Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday 1.18.14

Please help support a friend.

3 TNG Snatches - you choose weight
1 Muscle up
12 Wall Balls

I post this website for free everyday, and I have said from the beginning that I would never ask for anything in return.  Well, I lied.  I am asking now.  PLEASE give to the link below to help support a CrossFitter that needs our help.  If you don't donate I will have Dex hunt you down.
Donate HERE.

2.  "Heavy Handstand Walk" This is Event 2 of the ECC.
50' HS Walk
15 Power Cleans, 205/145
50 HS Walk
30 TTB
50' HS Walk
15 OHS, 205/145

3 TNG Snatches - you choose weight
1 Muscle up
12 Wall Balls

I post this website for free everyday, and I have said from the beginning that I would never ask for anything in return.  Well, I lied.  I am asking now.  PLEASE give to the link below to help support a CrossFitter that needs our help.   If you don't donate I will have Dex hunt you down.
Donate HERE.


  1. i support the above statement. lol

    1. Just so you know, I donated.
      And I will also buy t-shirts when they will be sold. No need to hunt me down bro!

      Thanks coach for this programming again. We are really lucky to follow the best programming out there for free. Progress is priceless!

      Stay strong Kevin.

  2. CFNE posted the women's weight at 135 but above is stated 145. Which is correct?

  3. I am proud to be a part of this community and the greater crossfit community. In blown away by the support that Kevin had received!

  4. done, and looking forward to getting my ass handed to me tomorrow when I do the Ogar WOD.

  5. Donated last sunday, we are doing this WOD for our saturday class today. #ogarstrong

  6. Done & We will be hosting the a fund raiser at Apex the second week of Feb Very proud to be a part of such an awesome community! Good luck to everyone tomorrow, leave it all on the floor

  7. Done Coach. Thank you for this amazing programming and this community. As a solo garage crossfitter, this blog IS my box and means a lot to me.

    Hoping to meet some of you guys at the ECC next weekend. If you bump into a 6' 210lb Chinese guy, it very well may be me so say hello! :) And I only look mean, I'm nice really :)

    1. I'm with you Mark - this is all I've got right now and it's the least I can do for the quality programming.

      I'll be there judging next weekend, so keep an eye for me as well.

      Donation complete!

  8. Thank this programming. Progress is amazing.
    Donated on Tuesday. And also on Tuesday finished 8 rounds of OgarStrong with 155lbs on the bar.
    Today established squat snatch PR - 100kg/220lbs

  9. Donated. As should everyone who follows this. Doing the wod at open gym today

  10. Thanks for this Ben, will do it today. I am very grateful for your programming and expertise, we are all lucky to have access to the best coach there is.

  11. I'll be donating today!

    Did Ogar Strong and ECC event 2
    Ogar - 10 rounds @ 115# and 20# WB
    ECC - 13:08 with 155# PC & OHS

  12. 1. Ogar strong
    8rds + 11-10#wb 53#
    2. ETC
    12' hsw 63# 9:30

  13. Ogar
    1. 11 rds + 4- 135#
    2. ECC #2- 13:31- Shoulders are smoked!
    Today was another good day

  14. Open
    1) 8+3 95#/ band assisted bar mu
    2) heavy handstand walk
    7:10 12' walks/ 95#
    Could have gone heavier but was having a lot of shoulder pain

  15. Open/Masters 47 (but beasted out the Regionals today as that is what Wags and Bussom told me to do!!!)

    1) Ogar Strong: 7 rounds plus 3 @ 115# all tng, failed first mu so needed to regroup but was good thereafter, strung all wb except last round due to poor throw.

    2) scaled this like crazy due to wrist pain. Did 40-45 second handstand holds instead of walking, 165# power cleans and 145# front squats. Time was 12;46.

    Will be donating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ogar - 7 Rounds + 3 135# Snatch
    ECC - 16:22 Scaled to 165# and to 25' Handstand Walk

    I'll be donating stay strong Ogar!

  17. Regionals - M/36/5'10/175#
    1. 10rds + 2 wall balls.
    2. 15:15, OHS with 135. Completely dead. It is couch time and not moving unless it involves food.... Smashed.

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  19. Regional
    great time woding with the apex comp team. Everyone did great!
    1. Ogar-prayers to you and your family. As Bussom mentioned we will be running a fundraiser for Kevin at the beginning of Feb @Apex. 12+7 with 135# 20wb
    2. 9:32 rx happy with this tough on ohs at the end. Went unbroken on all hs walks.

  20. 1. 10+1 @ 155#
    2. 11:30 scaled to 185#

  21. Masters 46
    Strength: banded DL #155

    2.) metcon
    14 min AMRAP 6 rds
    3 TNG Snatches #95
    1 MU (banded)
    12 WB 20 (did #30)

  22. Metcon:
    11+4 , Snatch @ 115
    Looking for the engine response rather than being slowed by the snatch.

    Try and do the other in a bit.

    Praying for ya Kev,

  23. 1. "Ogar Strong" 9+3 (135# snatch, 30# wall ball)
    praying for God's power to be shown through Kevin. Keep fighting bro.

    2. Metcon: 8:44
    by far the worst part is OHS after the handstand walks. shoulders were toasssssty.

  24. Regionals

    1) Ogar Strong: 13+3
    135 snatch
    20lb wallball

    We had a Ogar fundraiser today at the gym around 50+ participated raised over $500....
    Lots of people doing what they love for a great cause.

    Will finish out the rope climb EMOM and Heavy HS walk tomorrow and post!!

