weakness. Also... I know it wasn't specified but I did games standard BJ's.
    4. Ran out of time. Will make up.

  54. 1.
    A. 215
    B. 175
    C. 145

    2. Did regular High bar BS @ 285 across

    3. 90 reps (through round of 15)

    4. Complete

  55. Open
    1) 127 reps. Front squats got tough but not the worst. Worst part was that I couldn't jump off the box and bound cuz of my lower back.
    Just worked up x10 emom 2 squat cleans. So many injuries it's frustrating. Dono if to stay the course and modify or just take a week off. And get everything healed up for the open

  56. 1. Snatch Technique
    A. Work up to a heavy single Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS from back rack
    B. Work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance
    only 40kg, snatch needs alot of work so this segment is great
    C. Work up to a heavy High Hang Squat Snatch
    Same as above 40kg but seemed promising

    2. Squat
    6x4 Safety Bar Back Squat - Didn't squat, had a convo with a pal about squat stance etc picked up some tips so missed these due to time

    3. Metcon
    AMRAP 7 of:
    up ladder by 3's of:
    Front Squat, 115/80
    Box Jump, 24/20
    complete 3 squats and 3 box jumps, then 6 of each, 9 of each, and continue as far as possible inside of 7 minutes.

    18+17 = 125

    4. Gymnastics Skills
    50 L-sit Pull ups - Did in blocks of 10

  57. Open Masters
    Practiced for comp on Sat
    1. Zercher squat worked up to 155#
    2. Snatch tech work
    PP+OHS 125
    Sn Bal 115
    HHSS 105

  58. 1a. Worked up to 155lbs
    b. Did sets at 115lbs
    c. Worked up to 135 lbs
    2. 225lbs, across reg. Back squat
    Metcon - 136 reps

    Very impressed with the strength numbers on this blog i am far behind relative to you guys but ive been making progress since following this blog the last five months. Appreciate it ben!

  59. A. Work up to a heavy single Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS from back rack- hit 205, missed 225, OHS has never felt worse
    B. Work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance- 205 easy, failed 225 on tight shoulders
    C. Work up to a heavy High Hang Squat Snatch- 165

    2. Squat
    6x4 Back Squat- worked up to 365 for last set

    3. Metcon
    AMRAP 7- 141

  60. Open:

    1. Round of 15 + 12 squats - 102. lungs felt good, box jumps were mostly rebounding and unbroken, except for a couple misteps. Had hockey the night before so the front squats were a little tougher than usual.

    2. Worked on some technique. Snatch high pulls. Got some feed back and i've been pulling with my arms way too early.

  61. Open:
    A. 106 reps
    B. PP+OHS= 163 (current max on all things overhead. got scared to put more over my head so decided to max split jerk to help get out of my head. PRd by 20# at 183!)

  62. Open Program
    1) 126 - all about the FS, I need work here on my endurance.
    2) 205
    185 (several times for practice)
    No time

  63. Open
    1. Metcon 15 + 6, 96 total
    2. 145, 105, 115

  64. Open
    1. 137 Reps
    2. Snatch grip push press oh squat 185#
    Snatch balance 165#
    No time for the squat snatch

  65. Finished 18 dropped the bar more than i needed to (dumbass) forgot just 7 min. haha
    255 push press ohs
    225 balance
    Squat 315

  66. Open

    1) 101 reps.

    2) just did the PP & OHS - 115kg

  67. Open
    1) got 2 FS into round of 21 = 128 total reps
    2a) 200# - PR OHS
    2b) 165# - PR
    2c) 155# - PR

    Huge day today. Made this up on 2/2/14

  68. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Catching up on my posting from this past week. I was out of town at a NCAA convention. All 4 metcons missed were done today (2/2) and yesterday (2/1). Only had time for the metcons.

    Metcon: Turned this into a partner WOD.

    100 DU Buy In
    14 min AMRAP:
    FS - Rx
    Box Jumps - Rx

    30 FS, 24 Box Jumps. Reps were broken up and traded between partners as needed.

  69. got 10 box jumps in on the 18's

    275 PP snatch grip PR
    275 snatch balance PR
    225 Hang snatch PR

  70. Open
    1. 132 Rx
    2A. 225
    B. 185
    C. 185 from pockets
    No misses today.