Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wednesday 2.26.14

Team "Pasty and Irish":
Maddy Curley, Christy Phillips Adkins, Austin Malleolo, James Hobart.

1.  Metcon
1,000m Row
30 HPC, 135/95
30 C2B Pull ups

2.  EMOMx10

Odd:  3 Back Squats, you choose the weight
Even:  3-6 Muscle ups

3.  Work Capacity
10 minute Airdyne for Cals - go hard, but not all out.

1.  Metcon
1,000m Row
30 HPC, 135/95
30 C2B Pull ups

2.  EMOMx10
Odd:  7 Push Press (from rack, you choose weight) + 7 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards
Even:  7 TTB + 7 Burpees to target 


  1. Open Program
    1) 9:00 - went out too hard, but I wanted to see what I had in the tank. C2B were horrendous, took about 3:00.
    2) Done at 115. Pretty tough, started about 10:00 after WOD 1.

  2. Hi Guys,


    1: 9:33 RX
    2: Squats at 160kg and 6MU
    3: 151 cal

  3. Hi everyone!


    1. Metcon - 10:40 Rx.
    2. EMOM - done with 115#

  4. Open/Masters 47
    1. 8:15 (C2B - grip fatigue)// 1000m Row : 3:32// HPCL 10/7/7/6/ C2B: 5,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,2.
    2. Rx'd (52,5) all sets 30sec work/30 sec rest.

    1. Nice job Vadim. Best of luck to you on 14.1.

    2. Thank you) hope we are ready for this year PARTY)

  5. Open:
    METCON - 10:07... 3:35 row, about :45 transition between movements, just under 3 min for HPC, and just over 2 min for C2B.

    #115 for PP, lowered all reps to 5 as my body is just fatigued from long work days and and new timezone adjustment (FL to UAE). Maintained :30 on/ :30 off.

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  7. Hi guys,

    Regional: 7:55 RX'd
    160 kg squat with 6 M.U
    done with Row..

  8. Now this is my kind of WOD ! Crushed it today, started putting coconut oil in my coffee as well, see if it helps performance from here on out


    Time - 6:39 RX

    Row - 3:39
    HPC - 10,5,5,5,5 (with 3-5 sec rest in between)
    C2B PU - 8,5,4,3,3,2,1,1,1,1,1 (forearms started to get smoked so hit fast singles at the end, butterfly all of them)

    EMOM 10
    135lb Push press
    **Everything unbroken and box jumps rebounding
    ** finished all rounds under 34 seconds

    1. Nice work dude. Great effort today!

    2. Impressive performance once again Jeremiah. You always set a score for me to chase well done man.

    3. Thanks everyone, knew this was a workout that favored me going into it. So ready for Friday to put all this to the test.

      Joe and Drew I was chasing you all too when I was on California time, now being in Kuwait I don't have to many people's times to chase since I have to go earlier .

      Wish you all the best in the open

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  10. Regional:
    1. 9:58, 3´41, start HCP 4:00 - 7´27 - C2B 8-9´58´´
    2. 110kg a 4MU
    3. no airdyne therefor I used eliptical - 164cal

  11. 1) 8:17. Got off the row in 3:25 and onto the C2B @ 6ish, but I was pretty crappy on the pull ups. This one makes your forearms feel like Popeye for sure

    2) Did the open work @ 135. All rounds below 30 seconds

  12. 1. 8:52 Row 3:47, HPClean 6x5, 10,10,6,4
    2. 60kg

  13. Regionals:

    1) metcon - 8:39 no grip left!
    2) squat - 365, 6/6/6/6/5 MUs
    3) air dyne - 173

    Ready for 14.1

  14. Regionals.

    1) 7.20 rx'd

    2) done with 253# speed squats and 6 bar muscleups. Wasn't feeling heavy squats today so went with speed squats and tried to really focus on exploding out of the hole.

    3) added 5x5 push press up to 176# to work on my overhead strength goat.

    4) done on rower 177cal.