  25. Regionals.

    1) 11 rds +12 @ 135# snatch.
    2) no time for second part today.

    Our prayers are with you Ogar.

  26. OPEN

    1) 12 + 8 (135# snatches - 20# WB)
    Wall ballzzzz...

  27. 1: 9 rds 115# bar mu's 20# wb
    2: 11:47 35' hs walk 115# pc ohs

  28. Regionals
    Heavy HS Walk rx-14:04 at 145
    Mu work pre wod.
    No ogar, wanted to catch up on wod from yesterday.
    I will donate. Thank for your programming and thanks for supporting Kevin O. It's a very sad thing.

  29. Open/Masters 43

    1)Ogar Strong: 9 rounds even with 135 lb snatch
    2) 16 OTM, even: 9 TTB, odd: 25 DU's (my 2 biggest weaknesses, but did all of these unbroken)
    3) Split jerk x 2, worked up to 225, a p.r.

    Thinking and praying for Ogar, stay strong.

  30. Oh man did that whole pizza last night make a difference. Pizza power!
    1. 9+3 @ 155# and 20# wb. Everything unbroken, not one miss! Alternated between no-false grip RMU and BMU which is a huge deal for me considering I've only done 3 BMUs before and <10 no false grip RMUs and never done either in a WOD. Huge confidence builder going into my first competition next weekend! Donation done. Thanks Ben and stay strong, Kevin.
    2. Spent 30min going through the Heavy Handstand Walk. Can't really handstand walk except in spurts of 3-8' so I needed this practice. By the time I got to OHS my wrists were killing me so I only did a few at 205#. Much needed though.

  31. Open
    Ogarstrong : 12+2 @ 135# snatch & 20# wall ball


    9 rounds even. 165# and 25# wallball.

  33. Open
    1. 8 rds+3 reps
    115# snatch, 30# wallball

  34. Ogar strong
    9 rds + 4 reps. 135# snatches. Great wod.

  35. Ogar strong: got 9 rounds even with 155# on bar and 30#wall ball. Felt good.

    On Metcon completed the weight reps but had to scale ohs down to 185#after 6 reps at 205#. Then worked on handstand walks.

    Thank you coach Ben for this amazing programming.

  36. Regionals:

    1: Ogar Strong: 11 Rounds (last second) @ 135
    2: Heavy Handstand Walk 9:06 @ 185

    Nice session!

  37. Open
    1. 8 rounds + 2 wall balls
    -95# snatch assisted MU's

    Stay strong, I'll be donating tomorrow.

  38. Regionals.
    1. Rear sqaut and front sqaut of the hatch sqaut program I follow.
    2. Metcon 9 rounds, accidentally did it with 20 wall balls per round, my fault for being in a hurry
    3. Not enough time

  39. Ogar Strong- 12 round plus 1 snatch @135 and 20#.

    Sprained my wrist the other night on the snatch and dub workout.Warmed up too high with no wrist wraps on and it came back on my finger tips on my right hand. I've been using upper body sparingly. I was able to do the Ogar workout just by taping it up really tight. The second workout was a no go because not surprisingly handstand walks aggravates it. Just hammering it with heat and compression and hoping for a quick recovery.

    We did EMOM 12:
    Even: Rope Climb
    Odd: 6 TTB

  40. 8 rounds even.

    115# snatch (not my best movement still learning it)
    20# ball

    Did a 3k row before hand too

  41. 1) had to skip due to shoulder (still can't pull up or muscle up

    2) forgot what time the clock started during the class. Time was around 14 mins. 205x15 OHS was tough after everything else!

  42. Wasn't able to hit this because of work, went home and practiced some workouts for my first comp next weekend. Or group will be doing the Ogar workout on Monday. I am going to make it up then.

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  44. Open:
    Donation made... keep fighting Kevin

    "Ogar" (@165 + 20# WB)

  45. Open Program
    1) 9 rds @ 135 - subbed 25# db thrusters for wall balls in garage gym. Also lowered weight after 3rd snatch to reduce noise. Good WOD though.

    Will donate when I get back to my home computer. Phone is bugging on the site.

  46. Open
    10 round, 3 snatches, 1 muscle up, 11 wallballs

  47. 1. 11 rounds (155lb for snatch)
    2.heavy handstand- 10:40

  48. Ogar: 11rnds (had 2 secs left) @ 165....should have gone a bit heavier and done full snatch.

    1. Heavy handstand walk: 11:11 RX...Shoulders were dead from Ogar. Good times on this though. I'll be redoing it. Didn't have anything for stability on OHS...I'll get you next time gadget.....NEXT TIME!

  49. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Did this Saturday and just realized I didn't post.

    1. 10 rounds even. Barely got the last wall ball in. Snatches @115# and 20# WB.

    2. 15:51. Got destroyed by this one big time. Cleans Rx but scaled OHS. Tried 145# and got 3 reps. Shoulders were cashed so I went down to 95#.

  50. Open
    1. 11 Rounds even with 135
    Goat Work- EMOMx10: 6 TTB + 6 Burpees
    Rowing: 3x500m,OT3M
    1:41, 1:44, 1:44

  51. 1. OGAR STRONG
    - 9+ 3 - 145lbs snatches & 30lbs ball: I had no push in this WOD so wanted to focus on some smoother snatches
    2. 19:04...
    Finished up to the OHS in 8min, only got out 5 OHS @ 205 in 8min (1/3) so had to scale. Really disappointed that I had to scale coz I said I would t before I started. Finished it off with 175lbs (5/5/1)