Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thursday 1.23.14

1.  Snatch 
EMOMx5, 5 TnG squat snatches, across

2. Clean
5x2 Hang Power Clean - go as heavy as possible with out moving your feet.

3.  Front Squat
A.  3RM
B.  10RM

4.  Gymnastics Benchmark
Max rep unbroken C2B Pull ups
Goal is 45 for men, 35 for women

5.  Metcon
"Opening Day"
21-15-9 of:
Wall Balls, 20/14
Pull ups
Thrusters, 95/65
Box Jumps, 24/20
KBS, 53/35

1.   Metcon
"Opening Day"
21-15-9 of:
Wall Balls, 20/14
Pull ups
Thrusters, 95/65
Box Jumps, 24/20
KBS, 53/35

2.  Snatch Complex
5 sets of: 4-Position Snatch
Position 1:  High Hang (pockets) - should mimic the bottom of the dip on a push press.  Vertical torso, bar at hips, weight in mid-foot.
Position 2:  Mid Thigh - chest over the bar, bar close to thighs, weight in mid-foot.
Position 3:  Low Hang (below knees) - looking for vertical shins and chest as high as possible.
Position 4:  Full Snatch (from the floor) - looking to hit all the position throughout the lift.  
This is not suppose to be a heavy set.  Go lighter and drill in the positions.
Every rep is done as a squat snatch.
The idea is to dial in the first position.
Then dial in the second position and pass through position 1.
Then dial in position position 3 and pass through 2 and 1.
Then do a full snatch passing through every position.

3.  Front Squat
A.  3RM
B.  10RM


  1. Well that met con is going to suck.

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  3. For #3 do we pick A or B or do we do both?

  4. Looks about as fun as a root canal

  5. Whaaaa!
    Looking forward to the metcon:)

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  7. Does anyone have any good tips or links to videos about improving butterfly C2B? Currently I can string together 11-15 butterfly, but it seems like I have stalled out on progress. And with butterfly C2B I just can't get a rhythm or maybe it is a strength issue? Garage guy way out here in the middle of nowhere.

    1. looking for advice. Phone sent that early. I am going to add in some weighted pullups, a friend said that will help. Another said heavy DB rows for grip as well. Thanks in advance!

    2. Also I have been missing some good workouts! First competition this weekend at Lynnwood Crossfit has me nervous. Can't wait to resume on monday, barring extreme soreness!

    3. Hey Glenn, for me, butterfly C2B clicked when I started driving my knees up more at the end of the kip. Gave me the upward momentum I needed and slowed down my rhythm (compared to butterfly pull-ups, which makes sense since it is a bigger movement). Also don't pull too early, sneak up on the bar. Of course strength always helps too but tehnjque is a big part of this.

    4. Thanks Mark. I have added them into my warmup or cool down depending on the day. It feels like my strength has improved but stringing them is still a challenge. I will definitely give the big knee drive a try. After some thought I definitely think I am using my arms more and that may be why I cannot get them. Going to record and analyze. Thanks again!

  8. Whoa, 45 UB C2Bs!? Damn. Most I got in me is probably 20 maybe 25...

  9. What do A & B mean?
    n times (A, B) ?
    n times A then n times B ?

    Which one is it?

  10. Yeah the c2b is hard after all the snatches and cjs. The metcon was fun but definitely had to sit down at the end with a time of 15:38?

  11. Good and Bad day of training

    Did REGIONAL with a mixed order

    1) Hang Squat Clean (read it wrong and did hang squat clean instead of hang power clean)
    Worked up to 111kg (245lbs ) - New PB - Bodyweight 167lbs

    2) Max Rep C2B Pullups - 32 Unbroken - Video on facebook, tagged ya ben

    3) METCON ----- Did not get adequate sleep last night and digestion was off - felt hear rate sky rocket after first round

    TIME - 11:19RX

    4) 4 Position Snatch (only did 4 sets)
    65lbs, 95lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs

    Felt strong but conditioning was off today, will crush it tomorrow

  12. Deviated a little and spent a lot of time on hang clean and jerks. PRd hi hang clean and jerk @ 300lb and hi hang clean @ 315.

    Metcon - 12:05 Rx.

