Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wednesday 3.12.14

Ashley Fors

1.  EMOMx14
Odd:  1-2 High Bar Pause Back Squat, 3 seconds at the bottom
Even:  3-6 Muscle ups

Rest as needed.

2.  EMOMx14
Odd:  7 TTB + 7 WB, 30/20
Even:  7 PC, 135/95 + 7 BJ, 24/20 - games standards

Rest as needed.

3.  EMOMx14
Odd:  Row 250m
Even:  5 Squat Snatches 135/95

1.  Metcon
Odd:  7 TTB + 7 WB, 30/20
Even:  7 PC (135/95) + 7 BJ, 24/20 - games standards

2.  Skills
Odd:  Play with Muscle ups
Even:  Play with light hang squat cleans


  1. Hi Ben! What means "play with ...."? How many reps we should make?

    1. "play with" probably means not to failure, but challenging. you pick based off of your skill level.

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  3. This is awesome 14.3 prep. Some of these movements are bound to show up! Thanks coach Ben!

  4. the past few wednesday workouts have been so much fun! love these.

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  6. Well, I was wondering about 6 months ago whether I was a regionals athlete or an open athlete. I got a resounding answer on 14.2. I needed 50 more reps to even be in the top 60. I honestly thought I could use work capacity to get out of a jam or a higher skill workout but realistically if you dont have a skill it stops the workout dead in its tracks. I should have been working way more skills and much less strength and squats. Challenge accepted.

    1. So you think that if you have followed the "open prog" you should have been better at 14.2?
      Regio prog have more volume and strength, nevertheless not less skill, no?
      That's a question. It intersets me to understand the secrets of programming well.
      I followed Invictus competition prog until almost 2 years. And I debated many times about doing more condi/less strength (modify the prog on my way) but each time, the arguments against me were : progress on your numbers (RM) to build you as an athlete. Conditionning will come later on the season, much easier/faster to build. But I have now numbers "close" to some regionals or top 100' regio one's but still have 300 rep on 14.1 !!!!
      I find the philosophy of Ben's programming more realistic about the Open prep.

    2. I'm not saying I would have done any better on 14.2, what I am saying is that large sets of ctb (particularly butterfly) is seemingly a requisite skill these days. I am also saying I should have been a little more realistic about my areas for improvement. In my opinion the regionals programming assumes you have the requisite skills.

    3. Coming off a layoff due to injury I knew my conditioning was shot going into 14.1. I can string together large sets of butterfly without C2B. But 14.2 did the same to me. It exposed my lack of skill quite badly on those. I was downright pissed at myself, because I had planned on working it more during the year, I got so mad about my injury, that when I came back a few weeks ago I just was happy to be training again. Love this programming though and it has given me a tremendous amount of progress that didn't vanish when I took all those weeks off. Thanks again coach and to everyone posting, keeps me motivated!

    4. I have been struggling with my less than desireae performance on 14.1 and 14.2. I got 315 on 14.1 and 174 on 14.2. The majority of this year I spent following the regional programming. I got strong and it was great. I switched to open programming the last couple months and I thought if I could get strong I would be able to get big numbers because the weight was lighter. However I found my engine failed me in 14.1 and inefficient c2b destroyed me in 14.2. I know this is the right programming for me but I think I wasn't applying it correctly. I don't know to focus on this year now.

    5. From the programming philosophy section:

      This programming is for Athletes that hope to perform their best during the Open and hopefully earn themselves a spot at Regionals (or the Games for Masters). The focus is on preparing athletes for the demands of The Open (loading, movements, volume, etc...)

      I used to follow another program for Regionals athletes which gave me a lot of muscular endurance. I switched to CompWOD, Open and made big gains.
      That's my story :)

    6. Joey, I'm right there with you man. This programming is exceptional and I built a huge engine over the last year. This is not a failure of the programming this is a failure on my part to be self actualized. I should have focused a little more on large sets of Muscle ups, CTB and skills type stuff.

  7. Ребят подскажите как правильно делать метконы где odd и even? Пожалуйста

    1. EMOM означает every minute on the minute в течение определенного времени, например, EMOM 10 означает, что необходимо выполнять предписанную последовательность движений в начале каждой минуты, в течение 10 минут.
      Even и odd предполагает деление на четные и нечетные минуты. В данном случае:
      Первый меткой подразумевает, что в нечетные (odd) минуты нужно делать 7ttb + 7 wb в четные - 7pclean + 7bj:
      1min: 7ttb + 7 wb
      2min: 7 clean + 7 bj
      И так в течение 14 минут.

