Friday, February 14, 2014

Saturday 2.15.14

Craig Kenney.

1.  "Barbell Hell"
With a 15 minute running clock...
2 Minutes of max rep Snatches
2 Minutes of max rep Thrusters
2 Minutes of max rep Power Clean
2 Minutes of max rep Front Squats
2 Minutes of max rep Back Squats
1 Minutes of max rep Snatches
1 Minutes of max rep Thrusters
1 Minutes of max rep Power Clean
1 Minutes of max rep Front Squats
1 Minutes of max rep Back Squats
Guys use 135#
Girls use 95#
Score is total reps completed.  You can rest anywhere except with the barbell on the ground.  The snatches and cleans must be touch and go.   If the barbell comes to rest at any point during the 15 minutes, you must complete 10 dead lifts before continuing (the penalty dead lift reps don't count towards your total score). 


2.  "GymNasty"
All of the following for time:
12-9-6 of:  Strict Pull ups and Strict Ring Dips
12-9-6 of:  C2B pull ups and Kipping Ring Dips
2 Rope Climbs
12-9-6 of:  Strict HSPU and Pistols (round one is 12 left and 12 right, 24 total, no alternating)
12-9-6 of:  Kipping HSPU and Alternating Pistols (round one is 6/side alternating every rep)
2 Rope Climbs
12-9-6 of:  Muscle ups and Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
12-9-6 of:  Bar Muscle ups and Burpee Box Jumps Overs, 24/20
2 Rope Climbs

Teams of 3:
10K Row
One athlete works at a time.  Switch every 250m.  Athletes must complete 7 burpees box jumps (24/20") before returning to the rower. 


  1. Wowwwww! This looks awesome!! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

  2. Ben, are you angry? Looks intense and a good time

  3. Coach Ben, for the team wod, do you do the burpees box jumps when the other person is still rowing? Or wait until they complete 250m? Thank you!

    1. There should always be one athlete rowing. Once you get off the rower, the next athlete jumps on. You just have to finish the BBJ before getting back on the rower.

    2. Thanks for the clarification!

  4. So glad I chose the "Open" path... LOL!

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  6. So if I am alone can I set the rower to a 250m row/80sec rest interval and do the bbj when I get off?

  7. Open
    Tanya and I did tonight. We did it 2 man style no burpee box jumps.
    *Tanya's 4th workout back!
    **Wish I could have done Regional Elbow is still not back yet.

  8. If I rest the barbell in my shoulders or hands, I must complete deadlifts or its only when the barbell rest in the ground?

  9. Regionals:

    Barbell Hell: Today I scaled to down to 115 lbs and forgot to count after 46 reps in. Body was not in the best condition after this week.
    Metcon was brutal even with scaled weights.

    Did a modification from yesterday right after
    25 GHD SU
    1 K Row
    25 GHD SU
    100 DU`S

    Now rest :-)

  10. Do we count any penalty reps into our scores ?

  11. I'm guessing the 10 rep DL penalty does not count towards your score, so:

    1) barbell hell - 87 reps (only dropped the bar once)

    Waiting now for wod 2

  12. Open
    1) 2 man team with Bussom. 10K row and 4 Burpee BJ. Finished @ 37:31 (finished 4 Burpees after final row)

    2) death by barbell with light weight. 127 reps @ 65#. Holy crap this was shitty...even with a lighter weight. Can't wait to see the scores from guys using 135#. Stay on it!

  13. Wow.

    82 reps. It was a mental battle. Whole bunch of Deadlifts only to get 3 more reps out at a time. Rest now and gymnasty later

  14. Open
    1. 37:04- partnered w clayton- everytime
    2. Barbell hell- 185 reps w 95#- name fit perfectly! Shoulders!

  15. Open:

    Kept a steady pace around 1:48/50. Happy with that.

  16. Open/Masters 48

    1) 42:21 partnered with Chis and Julia. All my rows were 1:40 or better and most were probably 1:38 pace.

    2) Also did Barbell Hell @ 65#. Lost count during the cleans....THIS SUCKED!!!!!

  17. Regionals:

    1: 115rx. I will get way more next time. My back is wrecked and I was feeling sorry for myself the whole time.

    1. 2: Around 45min. I was so pissed I just left. Rips and rips and rips. I was at 4 of 9 on bar muscle ups and hands are burger. Finished with ring muscle ups and rest RX.

