Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday 3.19.14

14.4 at CFNE is going to be awesome.

1.  Snatch Complex
Power Snatch + Squat Snatch from blocks - Set up blocks so the bar starts at your knees.  You can drop between reps.  Work up to a heavy, but not max set.

2.  Metcon
3 RFT:
500m Row
21 Power Snatches, 115/80

3.  Skills
Work on Deficit HSPU

1.  Squats
5x5 Front Squats

2.  EMOMx9
Min 1:  L-Sit Rope Climb
Min 2:  Legless Rope Climb
Min 3:  Regular Rope Climb
repeat the sequence for 9 minutes.

3.  Skills
Work on Handstand Walking

1.  Metcon
Min 1:  5 Wall Balls + 5 Power Cleans, 135/95
Min 2:  5 Wall Balls + 5 TTB
Min 3:  5 Wall Balls + Push Jerks, 135/95
You choose the weight for the Wall Ball.  Repeat the sequence for 15 minutes.

Yep... Awesome.


  1. Coach Ben, for the open program, is that supposed to be min 1/min 2/min 3, or is it a 15 min emom of each of the 3?

    1. I think we have to do 5times each part of workout

  2. Hello, help me please, snatch complex with what weigh and how much reps I must do?

    1. He says work up to heavy but not max weight. So the weight is whatever is heavy for you, and the reps is however many reps it takes you to get there.

  3. Open/Madters 47
    Done rx'd. All sets approximately 24-26 sec.

  4. Regionals
    1. Snatch Complex- worked up to 155lbs.
    2. Front Squats- 185,205,215,225,235lbs.
    3. Started the metcon, but got insanely sick to my stomach. My dad thinks I overworked myself. Baseball season officially started this week and we have practice everyday after school from 3:30-6. Might have to start rethinking what I do everyday now. Maybe I should just do the open programming during the season.
    Anyways, might try to come back and finish the metcon tonight.

  5. Open
    Met con done. Around 24-27 sec a round
    Did regional snatch work up to 175#

  6. Regionals.
    Session 1:

    1) done up to 160.

    2) 15.12.

    3) done. Did 3sets of 1strict and 2kipping at 9" deficit. And 3sets of 1strict and 5kipping at 3" deficit.

    Will do the rest later.

    1. Session 2.

      1) done. 220/242/264/275/286

      2) done.

      3) done. Did 50' for time.

  7. Hey guys and gals

    This is my first post.
    I am a CrossFit athlete from South Africa and I have been following Bens programming since late last year. The open had been going well and I was on my way to earning a regionals invite when I suffered a pulled hamstring before 14, 3 which ultimately ended this years open. I am bitterly disappointed to say the least. But I understand that a good foundation haa been put down for next year!

    I just want to say thanks to Ben for the awesome programming and good luckto everyone ghere! May u smash 14.4!


  8. Open/Masters 43
    1) Done w/ a 25 yd space b/t Wall Balls (30#) & the other exercises...so I was constantly moving... One of our guys had 45yds b/t was jogging the entire time... It was great!!!

    Everyone enjoy their recovery day!!!

  9. Open:
    Emom- done. Used 30# wallball and 155# for cleans and push jerks

  10. 1. Snatch Complex
    2. Metcon
    3 RFT:
    13:07; glutes and hams fatigued much quicker than expected. Kept first 2 rows at 1:45 used last one as a little recovery at 2:00ish.
    3. Skills
    Hit some work on the parallettes with Victor (aka the master gymnest).

    Also added in the open EMOM because it looked fun and I can't pass up a fun WOD ever.

    PM after work

    1. Dude our first session almost will look identical!

    2. Nice, except your row splits are gonna be closer to 1:30s and your Metcon will be sub 12 haha

    3. PM
      1. Up to 225
      2. Started doing all 3 otm then had Victor check cuz there was no way I was making 6 more rounds. Restarted and was much easier
      3. 15 mins done

  11. Open:

    EMOM: Done with a 30 lb. wall ball. Good, clean fun.

    1. Thanks for the good words the other day Michael. I'm really focusing on the last two. I WILL claw my way back. Have an awesome week!

    2. How great is that 30lb wallball? Has changed the game with the 20lb!

    3. Dylan, I haven't even thrown a 20 lbs. ball since I got my 30. I am afraid I will throw the 20 through the roof.

    4. I had started using the 30 a little bit before I went on vacation to my dad's and while I was there I had to do 20# wb's at the place I dropped in at and it felt so light, barely had to put anything into it, loving the 30#er!

  12. OPEN
    1. EMOM 15 - Rx w/ 30# wallball

    ... smooth and efficient ...

