Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saturday 2.8.14

Christy Phillips Adkins.

1.  Barbell
Teams of 3:
100 Deads, 185/135
80 HPC, 185/135
60 Front Squats, 185/135
40 Jerks, 185/135
20 Thrusters, 185/135
One athlete works at a time.  Every minute on the minute, stop where you are and all three athletes complete 5 burpees.

2.  Gymnastics
Odd:  Work on Deficit HSPU - you choose reps and deficit
Even:  Work on Muscle ups - you choose reps

3.  Burner
Odd:  Run 200m, Row 250m, or Airdyne 20 Cals
Even:  Rest

Teams of 3:
100 Deads, 155/105
80 HPC, 155/105
60 Front Squats, 155/105
40 Jerks, 155/105
20 Thrusters, 155/105
One athlete works at a time.  Every minute on the minute, stop where you are and all three athletes complete 5 burpees.

4:55.  Boom.


  1. Coach,

    I don't know if this matter was already addressed, but do you plan on changing the rest/recovery day from Wednesday to Thursday with the Open coming?
    Thanks so much again for the programming.
    I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that I improved 1000% since following CompWOD.
    Looking forward to the Open!

    1. Yes. Good question Greg.

      Starting this week rest days will be Sunday and Thursday. Regional athletes will do the Open on Fridays. Open athletes will do the Open on Fridays and Mondays.

      Lets go get it.

    2. Thanks so much for the answer!
      Have a great day!

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    4. Hey Coach, a question for those of us in other parts of the world following a day or so behind for planning purposes. At what point would you say we should sync back up with the group and follow the program per the day of the week it is written?

  2. Now Rich has to do Isabel at 225 w/ Power Snatches to compare!

  3. Super impressive Mat - great work.

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  5. Did on Friday because won't have any partners on Saturday.

    1. Only 2 of us so we did:
    60 Dl
    50 HPC
    30 jerk
    20 Thruster
    Time - 17:36. Really tested my "get back on the bar" voice in my head. We chopped it up to maintain intensity. Both almost met pukey on the thrusters.
    2) odd - 2 strict deficit HSPU 6"
    even - 3 strict muscle ups (last 3 rounds needed a baby kip on the 3rd one
    3)row 250m. All times 47-53 secs. Tried to build up to 100% with slow but powerful strokes

  6. Open.

    20:44. We struggled on the hpc and thrusters...Burpees went slow last minutes..

  7. Open/Masters 48

    Teamed with Tyler S. and Chris G. (both young buck non-masters) 25:30 @ 135#. Those burpees became evil strength killers. Ben, you are a sick puppy.

  8. 1. Victor and I did this one with 2/3 reps. 23:53
    2. 5 parallets 5 muscle ups
    3. Ran 200m each under 35 secs

  9. Did this yesterday with 3 as rx.... 14:27

  10. Regionals:

    1: did this with a couple peeps from the gym....I did RX @ 185...they did various weights ...19 something....was fun.

    2: Even: Did 5 MU
    Odd: Did 5 @ 4" deficit
    3: done with 200M runs

  11. Did this at #135 with an older boy in the mix, 24:40, think with the usual 3 #155 would of been max. Did 7 min on the gymnastics as pals shoulders has blown, 6" deficit 2-4-6-6-4-2
    Muscle ups same but blew out
    10 min EMOM odd row/skierg even rest. Now to relax!

  12. Open
    1) 21:52 Rx - Did this with Clayton Cartwright and Lou Williams from Apex. Great work thanks for the push on the Burpees guys.
    2) Did Ogar Strong workout again at Apex - 8 rounds + 3 135#

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  14. Regionals

    1). 22.34 or around there. Did this with the fiancée and a friend. I used 185# they used various other weights. Was a fun one but much harder cardiovascularly than expected.

    2) done. Used a four in deficit for hspu. Goals was to do between 3-5 reps on each. Ended up at 5/4/5/4/4/5/5 on hspu. And all 5's until last set which was 4 for muscleups. Feel pretty good about all that those are both some weaknesses of mine.

    3) done. 200m sprints at .31/.31/.32/.34/.34.

  15. Regionals
    1. Partnered w/my dad. He used 135. I used 185. Did 2/3 reps. 20:41.
    2. 6" dhspu and 3MU
    3. 250m row. Done under :50 each time.

