Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday 3.24.14

Briefing 14.4 to the badass beauties Friday night at CFNE.
Jessa Lamoine, Katrin Davidsdoitter, Cheryl Nasso, Kaleena Ladeairous and Michele Letendre.  

1.  Snatch
1RM Power Snatch

2.  Jerk Complex
3 Dip Drives + Split Jerk, work up to a max set.

3.  "Clean-O-Rama"
3 Rounds of AMRAP Cleans in :15 at 225/155, rest :45
3 Rounds of AMRAP Cleans in :20 at 185/135, rest :40
3 Rounds of AMRAP Cleans in :25 at 155/105, rest :35
3 Rounds of AMRAP Cleans in :30 at 135/95, rest :30
3 Rounds of AMRAP Cleans in :35 at 95/65, rest :25
Work on cycle times, and increasing your stamina.  Report scores for all 15 intervals.

1.  Gymnastic Benchmark
50 Strict HSPU for time

2.   Metcon
For time:
1,000m Row
20 Pistols
20 Bench Press, bodyweight (girls do 15 reps)
40 meter Dumbbell or KB walking Lunge, 70/50 each hand
20 Bench Press, bodyweight (girls do 15 reps)
20 Pistols
1000m Row

"Open 14.4"
AMRAP 14 of:
60 Calorie Row
50 TTB
40 Wall Balls, 20/14
30 Cleans, 135/95
20 Muscle ups


  1. OPEN
    (did it sunday exceptionnally)

    195 reps, tie-break at 9:57.
    Sooooo happy with my score.

    This was my friday redo. I had 188 reps.
    Was a little deceived after my disastrous 14.3 that cost me a place at Regionals.

    Guys, have fun redoing this. Stay confident and relaxed! 4 down, 1 to go.

    1. Congrats Greg, that's great!

    2. Congrats Greg, That's a huge jump...what was the differnce?

    3. Great! I wanted those 195 arrrgh!!

    4. Thanks guys!
      Tiebreak was 10:16 on friday. Basically went faster on T2B and cleans.
      Have fun guys!

    5. Great job Greg! That is an awesome score!

    6. Congrats! I know that feeling. Happy for you too!

    7. Good job Greg! Good luck on 14.5.

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  4. Good day everyone!
    Redid 14.4 on Sunday. Finished 200 reps with 10:46 tiebreak. Last MU was completed at 13:57, so had no time to row.
    Happy with finishing full round. Friday's result - 185 reps and 12:48 TB.
    Resting today.

  5. Hello, what is mean this "Dip Drives"? Thanks

  6. 14.4 take 2 - 182 with a 13:09 tiebreak. Last Friday the score was 173, so I'm pretty happy about that.

    1. Nice improvement Ilya! Feels good getting off those cleans huh?

    2. Congrats Ilya, great improvement!

    3. Ilya that is an incredible improvement! Great job!

    4. Thanks guys, it does feel good :). Was happy to finish cleans for sure.
      Practically, was more methodical - slower row (2:44 vs 2:25), a bit faster t2b - 10-10-10-5-5-5-5, wall balls - 7x5+5 (spent 4 minutes on them last Friday). Cleans by 1, and managed to get to the MUs.

    5. Way to fight and get to those MU's

  7. Regionals
    1. Power Snatch 1RM- 175lbs. 10lb PR. Only 10lbs away from my snatch pr.
    2. Dip Drives+Jerk- worked up to 245lbs.
    3. Metcon- 18:02. I hate bench press.

  8. 14.4 redo... 182/ 12:56 tb! Hit my goal of getting into mu... previous score was 179. Got on the rings at 13:25, but grip slipped so I know that cost me at least one more rep.

  9. AM
    1. Snatch
    2. Jerk Complex
    3. "Clean-O-Rama"
    225# 3,3,2
    185# 8, 8, 7
    155# 10,10,8
    135# 12,12,11
    95# 16,14,13

    Also redid 14.4. Only got 1 rep improvement for 187 drank a bit to much this weekend. Tiebreak 12:00

  10. Redid 14.4 yesterday and hit 192 (189 friday) TB 11:37
    Happy with this score.

    Today :
    1. Squat 4x3 (climb load) til 130 kg, then tried 140 for one rep (had an hip issue 6 weeks ago, and have not squated heavy since this)
    2. EMOM 30:00
    Min 1 : 10 KBS 24 kg
    Min 2 : 7 burpees (classic, over the bar and target alternating each round)
    Min 3 : 5 thrusters 50 kg
    At min 15, we decided to add one rep (11 KBS/8 burpees/6 thrusters)
    At min 20, we went thru 12 KBS/9 burpees/6 thrusters)
    Great one!

