Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday 5.6.13

Recovery Day.


  1. Couldn't have come any sooner.... :)

  2. I def enjoyed yesterday's wods

  3. Did a full load today to make up for yesterday's work.
    Sundays WOD.
    1. 3:58 (225)rx. Unbroken on cleans except last round. Wanted to try see how I'd do @225. Forearms are smoked.
    2. Did two rounds but practiced handstand walks because I suck at them.
    3. 7:12. Did 105# barbell because range of motion suck ass with dumbbell.

    Did part 2 from sat WOD.
    2. 12:38 subbed in 30&40# slam balls because I have no sandbag.

  4. Did #1 this morning from yesterday's WOD. 8:36. I actually stopped after round 4 because I thought I had done 5 so that added some time for sure! I was surprised how much the cleans smoked my bench. Fun WOD though.

  5. Yesterday's Work:

    1. 6:25 (only 165# for both exercises)

    2. 2:51, unbroken

    3. 6:01

  6. M/5'9 145# 14 yrs old:

    1: 3:33 (115....95)

    2: 8:57 (5 wall walks instead of handstand walks)

    3: no time

  7. Did yesterday's work today and took a rest day yesterday.

    1. 6 something. Tweaked my wrist a bit in first round and had to baby it a bit. Didn't pay attention to the clock when I finished.
    2. 4:29
    3. 9 something...

  8. Back to training after a week off. Kentucky Derby was crazy with all the rain and mud! Way too much drinking and gambling and eating like hell. Fun times but missed my training! Happy to be getting back into it.

    Worked late today so didn't have time for everything. Plus I wanted to do snatches.

    1. Snatch 6 x 1 at 155. Felt heavy and shoulders felt tight. Ugh. Feel like I took two steps back.

    2. Yesterday's clean and bench WOD. 9:15 rx'd. Cleans felt heavy to start and got better. Bench no problem.

    Good to see all your hard work from the past few days! Inspiring as always.