Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday 3.29.14

Spealler's 14.5

With a running clock, complete:
1.  3 RFT:
6 Power Snatches, 185/135
18 Pull ups

at the 20 minute mark complete:

2.  3 RFT:
6 Squat Cleans, 185/135
12 C2B Pull ups

at the 40 minute mark complete:

3.  3 RFT:
6 Muscle ups
18 Back Rack Barbell Walking lunge steps, 185/135

at the 60 minute mark complete:

4.  3 RFT:
21 Deads, 185/135
14 TTB

1.  Metcon
200m Run
7 Power Cleans, 135/95
7 C2B Pull ups

Becca's message to herself for 14.5


  1. Coach,

    If we qualified for Regionals for Teams, do we switch from Open to Regionals until May?

    Thanks again for putting this programming out there!

    1. Greg, if you are referring to you qualifying... congratulations!

    2. Thanks Adam! Made it in Teams. Happy. I think it will be next year, with another full year of CompWod and "goat shooting" :)

  2. Ben, thanks!!! I know everyone here is tremendously thankful for the programming on this site! I myself have seen a nearly 800 person jump in position on the leader board from last year to this.... due in no small part to this programming! Now for us Open guys... any chance you will bring back the Get Ha-uge phase? If one thing is certain my absolute strength and power endurance are weaknesses that need improving!

    1. Here is what Ben replied to Tyler Bennett March 24:

      "We no longer follow a periodized approach like "Get Ha-uge". The approach we follow now is posted in the programming philosophy."

      Hope that helps!

  3. Had to dig deep today to do the program after doing 14.5 yesterday. Feeling flat...

    Score - 5 Rounds + 200m run + 7 reps

    All Power cleans unbroken , C2B is one of my strong points but I just could not hit butterfly properly today, was some weird looking gymnastic kip with a butterfly attempt. This slowed me down a bit. Should have had 6 full rounds +

    Resting up now till Monday night then gonna hit 14.5 again

    1. Nice work and good job yesterday too!

    2. Hey Jeremiah. My name is Adam. I'm new on here and this was my first WOD following the OPEN prescription. Sometimes I have to work out by myself, so as a way to stay motivated and push myself, I saw you had the best performace. So I wrote down your score on my white board and gunned for it. You won:) I'll try and get you next time:) I did 5 rounds + 100 meter run.

      On another note, I like your pic of you in Africa. I've done quite a bit of travelling myself on little mission trips....mexico...Dominican republic...jamaica

  4. Open
    4R+3 strict pullup
    Did strict pullups as my left shoulder still painful since 14.1 ! 14.5 did not feel me better.
    Cleans in UB round 1 then 4/3
    Pullup UB then 4/3
    Can't wait to start a new year prep to kill those weaknesses. I don't know for you all but for me, this year's open have more exposed myself to my weaknesses than last years.

  5. 14.5 - did it this morning with rest of the CompWOD-ers from Apex.

    13:24 - 21/12+6/9+6/8+4/9/6/3. I am happy with my time. IF I redo this ill break up the thrusters a little more in the higher rounds and try to take shorter rest breaks. Awesome work this year to everyone. It's awesome to be a part of great group of people. I hope a CompWOD weekend gets set for this summer to meet some of you guys.

    1. Thanks Mark. Great work during the open!

    2. Clayton, FANTASTIC job during the Open. You really put up some awesome scores. I am looking forward to watching your improvement over the next year. Congratulations!

    3. That means a lot coming from you Michael. It's athletes like you that keep me motivated.

    4. Great work Clayton, we will be redoing on Monday!!

  6. Regionals/Masters 47
    Scaled to 75kg
    1. 5:36
    2. 4:02
    3. 8:14
    4. 5:22

  7. Open/masters 48

    14.5. 19:20. That hurt!!!

  8. 14.5:

    13:57. My Open season is over. I am looking forward to getting back to training and rooting for those of you who qualify for Regionals, the Games and the Masters video qualifier.

    Keep up the great work everyone. This community really is special to me.

    1. Nice work Michael! Your enthusiasm and positivity is a beacon for this community. You are one hell of an athlete too. Thanks for the inspiration an looking forward to the coming months of training with this community. I said I was done with 14.5 after I finished it.. But I may give it one more whirl on Monday. Change up my strategy - break up the thrusters earlier and do all step ups.. See what happens!

    2. Stellar work on the Open Michael! I ready to get back to training also

    3. Great job Michael! I thought you were in the top 200? If not, for sure next year! I have always looked forward to your posts, keep pushing it, and maybe we can meet up at a Ben camp as Steeve says.

  9. Open masters 45

    4 rounds
    singles for pc, ctb in 4/3 kipping.