  18. Still dealing with the lower back/hip injury but couldn't stay away any longer. Been killing my mobility the last week like 2 hours daily. Promised the wife I wouldn't touch a barbell so just did gymnasty.
    2. 40:34 spent majority of time on the bar muscle ups basically singles across gotta work on these great workout

    1. I had the same thing! Today was my first day back. Take your time and ease back with the volume. I rushed it a little last week and it set me back a few days. I've learned a lot of new mobility to prevent what happened to me though so I'm excited

  19. Regionals.

    Worked up to a heavy power clean. 255#. Tried 275# but couldn't quite get under it.

    1) Barbell Hell as rx'd: 128reps. That was mentally the hardest workout I have probably ever done. Absolutely miserable.

  20. Barbell: 98 reps. Felt like I did about 500 deadlifts. Poor effort mentally. Gonna do gymnasty later.

  21. Open
    Did a two man team with Lou W. - 36:38 with 4 Burpee box jumps

  22. Masters 46
    Metcon: (1/3 of team wod)
    3 k row (250 meter splits)
    Total meters rowed: 3,359
    Avg. 47-50 sec per 250
    Rest 1:30 (actually approx. 1:00 rest due to transition)
    3 burpee box jumps
    Total = 39
    (Did 3: less rest time)

    2.) EMOM 10x3
    Behind the head Snatch push press (3@#115 / 7@#125)

  23. Regional:
    First WOD:
    137 reps: 15, 15,15,20,20 10,8,10,10,14

  24. Regionals
    1. Barbell Hell- 90ish reps RX'd. Did Sooooo many deadlifts. Most mentally taxing wod I've done in a while.

  25. Open masters 44:
    28:59 did 13 rounds of 250m row and 4 burpee box jumps.

  26. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Barbell Hell: 104 Rx.

    2. Gymnasty: PM Session

  27. 1. 120Rx - This is probably the most I've felt sorry for myself in a workout that I can remember. I put the barbell down way more than I should have. Frustrated with my performance in a workout that I should excel. Would love to attack this one again soon.

    2. 32:00Rx

  28. Barbell Hell

    Score - 106 Reps
    (Plus 80 penalty Deadlifts)
    Bodyweight 170lbs
    I approached this WOD like Alactic Power Cycles that I've done in the past and also like the intervals that Ben was programming where we did Clean and Jerks for like 20 seconds then rested 1:40... Was going for longevity and trying to maximize my recovery after a big unbroken set.

    Snatches 0:00-2:00
    Completed 10 Reps in 0:28
    Then Straight into 10 Deadlifts and rested remainder of time

    Thrusters 2:00-4:00
    Competed 10 reps in 0:28
    Then straight into 10 Deadlifts and rested remainder of the time

    Power Cleans 4:00-6:00
    This was one of my strengths, I went for a big set of 15 here and finished in 0:35
    Then did my 10 Deadlifts and rested remainder of time

    Front Squats 6:00-8:00
    Did 14 reps in 0:25 seconds
    Then did my 10 Deadlifts and rested remainder of time

    Back Squats 8:00-10:00
    Another strength area for me
    Did 20 reps in 0:45
    Then my 10 Deadlifts and rested remainder of time

    Snatches 10:00-11:00
    Only did 4 Reps, could not get under bar fast enough, decided to stop early and do Deadlifts and get more recovery to e

    Thrusters 11:00-12:00
    Did 4 Reps in about 0:15
    Then my 10 Deadlifts and then rested

    Power Cleans 12:00-13:00
    Did a set of 9 in 20 Seconds
    Then my 10 Deadlifts and rested all the way through the front squats to recover for a big set of back squats

    Front Squats - 13:00-14:00 RESTED

    Back Squats 14:00-15:00
    Did 20 reps and finished

    1. Love the strategy and planning dude. Would you have modified anything?

    2. Thanks man. I would have possibly held onto the barbell from front squat to back squat without dropping. I'm in the ninja category only weighing 170lb.... I'm honestly happy to hit that rep count.

