Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday 3.3.14

Pretty stacked heat at the ECC.
Hackenbruck, Spealler, Froning, Letendre, Curley, Hobart, Malleolo

1.  Snatch Ladder
1 rep EMOM
Men start with 185 and add 10# every minute for as long as possible.
Women start with 125 and add 5# every minute for as long as possible.

2.  Squat
3 rep max Front Squat

3.  Gymnastic Benchmark
50 Strict Handstand Push ups for time

4.  Dynamite Kid
3 RFT:
10 Muscle ups
5 Squat Cleans, 225/155

Open 14.1
30 Double unders
15 Power Snatches, 75/55


  1. 315 first time around.. sorry performance. Broke on my dubs 5x, and moved slow on the snatches. Ready to hit at least 345+. Lets get it.

  2. Masters 47
    Today only 319.
    Grip fatigue because of PCl on Saturday's WOD. Happy with current ranking.)))

  3. Regionals.

    1) worked up to 165. Failed 175. Felt weak on the third pull today. Form feeling smoother.

    2) up to 297. Stopped there because I'm thinking about redoing 14.1. Got 340 the first time and if I can hit 350-355 it will move me over 90places up and should keep me in the top 100 for the region.

    Otherwise I will do the rest this afternoon.

    1. Session 2:

      3) open 14.1: 351. Final score really wanted 360 tonight but this is 11reps better than Saturday and a 51rep improvement overall.

  4. Open, Jeremy Levo, europe
    14.1 : 300 (did 291 friday)
    Wanted more but cardio and light weight are big weaknesses. That is why I follow the blog now, since 2 weeks (too late I know)

  5. Open

    263 Rx This is a 5 rep improvement from Friday and accounts for the fact that I miscounted my last round of DUs (29 versus 30). In my first attempt, I did all snatches - took lots of breaks - and broke many times on my DUs. This attempt, I did 8 snatches and 7 C&Js, never broke on DUs, and took limited breaks - so it definitely saved my grip, but I guess I moved much slower!?

    The video is posted and even though I will not be doing it again, I'm always open to any and all feedback!

    Good luck to everyone giving it another shot.

  6. Regionals
    1. Snatch. Worked up to 185lbs. Attempted 195 multiple times and I failed. I'm pulling and dropping underneath every time. But it just falls forward. I've been stuck at 185 since late October and it's starting to piss me off haha.
    2. Front Squat 3RM- 265lbs. Attempted 275 but missed the last rep. 275 was my 1RM.
    3. Strict HSPU- did 5otm. I still suck at these but they are getting better.
    4. Dynamite Kid- you could not have programmed a bigger goat wod. Haha. I told myself I was going to do it without scaling. I wasn't really worrying about time. In the end, it took me 17:40. Fatigued MU'S and heavy weight suckkkkkk

  7. Regionals
    1. hit 205# (ties PR) got under 215# just couldn't stand up
    2. 300# 15# under previous 3RM
    3. Strict HSPU time=3:00
    Broke them up as follows: 20/10/10/5/3/2
    4 Dynamite Kid- 7:24
    MUs 10-5/3/2-5/2/2/1
    Squat Cleans all one at a time

  8. Re-did 14.1 because I had to break 300. Hit 305, broke up a lot more than I wanted to but +30 reps from Friday.
    2. Squat
    3. Gymnastic Benchmark
    Will do 1 and 4 this afternoon

    1. 1. Started 135# & ladder up by 10 to 205# ties pr
      4. 10:16 @ 205# probably should've scaled more to 185 had 5 misses and hated my life every trip to the bar

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  10. Regionals:
    Rough day all around...not sure why. Going to do some extensive mobility and maintenance work this afternoon to get my body feeling 100%.

    1.) Hit 235#, then missed 245# three times (15# under PR) not sure what was going on.
    2.) Worked up to 315#, had to stop there because of some knee issues from the snatch
    3.) 4:40
    4.) 6:38Rx

  11. Regionals:

    1) snatch - 235
    2) 3rm FS - 365
    3) hspus - 6:59
    4) metcon - 8:25

  12. Open
    14.1 take 2 - the same 270. This time with a video, at least, so can submit the score.

  13. Open 14.1 redo: wanted more. Final score.

    1. HMK, that is an AWESOME score. Congratulations!

    2. Thanks man.....I know I have more in the tank, but not going to redo it.

      My name is Ryne Bransford in S. Cent. if anyone wants me on their leaderboard BTW

    3. Snatch: worked up to 225...feel good about this considering the 14.1 today.

      FS: worked to 275...this ties my PR...not bad for me....there was more there, but didn't push it.

      Handstand Pushups: didn't time, just completed in 10X5

      MetCon: will make up this one.....I like it.....but did 14.1 in AM

  14. 349...again. Frustrating but I'm happy with it. I was much smoother this go round in everything so kind of weird. Looked at the video and really I'm just not a better athlete than this score, so I'm walking away satisfied. Wish I had started this programming right after last season! Thanks, coach.