  11. Hey guys, hope you have all been killing it on 14.4, one more week left, woooohoo!
    Ended up waiting to do 14.4 until Sunday
    Ended up with 187 (7 M/U total) and a tie break time of 12:26min. Would have loved to get 10 MU but the cleans took me SO LONG and were surprisingly hard. I was planning to do sets of 5's and ended up doing singles.
    Best of luck to those doing today. I will do this work later and post tomorrow!

  12. Open
    14.4: 194 reps, tie break :10mn47

    friday: 191 reps

  13. I did the Open work from Saturday by myself so I tweaked it a little bit to get a similar stimulus. I did the 30/25/20/15/10 rep scheme with five burpees at the top of each minute, but rested the remaining time every other minute. Took me 20:48 (that was 100 freakin' burpees).

    Also, great job to everyone on this week's Open workout! I love to hear about everyone's successes.

    1. Good job on 14.4 Michael! Keep up the good work!

  14. Hey Ben, quick question on where the programming will be heading for the Open athletes that don't make regionals. Will it start to go into a "Getting Ha-uge" type phase to get those strength numbers up?

    Thanks for all your great programming!

    1. Would love to know the answer to this question as well! Thanks

    2. We no longer follow a periodized approach like "Get Ha-uge". The approach we follow now is posted in the programming philosophy.

    3. Ben will you program for the "open athlete" just after the Open?
      Can't wait to work on my weaknesses

  15. 1. 195. I don't remember the last time I worked up to a power snatch max. I know I have done 205 from the hang, but I don't know about from the floor. Anyway, not the strongest lifting day.

    2. 265. 30# off my max jerk. Again, don't know if it was nutrition related, stiffness, a little bit of over training, or really under recovering, as my diet yesterday consisted of kfc, beer, and a steak salad. Anywho, chalk it up to a bad day and move on.

    3. Holy hook grip this hurt my thumbs. Pretty nasty little interval.

    225 - 5/5/5
    185 - 5/7/7
    155 - 7/8/8
    135 - 8/9/8
    95 - 10/11/12

    1. 1k Row
      20 Pistols
      20 Jerks (chest was smoked) @ 155
      40m WL with 2 70's in the front rack (this sucked by the way, did it with my class and had a 15' spot to do them in so had to turn around a lot which slowed me up.
      20 Jerks
      20 Pistols
      1k Row


      Practice Handstand walks, too.

  16. Open/Masters 43

    14.4 Re-do: Ugh! Decided I had nothing to lose and went balls out, which was dumb, started to hit the wall on PC's, doubt crept in and I ended up with 186 (Friday was 187)
    Oh well, even if I got a huge improvement, it wouldn't have moved me much due to the horrible 14.1.
    Congrats to all the great improvements out there, some amazing scores!

    1. Peter, I admire your guts for doing it again. I thought really hard about it, and to be honest, I just didn't have the courage. My first attempt went so well and I felt so good about it; I just didn't want to tarnish that feeling. Now, I somewhat wished I had, but like you, a few more reps wouldn't have made a material difference in my placement. Great job to you no matter what. You are a great athlete.

    2. You did what you had to do brother!

    3. Peter - I was definitely on the fence today and almost took another shot (prior to reading your post). Don't sweat it man, it will just make you hungrier! Only one more to more!

  17. Hey guys sorry for the missed posts.
    Great Job everyone! Some sweet scores posted.
    Friday: 14.4= 209 - wasn't my strongest wod but was a fun one

    Clean O Rama
    225: 5-5-4
    185: 7-8-5
    155: 7-7-7
    135: 7-7-7
    95: 11- 7- 10

    Can't go overhead at home so will do the rest later on.

