Friday, April 27, 2012

Saturday 4.28.12

Hey Monsters, There has been a bunch of questions on the direction of this site, so here's my quick answer.  The programming on this site is geared for competitors preparing for the Regionals.  I understand that many of you are may have missed the boat this year, but are still looking to use this site to help improve your training.  Since we know the WODS for the Regional competitions, the programming on this site is going to be narrowly focused over the next four weeks.  My suggestion is if you are not competing in a Regional Comp this year would be to use the next month to improve weaknesses and then jump back on board in June.

Here is how to kill goats, while continuing to improve your GPP.  Follow a well designed program like CFNE's daily programming and add 2 days a week of specific goat killing on top of the regular wods.  For example, if you need work on your T2B's do one day (Monday) of 5x12 unbroken for time, and a second  day (Friday) of Tabata T2B for total reps.

1.  Snatch
10 x 1 Snatch, OTM at 90% 1RM

2.  For time:
Row 750m
12 Pistols
Row 500m
12 Pistols
Row 250
12 Pistols

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