  8. Masters 47/ Open
    1. Done rx'd 30 sec each rd.
    2. 70 kg x 3// 3 MU
    Nice workout. Good prep!!!

  9. Reg.:
    1. emom ( I did front squat because of pain lower back with 80kg - and pain stop - thx)
    + 3MU
    2. emom: I am happy that everything was unbroken
    3. without stripes for technique
    snatch only with 40kg becase my hands are still in pain from open

    - it was really cool and I enjoyed every single EMOM

  10. Open:
    1. Done with 22# WB
    2. 135# x3 + 2 MUs.

  11. Regionals
    1. Done w/ pause back squats at 225lbs and 3 muscle ups.
    2. Done. This hurt (in a good way). But it's just what we need to be prepared for what's coming up!
    3. Scaled the squat snatches to 3 otm. Hands felt like they were gonna burst.

  12. Open:
    1. Done with #30 WB- all done under 35seconds
    2. 135# x3 + 2-3 MUs

  13. Only had time for the first 2 emoms this morning

    1. 315 pause squats x 2 each rd
    3 unbroken mu's for the first 4 rds and then switched to 2 singles for the last 3 cuz I could feel my wrists getting raw and don't want to tear cuz I know mu's are coming soon in the open.

    2. Made all rds

  14. Jeremy Levo, europe
    1. Done all sets 28-32 sec. Except the last (40 sec)
    12 kg ball
    2. 5 HSC 60 kg
    3 MU

  15. Open
    S. Central
    1. Done. 25-29 seconds per round.
    2. No muscle ups; letting hand rips heal. EMOMx10: 3 Hang Sqt Cleans, 165

  16. Open/Masters (43) ~
    Had to Modify due where everything is:
    Odd = Wall Ball + Box Jumps
    Even = Power Clean + TTB

    7 Reps at each ~ 10 Rnds - Took 60s Rest - 4 More Rnds
    The walk/jog back and forth was taking it's toll...maybe should have reduced to 5's and kept going, but wanted to stay with 7's...that 60sec literally a breath of fresh-air!

    2) Muscle Ups = 3 / 3 / 4 / 3 / 4
    Hang Sqt Cleans = 5@95# / 3@115# / 4@115# / 3@135# / 5@135#

    Looking forward to the RECOVERY DAY!!!

    Great work by everyone...

  17. Think I'm gonna take an extra rest day. I just feel really beat up.

    1. yea man, what is up with this? i feel like I just started crossfit last week

    2. I was definitely feeling the same way as you guys. I took a nice bath last night for 10 minutes. Mobilized everything. Drank two glasses of wine and a beer.feel like a champion today.

    3. Ice bath* autocorrect

    4. Haha! A nice bath with a few glasses of wine and a beer sounds romantic. No wonder you feel like a champ today!

    5. 14.2 was NOT a workout to redo.. At least for me. Got better in the rankings, but struggling to come back to 100% from that one!

  18. Open Masters 43
    EMOM 7 TTB, WB, PC, BJ, Added 1 min rest to the rounds, that way I kept speed and unbroken for the sets, still in recovery mode!
    Muscle-ups/hang squat clean: did 2 MU's and 3 hang squat cleans with 115

  19. 1. EMOMx14
    Done 205# BS and actually watched the clock for the full 3 sec pause not quick count.
    2. EMOMx14
    Done; half way threw powercleans went 4,3
    3. EMOMx14
    Done; Messed up the rower on start so was about 15 secs behind clock whole time made sure to get the 5 snatches in each time and rows fell short at about 200m each

  20. Open:
    1) emom: done
    2) emom x 10: done with 4 mu and 4 hang squat cleans @ 165#

  21. OPEN
    1. EMOM 14 - Rx unbroken
    2. EMOM 10 - 3 UB MU / 3 UB HSC @ 155#

    ... moving well today.