  15. Open
    1. 7:44
    Row : 3:47 / HPC 10-10-5-5 / C2B 5's-3-3-4
    2. Done @50 kg
    All 30/30 approx

  16. Open/Masters:


    1. 9:16 Rx. Too big weaknesses for me are high rep HPC and CTBPU due to a generally weak grip. So not too disappointed. Got off the rower at 3:24 and waited (too long) until 4:00 to start HPC (10,5,3,2,3,2,2,2,1). Finished HPC at 7:00. Started CTB at 7:16.
    2. Done. PP at 135. Did GHDSU instead of box jumps. Right Achilles is so tight from all of the box jumps and double unders the last few weeks. Don't want that sucker to pop!

    1. Nice row! Would you have gone that hard if you did it again?

    2. Thanks. I think I would. Felt good coming off the rower. I would not have rested as long before I started the HPC.

    3. Awesome Michael, those are good sets!

    4. #oldguyprobs .... From a late-20 perspective, my calves are smoked also man. Let's hope there's no box jumps in week 1.
      Awesome job man

  17. 1. Metcon
    6:46 Rx
    3:40 Row 20,10 HPC 10,5,5,3,2,1,1,1,1 C2B Forearm burn
    2. EMOMx10
    Odd: 3 Back Squats @ 275# Stayed conservative
    Even: 6 Muscle ups

    3. Work Capacity
    161 Cal

  18. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 8:53 Rx
    2. EMOM10 - 135# PP (unbroken movements - smoked by the end)

    ... C2B did not go well ... yay Recovery Day.

  19. Masters

    1. 7:26 rx Row 3:38 / HPC 10,5,5,5,5 / C2B10,5,5,5,5
    2. skipped... leg mobility
    3. No Airdyne...rowed 166 cal

  20. Open
    1. 10:10. came off rower at 3:39, low 7:00's for hang cleans (done in 5's), c2b were triples til 18ish and then doubles and singles. Sandbagged the cleans cos I knew my grip was gonna give out on the c2b, but on the plus side my golfers elbow hasn't flared up! 6 months of false starts, really hope I've turned a corner on it.

    2. - ran out of time

  21. Regionals:

    So...I went pretty hard, but nowhere near maximal on anything.

    1: 7:23RX....went easy on the C2B to keep hands safe

    2: squats: 275 (light and smooth)
    MU: 5 per

    3: 221cals

    now for lots of mobility and some underwater 25M repeats.

  22. Open

    1.) 7:07...3:45 row, 8/7/8/7 hpc, 10/5/3/3/2/2/1/1/1/1/1. My god those c2b burn, wanted sub 7 but I'll take this for the wod before the first open workout!

    2.) Completed RX with #115. All sets done in 20 secs for odd then 30 for even

    Great day of training with Dan! Good, safe push before Friday let's goooooo

  23. Open masters
    1. 10:15 95#, CTB were not 100% hitting the bar.
    2. EMOMx10 55# push press

  24. OPEN
    1) 6:57 - Week sauce grip
    2) Dogged it a little - went with 95# - ended up being too light.

  25. Open
    1)10:10 rx . Lost it on the C2B

  26. Open; Masters
    1. 6:06 Row 3:43, HPC 12,8,6,4, C2B unbroken. Lower bicep and forearm took a good 5 minutes to loosen up. Wanted sub 6, but took too much rest on the cleans.
    2. Done at 135 and subbed BJ for 20 DUs to save the knees.

  27. Open:
    1) 7:45
    2) PP done at 60KG
    Felt good today.

  28. Regionals/Masters

    1) Metcon; 6:36 rx. Row 3:29.3/ HPC 18,12/ C2B 12,7,3,3,5.
    2) skipped
    3) did 10:00 of rowing.

    Wish you all the best! Thank you Ben for an awesome programming.

    1. Great job Steeve! That is super fast. Those were too huge sets on the HPC. I wished I had that kind of grip endurance. Definitely on my list of goats to get after in 2014.

    2. Two. Obviously I meant two not too. :)

    3. Steeve! You are welcome anytime at Deka. Keep killing it man.

  29. Open:

    Metcon: 8:39 RX
    Row: Finished @ 3:40 feeling very good, Broke up the reps to much on the HPC and CTB so I think I lost to much time on that sadly..

