Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunday 2.2.14

Team 3rd Place Finisher, CrossFit Ute

Rest Day.

How do the best become the best?  
They aren't born that way.  
They put in hours and hours (at least 10,000 hours) of focused work.  
And because of that, they can do amazing things.


  1. Had to do a Friday Saturday mash up
    Saturday open team wod. Did it solo equal work rest
    37 wb
    25 Kb swing
    12 burpee box jump
    Even max c2b
    Odd max strict muscle up
    Kept working til I got to 30 of each.
    Fun day.

  2. So I did some math just for fun if you put in 2 hours of focused work 6 days a week it'll take roughly 16 years to accumulate 10,000 hours. If you up it to 3 hours thats roughly 10.5 years. Wow

  3. Friday's wod
    Scaled to 6c2b/6reg, 73# 9:36

  4. felt like training today.

    Did all my make up work at a globo gym today:

    Row work from friday.... rows were at 1:28/30/20/3:22/30/7:09/ time but felt good

    3RFT: 10 DB Snatch (70)/10 DB Thruster (50s)...all unbroken and fast

    1Mi run with 35lb run with weight a lot, and road march/ruck run a lot.

    Swam 1mi (32 laps): 32:11....meh...pretty slow for me but whatever.