  29. First WOD after a week away from home town and training because of a business trip.

    Did all in one session

    1. Barbell Hell: 100 reps
    10 Snatches
    10 Thrusters
    5 Power Cleans (10 DL)
    5 Power Cleans (10 DL)
    10 Front Squats
    23 Back Squats (10 DL)
    0 Snatches
    0 Thrusters
    7 Power Cleans (10 DL)
    10 Front Squats
    20 Back Squats

    2. GymNasty
    Aout 30 mins without the last pair (muscle ups and box burpees). I was dead!!!

  30. Did the team wod with my wife any my mom! I did 300m, Amy did 250, mom did 200m each rotation. Amy and I did 7 bbj's 24"/16", min did 2 burpees. Total time 52:01. Great family wod!

  31. Got invited to do the ECC individuals workouts today with a local Games Team that competed at the ECC in the team event (one guy went individual so this was his 2nd time doing the workouts). That was a good time but wholy crap did Barbell Hell and Gymnasty look brutal. Great work to all that did it!

    I feel all conflicted inside. I'm happy with doing the ECC workouts in a mini-competition environment but guilty for missing out on possibly one of the most brutal days on CompWod, lol!

  32. GYMNASTY: 43:12 Rx. Almost quit. Thank goodness for a rest day.

  33. GYM NASTY Time - 23:09 Did NOT FINISH
    Made it right past the 2nd rope climbs and tried a couple muscle ups and made the decision to stop since my hands are shredded like hamburger . Figured its not worth sacrificing and impeding my training rest of week

    Completed all below in 23:09
    12-9-6 of: Strict Pull ups and Strict Ring Dips
    12-9-6 of: C2B pull ups and Kipping Ring Dips
    2 Rope Climbs
    12-9-6 of: Strict HSPU and Pistols (round one is 12 left and 12 right, 24 total, no alternating)
    12-9-6 of: Kipping HSPU and Alternating Pistols (round one is 6/side alternating every rep)
    2 Rope Climbs .

  34. Barbell hell 85 reps just never really got goin was pretty blah through it

    Gymnasty - 44:30 all rx really liked this one

  35. First day back attempting an entire day. I was gonna do the open but rowing in my warmup tightened up my back so I did mobility and scaled regionals:
    1. Scaled to 75# since I'm still hesitant about my back. Got about 185 reps. Lost count after the front squats. 0 back pain though so I was excited!
    2. Only got to rest 1 hour but had to shorten it. I got 32 minutes or so. I was on the last 12-9-6 around 23 minutes. Rings are in a different room and someone reset my clock. , but removed the rope climbs and no bar muscle ups. Hands were getting close to ripping.

  36. week in review. Haven't had time to post

    1) 3rds- Row 500, 12 deads 225#, 21 bj "9:59" PR

    2) 15-12-9-12-15 kbs 2pd, bj, ttb "10:21"
    2 pood kb felt like it was a 100 pounds, grip went quick. Muscle ups after rest took way too long about 4 mins. Several sets. Still working my shoulder back into some of the movements. Hoping its as close to 100% come 14.1
    3) 5 rep front squats; 275#
    10 min amrap- 15 wall ball, 30 doubles "9rounds + 9wb" dont have 30#ball. have a 40# slam ball and was going to do 6 reps but that was a no no

    4) American dream- "8rds + 11 reps"
    Did this one with a client at 530am. 205 cleans not my friend that early in the morning but just glad I got it in before work.

    Making up the ub clean burpee one today along with some skill work. Shoulder not doing too bad just hope it doesn't regress in the next 10 days.

  37. Coach, could you please write down some numbers about the Barbell Hell? Some guidelines about how many reps should we do and how often should we put the barbell down. I was at Regionals twice, I am in not top 10 in my region, but I don't think that anyone can stay on the bar for 15 mins in a row. Thank you for your respond
    Oh I did GymNasty before that and did it in 41:05

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    2. "I don't think that anyone can stay on the bar for 15 mins in a row"

      -Your beliefs are limiting you. You have to believe you and others are capable of more...because you are.

      My general goal would be wod would be 150 reps without putting the bar down - That is 20 reps of each on rnd 1 and 10 reps of each on round 2.

      We had athletes get over 125 reps, without putting the bar down for all 15 minutes. But I haven't gotten all the scores yet. So there will be bigger scores than this.

    3. Thank you Coach, I will go for it tomorrow! I will try my best.

  38. Open
    With a friend, rowed 6,750m with 5 BBJ - about 31 minute.

  39. Open

    No friends, did rounds of 45sec rowing followed with 1:30 OFF (plus burpees)