    EMOM X 10: @ 135

  30. 1. 7:43, sub'd AirDyne @ 2km, off AD @ 3:23, HPC @ 4:45 (15,9,6), stupid C2B (3,3,2,3,1s) almost 3min....
    2. EMOM10 @ 135 and 6" target

  31. Open.
    1. 9:29
    2. Completed with 50 kg.

  32. 1. metcon: 6:01 row'd a 3:28 1k, then 15-15 on hpc and c2b with a 5 sec break between. i think i raped this.
    2. emom: did double unders instead of squats. patellar tendon needs a rest from squats and dubs need some consistent work.
    3. AD tonight.

    1. Ha...I 'd say so. Looking forward to watching you kick ass during the open.

    2. Efff, good job Dex! thats insane

    3. Hell yeah Dex. Definitely high hopes for you this season. Go get it!

    4. Raped/murdered/destroyed/killed... Call it whatever you want bro. Wow.

  33. 1) metcon: 6:02. row 3:40 ish hpc 15-10-5 c2b 10-8-7-5
    2) 10mn EMOM done with #135. push press/box jump 22 seconds t2b/burpees 34 seconds

  34. Metcon: 7:17 (row: 3:22, hpc: 17+13, c2b, fast 5's). Had to skip the rest due to classes in my box :)

  35. Open

    (Row'd 3:41, HPC 10-10-5-5, C2BPU 10-5-3-2-2-2-2-2-2)

    Completed w/ 115#
    Felt great.
    Confidence booster to have an EMOM where all reps are unbroken and know in other workouts what potential is there.

  36. OPEN

    Metcon 7:52 rx
    Row 3:32 (felt good)
    HPC 10-7-5-5-3 (gotta keep this bb in my handsssss)
    C2B 6x5

    EMOM done at 135#
    Every rd under 30 sec

  37. Met-con 7:30 felt good after a couple days off with mid terms. 10 min emom done w/135.

  38. Open:

    1. 10:02 Rx. (3:39 Row, 3's the whole way with HPC, 3's for the most part with C2B)

    2. Done. 115# PP.

    -3 Weaknesses all in one metcon. (Rowing, high rep ranges of a barbell movement with that loading, and stringing C2B's) I attacked it with 100% effort and this is where it put me.

  39. Since starting CompWOD 8 months ago I have made incredible first and foremost thanks again Ben for all the time and effort you put into this site. It has also been amazing to watch everyone else's growth as a CrossFit athlete and I'm looking forward to following everyone during the open. It's go time baby!

    Ben...I also know you said you would never charge for the site, but would you ever consider designing a CompWOD t-shirt? I'd buy that shit in a second and wear it with pride.

  40. Open
    1. 9:26. did this alone. felt a lack of push.
    2. chose to sit this one out.

  41. Open
    1. 8:53
    2. Done: used 60# DB's on PP.

  42. Metcon
    Sort of pissed at this - I know I could do it faster, row was shit
    BS 315 / 6 muscle ups

    3. Doing it soon

  43. Open:
    7:25..ABSOLUTELY HAGGARD C2B...(That was on caps lock by accident but it was so fitting I'm gonna let it stay) Cant believe how broken those felt, biceps and forearms just couldn't stay in rhythm

    EMOM... Done, evens under:20 Odds under :30

  44. Open

    1) 7:37

    2) Done- Subbed 30# wb for PP

  45. Open

    1. 6:45 - feeling primed and ready to roll! Thanks Ben! Wish I could keep butterfly going better when I'm tired though

    2. done at 135 PP.

  46. BW 152
    1: 9:58 Rx
    2: 225 across muscle ups: (6/4/4/3/4)
    3. 138 cal

  47. Open 2014
    1. 7:08 rx 10-10-5-5 hpc , c2b 10-5-5-5-5
    2. Push press @ 135# - done

  48. Open
    1. 8:39. Came off rower at 3:32. Started HPC at 4:05, finished at 5:55. Went 15/5/10. C2Bs were 7 then fast singles... Bar is too low to so butterfly or kip well. Forearms burned for 10 min afterwards!

