Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friday 5.3.13

Session 1
Thrusters, 95/65
Pull ups

Rest at least 3 hours.

Session 2
15 HR Push ups
2 Rope Climbs, 15'


  1. If I only have time for one which should it be?

    1. The one you don't want to do! :-)

    2. Yeah I was afraid of that. But what if the one I don't want to do I just did last Saturday at my level one cert? And I'm just now getting over the cough that came with it? :-) I guess my question is can one get too much Fran?

    3. Maybe u should do the rope climb wod then. Either way just hit it hard and don't look back!

    4. if it were me ... I would maybe do then both in one session...but that's me...I would mobilize/warm up & hit Fran ... rest til 10 min and do wod 2... not quite the same but still gets the exposure ... of double up on one of our single days this weekend

    5. Thanks guys! I'll have see how I feel after a long day grinding stumps!

  2. Anybody have a good sub for rope climbs? I can low hang rings in my basement and do one low one high and alternate pull ups or I thought about doing all arm and ten all leg rowing. Looking for ideas with my limited space! Thanks.

    1. DO you have a pull up bar? Just hand a towel over it and do 5 towel pull ups abd 5 towel K2E for every rope climb

    2. Thanks. I have an Ibeam so that should work. I used to do just towel to bar pull-ups but the mainsite sub was like 45 for a 15 foot rope climb which was just too ridiculous. I like this one a lot better!

  3. Doing both in one session AGAIN today. My gym's hours suck.

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  5. 1 session for both.

    1) 3.29

    15min Break

    2) 11rds + 5 hr push-ups.

  6. 1. 3:06 rx Fran. Last years time was 4:50

    *will do second part later.
    Was convinced to do a partner WOD right after Fran

    For time:
    30 ring muscle ups
    75 wall balls
    30 burpees
    100 toes to bar
    30 box jumps 30"
    125 m prowler push (460)
    30 bar muscle ups
    Time 12:48rx

  7. AM session
    "White" -18:14
    5RFT 3 rope climbs / 10t2b / 21 OH walking lunges / 400m run


    2:38 (:12PR)

  8. 1) Fran = 3:13 (1:17 PB! Still buzzing. Can't comedown, might go wrestle an alligator or something)

    2) Did AMRAP 10
    6 rnds + 6 push-ups

    Then did half my gym's wod

    4 rounds;
    3 min window
    1 round of Helen
    Remaining time ME STOH@70kg
    *rest 3 mins between each round

    1) 5 PU
    2) 1 STOH
    3-4 just did the 400m was goosed.

  9. 1.2:53 (PR is 2:48) not making excuses...but humidity + refusing to take time to chalk= slippery bar!

    2. 16 +9 HR Push Ups- my standards were thighs OFF the floor and toes ON the floor ...mostly happy with my rope climbs on this one...I have been doing a lot of rope climbs in my gymnastics programming and its paying off! Never got fatigued and I was able to make it 15ft with 3 pulls every time. Not too bad for a midget! :)

  10. Beyond thrilled that I got today's work done. Sick little boy this week so my sleep is a mess and workouts are all over the place, thank God for his awesome nap today!

    1. Fran 3:04 41 second PR (shouldn't have picked up the camera when it fell) Happy, last regular Fran was 2 years ago, )

    2. only waited 10 min not 3 hrs. 8rds +15. Rope climbs ate me up. I stink at them and my grip was shot, alot of waiting b/t climbs ~30 sec. mental issue rd 4 on j-hook, took a few min to get my crap together

  11. Replies
    1. 14+12

      Modified rope climb with 6 strict pull up+ TTB

      I need to get a rope

  12. 1) 3:31 (pr was 3:32 haha)

    10 min rest

    2) amrap 20

    15 hr push ups
    6 wall climbs

  13. 1. 2:15 RXd
    Video coming soon

    2. 13 + 1 rope climb

    1. Fran=

    2. Great job man! Havent been very active on here I injured my hip so I'm limited on what I can do!

  14. M/5'9 145# 14 yrs old:

    Only had time for one wod:

    2: 7 + 4 push ups.......10 minute amrap and 1 rope climb instead of 2. Happy with it, first time doing rope climbs but I felt like I was getting the hang of it. Just gotta work on it

  15. 1: Fran - 3:51... not happy with this time. 20 seconds slower than my PR. I guess I will blame doing it at 5:00am? But there is no excuse. Pull-ups got me...

    6:15 PM
    2. 10 rounds + 4 -- I need to get better at Rope Climbs. Push-Ups used to be my goat, though - and I never did any less than 5 at a this felt good!

    1. I'm sure it was the morning thing...

  16. Fran
    3:11 PB down from 3:33
    Rest 10 min
    2 - 10 rounds + 14 press ups
    Hard to maintain intensity with the press ups over that time domain

  17. 1/2 combined into one:

    20 min. AMRAP:
    15 HR Push ups
    2 Rope Climbs
    10 Thrusters (95#)

    8 rounds even

  18. HUGE PR for me today on Fran!
    3:18 Rx (previous was 4:50). However, I felt terrible afterwards lol.

    Ended up doing rope climbs NFT bc it was my first time ever doing them

    16 min EMOM (work for first 30 sec of each min, rest 30)
    Ring dips- even

  19. Fran 3:43... 20 secs slower than my PR :(
    Didn't have access to rope climb so did goat training instead
    EMOTM- 2 muscle ups odd minute and 5 deficit HSPU even minute

    1. I was 20 seconds slower today, too! So frustrating!

  20. 1. @3:30 pm Fran- 2:25. PR=2:22. Need to practice pull ups again

    2. @6:50pm. 13rds + 1Rope climb

  21. 1)Fran=2:20
    2)Did not have a rope. Did HR pushup and pullup work separately. May attempt this tomorrow at affiliate.

  22. 1. 3:04

    2. Class was going, so I hit some hspu's, ttb's, and bj's.

  23. 1) This morning - 4:33 - PR by 24 seconds, but I am not happy with it. I want 3:30 or under and can do it easily by getting over my mental block on thrusters.

    2) 14rds + 8HRPU - Subbed rope climb with 5 towel Pull ups and 5 towel K - E

  24. Decided to both after work
    1- 3:39 focused on staying in control. Felt good wasn't dead after.

    10 min rest

    2- 12 rounds + 2

  25. Fran - 2:50

    27 second pr for me. Finally got sub 3. Felt great after too.

  26. Fran 4:04, 2 min PR

    2) 9 rounds+ 13 did 6 wall climbs not robe climbs