Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday 2.10.14

Akinwale and Spealler's synchronized deads

1.  Snatch
5x1 across at 90%

2.  Clean and Jerk
5 sets of:  Hang Squat clean and Jerk + Squat Clean and Jerk
Complete one CJ from the hang drop the bar and quickly complete another full CJ from the ground. 

3.  Back Squats
EMOMx10 - 1 back squat, across

4.  Gymnastics Benchmark
60 Alternating Pistols for time

5.  Metcon for time of:
Unbroken Squat Cleans, 135/95
Burpees over the bar

1.  Metcon
For time: of:
Unbroken Squat Cleans, 135/95 
Burpees over the bar

2.  EMOMx10
10 Close Grip OHS - you choose the weight, hands double thumb distance apart.


  1. Regionals - first day w/o a 2hr delay in a while and I forgot how to work fast so have to break it up into 2 sessions
    1. Snatch- 175lbs. Felt better than ever. I think it's time to retest this pr (185lbs)
    2. C&J- 185,195,205,215,225lbs. Fixed some stuff with the jerks and they feel much better.
    3. Back Squats- Hit 315lbs across until the last minute. Then bumped it to 325. Hit it pretty solid. 325 is a 10lb PR lol.
    Rest after baseball after school.

  2. Metcon 13:42. Phew burner.
    Snatch 5x1 @ 205 felt good and fast this morning so I worked up to 230# and got it. New p.r. Thanks coach.

  3. Regionals.

    1) 154 across. Felt smooth and fast today.

    2) 154/176/198/220/220 (failed second jerk). My jerk is feeling much better and more stable overhead but I need to keep working my flexibility. Really limits my ability to easily get the weight overhead.

    3) 352 across. Felt strong today. This is only 18# off my 1RM. Thinking I can get 380 or 385 now. Goal is to squat 400# by the end of the year.

    4) just over 2min. Started too soon after the squats.

    5) 13.27. This one was rough. Legs were already smoked from the squats. Spent way too much time between sets trying to make sure i didn't miss a clean.

  4. Open:
    1) 17:08, yeesh that was rough!
    2) Started with a 45lb bar, scaled to 35 by minute 4. Weak sauce I know but my form sucked with the narrow grip.

  5. 1) 175 across (should have been 195 but couldn't hit it this morning)

    2) 185/205/225/245/255

    5) 15:35 (this was rough!)

    Will do 3 & 4 after work

  6. BTW, anyone here train near barkhamsted, ct? I'm going up to my pops for a week next week and it would be awesome to have a training partner while up there!

    1. Devon, I train out of my garage in East Hampton CT, about 45 min away...

    2. Damn, wish u were a little closer, 45 mins is a ride, lol.

  7. 1) 5 @ 225lb

    2) 225, 255, 275 x 3 no misses

    3) 10 x 1 @ 350lb

    4) skipped

    5) 12:29 Rx

  8. 1. Snatch

    2. Clean and Jerk
    5 sets of: 185,195,205,215,225#

    3. Back Squats
    On 3rd set at 315# had something pop in my lower back. Have had lower back problems before but never had anything actually pop during exercise. Just in the wait and see period as of now but it seems like I'm going to be unable to train for atleast a while. Extremely frustrated but everything happens for a reason, I'll get back to working on my movement mechanics ASAP.

    Thanks again for the great programming Coach and I hope to return soon. Best of luck to all of you beast out there, keep training hard.

    1. Speedy recovery Blaine - hopefully it was just a warning shot ...

    2. Damn, hope you have a speedy recovery!

  9. Ben, what were you thinking? Didn't you know I did a 1 hour erg relay yesterday? I mean geesh! :-)


    1) 14:10. Between the race yesterday and the rubbish night's sleep I had zero pop today. Should have listened to it and taken a rest day but I was up early to coach anyway.