  13. Open/ Masters
    1. Done with my heaviest med ball (25#).
    Feel nice and ready.

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    1. Regionals/Open mix with a twist:

      1. Snatch complex: up to 205lbs and called it for the back
      2. Open EMOM (mod): 4 sets of: 1: 6 X 30# WB + 6 PC (165)
      2: 6 X 30# WB + 6 TTB
      3: 6 X 30# WB + 6 P.J. (165)
      1 set of: 1: 7 X 30# WB + 7 PC (165)
      2: 7 X 30# WB + 7 TTB
      3: 7 X 30# WB + 7 PJ (165)
      3. DHSPU: worked up to a max for the day then dropped a plate and did 3 X ME

  15. Just got a 15% penalty for my video on 14.3. Obviously not very happy about it. Here was the email:

    The score on your video submission has received a major penalty because you failed to reach FULL HIP AND KNEE EXTENSION at the top of many of your BOX JUMPS. Your score has been modified from 121 to 103 (15% penalty). Your new score is valid.

    Here's the link:

    appreciate any feedback. I know i could probably stand up a little taller but it just doesn't happen when i'm gassed. These box jumps are the exact same way i've been doing them for years. Never had an issue with box jumps in the open (which come up every year.) So i'm a little confused on that end.

    1. John- watched the video, and it honestly doesn't look like you're extending your knees all the way. I think it's brave for anyone to do a video submission- people are always overly critical. I've got videos of all of my workouts, and after rewatching I think a couple of my boxjumps were questionable in terms of extension.
      Check out Austin Malleolo's winning video- they specifically pause at the top to lock everything out. Going forward, I'm going to make a point to jump in this way. Sorry man- don't sweat it. Lots of gray area with 'em!

    2. Thanks Dylan. After re-watching it i'm starting to see it. Obviously it looked different in my mind when doing it ha. Yea the video submission is tough. i'm sure my box jumps were just as good as the majority of people doing it at an affiliate. Oh well. My goal is to beat my ranking from last year and i still have a shot despite this score crushing me.

    3. Hey John - that's a tough pill to swallow and I feel for you - especially as a "fellow video submitter". Like Dylan said - people are always overly critical. As you know, if everyone had to submit via video, there would be very different scores being submitted. Ok, time to get off the soap box.

      In all honesty, I think you just need to do a quick pelvic thrust or glute squeeze at the top. I went through the judges cert videos and according to the "standards" you do have a bend in your knees or hips (and essentially can't draw a straight line) in some of your reps.

      Great work in any case...and if it makes you feel any better, you still beat me even with your penalty!

    4. John, I'm lucky enough to be doing the wods at CFNE with coach Ben and Rachel. After my first attempt which I thought was rx at 14.3, Ben told me the last few bj were boarderline and although my judge may not have noticed, as my coach he wanted me redo the wod. At first I was bummed because I had a decent score and believed I was at full extension while racing though the last reps. Ben talked with me and said that if you really care as an athlete and want to compete at this level, there can be no shades of doubt. Every rep should be full range of motion without question. I redid the wod and improved my score with Ben looking on. This experience will stick with me forever. Leave no room for doubt with the standards. Good luck, John and huge to thank you to you, Ben!

    5. Jon - Thanks for all the feedback. More of a tough pill to swallow than anything. Michelle - great piece of advice to pass on. Will keep that in mind. Just another reason i should look into an affiliate. I'm sure over time training by myself some of my range of motion gets questionable, bad habits form and i never pick up on them

    6. John, you're absolutely right about how training alone can promote poor muscle memory. Recording my wods this year has exposed some major holes in my movement patterns (ex. not using my hips effectively on muscle ups) of which I had never been aware, and I've been CrossFitting over 5 years. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to have your score lowered; maybe recording wods from time to time throughout the year could help.

    7. Just my $0.02, but I think those box jumps are only no good if you are using a very strict definition of full extension (except your very last round, where a few of them you never opened your hips). I can't imagine an athlete getting no-repped on many of those in a live competition. I personally wish they'd only make adjustments to scores or DQ people in the Open for more clear violations and things that helped you gain an edge (like extending your hips in the air rather than on top of the box to shorten the cycle time). I guarantee people were getting away with similar box jumps and having their scores validated by an affiliate.

      Either way, try to learn from it and leave no doubt in the future if you're going to continue to be brave and use video submissions.

  16. OPEN:

    1. 20# WB, 135# on the bar...

    30 seconds each.

  17. Did the regional snatch complex up to 195 with no misses then did the open metcon with a 30lb ball. Fun day!

    1. I completely agree. that open workout was a ton of fun! nice to have a little break from going crazy on game plan for a while.