    1. By the way, for those who are not looking on the Canada East leaderboard.. Brandon is sitting in 2nd place overall!!

    2. Can't wait to see you kick ass at Regionals!

    3. Haha thanks Guys! really appreciate it- we are all beasts ;-) keep training hard folks! 1 more week!!

    4. Keep it! Best of luck at Regionals!

  18. 1. 235# previously hit 245#...fighting a lingering shoulder issue so didn't push it past 235 today.
    2. Worked up to 295#...once again, stopped here to protect the shoulder.
    3. Clean O Rama
    a. 4,4,4
    b. 8,8,8
    c. 10,9,10
    d. 12,12, 11
    e. 12 (lost time changing weight), 14, 15

    PM Session this afternoon before class

    1. PM Session:
      HSPU: 5:14....shoulder were SHOT!

      MetCon: 16:54...second row was terribly slow haha!

  19. Redid 14.4
    198 improve by 2 reps

  20. Justin Master 40-44 NER
    Did 14.4 Again and got 1 more rep. Should have had a 12th but just in todays cards. Good Luck to All

  21. Open; Masters
    14.4 194 tie break 11:44
    My focus for the Open has been a bit derailed. My wife is pregnant with our first child and being 40+ she had to go through several tests to make sure everything is ok, which has been stressful with anticipation and "what if's". Luckily we got the word all is good. So maybe I can give one last push to do well on 14.5

    1. Nice work Victor! Distracted or not, that is a great score, and of course, congratulations!

    2. Congrats on the baby...I should have added!

    3. Congrats Victor! On both the baby and 14.4.

    4. Congrats Victor! On being a daddy and doing work on 14.4!

    5. Congrats on the baby Victor!

    6. Congrats Victor, on both accounts!

  22. Open

    14.4: 180 tie break 13:50. Due to some logistical issues, I actually did this on Saturday and vowed not to re-do it. As much as I would like to improve my TB time, I really don't think I'd be able to make up 1+ min - which is easily needed for me to even attempt 1 MU! My TBT broke down so quickly and I just need to practice more. 4 minutes for 50 reps is unacceptable.

    In other news, I finally gave in and bought a 30# WB! Looking forward to breaking it in - and shout out to Michael Johnson for the Jfit tip. It's 1/2 the price and looks like it will hold up well - of course time will tell ;o)

    1. John, our Jfit is really just getting broke in. I mean it does come off the wall sometimes like a bruised tomato, but hey, constantly varied, right?

      Seriously, though, after using that big, lopsided beast for two months, then getting to use a brand new 20 lb. Dynamax on Saturday, I actually looked forward to the wall balls. Have fun!

  23. Open = 185

    Got 2 more reps than friday. Thanx for the program Ben.

  24. Open/Masters

    Friday: 187 tie breaker 9:26.
    Today: 188 tie breaker 9:42. 2 misses on mus. Gave it everything I had.
    I see which heads I have to feed, to become a three headed monster ;).

    Good job everyone! One more to go.

    1. Good job, you killed it leading to the MU's!

  25. Morning session

    A. 1RM Power Snatch of day
    (Can be seen here....)

    B. Jerk Complex
    3 Jerk Dip + Drives + 1 Split Jerks
    =295lb failed at 305lb

    Really liked this drill. Felt strong

    C. "Clean-O-Rama"

    This was quite the stimulus. Ripped both my hands somewhere in 185, pushed right on through.

    PM session

    D. 50 strict handstand Pushups for time
    ( broke it up12-22-30-35-40-45-50)

    E. For time:
    1,000m row
    20 Pistols
    20 Bench Press, Bodyweight (180lb)
    40m KB Lunge, 70lb KB's
    20 Bench press, Bodyweight (180lb)
    20 Pistols
    1,000m row
    =18:16 RX

  26. 1-power snatch 185
    2- jerk 265
    3- 14.4 redo- 199 , TB 10:18, 3 rep improvement. Felt better for the cleans this time.

