Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thursday 2.20.14

The Dream Team,
Tovar, Akinwale, Froning, and Spealler, 
are coming back to defend their title at next year's ECC.

Recovery Day.


  1. That means we're gonna have to come back and take it from em for good! ;)

  2. First day back in a bit, caught some sort of stomach virus on Sunday and it put me on the DL list for a few days. Made up yesterday's wod but the lack of food and fluids over the past few days was apparent.
    2/19 WOD:
    1 Round + 25 DU's the thruster cleans took me 6 mins, I just had no power today hoping it's just due to the illness, will hit the Biathalon tonight should be fun.

    1. Biathlon 34:20
      1200m kept around 6 mins
      165# bodyweight snatches felt good after 1st round

  3. I. Hate. Running. #AntiNinjaSquad

    5k row at a slow pace.
    Head-2-toe mobility sesh.

  4. Love swimming so did some swimming intervals.

    40m OTMx15
    Followed by 5 minutes of easy pace.
    Mobility sesh

  5. No time for anything yesterday so hit the 12 min amrap this morning 1 full rd paced a little to much but I'm happy with it. Mid terms = less gym time.

  6. 1 hour of stretching and mobility and Iron Scap for the first time. Invested in my own set. Feeling jacked!