    Front squats this evening hopefully

  13. Open:
    1) 17:00, thrusters were what killed me. Old wrist injury flared up when locking out. Pushed through it. Pull-ups, wall balls and box jumps were smooth. Broke sets of 21 & 15 in half. All things considered, not a great day, but not a bad day either.
    2) 95lbs, 60% of 1RM
    3) 255#
    4) 190#

  14. 1. emom5: 145 (dropped to 125 on last two sets)
    2. clean and jerk: worked up to 225
    3. metcon: 10:10 (felt good, established a pace and was able to push it the last round)
    4. weighted pull ups: 5by1 at 53#

    I'll hit the front squats if I find enough time.

  15. 1) 165
    2) 245
    3) 365x3, 325x10
    4) 30 reps
    5) 11:00 metcon

    First time doing pull ups in about 5 weeks. Been on the mend from a high bicep strain in my right shoulder. If you haven't tried Ben's recommended Crossover Symmetry ( and/or include Bullet Proof Shoulders( I strongly recommend you give it a shot.

  16. Hey everyone,

    I had the privilege to compete this past weekend at Wodapalooza down here in Miami and also will be competing this weekend at the ECC up in Boston. As competitors I thought many of you may appreciate this article as we approach the Open and the Crossfit Games season. Throughout the grind of training and competition it’s important to keep the big picture in mind and at the end of the day the reason we do this is for fun and the love of the sport.

    All the best to those competing at the ECC and that have registered for the Open. I’m sure I’ll see you out there…

    1. Great article. Thanks for sharing!

    2. No problem guys. Nothing we don't all already know, just nice to be reminded sometimes.

  17. 1. 50 kg
    2. 40 / 50 / 60 / 65 / 70 kg
    3. A : 100 kg B : 80 kg
    4. 16
    5. 12 :47

  18. 1. Snatch
    115# Across, went light to work on cycle.

    2. Clean
    Started with 185# but feet jumped out (as usual with my power cleans) so dropped to 135# and worked back up to 185# (little movement on this set)

    3. Front Squat
    A. 3RM 225# felt good jumped to 245# and only got 2 dropped elbows.
    B. 10RM 200# Legs were toasty from above.

    4. Gymnastics Benchmark
    30; First 15 were butterfly then 15 regular kip. Have trouble keeping rhythm with butterfly C2B.
    5. Metcon
    "Opening Day"
    11:15 Rx

  19. OPEN
    1. "Opening Day" - 11:03 Rx (2:22 PR)
    2. 4 Position SS - 95/100/105/110/115 Rx
    3A. 3RM Front Squat - 275# (5# PR)
    3B. 10RM Front Squat - 230# (5# PR)

    Proud to say that that was my third run at "Opening Day"
    2011-01-23 - 17:47 Rx (first WOD following CFNE programming)
    2012-01-23 - 13:25 Rx
    2014-01-23 - 11:03 Rx

    Thanks Ben for your generosity and programming over the last 3 years.

    1. Well...hopefully I can say the same thing in a couple of years! Nice work and way to stick with it for so long.

    2. Nice work Chris. I was gunning for your time but at least I beat the 2012 version of you lol

  20. Regionals:

    1. 120 lbs.
    2. Worked up to 200 lbs., hit that pretty easily so I went for 210. First rep was perfect, but my feet nudged out a couple of inches on the second rep.
    3.A. 280 lbs. (PR)
    3.B. 232 lbs. (PR)
    4. 21. Getting better....
    5. 11:59 Rx. Tough one.

    Congratulations on the five year anniversary! You guys have a great thing going.

  21. OPEN
    That. Was. Awesome - in that "I hated life for a while" kind of way haha. Nice job, coach.

    1) 10:36 - wow that was nasty. Box jumps need to be faster and a little less rest going in to the thrusters.
    2) 95, 115, 115, 115, 135 - positioning was good. Need to increase hip speed
    3) 3RM - 275, 10RM - 225 - Strength is starting to return. Feeling good!

  22. Open

    1) Metcon: 10:42 - had no rhythm on the first round of PUs. Happens every so often. Dialed it in for rounds 15 and 9. Felt pretty solid throughout considering the brutality of this WOD.

    2) 4 position snatch w/ 95# across. Kept it real light and just focused on technique.

    3) Squats - rushed in to it after the other two WODs. Did a couple sets of 3 of back squats @ 275# by accident. fortunately my coach kicked me in the ass and reminded me they're supposed to be FS. Used 185# for the ten rep but should have gone heavier.

    This programming has been awesome. But I'll be happy when the metcon madness is over and I can start working on some heavier lifts.