  27. Redo of 14.4-185. 1 more rep than on Friday!

  28. Regionals/Games Programming

    Session 1:
    a) worked to a 235 Power Snatch. Tried 250 and was so close! It's on the way. Strength is definitely there.
    b) "Clean o Rama"
    225# - Got 3 each round
    185# - 8 each round
    155# - 12 each round
    135# - Don't remember everything. Somewhere in the 12-14 range
    95 # - 15, 14, 12

    Session 2:
    a) MetCon - 13:20. Legs were smoked from those Lunges! Hit me harder than I thought they would.
    b) 50 HSPU for time - 8:45. It seems I have a lot of work to do. I did kipping because strict would have literally taken me all day. These have always been an issue for me. Being 6' 2" doesn't help but still. Brutal

  29. Open
    Thursday night - 198, 10:41 tb
    Today - 197, 10:07 tb

    MUs were gone today - my own fault - had a little too much fun away in NYC this weekend haha. 3 of 4 WODs I've done same or worse on retest - either I don't learn anything or I do a pretty good of letting it all hang out on the first shot. Good luck with 14.5 ladies and gents!

  30. 14.4 Redo. 189 w/ 10:08 t.b. +4 reps (Sat t.b. was 9:49)

    Didn't get credit for 10th MU (didn't press out in time) but it was there so I'm happy. Goal was 10 MUs. Tackled workout slightly different and felt even better than last time. Was able to do MU ub 3,2(f 3rd),2,1,(f),1. Experience gained.

    So impressed with scores and improvements here.

  31. Open/Masters 48

    14.4 redo 180 reps. Friday I got 182 with a tie break of 13:11. On most wods my first attempt is my best. Not sure why.

  32. Open Program
    14.4 - 192, 11:34 tb (1-rep improvement) - probably paced too much prior to muscle ups, but at least I was able to improve. Looking forward to a jump up the overall leaderboard finally!

  33. Crazy day:

    I redid 14.4 and got 1 rep I said fuck it. Went to work, started feeling better, came back to the gym and redid again:

    Got 209! Feel much better with that. I feel if I didn't do it twice in one day I would have done much better, but whatever. I like it.

  34. open 14.4

    2nd attempt - 183. up from 181 on friday. better tie breaker too at 12:34

    nervous about my video again. realized that the minute part of the clock wasn't in the frame for some of it, just got the seconds. can't do much at this point.

  35. Open
    Redo 14.4- 196 reps- 3 rep PR- TB-9:45

  36. Well guys redid 14.4.

    Went in with a different strategy. Really paced this one unlike Saturday which was all out. Got 201reps. Finished the last muscleup with 10sec left. Just enough time to get to the rower, not strap in, and pull as much as possible until the cal hit 1 and time ran out.

    This is a 7rep improvement from Saturday and I am pretty happy with this seeing as I am not awesome at muscle ups. Finished cleans at 9.25, 10sec ahead of Saturday when I was smoked about halfway through the muscle-ups and it started to fall apart. Thanks coach and everyone and get ready for 14.5.

  37. Replies
    1. Great work Hunter. You are damn good at muscle ups.

  38. 1st attempt Saturday 167 reps
    Redo today-178 reps. So close to those MUs!

  39. 14.4 redo - 187 reps 11:18 tiebreak. Friday had 185 with 11:15 tiebreak. Small but satisfying improvement.

  40. 2. Metcon
    For time:
    1,000m Row
    20 Pistols
    20 Bench Press @ 125#
    40 meter Dumbbell or KB walking Lunge @ 53# KB
    20 Bench Press @ 125#
    20 Pistols

    Time: 18:16

    I did my redo yesterday and just needed to get a Metcon in. Bench press is definitely a weak point for me so I went with 125# (BW 155#)

  41. Session 2

    P. snatch - 220
    Jerk complex- 285

    50 strict HSPU - 4:40 - 30 seconds better than last week

    Wod was 15ish
    BW 185 + pr'd my 1000m row at 3:28 - extremely happy with the progress on the rower. Still have a long way to go though, thanks a ton Coach B!

  42. Redid 14.4...184 reps. 11:20 tie break time. 3 reps better than saturday

  43. 14.4 redo - 191 (3 rep pr!) - split 10:14 off the cleans.

    1. Thanks bro, great improvement for you too, I'm sure that jumped u a good amount of spots on the leaderboard!

  44. 14.4 redo - 195 reps (6 rep PR!! yeaahh!) 10:26 TB off the cleans.

    I felt amazing on this wod and it definitely is in my wheel house. Almost had 16 muscle ups but failed on my last attempt.