  16. I was all alone today so scaled to:

    100 Deads 60 kg
    80 Hang Power Clean 60 kg
    60 Front Squat 60 kg
    40 Jerks 60 kg
    20 Thrusters 60 kg
    EMOM 3 Burpees

    Time: 51:50

    1. Jesus what a beast took a while but we did it at that weight between 3 and it felt difficult

    2. Thanks man!!! Appreciate the notice of my effort, feels good beside this soreness...

    3. Fuckin! The Burpees must have been a nightmare addition, great effort mate :)

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  18. CrossFit Blur
    16:43 RX
    shorted 4 jerks (counting error)
    Link at:
    Rob Huffer, Jake Holmberg, Justin Fallon

  19. regionals
    1. done with marilyn, and jessica malone all rx 18:54
    2. 3 muscle ups
    3 ub 13' def hspu
    3. rotated through all 3.

  20. 185# w/ Joey S. & Frank S., -24:59, horrible, horrible WOD!

  21. Masters 46
    1.) Metcon (23:44)
    (Shared work equally)
    Partner WOD (Jay and I)
    100 DL #155
    80 hang P/C #155
    60 Front Squats #155
    40 Push Jerks #155
    20 Thrusters #95

    2.) EMOM x10 (avg. 45-47sec)
    Even: Row 250 meters
    Odd: Rest
    (Avg 500 meter split 1:38)

  22. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Done with Alden & Vic, all Rx. 24:38.

    2. First 3 Min: 1 Deficit HSPU & 1 MU
    Second 3 Min: 2 & 2
    Last 8 Min: 3 & 3

    3. Rotated all 3.

  23. Open 2014

    Team WOD (DEKA Team: Yannick Pinto, Philippe St-Jean and Maxime Dufault)
    13:40 Rx (All out!)

  24. Open:
    18:28 with Erica and Julia. Erica Rx, Julia and me 73#

  25. Did gymnastics first since I need all the energy I can get for MUs and HSPU.

    1. 6.5" dHSPU (2 45# bumpers): 4 across. Ring MUs: 2,2,1,2,3,2,3 as singles
    2. I'm the dick in the room. All by myself and forgot to do the EMOM burpees x5. Go ahead, say it.....DIIIIICK!
    34 dl, 27 hpc, 20 fs, 14 jerks, 7 thrusters @ 185# in 17:56 without burpees (dick)
    3. Done with AirDyne, :39, :39, :42, :42, :35

  26. 1. Did not have any partners so did this alone. I decided to cut the reps in half (50,40,30,20,10), but kept the weight as prescribed. 17:41.
    2. 10" Deficit for 5 Reps; 5 Muscle Ups
    3. This evening:)

  27. 50-40-30-20-10 with a buddy at 185. We dropped the reps so he could do it at 185. Still a doozy. 13:30

    then did snake bite from yesterday, 10:15, snatches were slow after all the stuff we did this morning. Ctb were pretty good, I could go close to unbroken fresh probably.

  28. First day of the Level 1 in the books. The workout was 3 rds of 15 thrusters 95# and 12 burpees. Got a 4:35, which was 2nd fastest of the group.

    Almost got to work in clean and jerks with the staff (Hendel, Malleolo, Jason MacDonald among couple others) afterwards, but legal reasons prevented it. Oh well...

    Also met Heather Bergeron! You have a lovely wife Ben!

  29. Mark that's awesome dude. Nice work! I would love to pick Hendel's brain on Oly lifting for tall #antininjas. I love watching him compete because of his taller size and how he has to tackle workouts.

    Find out if he and Malleolo are teaching the March 1st seminar there? I'd register and drive up from Long Island for it!

    1. Hey Chris, a I asked Hendel, he will not be at the March 1st seminar but Austin will be...

  30. Regionals -

    1) 18:40 rx
    2) done
    3) Done- 250 row

  31. 1. Metcon 18ish - did it at 165 - little sore this morning
    3 muscle ups w/ 15# vest
    5 Hspu at 9" deficit

    3. Doing tomorrow morning. Not training till the evening on Monday so should have lots of time for recovery still

  32. 1. Barbell
    Team of 2:
    60, 50, 40, 30, 20

    My takeaway is that hpc suck and I've gotten much much better at heavy thrusters. We finished after 20 mins and before 21.

    2. Gymnastics- not very long ago these two elements combined both would have suffered and I would have failed early in the workout. #progress #antininjacrew
    Odd: 12 inch deficit, aimed for 1-3 reps each time, funny thing was this fatigued and failed first
    Even: 2-3 each round, worked on stringing them together

    3. Burner
    EMOMx10- mix of row and run, all under 1 min

  33. Regionals:

    1. 44 minutes, was really tough
    Team of 3 (one person scaled)

    2. skipped

    3. skipped

    was toast after 1, but liked my effort.

  34. Open
    1. Team of 3 - 25:40 (scaled to 135# for the overhead movements, 155# for the deadlifts, HPC and front squats).
    2. Smolov Jr. squats, week 1 day 4 at 197#