  22. Regionals:

    1: done: 5sec pause @ 275/4 MU....these felt awesome today. Wanted to do more, but I'm feeling a muscle up wod come thursday

    2: Done RX: All done right at :27

    3: Later...out of time. Be back at lunch time in two hours to finish.

    1. didn't make it at lunch, came back after work and finish the last workout. All RX

  23. Regionals.

    1) done with 275 for three and 286 for four sets. Had to sub bar muscleups today but they went fairly well.

    2) done. All rds between .30-.33seconds.

    3) done. Made this one as rx'd but was tough. Thanks Ben.

  24. Open:

    1. Done. All rounds done within 0:30.
    2. Done. 5 x 135 lbs. squat cleans / 3 muscle ups.

    Everything felt great today.

  25. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. BS: 225# x 2, 255# x 2, 275# x 3
    MU: 3 UB x 6, 4 UB x 1

    2. TTB: UB, WB: 20#, 12' target
    PC: UB Rx, BJ: UB

    3. Just worked for 14 min.. Shoulders smoked.. 95# snatch and 250m row.. Started my 5th round... Just moved at a decent pace.

  26. Reg:

    1) Done with 315 on squats and muscle ups were 3,3,3,4,4,6. Felt really good and no sets were to failure

    2) Done with 30lb ball

    3) This afternoon... ran out of time

    1. 3) Done Rx with 135... this was a significant emotional event to say the least

  27. 1. All TTB ub and really fast. The weight I cut must be from my legs....
    2. 3/3/3/3/3 no false grip u.b. huge confidence booster. A year ago i got my first MU
    2. 135# hsc x3. Wanted to keep focus on MUs. This was really light.

  28. Open
    Done around 30 sec a round
    Did snatch and muscles ups 5 snatch at 135 3 muscle ups

  29. Haven't posted this week due to a very busy schedule. Finally slowing down a bit...

    1.) Back Squats @ 315...Subbed double unders for muscle ups because of my shredded hands.

    2.) Unbroken on all sets, felt great! Finished between 28-29 on all sets.

    3.) Done.

  30. Open:
    Done, with about 20-10 sec left each round
    Did 3 muscle up's and 3 position squat cleans at 60% (120ish)

  31. 1. Back squats: 225. Really focused on driving knees out/good positioning. Muscle ups 4,5,5,5,5,4,4. Felt great. Just caring for my hands.

    2. Super, super fun. The 30 felt great.

    3. Later.

  32. Open
    All rounds done in 30 sec but used a 20 lb WB
    Got tough their towards end

  33. Did reginal today.
    1. Rx with 245 felt good should have done more.
    2. Done. Rx
    3 Rx but it was close. It was a good workout.

  34. Open:

    1. Done. Sub'd in Burpee Box Jump instead of regular. Fell off pace just a touch on the last round but that was more because the PC got heavy. I need to get more comfortable with that weight. Happy with my decision.

    2. Done.
    = EMOM x 10
    Odd- 1 strict MU
    Even- 3 Hang Clean @ 155

  35. 1- BS 245 ATG x2 with 5 sets of 6 MU and 5 for the final two.
    2- done but 6 reps of everything. Looking back I had plenty to get 7. Oh well next time.
    3-150 m row with 4 squat snatches TNG at 135. I suck rowing, 250 wasn't realistic, but looking back I should have hit all five snatches TNG, they felt great. Took about 5 min between EMOMs

  36. Regionals

    1. 315 pause squats + 5 muscle ups

    2. Done- used 25# wallball and did "two for ones"-
    Working now so will Do number 3 in a few hours

  37. Open
    1. Done rx'd
    2. 3 MU's/ 3 HSC 135#

  38. Open Program
    1) Done - unbroken throughout, but this was tough.
    2) Done.

  39. Open
    1. This was deceptively tough. Done but it drained me.
    2. 2 MU and 4 HSC

    Feel beat up today as some of you have said. Looking forward to a rest/recovery day!

    1. Definitely feeling beat up, I agree with all of you, much needed rest day tomorrow. I've been going since sunday, redid 14.2 on sunday and then did something different on monday, but today was day 4, tired!

    2. I just remembered that last Sunday, instead of resting I did 30 squat snatches with 135, not for time. That may be where I goofed up. Extra rest needed before Friday night! What does Castro have for us tomorrow?

  40. OPEN

    1) Done, unbroken, all rounds in either 27 or 28 seconds.