  23. Open:
    9:56... Finally hit one of my lofty self given goals happy here. UB everything except Thrusters which I broke 11/10 8/7 9 on purpose so I didn't gas too early...

    Did the 3 position cleans heavy last night (pr for paused high hang at 300) so I layer off the front squats... Will do them later if I can squeeze a nap in.

    Good luck my pal brooks this weekend... Wish we could have fielded a team for Sunday but no worries, next time around.

  24. Love the programming!! Thanks Ben for putting this together for the community.

    First time posting, just came off a minor back injury that forced me to modify most workouts over the past few weeks.

    1.) 135# across (worked on speed and efficiency)
    2.) 245# across
    3.) PM Session
    4.) PM Session
    5.) 8:57 Rx (First time really attacking a MetCon in over two weeks. Felt great!)

  25. 1) 12:20
    2) 40,45,45,45,45
    3a) 115 kg
    3b) 100 kg for 8 reps. Terrible. Feeling a cold creeping up on me but main thing was i didnt focus. Well tomorrow is a new day

  26. Metcon: 11.06
    Snatch: 60kg in all 5 sets, awesome drill

    Front squats tomorrow :)

  27. 1. 135
    2. 185
    3. 275,225
    4. 15
    5. 13:20

  28. Snatch 95# not great on snatch so use this as an op to work on squat snatch.

    Cleans went from 135 to 140 wanted to be exact using the shrug and not moving feet felt good.

    Front squat 3 x 90kg could defo have gone heavier wasn't sure what weight to go in at. 10 x 80kg.

    C2B 20. Normal kip coulda poss got 25 grip was going tho

    Wod 16:22, a real gasser think I even got a stitch and I can't remember last time I had a stich ha.

  29. Open
    1. 10:48
    2. & 3. I will make up tomorrow
    RIP Uncle Joe

  30. Returning after competing in the masters division of Wodapalooza. Humbling experience for sure. Came in 6th place. Now, I know what to work on.
    1. Snatch - 115 kept it light because of shoulder feeling impinged.
    2. Cleans - 185. Tried 205 but feet moved.
    3. Squats felt heavy. Perhaps a little fatigued for heavy loads. My 3rm is 270, but today it was 245. Kept it at that and skipped the 10rm.
    3. C2B unbroken - 61
    4. Metcon - 9:43

    1. Awesome job at Wodapalooza. Congratulations on your first place in the snatch / OHS event. Your metcon and pull-ups were amazing today.

    2. Thanks Michael. I wish I did better overall. But I learned a lot. Hopefully we can compete together one day.

  31. Reg:

    Finally caught up

    1. 145, wanted to stay fast
    2. 225, 245, 255, 265, 275 (second rep was pretty close to a squat). Hit 285 but fell into a squat
    3. 3RM - Tried 305 3 times...only hit 2 reps each time :(
    10RM - 265x8 twice
    4. 44, felt callus start go so stopped (first 38 'butterfly)

    5. PM

  32. Regional (reverse order):

    1) "Opening Day": 9:44 Rx. Everything unbroken, but probly shouldn't have. Felt like i reseted an eternity between movements.
    2) Max unbroken CTB: 31. Got more last time we did this. Not sure what the deal was.
    3) Front squat: 3RM= 335# (pr I think). 10 RM= 265#
    4) 5 x 2 Hang Power Clean: 205, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265(failed second rep).
    5) EMOM x 5: 135# across. Couldn't TnG last 2 rounds. Should have gone lighter.

  33. Snatch.
    70kg across

    Clean and jerk
    90kg across. Couldn't keep feet still on 100kg

    3RM 135kg. Failed 140 on 2nd rep.
    10RM 110kg

    Max Rep c2b


  34. Metcon: 10:04

    Could do better. Tried doing to much unbroken which caused me to rest more

    Wallballs and pull-ups u broken
    Thrusters 14/7 , 8/7, 9
    Box jumps just kept a good rhythm
    Kb swings 14/7,15,9

  35. Open

    1. "Opening Day" with 45# KB and 9ft WB Target - 16:26. Awful. I had so many voices in my head today that I actually thought about quitting my first WOD ever. I don't know what happened. I think I psyched myself out before I even started. Fran is a nemesis and she was squeezed in with all of her friends today.

    2. Completed with 65#. Just tried to focus on positioning.

    3A. 3RM Front Squat: 175#
    3B. 10RM Front Squat: 135#
    Neither of these were probably my maxes, but I was so down that I just wanted the day to be done.

