Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday 4.18.12

World Champion, "Big Bri"
1.  Clean and Jerk
1x2 at 75%
1x1 at 80-85
2x1 at 90%
Rest as needed between sets.  

The Bulgarians rose to the top of the O-lifting world by training high volume at around 90-98% of 1rm.   Training just below your Max Effort is where the most adaptation takes place.  If you are "at" max effort - your form, technique and CNS take a major hit.  If you are too far below your max effort you don't get the same neurological or muscular response.   

2.  4 RFT
6 Pistols
200m Run
6 Deads, 245/165
1 minute rest between rounds.

Record total time.  Sprint every round.  Get back on the bar and pull.  You should feel confident with that weight. Touch and go the bottom and no pause at the top.

Games Master's Competitor Bubba Hagood...

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