    1. 2. Done at 135#. Really tough by the end!

      Been following compwod for about 15 months and have seen nice gains. Being a garage guy, this IS my box. This IS my community. The amazing athletes here, young or old, new or not, motivate me to keep pushing, to try harder and persevere. Only you understand what I go through each day because you go through it with me. Thank you. And of course to Coach Ben for providing this avenue for us, from all around the world, to follow. Just amazing. Thank you!!

      Now let's make a statement at the Open fellow CompWodders! Personally, my goal is to make the top 500, as I was ~1100 last year and ~2200 the year before. New region, but top 500 is my goal. Let's go get it!

    2. Very well said Mark. Although I workout in a gym and have the usual pleasure of working with Josh Callahan, I know exactly where you are coming from. Josh and I are a community of two at the gym, all by ourselves at 0-dark-thirty, but because of this place, I feel, and I am sure Josh does also, like I have dozens of awesome, driven and talented workout partners that drive me every day to do my best.

      Best of luck to you with your pursuit! I am sure you will do great.

    3. I'm in the same boat as you Mark. Working out alone sometimes sucks. But having this blog keeps me going!

    4. Definitely!! as Mike mentioned, when we're in a zero-dark-30 we're usually gaming the days WOD and talking about the folks on here as they post... setting goals and gauging our progress with the rest of these athletes!

    5. Feel the unity! Hellz yeah gentlemen. Appreciate the replies. Take comfort in knowing that I'm gaming the wods and eyeing and gunning for your scores daily too :) I'm not a zero dark thirty guy but I'm sure glad y'all are to give me something to think about all day! I have a crammed full time job so evenings is when I throw down.

      Best to you all in the Open!

  49. OPEN

    1) 7:37 RX.
    Came into this WOD with a bad mindset: telling myself it didn't count and that Game Time is friday morning. Well this sucked, and as Coach Bergeron says: Half-Ass SUCKS. Easily could trim it 7ish.

    2) All rounds unbroken and under 27 seconds. Used a 115# barbell, just like the Open.

    GUYS! The Open is upon us. Best of luc to everybody, looking forward to this CompWOD leaderboard. It's been a pleasure to follow this program alongside a bunch of great athletes like you all are. We are ready to compete, so let's do this shit without 2nd thoughts.
    Good luck my friends!

    “You’ve got to go out and show them that I’m a different creature now, then I was five minutes ago, cause I’m pissed off for greatness. Cause if you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that just means you’re okay with being mediocre.” - Ray Lewis.

    1. Thanks for the motivation Greg! Always enjoy your posts.

    2. "Pissed off for greatness!"
      Love it and gonna take it. Thanks warrior.

    3. Goodluck brother!! tear it up! Looking forward to this season!

  50. Open

    1) 8:46 wow lats were smoked!

    2) done at 115lbs.

  51. Open
    1. 8:02 Forearms trashed
    2. Did 95#, should have went with 115 but oh well.

  52. Regionals
    1. Metcon- 7:57.
    Row was done in 3:30. HPC done in 4 sets. C2Bs in 5 sets.
    2. Back Squats done at 225lbs. 3 MU's. Felt good!
    3. No airdyne so did rowing. 177cals.
    Goodluck to everybody on 14.1! I know that Ben has more than prepared us for this. Go do your thing everyone!

  53. Open
    1) 8:08 Rx - C2B were tough.
    2) Done with 115#

  54. 1. Clock froze during this, but I was cruising through it, we backtracked using a buddy that was doing some OTM stuff and we concluded that it was 7:30ish. Off the rower at 3:35 went 15-10-5 on the HPC, 10, 10, 7, 3 on the ctb.

    2. Legs were toast from yesterday, so, odd was 225-245-255-275-295. Quads are seriously toast. Even 3-5 MU. Not sure how many. Just went off the vibrations today.

    3. Not yet. But, will hit it before bed.

    1. 186 Cals. That thing is a death machine. Quads are still locked up from those thrusters.