    2) May try and get this in later. Or not :-)

  10. Open
    (1)15:13rx - that was not fun
    (2) 45#X2, 75#x2, 135#x1 - ran out of time after that

  11. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 12:14 Rx (leaky)
    2. EMOM 10 - w/ 45# (spicy)

    1. Opps missed the "unbroken" part in last night's read ... taxing WOD regardless ...

    2. Hey Chris - don't feel bad. I saw it, remembered, but still couldn't pull it off! Nice work and good time.

  12. 1) 205# did this in nanos which has been working better than lifters lately
    2) 235# pretty easy but 255# slipped out of my hands and I almost died so I stopped
    3) 305#
    4) did em for quality bc I suck at them
    5) 11:21 very mental, 0 fun

  13. Regionals
    1. Snatches @140... Felt great! Didn't miss any
    2. C+j complex worked up to 185
    3. Back squat emom @ 240.. Think my 1rm increased as they felt great at 240 today
    Ran out of time have to come back for pistols and wod
    ** also going to add more rowing to my workouts bc that's my weakness **

    1. 1:55 on the pistols
      9:08 on the wod... Very happy with this

  14. Regionals
    1. Snatches 115 lbs
    2. C&J, stayed light, 145 lb
    3. BS 255 lb, climbed to 275 lb in last 2 min
    4. Pistols 1:25
    5. 9:33 definitely a challenging metcon

  15. Regionals:

    Snatch: @ 185 across

    CnJ: @ 210 across, trying to dial the jerk form.

    Squats: @ 290

    Pistols: Skipped. Don't think my knee is ready for pistols yet.

    Metcon: 13:26 RX
    As we say in Sweden... Fy Fan!!! :-)

  16. Regionals:

    1: Snatch220 lbs across
    2: C+J complex: 225-235-245-245-245
    3: Squats: started @ 320, at round 4 bumped it up to 335...getting better.
    4: I suck balls at pistols: 3:04....working right leg form

    rest later

    1. 5: MetCon: back was feeling pretty damned bad during and after this....could have gone much faster. Wasn't too winded, just couldn't go below the knees without a bad spasm.

  17. Coach B always says to take positives away from your training sessions...well, there weren't a whole lot today

    1) missed almost every snatch at 90%. Dropped weight and worked technique
    2) 225
    3) skip
    4) skip
    5) 13:30 ish

    Did Saturday's team wod solo yesterday (30,25,20,15,10) and it wrecked me. 20+ mins and nothing left in the tank for the rest of the programming. On top of a crappy performance I lost my wedding ring last night bagging leaves. blah...

  18. Does anybody have/know of a place in Lakeway/Bee Cave, TX to get my work in during the day? My schedule has me hitting them at either 4am or 8pm. Have some flexibility during the day just need a place. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If you want to drive a little bit you can workout with me at Woodward Crossfit. If you take 620 past the dam till you get to Anderson Mill, take a right, pass under 183 and we're there at Pond Springs Road, and Anderson Mill. Let me know, I'm usually there from 730am till 1030am, and 430pm till 6pm.

    2. If those times don't work, contact Justin Adams or Bryan Gordon and they can possibly help you out with a time to do your own thing for a drop in fee or idea how they would work it during their times, but it's worth asking. There is a 12:00 class.

    3. Appreciate the reply so much. The afternoon time could possibly work, but I don't want to be a distraction or complicate your day in anyway whatsoever.

  19. OPEN - knee is feeling a bit better, but legs smoked from a rowing competition yesterday.
    1) 10:44 - so hard to convince myself to jump over the bar - that thing looked like a high box jump!
    2) Not doing this one - OHS tend to bother the knee, so going to take it easy on how soon I push

  20. Regionals:

    1. 165# (improving technique, feeling more comfortable)

    2. 185, 205, 215, 220, 225(PR) (2-min rest between each)

    3. 300#

    4. 2.47 (3-min rest after squat)

    5. DNF, capped at 10-mins, set of 7 (was out of gas, mentally tough, will have to do this again sometime) (5-min rest from pistols)

  21. Open

    1.) 10:13..burpees were sssllloooowwwww

    2.) Done @ #95 and regular o.h.s

    Good session with Dan, Brooks, and Tara today. Definitely needed that extra push on this Monday morning!