    Today starts my year of comp wod programming. I've been following in the background for a while, dipping in and out and doing some strength work but I'm going to commit to this programming consistently and see how it goes. inspired by you all. Thanks Coach.

  10. Open
    4 rounds + 5 PC. Haven't run in a while so this was good.

  11. Open
    Did 14.5 this morning with most of Apex Comp followers - 12:26 First open workout this year that I felt good going in as these are strong movements for me. I'm content with my time and not sure if I'll redo. All of you crushed the open this year and good luck to all that are going to regionals!

    1. Thanks Michael! I always look forward seeing your scores everyday keep killing it!

  12. Masters 46
    14.5 (16:23)
    Done thank GOD. Might redo on Monday. Started to fall apart on the round od 9' s.
    Thrusters 12,10/8,5/5/5,6/6,6/3,6,3
    Buroees ok need to get back tobar quicker and just slipt the 15's (8/7) and unbroken on the 9's

  13. Regionals

    I had to complete each portion of the workout every 10th minutes due to time constraints. It definitely didn't make it easier. Ha!

    1.) 4:26rx
    2.) 4:20rx
    3.) 5:20rx
    4.) 5:08rx

    Had a ton of fun with this one. Wish I could have rested the full time to push my times a little bit. Thanks, Ben, for everything you do for the community! This has been a wonderful experience since following.

    1. Best of luck to you at Regionals!

    2. Thanks, Michael!! I always enjoy reading your posts and am inspired to push myself like you always do. I'm very happy to be a part of this community, it truly has been a great experience:)

  14. 1. 6:49
    2. 4:26
    3. 7:18
    4. 4:31

    All RX

  15. Open. 5 rounds even. Bench, Airdyne, core stuff as well.

  16. So for folks following the open we jump into training for the 2015 open. With seeing the strength portion in the open this year should we do 2 months of Get Huge as "Off Season" training? Was just curious for what's in store.

  17. AM
    - 14.5 - 13:14. All thrusters UB, just really slow big guy burpees

    1) 7:51
    2) 5:56
    3) 10:43 (walking lunges)
    4) 4:56

    All Rx. This was really fun!

  18. Usually doing open prep but switched it today...


    All RX

    Fun stuff!

  19. 1. 4:42
    2. 4:09
    3. 6:42
    4. 5:18

    All RX

  20. Replies
    1. We tied, Hunter. That's the exact score I had. It was a good workout.

  21. open
    1. 13:11, can't say I am thrilled with my time. I'll be redoing on Monday.
    I def believe in the programming, I fell a short of Regionals this year, but this has been my best performance in the Open since it started!
    Master in 2 years

  22. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Kinda threw together a make shift day.

    1. 14.5 = 12:12. That was miserable. Just an absolute mental grind.

    2. 3 RFT:
    6 MU
    18 Back Rack Lunges @ 185#

    7:43 Rx.

    3. 10 min AMRAP:
    200 m Run
    7 PC @ 135#
    7 C2B

    4 + 200m + 4 PC Rx.

  23. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and have some fun. I was planning on dropping back a day on the regional programming like i had been doing before the open started. So I used today to rest a lot and just have some fun at the gym. Jogged a 5K for a good friends son that has CF this morning. Broke out the ole axel bar and did a few different emotms and complexs. Refreshing day and ready to hit this day of programming tomorrow!

  24. Open
    Subbed ring dips for ctb. Ring dips are huge struggle and did not want to re-rip my healing rip.

    2 rounds + 4 ring dips

  25. Regional Programming
    Had to change a few things up.
    1. 5:20 at 145# (160# 1 rep max)
    2. 5:02 rxd. Tore both palms up real bad.
    3. Did first set of MUs and palms were even worse, so just did the back rack lunges.
    4. 6:25 rxd.

  26. OPEN
    1. Metcon: 5 rounds Rx
    2. Front Squats - 3x3@250# (OT3M)

    1. Working on butterfly C2B - only 335 training days until 2015 Open ...

  27. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam McGhee. I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm an insurance agent for the family business, have a wife and 3 beautiful kids. I've been doing Crossfit for 4 years now. I have my Crossfit Level 1, and have been coaching others in Crossfit on the side for a couple years. I train in my shop building out back behind my house. I have just about everything I need back there. Enough about me.

    I'm very impressed with the programming on this site. Please consider me part of your community. I have aspirations of making it to Regionals 2015. I will be following the OPEN prescription.

    5 rounds, 100 meter run. I've been having mobility issues, so this was my first workout in over a week and a half. My goal was to make 5 rounds. I'm happy with my performance. I give my intensity score a 9.

    Thanks, everyone!