Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday 2.16.14

The ECC Elite.

Rest Day

With the Opens coming we are going to adjust our weekly split. Starting this week our schedule will be as follows.

You are going to the Regionals, so lets not get caught up in "leaderboarding" and comparing scores.  It doesn't matter at this stage.  Remember to focus on what you can control and let go of everything else. If your goal is to go to the Games just stay in the top 12 in your Region during the Open so you are in a top heat for the first event at Regionals.  Other than that I don't care if you win your region or come in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th.  You have bigger fish to fry and we really start cooking in April and May.

MONDAY:  Training
TUESDAY: Training
THURSDAY: Rest/Recovery Day
FRIDAY:  OPEN + Training
SATURDAY: Training
SUNDAY: Rest Day

This is it!!  The month of March is your season.  You need to switch gears mentally.  Professional athletes bust their ass in Preseason, so they can compete hard "In-Season"  Your season is only 5 weeks.  I am going to say this again...  between now and April there are only FIVE workouts that matter - Everything else is just to make sure you stay primed, peaked and ready to attack.  Do not do extra work because, "you don't want to loose gains" - or anything close to this.  You are done training.  It is now time to COMPETE.  If you have been following this program you are ready.  Be a racehorse and go get what's yours.  

TUESDAY: Recovery/Training
THURSDAY: Rest/Recovery
SATURDAY: Recovery 
SUNDAY: Recovery and/or Pregame Prep


  1. Love the pep talk!!! For Open athletes we should do the Open wods twice? I'm a master 48 years old and I think I have a shot at breaking top 200. Last year I was 400 (give or take) and I am better this year due to comp wods. LETS DO THIS SON!!!!!!

  2. Best pose in that picture has to be Stacie Tovar's most muscular. (At least I think that's Stacie Tovar).

    1. Erik - good luck. I hope you're able to crack the top 200 - that would be amazing. However, I have to disagree with you. As much as I love Stacie, I'd have to say a pregnant Heather Bergeron takes the cake in that pic ;o)

    2. Thanks Jon. Good eye on the Heather B pose. Haha.

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  4. In 2012, I finished in the bottom 7% of the world.
    In 2013, I finished in the bottom 35% of the world.
    In 2014, my goal is to finally crack the TOP HALF - and come in the top 25% in at least one WOD that hopefully hits a couple of my sweet spots! Good luck everyone - I look forward to seeing how well you all do.

    Ben - thanks for the perspective - all good reminders!

  5. No Rest Day for me since I was away from training form Monday to Friday, so decided to do the WOD from Tuesday

    1. 5 Shuttles: all under 12 sec
    2. 5RM Sumo Deadlift 130 kg
    3. 10x250 m row 30 sec rest, sub with 25 SDLHP 20 kg bar, total time 11:48 (45 sec per set)
    4. 20RM Max Bench Press 70 kg (10 kg PR) last five were brutal
    5. 15-12-9-12-15 KBS 32 kg, BJ 61 cm, TTB: DNF at last 15 KBS at 4 rep my grip was gone, poor effort :(

  6. Regionals from yesterday
    Barbell hell. 92 reps as rx, with a lot of Deadlifts.

    1. Was bored and did tomorrow's snatch emom 135, 155, 165 and 145
      Also did 15 min emom of 3 cleans at 185