  22. 1) 195 across
    2) 195-205-215-225-245
    3) 425 across
    4) skipped
    5) 13:10-workout partner said she thinks I did rounds 7 and 4 twice. :/

  23. Open

    1. 16:14 Rx Couldn't pull off the unbroken rounds after the first 10?! I divided the rounds in half - and chased the bar after the round of 7. I'm fairly certain I've never done 55 squat cleans @135# so I'll take these results!

    2. Complete w 45#. These felt like a very mean version of squat therapy...

  24. 1.) Snatch 5x1 @ 90%
    -140# had misses but got through them.

    3.) Back Squat EMOM X 10 @ 250#
    -no misses

    5.) Metcon: 10-1 unbroken squat cleans and burpees over bar

    11:29 Rx

    The rest this evening....

  25. Open

    1) 11:33
    2) Done @15kg. These sucked massive balls.

  26. 1. Back squat 170# (should have gone heavier)
    2. Metcon 13:43 RX (ub)
    3. SSnatch 115

  27. Open
    1- 15:32
    2- skipped. Still trying to get this shoulder fixed up.

  28. Open:
    1) 23:21 I think? I was pretty delirious after this one. Did all UB but round 8. This was a great workout for me to work on mental toughness.
    2) hopefully later

  29. Open:
    12:30 @ 95# (power cleans coming back from knee injury)

  30. What is the purpose of a close grip OHS? What are key points that you are looking for when performing the movement?

    1. Shoulder flexibility and stability in that position, spinal erectors, core/midline stability.

  31. Regionals/Masters

    1. 175#. Did squat snatches. That's a PR.
    2. 225#.
    3. 365# across.
    4. 1:54.
    5. 8:34 Rx. Really happy with this one.

  32. So far following this I have realized.
    1- I am digging the programming
    2- I really need to find a box to train at or some training partners that are really good at Olympic stuff
    3- I need to figure out this speed thing with lifting.
    4- I am not as weak as I thought but I have a long way to go
    Thanks for posting this stuff online.

  33. 1.) 225 for first 3...felt good so went 235 for last 2 sets.
    2.) 235, 255, 275x3
    3.) 405 for 6min, 425 for 4min
    4.) Huge weakness! Broke these up with GHDSU (3rounds of 20 each)...5ish min
    5.) 8:28Rx- Felt great on the cleans. I would like to speed up the Burpees! They HURT!

  34. Open
    1. 11:38
    2. B.sqtx10-305#- didnt want to push the shoulder w close grip OH

  35. 1. 220, 3/5. Missed 2 back, hips were super tight, so my bottom position wasn't really great.

    2. 185, 205, 225, 245, 260 miss.

    3. 315 Aross

    4. 3:35

    5. 13:11 Rx.

    It's cool, I wasn't really planning on needing my legs the rest of the week. No biggie.

  36. OPEN

    1) 8:31 rx
    Happy. God my quads hurt.

    2) 95# across

  37. 1. snatch: 235,235,245,255, 260# PR!!!! im not one to usually off program, but i was feeling me today. lifted in nano's., 260.

    2. worked to 300# on the complex. ,

    3. 315# across

    4. 60 pistols: 2:24

    5. metcon: 9:42 rx

    6'2/225/M/south central

    1. Could have used you as a rabbit to get me over my whining about my back man. Good job on the PR man!

    2. Nice bro, grats on the PR!!! And I had no idea u were a big man like myself, u and Jeremy give me hope!!!! Trying to get my metcon and skills to your guys level one day!

  38. Hey guys! Bit of an update from me... was prepping for Ontario Winterlift last week. Came in first place with a 149kg in the 63kg class... third place overall best lifter. I qualified for Canadian Nationals, which I believe is in April. Will have to see if it fits in the schedule for the Open/Regionals... visiting Lakeland, FL this week so I'm hitting up a local box. Haven't wod'd in almost a week, cray!

