Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday 4.25.12

Become friends with the bar.  Together you will do great things...

1.  Squat Series
50 Unbroken Back Squats, 135/95
rest 1 minute
40 unbroken Front Squat, 85/65
rest 1 minute
30 unbroken OHS, 65/45

2.  DBS
5x8 (4/side), :60 rest between sets.

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  1. Hey is this where we are supposed to publish

    Squats were BRUTAL- almost gave up- took the FS relatively slowly- OHS were relatively easy - couldn't walk down the stairs of the globo gym.

    DBS (dumbbellsnatch?) 8x 20, 35, 50, 65,70, 75, 80 very important to keep the dumbell close to the body! had to use two hands for the drop on hte hevier weights at the globo gym.