Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday 4.10.12

1.  Stone Shoulder
Work up to a single heavy

2.  Tabata Mash up
Stone Shoulders & Double Unders
Alternate, 16 rounds total.  Score is lowest reps for each.

3.  Zercher Yoke Carry
Work up to a heavy carry for 50'

4.  4 RFT:
40 yrd Heavy Sled Drag

Tabata Mash up of Stones and DU

Team Zercher Relay


  1. 1) Snatch Pulls. Got my butt down, chest up and these went better.
    2) Metcon thing: reps of db cleans (40#), burpees 6:41.
    3) 5x5 GHDR - Thanks for the tips Hobart.
    4) 3x1 minute planks with 53# KB. Why were these so hard?!
    5) PT - lump on the Achilles isn't a "nodule" so I'm going to live. Gotta keep with the heel raises, stretches, massage and warm up.

  2. Fun day in the gym today. If you forgot to pick up your book it's in my office.

  3. Super fun day!! and thanks for the book!! :D
    Sorry D and James accidentally threw a 35 on that back peg for those last carries instead of a 25 :O

    Heavy single - 170#

    Tabata Mashup:
    3 with a 153# stone
    24 double unders :/

    Zercher - 240# + the rack

    Partner 4 RFT with D
    Sled 100 yard? 180#'s
    15 GHD's