    1. Solid score man, I wouldn't beat yourself up about that one.

    2. Thanks for the encouragement, Danny!

  15. Open14.1
    310 Reps

    Very subpar for me. Still can't get adjusted to this time zone in Kuwait, and can't seem to even take a proper shit in the toilet but once every couple days . Everything is out of whack. Going to brush this week off and try to stay focused for the remainder .

    1. Haha! The environment - the soil, air, and water all plays a part in your well being. So moving to a totally new place takes it's toll as manifested by your bowels. Takes a little time I adjust but I'm sure you will be killing wods soon enough!

  16. Open/Masters 43

    Open 14.1: 220, that is actually worse than Friday!, So frustrating, my DU's come and go on their own whim, sometimes I have them and sometimes I don't. Definitely working them everyday after the open for next year, determined to make this weakness a strength in the future.
    Again, way to go for all those big numbers out there!

    1. My second attempt was worse too. That's alright there are 4 more wods to climb that leaderboard!

  17. Open/Masters:

    After being invited to another local gym, I ended up doing 14.1 for the third time yesterday. Bad idea. Good strategy / bad performance. I completely underestimated the (mostly) mental toll these workouts take on me. To be honest, I don't even know what my score was, but it was considerably less than Saturday's so I called 14.1 done! I am disappointed with my score, but I gave it all that I had.

    To get back on the CompWod schedule, I wanted to do something today so I did following:

    1. Snatch. 7 rounds of 3 every 90 seconds at 65%. 110 lbs. The first round the barbell felt like it weighed 300 lbs. due to doing about 500 75 lb. snatches the last three days, but it felt better every round. All squat and TnG.
    2. Clean and jerk. 7 rounds of 3 every 2 minutes at 65%. 185 lbs. Weight was over 65%, but I wanted to move some little heavier weight today just to show myself I still could. These all felt really good. All squat cleans and split jerks. Dropped from the top and back on the bar within 3 seconds.
    3. Team workout from Saturday. 50-40-30-20-10 Wall balls/Power cleans. Did it by myself and split reps. Approximately 1:1 work/rest ratio. 13:00ish. Wasn't too interested in timing it.

    Good day of training.

    Great job on 14.1 everyone! Looking forward to 14.2. I am praying for some thrusters and burpees...

    1. haha Michael you're one crazy old man, don't think my forearms could take a 3rd attempt at 14.1, some true grit man. But for your sake give the arms a damn break

    2. Way to sack up and go for it anyway haha. Also, props to you for being so active on commenting - helps build a really cool virtual CF community!

  18. Second time around. 398. Felt so much better. double unders were bang on. Very happy

    Hitting today's work in a few hours

    1. Wow, great job, Brandon! Slayed it.

    2. Thanks a lot mike! Appreciate it man.

      Skipped snatch's- save them for another time because of the re-do
      50 strict Hspu: 5:13
      Front squat : 355 (3 rep pr)
      Dynamite kid: 6:31 rx

  19. Justin 40 Masters North East Region
    Did 14.1 Again and got 3 more reps for total of 350. Every reps counts
    Partner Jason D'Agostino did 357 but hes a young punk at 25
    Back to the Program tomorrow

  20. Open:
    14.1 second attempt - 306 reps.

  21. Hey guys, been following the programming for the past 6 months but haven't posted because I'm too busy with work and school. Anyway, I would like to get on the comp WOD leaderboard. I want to see how I stack up against guys I've been chasing. Mark Tu I believe u made this, would you mind? Thanks. Redo of 14.1 312 , 11 rep improvement from Friday.
    Finished with some FS and HSPU
    Bill Murphy
    Mid Atlantic region
    Crossfit Riverfront

    1. Bill yes I did but anyone can copy and add names to it. Just re-share the new link with the community.

    2. Got it. Thanks and good luck.

  22. Masters; Open / Regionals / All over the fucking place

    Ok, I said "one and done", but Blaine got in my head and my ego took over.
    14.1 redo and got the same score...305. FML!
    Bad DU day and I guess my fitness is where its at for this WOD. I was hoping to stay top 200 in every workout. So I am going through the 5 stages of grieving. The workouts continue...

    Dynamite Kid: 9:28 @ 205
    3RM Front Squat: 245 Hamstrings are fatigued from previous
    50 Strict HSPU: 2:20

    1. Victor, I went through the five stages of grieving yesterday. We just need some top 100 finishes the next few weeks and we are right back in it. Pull-ups and HSPU for you / thrusters and burpees for me. :)

    2. Amen brother! The past is the past. Bring on the next! And, one and done. No more of that shit for me.

  23. Hi, I'm a new member of the open prog. I follow the blog since one week.
    Open 14.1: 269 reps

  24. 1. Worked up to 235 with no misses. Felt really good. Missed 245 twice within the minute

    2. Wrist was feeling a little funky, did a 3RM BS instead. 315 which is a 10# PR.

    3. 14.1 repeat. We're snowed in here in Delaware, about 6" so far with another 3 or 4 hours to go. So, did this one under the watchful guidance of my video camera. Really small garage made this one really hard. Didn't PR it, did about 33-34 Dubs ea round, apparently I don't count so great. Rope kept getting hit on the ceiling, garage door tracks, you name it. So. Ef. Stuck at 304. I thought I'd crush that score today. Oh well.