  18. Open:
    30Lb ball, RX bar. Felt good. Everything unbroken except the last round of push jerks. Each round took about :40 seconds each.

  19. AM session

    A. Power Snatch + Squat Snatch off blocks at knee

    B. Metcon
    (Blaine-my splits were def not low 1:30's today! Haha! 1:46, high 1:50's then a low 2:00 <---not proud of that but man the snatches took w/e steam I had right out! )
    This totally Lit up the posterior.

    C. Deficit Handstand Practice

    4"-2 strict
    8"-2 strict
    10"-2 strict
    12"-2 strict
    14"-1 strict (plates on top of box)
    14"-2 strict
    14"-2 strict

    PM session

    A. 5x5 Front Squats
    =255lb across

    B. 9 min EMOTM of L-Sit/Legless & Regular Rope Climbs

    C. Practice Handstand Walking
    3 sets of 30ft unbroken

    Hope everyone had as much as we did at Railroad CF today! Get it guys!

    1. Yeh the glute and ham fatigue caught me off guard as well

  20. 1.off the blocks 1 power snatch +1 snatch=75,95,125,145,165,185

    2.metcon RX=12:22

    3. Skill- deficits is a huge weakness for me built up different heights until 14 inches. 2 reps at each height

    Session 2
    1.5x5 FS- 295 across

    2.EMOM-9 done
    If Ben remembers me from his comps he knows this is what held me back so thanks for adding them.

    3.skill- 3 sets of max hs walks

    Railroad crew

  21. Jeremy Levo, europe
    Done w/ 12 kg ball

    Extra work : EMOM 5:00 C&J (power/push) 100 kg

  22. 1. snatch complex: 235# felt solid and fast so i stopped there.

    2. did 3 rounds: row 500m
    10 power snatch 115#
    10 toes to bar. (needed skill work under fatigue on these for piece of mind)

    pm later

  23. Open:

    1. Metcon. Put a litte twist on this one, when warming up my shoulder felt weird so decided to lay off the Push Jerk to play it safe. Also went for 19 min. Not really sure what happened there. Was only paying attention to the Seconds and didn't realize what minute I was on.
    =EMOM x 19
    Min 1- 7 Wall Ball (30#) + 5 Power Clean (135#)
    Min 2- 7 Wall Ball + 7 TTB
    Min 3- 7 Wall Ball + 7 Burpee

    Ouch. (Finished with Power Clean)

    2. Did the Regional front squat work.
    =Worked up to 185#

  24. Open/Masters

    15 x EMOM: done with 30 # wall ball, 135 # bar
    Enjoy the rest day tomorrow!

  25. Only time for one session today due to school.
    1-snatch from blocks- worked up to 165
    2-did 5x5 FS at 225 and 4 sets of parralette HSPU for about 6-10
    3-did Metcon with 3 RD 500 m row and 21 power cleans instead of snatches. Only read it once and somehow messed it up. Oh well still a good workout.

  26. Regionals/Games Training

    1. Worked up to 205. Felt good today, nice and smooth under the bar on the squat snatch
    2. 13:45 -- Really happy with that. Did one set of three snatches at the beginning and stuck with doubles from there. Repping snatches kills me. Averaged a 1:52 on the rower

    Did the Open EMOM next with slight variation.
    15 min EMOM
    a) 5 Thrusters (95#) and 3 HSPU
    b) 5 Thrusters and 8 T2B
    c) 5 Thrusters and 8 Pullups

    4. Rope Climb EMOM -- Only have a 12 foot rope so started from seated position and all legless or piked
    5. Getting better at free standing HSPU. Have walking down, working on progressions

  27. Open Training

    WOD Done.

    Ben, Holy ____. That was hard but the cleans felt surprisingly good. Thank you for providing these workouts. While I don't post daily the comments are a daily source of inspiration.

    Good Luck on 14.4 & 14.5 Everyone!

    Give a shout if any of you are coming down to Puerto Rico!

  28. Open/Masters 48

    Done 25# mb and 115# bar.

  29. open: done with a 30lb ball every third minute. rotating with two friends and only have one 30lb ball in the gym.
    rep scheme: Minute 1-7wb#30 & 7 pc 135
    Minute 2-7wb#20 & 10 T2B
    Minute 3-7wb#20 & 7 push jerk 135
    Lots of fun. Loving the Wednesday workouts. Good Luck Everyone.

  30. A little snatch work @ 165 haven't done any in awhile.
    Emom done almost 30 sec rest ea rd.
    Did 5 rds 50 du's max distance handstand walk immediately after du's avg was about 30 ft a rd.