  45. 1. 14.4 Redo - 196 reps 10:41 tiebreak. 4 rep PR from Friday, 192 reps 11:03 tiebreak.

    2. Metcon: 23:26*** I was 10 reps into my first set of bench and some people came in the box that wanted to look around. Roughly around the 6:30 mark, restarted the clock at 0:00 and finished the metcon at 16:56. Hopefully my math is correct. Sorry for the novel of an explanation.

    Bench done at 200# which absolutely killed me so the people coming in probably helped that ugly time haha. Felt good on everything else. 70# KB walking lunge.

  46. 5'6"/165/Southeast

    14.4 - 188 (Done Friday forgot to post)

    1. Power Snatch - Worked up to 205# and hit it, but looking at the video I broke parallel, hitting this next time.

    2. 50 Strict HSPU for time - 4:57 - Sets of 5 the whole way then hit a wall on the last 10, took me almost 2 mins for the last 10.

    3. Metcon turned into a Team WOD for fun: 17:05 - Kept the Rows at 1000m, but doubled all the reps and put the bench at a standard 185# for everyone. Good way to end the night.

  47. 14.4 redo 192. Up from 189 saterday. I was happy.

  48. Regional Programming
    1. 155# Need a whole lot of work on my power snatch. Awful.
    2. Worked up to 255#. The jerks felt solid today.
    3. 225 - 3, 3, 3
    185 - 6, 6, 6
    155 - 9, 9, 9
    135 - 11, 12, 11
    95 - 13, 14, 14
    4. Skipped. Had to go one session today and was running out of time.
    5. 16:55 rxd. Those second set of bench were rough!
    Looking back at 14.4, I wish I would have redone. I was and still am excited for my 192 score considering my muscle ups were very sporadic 2 months ago and just stringed my first set last Thursday. Having that said, I might have been able to get a few more with a redo and not have dropped so far. Team is still in an okay spot, but our gym as a whole struggled pretty badly with this one. Oh well. On to 14.5. Great job to everyone this last week!

  49. Still in shock. Didn't think this would be my year to get there, and I know it's not over yet, but I'm one step closer.

    Repeat of 14.4 today and had OVER a minute more on the rower than I did last time. Had 20 last time, and had about 90 seconds this time around.

    Final score for 14.4- 227

  50. Wrestled with whether to re-do 14.4 and decided to. Goal was to get through the cleans by 9:15 and I was close (9:22), but my muscle ups weren't there today. It was singles basically the whole way. I stopped at 14 MUs with about 35 seconds to go because I knew I wasn't getting back to 198. Very disappointed as I really wanted to get back to the rower.

  51. 1. Power snatch - 170# PR
    2. Jerk - 265# PR
    3. No time for cleans
    4. 50 strict HSPU - 8:51
    5. Metcon - did half everything except the lunges, bench at 195# - 13:52

  52. Prepping for Provincials this weekend, so am taking things a bit easier this week...
    1. 1RM Power Snatch

    2. 3 Dip Drives + Split Jerk
    Kept it light, worked up to 155# only, felt good.

    3. "Clean-O-Rama"
    Instead of Clean-O-Rama, did 5min EMOM of 3 pos Power Cleans @ 155#

    4. Metcon
    Time: 18:26min
    Changed out BW Bench for 95# S2O
    I was just tired today, wasn't very motivated.

    5. 50 Strict HSPU for time
    Time: 8:09min
    This are coming slowly... very slowly.

  53. 14.4 190 first time
    P. snatch 199lb 90 kg
    Complex jerk 255 lb 115 jg
    Clean RX

  54. Sick all last week so waited to do 14.4 until monday afternoon. Ended up with 186 and tiebreak of 11:05. Still not feeling 100% but rrally happy with that score. There is no way I could have gotten those MUs being that tired if it weren't for all the MU work we have been doing that has helped my consistency a ton. Thank you!!

  55. Regional Metcon
    20:12 (185# bench)

  56. Here we go. While I have dabbled in CW in the past, today starts a full year... Looking forward to seeing how far it will take me..
    Clean-o-rama: 185/155/135/115/95
    1RM Power Snatch: 145 with good form.. need to get hips lower, it's almost a muscle snatch
    Jerk complex: 155 before going to clean o rama...

    HSPU and metcon later...

    Thanks Ben.. very excited.