    No excuses. Just looking to shake it off and come back strong tomorrow. The only highlight of the day was that my Rogue Ring hanger was delivered, so it looks like it's time to finally join the muscle up club! I promise a video once I get there.


  36. 1)EMOM 5, 5 snatches TnG @ 115# across.
    2) 5x2 no jump, hang power clean @ 185,205,215,225,235
    3) Front squats 3rm @ 295#. 10rm @ 255#.
    4) max unbroken C2B- 31
    5) "opening day" 10:29 rx.

  37. Regionals:

    EMOM 5, 5 snatches TnG @ 145# across

    2) 5x2 no jump, hang power clean @ 205,215,225,235 (1),230 No drive today..

    3) Front squats 3RM @ 265#. 10RM: Skipped

    4) Max unbroken C2B- 30 (Hand tore)

    5) Metcon 12:40

  38. Open
    metcon: 15:37.
    That hurt after. for a pretty long time.
    3RM 100 kg
    10RM 80 kg

    snatch complex
    went light and kept it tight

  39. Open

    1.) Did unbroken c2b- 44

    2.) 10:22...really shot for sub 10. Unbroken on everything but caused more rest between obviously not a good decision.

    3.) Snatch tomorrow

    4.) 3RM- #295, PR is #315. Couldn't go without seeing stars every REO so didn't push today. 10RM- #265 for 9 reps

  40. 1. 14:12
    2. 95/100/105/110/115
    3. 3RM 245#
    10RM 205#

  41. Open 2014
    Metcon : 9:54 Rx
    Only broke the 15 thrusters (10-5)

    1. Snatch 4 position : done @ 95-125-135-145-155

      Squat 3rm : 255 didnt push too much i have a competition on saturday.
      Squat 10rm : 185 went light for this one

  42. Open
    1. "Opening Day" - 13:16
    Lung burner. Metcon is still lagging. Other than that, box jumps were the worst of it.

    1. Used a 55lb KB... Maybe if it was those two extra pounds hahah

    2. 2. 4 pos snatch - 95lbs across. Worked on speed.

      3. FS: 3RM 305lbs. 10 lbs below PR. Went for 325 but failed 2nd rep. That is a 1RM PR though I think.

      10RM - 255lbs. May have had 5 lbs more in me but it was plenty tough. Think this is a PR.

  43. Masters 46
    This one sucked, lungs and quads were burning. Have to work on my thrusters that's what slowed me down.
    1. Metcon
    "Opening Day" (16:00)
    21-15-9 of:
    Wall Balls, 20/14
    Pull ups
    Thrusters, 95/65
    Box Jumps, 24/20
    KBS, 53/35

    2. Snatch Complex (#95)
    5 sets of: 4-Position Snatch
    Focused on each position

  44. Open Masters
    1. 10:02 55# thrusters

  45. 1. Snatch - Getting over wrist sprain, worked technique and used 95

    2. Clean
    5x2 Hang Power Clean - 245, had hard time holding onto hook grip.

    3. Front Squat
    A. 3RM-315- not bad, I probably had 10-15 more lbs
    B. 10RM- 245, conservative but a PR nonetheless

    4. Gymnastics Benchmark-17, which is an improvement from last time I believe

    Back this PM for metcon.

    1. Metcon: 11:26, lots of standing around and unplanned rest, would tackle this one differently next time.

    2. Next time you won't have this sh*t load of front squats before wall balls and thrusters. Awesome job bro

  46. Open

    1. 14:45
    2. #95 across (I have a weak snatch, so going light and fast like this helped.)
    3. A) 255
    B) 185 (Probably could've gone heavier but I saved myself for the Metcon. Bad philosophy, I know)

    First time posting after starting CompWod on Monday. Excited to be a part of the team! Thanks Ben.

  47. Open Masters/F48
    1. 14:07
    2. #65 across
    3. 3RM 165#; 10RM @ 135#

  48. Regionals.

    1) 132 across
    2) 242
    3) 297 for 3rm. And 242 for 10rm
    4) 25reps. Felt pretty good about this.
    5) skipped. Started but had no energy left today. Was up till after 0130 last night with work and another full day today. Going to get some rest and food and be back at it tomorrow.

  49. open
    11:48 did ring rows for pull ups and 40lb dumbells for thrusters. Everything else was the same.