  31. 1. Pwr + Sq Snatch from blocks: 195# (200 seems to still be a barrier)
    2. Emom15 metcon: 30# wb + 155# p.cleans and p.jerks
    3. Free standing handstand holds

  32. No time for 2 sessions today. So did a mashup.

    1. Snatch from the blocks. 185.

    2. FS 5x5 245 Across

    3. 3rft 500M row, 21 Snatches. 14:03. Worked out with Stwilley today and he smoked me. Got a good push though. This one buried me after those front squats, quads were just toast.

    4. 2 rounds of EMOM,

    1. 1 L-sit RC
    2. Handstand practice
    3. 1. Legless RC
    4. HS practice
    5. 1 Regular RC
    6. HS practice.

  33. Open; Masters

    1. I did the 2 Front Squat, 1 Thruster complex from Saturday. Worked up to 205
    2. METCON - completed with a 30# WB, all rounds under :30.

  34. Open
    1. Done w/ 30# WB.

    - then the Reg./Games Snatch complex: 165# for 5 sets
    - then Reverse Tabata Freestanding Handstand Holds for 6 min.

    1. only did extra cuz I'm not in the running for regionals this year now

  35. Open
    1. Done. 30# WB
    Not difficult but felt good to breathe a little hard. Nice metcon after all the dead lifting last week!

  36. Open
    1. added a little twist to the met con
    OTMx15 we did 5 sets but added 1 rep each triplet- 5/5, 6/6,7/7,8/8,9/9
    2. snatch from the block- pwr+sqt - worked up to 205#
    3. 5 Def HSPU OTMx5

  37. A. Power Snatch + Squat Snatch off blocks at knee

    B. Metcon

    C. 9 min EMOTM of L-Sit/Legless & Regular Rope Climbs

    D. 5x5 Front Squats

    E. Skill Work
    Worked on HSPU's and handstand walks

  38. Worked with Bussom tonight.
    1). Completed...last triplet went back to 5 reps .
    2) snatch from blocks. Worked up yo 135#
    3) 5x deficit HSPU (45+25) OTM: 5 min

  39. Regionals Programming
    1. Worked up to 155#
    2. 12:58 rxd
    3. Did sets of 5 from regular HSPUs up to 14"
    4. 255, 255, 255, 265, 275
    5. Done
    6. Set the clock to 10 minutes. These were way off tonight, but haven't been spending much time on them.

  40. Worked with Bus tonight.
    1) Completed - last triplet went back down to 5 reps - 25# WB
    2) Snatch from the block - pwr+sqt - worked up to 155#
    3) 5 Deficit HSPU OTMx5

  41. 2014 Regional & Games:

    All one session today.

    1. Snatch Complex: Worked up to 170 (Current PR) hit the power snatch but missed the squat snatch.

    170 felt good so I had to go for a new full snatch PR and I hit 175#. Pretty excited about this, I have been stuck at 170 for about 3 months now.

    2. Metcon: 15:07 Rx. That was BRUTAL!!

    3. Skills: EMOM 5 x 3 Deficit HSPU @13"

    4. Squats: 225# x 2, 185# x 3. 225 felt like I was going for a 5 RM! Struggle bus. Listened to the body and went down on weight.

    5. Rope EMOM. No rope at the box.
    Min 1: 1 L-Sit Pull Up
    Min 2: 3 Strict Pull Ups
    Min 3: 5 C2B

    6. Skills: Handstand walks. Messed around on the skill ladder for 10 min.

  42. Open
    EMOM done with 20 lb ball but tossed to 11-12' (forgot to bring my 30 pounder) and 155lb barbell. Felt pretty good.

  43. Preparing for Provincials next weekend so deviated a little bit...
    1. Snatch 5x1 @ 155#
    Had trouble on the third set, but otherwise feeling good

    2. Clean & Jerk 5x1 @ 180#
    This felt really good, worked with my coach on this.... considering my best is 185#, I am hoping to PR this soon. Jerks have always been a weakness of mine.

    3. Metcon
    Time: 17:55min
    By this point I was pretty much gassed from all of the lifting before hand. Barely had anything left in the tank.

    4. Work on Handstand Walking

  44. 1. snatch complex, worked up to 155, felt quick and easy so tried 165 and failed. Bar got infront of me so I just moved on.
    2. metcon - 15:09 this sucked. Usually I like rowing but it just wasn't there. first split was 1:35 and the last two were 1:50 and 1:55. Left me demoralized for the snatch.
    3. deficit HSPU got to a single strict at 8" on plates (PR tie). Felt good and didn't try any more strict. Went to 12" and did 3x3 of kipping.
    4,5,6 - no time to adequately get them all so I played around with each for 2 minutes and had to leave. Work this week has been crazy.