    1. Snatch 5x1 across at 90% @ 135# (easy, no issues)

    2. 5 sets of: Hang Squat clean and Jerk + Squat Clean and Jerk
    Worked up the 160#, kept it pretty light as the bar I was working with was a bit wonky

    3. EMOMx10 - 1 back squat, across @ 215#, should have at least gone for 225#

    4. 60 Alternating Pistols for time

    5. Metcon
    12:58min (all unbroken, had the collect myself before picking up the bar)

  39. Open
    metcon: 18:51. my back was smoked after the 9's. this was a real grind

  40. Reg:

    Snatch: 195-215
    CnJ complex - (Push Jerk) to 275
    Squats: Deloading this week

    Metcon: did the 21-15-9 from last week in 7:58

    1. Todays Metcon - 9:38...them burpees got ugly quick

  41. Open 2014

    1. Metcon 9:53 Rx

    2. Did the hang squat clean and jerk + squat clean and jerk complex .

  42. Regionals:

    1. 5x1 Snatch: 140# across
    2. 5 sets C&J Complex: 175#
    3. 10 min EMOM: 215#
    4. 60 Pistols: 1:49
    5. Metcon: 10:05 rx

  43. Open
    1. 11:25 73#
    2. 10-10-10-8-8-8-6-6-6-10 15#
    Struggled with these. Should have widened my grip sooner.

  44. Open
    2)Close grip OHS-95# (5x10, not on the minute)

    Did a competition yesterday so feeling pretty beat up today. Burpees were very slow and if it wasn't programmed to be unbroken I definitely would have dropped the bar a few

  45. Open
    1) 12:20. Unbroken added a whole new dirty element to the workout. spent a lot of time resting.
    2) 95#

  46. 3) 345 across

    4) 4:24 (big weakness for me, I have balance issues with these)

  47. snatch 3x1@215 2x1@225
    clean complex 225/235/245/255/260
    back squat 280
    i feel comparable with everyone in olympic lifting but my deadlift and back squat are so far behind. only thing to do, keep following.

  48. Masters 46
    1. Metcon
    For time: 15:38 of: (hit the wall at 7&6 thighs were screaming)
    Unbroken Squat Cleans, 135/95
    Burpees over the bar

    2. EMOM x5
    5 OHS - (last set held last one approx 15-20 sec. In the hole)

    3.) Back Squat 10x1 #295

  49. 1. 185#, a couple misses in there but got all 5.
    2. 225# 225# 235# 245# 255# (failed SC, reset to try again and failed 2nd time)
    3. 335#
    4. 3:05, is it just me or did the girls smoke us guys on these pistol times?
    5. 10:53 Rx, who transfused acid into my blood stream?

  50. Open/Masters 48

    1) 13:20 @ 105#

    2) done with pvc

  51. Open Masters
    1. 12:09 95#
    2. EMOM 5: 10@33#; then 5x1 55#
    3. pistols: 4x16 NFT

  52. First time posting on here. Ive been following Competitors Wod for the past three months and have enjoyed every minute of it. Love the camaraderie and community from everyone. Thank you to Ben and all the amazing athletes on here.
    Snatch 185
    Clean complex 185/185/205/205/205
    Back squat 245- knees and lower back felt tight this morning.
    Skipped pistols due to knees
    12:08 RX- had to do tonight while working the fd.

  53. Open
    1) 12:33 Rx
    2) 7x PVC Pipe / 3x 15# Bar

  54. Open
    1) 11:00 @ 115#
    2) first 8 @ 35#, last 2 @ 55#

  55. Open
    1. 12:16 Rx Cleans felt good, glad I got through it unbroken
    2. OHS close grip - hands just inside the knurl 75#

  56. Wow long day.. Started in morning with
    Snatch 5 sets at 220
    Had no fire. Pissed me off so i called it and Went home and came back and did :
    Hang clean and jerk 315
    Squats at 395
    Forgot about pistols but that's my shit anyways..
    Wod: 8:39

  57. Open
    1. 12:17 Rx
    2. Done. Worked up from 15#-45#

  58. Open:
    1) 14:15
    2) Regionals Squat EMOMx10 310,310, 325, 325, 325, 325, 325, 325, 325, 330

  59. Open
    1) 14:38 (Did comp. over the weekend and was a little tight. Back tightened up pretty good and it was all i could do to finish and keep everything unbroken)
    2) Worked some at 65#. Definitely an area I need to work on. Overhead squat is tough and the close grip is pretty awkward for me