    Only did that because I did a workout directly before and it had a lot of c2b pull ups and cleans. Wanted to mix it up.

    Box jumps are still my weakness... I felt like I'm getting better on finding the pace that works best for me which is good!

  50. Open 2014
    10:15 Rx
    Broke thruster set of 15 (8-7)

    Front squat 3RM: 315

  51. Open
    1) 10:03
    2) worked up to 135#
    3) 3RM- 275#
    10RM- 225#. Wasn't felling the front squats today

  52. Open
    1. 11:41 10# wb
    2. 65# for 4 sets, 75# for 5th
    3. A. 185#
    B. 155#

  53. 19/160/5'8"

    1. TnG Snatches @100#
    2. 135, 155, 165, 170, 175
    3. FS - 220# x3 / 175# x10
    4. 20 Unbroken C2B
    5. Metcon 16:17 RX

  54. Open
    1) 12:42 This sucked.
    2) 95/95/115/135/135
    3) A. 255#
    B. 205#

  55. Open
    1) 16:54 80#/ 45# kb
    2) 50# across
    3) a: 185#
    B: 135#

  56. 1) 16:04 20#wb 75#
    Didnt do skill work cause of knee pain. Overworked it yesterday but i did have a pr so i guess its worth the pain.

  57. Open/Masters 47

    1) 15:40 @ 80# thrusters all else Rx. This wod stole my soul.
    2) snatch work done 60-60-60-70-70
    3) (A) 3 RM 215. Tried 235 but failed.
    (B) 10 RM 185, failed first attempt but got it on second try.

  58. 1. Snatch emom 155
    2. Up to 250 HPC x 2 , hit one at 265 and the second drove me down past parallel = no rep
    3. FS 3 @ 330, 9 @ 285
    4. Max CTB 33 reps
    5. Metcon ; 10:22 rx

  59. 1. 8:48
    not a ton of time left over so I just worked up to a 255# fs for 3 reps

  60. 1. No snatching. Got in the gym late, little mobility means no snatching for me.

    2. 185. 205. 225. 235. 245

    3. Worked up to 255 for 3, will reattempt this saturday probably, Just felt awful. No 10RM attempt.

    4. 30. PR tie. Probably a few more in the tank, but alas.

    5. 12:22. My attempts to move the thruster bar through telekinesis were halted by that mean son of a gun, old Mr. Gravity.

  61. 1....115 working form
    2.....235 across...felt good
    3 a 275...good for me
    B 225....same
    5......8:56rx...all unbroken

  62. Open:
    1. 14:55 10#wb/53#thruster/26#kbs
    2. 43#-53#
    3. A. 93# B. 83#

  63. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 95#. Really trying to work on technique.

    2. 225# (1/2). Worked up to 225# and missed the second PC. Hit 205 pretty easily.

    3. A. 285#
    B. 225#. Could have gone a little heavier.

    4. 17. Had more in me but my hands were raw and about to rip. Knew I had the metcon to follow.

    5. 11:21 Rx. Unbroken everything except Thrusters set of 21 (14-7) and set of 15 (10-5).

  64. 1. Tng snatch: 205# no misses. Felt super fast!

    2. Heavy double hang power clean

    3. 2rm 375
    10rm 335

    4. Skipped mAx rep c2b

    5. Metcon: 10:30

    Workin out at Woodward CF in Austin Texas after a 10 hour car ride. The Fiancé is competing in Fittest Games tomorrow!!!

    1. Dude....I coach there. Ryne

    2. Come to w2 on anderson mill and pond springs road off 183

    3. Guys hit me up in the Mornin! 662-402-7022!! Lets workout tomorrow after fittest games!!

    4. I checked the address to Ww2! I'll swing by after I watch the fiancé compete! Wait on me. Shoot me a text ASAP bro. It'd be awesome to workout with yall

    5. We can do the 6pm or 7pm...we'll be free to do compwod programming. Good luck to your better half!

  65. Replies
    1. I should say I help coach...just do P.T. WE WILL WOD TO THE DEATH! Im behind there at Stomping Grounds right now.

  66. 1. 135
    2. 235
    3. Hatch squatted and hit a 3 rep of 295 FS
    4. 26 reps
    5. 11:31

  67. Open

    1) 14:23 - a little more trouble than I expected with the thrusters, otherwise went well

    Will hopefully get the other two tomorrow morning

  68. Male/183cm/86kg

    Long session today, had planed to do open 11.4 so I had to switch it up a bit.