    2) 115# hang squat cleans, 6 reps. 3 MUs

    I feel beat up. Wow.

  41. Masters 46
    1. Metcon (done)
    Odd: 7 TTB + 7 WB, 30/20
    Even: 7 PC (135/95) + 7 BJ, 24/20 - games standards
    The odd minute work 30 sec
    The even minute work got longer as the wod went on but didn't miss a round.

    2. Skills
    Odd: Play with Muscle ups 1-2 strict
    Even: Play with light hang squat cleans #135 (3)

  42. OPEN

    Emom done as RX except the wallballs done with 20# but i was throwing it 12-15' high

    Hang squat clean 185#x5
    Muscle ups 5 reps

  43. Open
    1) Completed Rx and UB. Each round was approx 30 seconds
    2) OTM: 10 min
    O: 4 MU
    E: 7 hang sqt cleans @ 115#

  44. Just finished up the last emom, that was rediculous, lol!!! Kept Rx for 6 mins and then fell off to 200m row and 3 squat snatches for the rest of it.

  45. Open
    1) Done with 25# WB
    2) Odd: MU 3/3/3/3/5
    Even: 6 hang squat cleans 135#

  46. Open
    1. Done 25# wb
    2. Odd- 5 Mu's
    3. 7 h.sqt cleans -135#

  47. Open

    1) Done
    2) MU x 5. HSC x 3 @ 135

  48. 5'6"/165/Southeast

    14:00 EMOM
    Odd - 2 Pause BS @285# across
    Even - 5 unbroken muscle ups

    14:00 EMOM
    Odd - 7 T2B + 7 WB 30#
    Even - 7 PC @135# + 7 BJs 24"
    Kept every round at 28-30 seconds

  49. 7x1 block snatch up to 230
    2)all unbroken 30 seconds odds 28 seconds evens
    3)done with power snatches legs are kinda toast

  50. Regional Programming
    1. 2 pause squats at 275# and 2 muscle ups. Those muscle ups are slowly but surely coming around!
    2. Done. Kept all sets under 40 seconds.
    3. Wasn't pretty. Pretty gassed by this point for some reason but got through it.

  51. Open
    1. Done with 20lb ball. Odd minutes were about 30 sec, even - 40-45. Struggled with power cleans, but managed unbroken, somehow.
    2. Odd minutes - 3 bar MU (didn't want to move a car out of the garage to get to the rings), even - 4 hang squat cleans with 115#.

  52. Open-
    Yesterday- Didn't have a deck of cards, so just trained with a friend and did his programming. He's sitting 15th in the SE after two events, and did I mention he's 40 years old? Pretty pumped for the position he's in, going into the CFG season.

    5 Rounds, each for time w/ 3min rest after each..
    15 box jumps @30", 10 DL's @275, 5 Mup's - we were neck and neck throughout..

    -1:06/1:04/1:02/1:03/1:15 on the last one after tripping up on the box jumps twice.
    UB on everything other than that last round of BJ's..


    Did the 14 EMOTM Rx'd. Felt good. Finished each round sub :30 seconds.
    Then, the "playing around.

    Cleans were: 135x5, 165x5, 165x3, 185x3, 165x10
    Muscle-ups: 3, 3, 5, 5, 5

  53. Birthday party, then a basketball league game, and had to come home tonight. Lots of changes but did this:

    3 Pause squats at 135# with 10 sec pause, rings I left at the gym so did 10 strict chinup s

    Subbed 8 95lb thrusters and 20 weighted situps 20#vest (pullup bar is too low for TTB at home)

    6 Power Cleans 135# and 5 strict HSPU

    Felt good and not terribly exhausting

  54. Open
    1. Done with 12kg WB
    2. 4 MU
    5 squat clean 60kg

  55. Open
    1. Done with 20# WB to 9ft
    2. 1 MU, 4 on last set. 83# for 7 reps.

  56. Open/Masters 48

    1) 25# wb all others Rx, fell off the minute so just kept going amrap style and finished 1 round behind.

    2) strict pullups to failure/ 5-6 hsc @ 115#.

  57. Open
    1. Done 25# mb 11'
    2. 5 muscle ups all unbroken, squat clean 95# stayed really light first time in 6 weeks with bad elbow.