  60. Open
    1) 12:14
    2) #15, lol, I'm no where near flexible enough for close grip OHS.
    3) Regionals Gymnastics Benchmark: 4:14

  61. Open
    Row 5x300m 1 min rest
    Metcon had to do front squat instead of clean because elbow is still in bad shape.8:25
    Back Squat OTM10- 300lbs

  62. 1. Done at 160#
    2. 95, 115, 135, 155, 185
    3. Done at 335#
    4. 5:02
    5. 14:14

  63. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Missed all reps at 90%. Not happy about this. Pulls felt great, just didn't stay tight and keep active shoulders. Did 5x1 @135# and tried to stay perfect.

    2. Worked up to 225#. Missed second jerk.

    3. 315# across.

    4. 4:18

    5. 12:18 Rx. Set a goal to get at least half of the metcon with UB squat cleans. Suprised myself and did all squat cleans UB. Pretty jacked up on mountain dew about that.

  64. Regionals-

    Took off Friday, after testing a WOD from my Saturday competition. Ended up taking 7th. Less than satisified, but ready for whatever the Open holds.

    Back at it today, albeit a bit lighter, as I'm still recovering from Saturday's volume.

    1. 185x4, 195x1 (1RM=215)

    2. 225x2, 235, 245, 255- failed final jerk. Experimented with wider grip, which helped.

    3. 315 across (last time did 325)

    4. 2:50 - Lots of weighted pistols in the competition. Feeling it in my anterior tib.

    5. 10:24 - Felt good.

  65. 1. Worked up to 185
    2. Worked up to 255
    3. 295, should have gone heavier
    4. 1:58
    5. Alternate partner wod.

  66. Did open work today after a little team comp yesterday.
    1. 16:56... Engine was pretty shot after the first 10 squat cleans... Kept them all UB and that was my goal. So that's my victory. Back started to light up around the round of 8.
    2. Done at 155... OH squats are a bit of a strength for me but using a close grip was another story. I've never been able to do this movement with a narrow grip until today. Crossover Symmetry works!

  67. Regionals:

    Snatch: @ 200 across

    CnJ: @ 265 across, felt really strong today

    Squats: @ 355 across

    Pistols: forgot to time it

    Metcon: 11.23 RX

  68. 1. Snatch
    5x1 across at 90%-205, made some change recently and they've been paying off, felt fast and solid

    2. Clean and Jerk- worked up to 275, missed the 2nd jerk

    3. Back Squats
    EMOMx10 - 365

    4. Gymnastics Benchmark- 2:04, was pleasantly surprised by this #antininjacrew

    5. Metcon- 9:50 same pace throughout, burpees sucked but cleans were fast.

  69. Open
    1. Metcon - 21:27, the unbroken part wasn't easy.
    2. Smolov Jr, week 2 day 1, at 167#

  70. Open:
    10:40.... Slow as balls pace here, wow that was tough.

    10x10 ohs @95 w/ a not so narrow grips

  71. Forgot to post yesterday

    5x1 snatch- 185,205,215,225,225- shoulder was a little tender stronger everyday. Fast under bar sticking it is painful

    HCJ+CJ- 205,225,245,255,270

    HBBS- 365-385-395-405-415 on

    Forgot pistols

    no exact time on metcon but it was somewhere in the 8-10 min range back started getting smoked!

  72. 10x1 BS OTM - 385# across
    Subbed WOD for
    7min AMRAP - 10 C2B + 30 DUBs

    Need one more week of rest for this stupid wrist.

  73. Snatched and C&Jd
    90KG across on Snatch
    100KG across on C&J (lighter as going overhead irritates the shoulder).

    No metcon

  74. Hi guys, been following CompWod for a while now just never posted but will start now...


    1.95kg Snatch Across
    2.110kg Hang Clean Jerk; Clean Jerk
    3.180kg Squat
    4. Don't do pistols they hurt my knees (only do them in comps)
    5.Metcon: 10:11min