    1) EMOM 5 squat snatch @65 kg, 5 min

    2) 5x2 Hang power clean @90-100-110-115-120(fail)

    Open 11.4
    Score 1+4 burpees

    5) "Opening day"
    Time 13:40

  69. Open - Masters 46
    Metcon - 17:55 - 75# Thrusters and 44# bell - 1st time doing thrusters in a couple of months, shoulder felt good!
    Snatch work - 45, 65, 75, 85, 85
    3rm - 170
    10rm - 135

  70. Open

    1) 9:57. Really though I had this quicker. Was in kill mode.

    2) worked up to 60kg

    3) 3RM -120kg
    10RM - 105kg

    By the time everything else was done I had nothing left for front squats. Went home and died.

  71. 1. EMOMx5, 5 TnG squat snatches, across
    Didn't do the EMOM, just worked up to 105#, on Sunday this past weekend I did a few too many box jumps, like a 160 too many. Anyways, the knee was real inflamed, no injuries (thank goodness)... feeling better now (still inflamed and tight/stiff)

    2. 5x2 Hang Power Clean @ 155# (interesting feeling not moving the feet at all)

    3. Front Squat
    A. 3RM @ 195# (failed @ 205#)
    B. 10RM @ 155#

    4. Max rep unbroken C2B Pull ups = 30 (I think I could have done 35, I kind of just gave up, d'oh)

    5. Metcon
    Time: 11:58min
    Was pretty slow here, trying to take it a bit easy on the knee...

  72. 1) Snatch EMOM; 5 tng squat snatches @ 80#
    2) 5 x 2 HPC @ 145# (1); 140# (2); 135# (2) *Feet kept moving so started to scale
    3) Front Squat
    (a) 3RM - 215#
    (b) 10RM - 155# (Should've gone heavier)
    4) Didn't do max C2B
    5) Metcon - 13:00

  73. First time posting! Thanks for taking the time tp create this programming! My goal is to be as awesome as Cheryl Nasso, or get closer to being so :-).

    1) EMOM squat snatch @ 70 kg, 12 min
    2) 5x2 Hang power clean @80-85-90-92,5-95(fail)
    3) "Opening day"
    Time 9:28

  74. Open
    1. Metcon - 17:20
    2. Snatches at 65 lb
    3. 3RM - 195, 10RM - 165

  75. still catching up....
    Regionals (I wish)

    1 - EMOM squat snatches: 55kg/55kg/50/50/50 (been working on getting under the bar and catching in squat lately so dropped weight when it got ropey.
    2 - 3x2 Hang power clean 80kg... was escalating and felt a little ping in my back so backed off and just did a few sets.
    3 - 3RM front squat - 120kg (PR)
    4 - 10RM 80kg (not great but legs were toast after 3RM!)
    5 - Met-con 14:41 Rx'd
    unbroken pull-ups first and last round which is a big deal for me with rehabbing golfers elbow and subsequent lack of grip. Little victories.

  76. Open

    1). 13:39- cannot wait to hit this one again. Garage was freezing hard to get warm.

    2) 95-95-135-135-135

    3) a) 185
    B) 225 need to get stronger here big time

  77. Open
    1- 12:37 ouch!
    2- skipped
    3a- 185-225-235
    3b- 185

  78. 1 day behind...
    metcon - 10:40rx
    snatch skills - 75-95#
    front squat 3rm - 295# (20# PR)
    front squat 10rm - 225#

  79. Open:
    Metcon: 10:28 rx
    Felt defeated by this early even though I planned on gaming the reps. Broke the sets up often.

    3rm front squat- 275x3 295x2 (ran out of oxygen) felt tight. Long work week. Will do 10 rep next week

  80. Opening day - made this up on 1-26-14
    1) 13:56

  81. Open Program (way behind)
    1) 13:00 - subbed 25-lb DB thrusters for WB, 20" box jump overs for 24" box jumps - between the subs I used and the 6-degree temps in Indy (garage gym today), I'm pleased with the time. I think 11:00 range is possible in better conditions.
    Skipped the rest, did the snatch stuff yesterday. Hoping to get back on track Wednesday the 29th.

  82. Open
    1. 10:24 Rx. Broke thrusters 11/10, 8/7, then 9, rested on top of box twice. Everything else unbroken.
    2. 135
    3. A: 275. May of had more, but didn't attempt.
    B: 225. Failed on 9th rep of 245.