  55. Masters 46
    1.) Metcon (10:06)
    1 k row (3:37)
    30 HPC #135 (started @ 3:50)
    30 C2B

    2.) no time

  56. here's a link to the wod from today. trying to practice recording videos and work youtube.

    1. Dex, I'm walking funny after watching that. I gotta get my C2B to your level!

  57. Open/Masters

    Metcon: 8:28, row was 3:28, HPC in sets of 5 or 4, C2B super hard on the hands/grip
    2) done with 115, able to do all unbroken.

    Last workout before the open! Good luck to everyone, it has been great watching everyone kill it here, thanks for being a great community! And thanks to Ben for the great programming!

  58. 8:41 Rx
    - happy with this. HPC felt pretty good and c2b felt better than they ever have.

    Muscle up wave from yesterday.

    My team and I have been prepping for a team competition this weekend at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH. We are doing the Open workout 14.1 on Friday and a team competition on Saturday. We tested some of the movements we know we will see and testing out 2RM lifts for the first part of the event. I PR'd my 2RM snatch and 1RM power snatch in nanos..... I have to give credit to Ben and his programming for sure. Best of performances to you all in the Open.

  59. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 8:44 Rx.

    2. Odd: 225# x 3. Done to a box.
    Even: 3 MUs. Goal was UB, went 3/5 on that.

    3. 170 cals. Should have went harder, could have gotten 200+ easy.

  60. Hey everyone! I've been following the site for about 6 months of the last year but I've been on and off with it. The last 4 months I've been on it every day! Never posted before mainly because I didn't feel like my scores were anything to show off but wanted to start today since this was the last wod before 14.1 I do follow BTWB pretty religiously so luckily I have pretty accurate logs.

    age:21 weight:158 Height: 6'0''

    1) Metcon: 7:25 Rx
    2) Used #115 for PP. Good weight for me. I have terribly weak shoulders

  61. 1. Metcon- 7:23, CTB will probably never be a "strength" but I gamed this one right. Stayed at sub 1:45 on row, HPC in 2 sets, CTB in sets of 5.

    2. EMOMx10
    Odd: 3 Back Squats- 275 was conservative
    Even: 3 muscle ups

    3. Work Capacity- Had to do rower, hit 2610 meters, 182 cals

  62. 1. Metcon
    Time: 8:53min
    Honestly should have been faster, was having trouble connecting CTB which is usually a strength for me

    2. EMOMx10
    Odd: 3 Back Squats @ 195#
    Even: 3 Muscle ups (should have gone for 4 or 5)

    3. Work Capacity
    Skipped, heart wasn't in it

  63. How long should I rest between each wod?

  64. Open
    1. 7:49
    2. Done: way more brutal than the wod. 85# for the push press

  65. Open:

    1. 11:05 - felt like i should have gone faster on this. 3:40 row. 12, 8, 5, 5 on cleans. 10, 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2. - I'm realizing my transition times are too long. i usually like to start things out with a big set ie. 12 cleans in this wod. but i probably didn't pick up the bar until 4:15-4:20. THinking i should walk up to the bar and immediately bang out a smaller number?

    2. done at 135 unbroken. that got spicy.

  66. regionals
    Had to sub out chest to bar for ring dips for forearm security
    1000 m row
    30 hpc 95 (18, 4, 8)
    30 ring dips (5,5,5, 5x3)
    BS: 175,195,215,215,215
    MU: triple, double, triple, double, triple. This is big for me to string 3 in a row regular grip. MU is my goat :(

  67. Regional
    1.) 7:40 - Had absolutely no grip coming off the hang cleans. Stringing the C2B was a struggle.
    2.) Odd - 3 Back Squats at 275
    Even - 2 Muscle Ups (Big goat of mine)
    3.) No airdyne. Did open emotm instead.
    Odd - 7 push press at 115 and box jumps
    Even - 7 TTB and burpees

  68. 1. 11:20. CTB was just not there. I couldnt get more than 2 together. Felt uncoordinated as ever.
    2. not sure how I misread the EMOMx10 but I did
    odd - 10 back squats 135
    even - 6 muscle ups
    3. I didnt look at the calories, just rowed with my partner for almost 15 minutes and chatted about the Open