    Nothing to do today, so will hit a 2nd session in a few hours with some handstands.

    1. Danny, where in DE? I grew up in Newark and went to UofD. Parents still live in Newark and brother in Hockessin.

    2. That's what's up! I'm in Seaford. "Ole' Slower Lower Native" right here.

    3. I always like to tell people that there are more chickens in Delaware than people!

    4. Ha. Funny, I used to live on a chicken farm. Phew. summertime was quite the unpleasant time to be outdoors.

  25. Hello all - YES, I still exist - and I have still been following - but I will explain why I haven't been posting as much at a later date...
    Anyway - did the WOD on Saturday and got 323. Redid it today and got 350!!!!
    I am so, so, so happy with this score. Thank you Ben for the programming!

  26. Open:
    355. If any one would like to go judge my open workout for 14.1 on the games sight that would be nice. Thanks all. I PR from 310 Friday to 355 today. Very happy.
    Steven Twilley Mid-Atlantic region.

  27. OPEN:
    358. Got 327 Friday. 307 in October. Pretty stinkin' proud of this.

  28. Deviated heavy from programming. After two days of 14.1 posterior chain was really tired as were shoulders.
    1. Just worked singles from 135-185#. 185# felt like 225, not that I've ever snatched that.
    2. 275#x3 then 295#x1 before stopping. No where close to a 3rm. Just smoked.
    3. 50 kipping for time instead. Borderline pain strict pressing. Tons of pressure. 5:33
    4. Worked banded MUs sets trying to get shoulders warm for WOD. Never happened. Replaced WOD with 20-15-10-5 GDSU w/ 5 SC at 205# each rnd. Wow was 205# heavy today.
    5. Retried MUs and focused on UB sets with rest as needed. 2-2-3-3-3-2.

    Rest of week weird due to work schedule.

  29. Open
    1. REDO - 355 reps- 10 rep improvement! Thanks Josh and Austin for the push

  30. Open

    forgot to post on friday but got 351 then

  31. 349 - 25 rep improvement. Thank you Coach Ben for an amazing Blog and dedication to the sport/science.

    Dynamite Kid this afternoon.

  32. 355 reps. 40 rep improvement from Friday!

  33. 325 - 11 rep improvement since friday. very satisfied.

  34. OPEN
    14.1 redo - 350 instead of 322 pretty happy about this.

  35. 348, 2 rep improvement. Damn, thought i had more in my muscles started to fatigue faster then they did Friday. Oh well, hope i can make up some ground with 14.2. Good job guys...

  36. 412 over 397 on Saturday. Smoother transitions, better pacing and hook gripped the muscle snatch. Looking forward to what comes next.

  37. open 14.1
    first and last attempt

  38. Second attempt 14.1
    298 reps Rx
    28 rep pr from Friday.

  39. open
    14.1.2- 360 reps. 352 last time. unbroken D/U's were the difference

  40. Open
    308 reps.....9 more than Friday.

  41. Open:

    Strained my back 2 weeks ago, but it turns out 1000mg of Motrin does the trick:
    373 - 1st attempt

  42. Open:

    1. 313 Reps. Two more Reps than friday. It was a fight there at the end.

    2. Front Squat / Build to a heavy set of 3 :
    =190# (Legs feeling smoked from 14.1)

    3. Push Press / Build to a heavy set of 3:

  43. Open
    309 on Friday. 311 this morning. 345 this evening. Definitely done with 14.1!

  44. Masters

    redo on Sat 14.1...315 15 rep better

    Snatch ladder Fail @185 had a good warm up tho
    3RM FS 305.. 20 lbs PR
    50 Stict HSPU 3:55
    Dynamite Kid 9:56 rx MU 10/4,3,3/5,3,2 cleans singles


  45. Did regionals work today, all except the snatches.

    1. Front squat 3RM - worked up I 315, failed the 3rd rep

    2. Dynamite Kid - 11:48. This felt pretty good. Did 8 MUs unbroken on the first which is a PR for me. Cleans felt smooth.

    3. 50 strict hspu for time: 8:17

    Did my wod at the box for the first time today. Did some coaching too - cleans, squats, push-ups. Loved every minute of it. Think my garage days are dwindling...

  46. Did 14.1 redo yesterday so did portions of regionals.

    Dynamite kid: 12:01 @ 190#
    3RM FS @ 215#
    Snatch: 115/125/135/145/155/165/175(F)

  47. Redid 14.1 and got
    401 reps.
    Sitting in 5th in the south central. On to week 2 guys. GOODLUCK.

    1. Man...I tried a few reps with the secret weapon. Wish I had known about that this morning. Would have crushed my score for sure. total difference. And if I had used steel......daaaaaamn. Oh well.....on to week two.

  48. Open
    Did dynamite kid @ 205 squat cleans.

  49. Re-did 14.1 yesterday, so did portions of Regionals
    -Dynamite Kid-8 mu/83#. Was able to string the first 4 mu, which is a first for me. Ended up doing a lot of singles and missed a few. Still happy to get 8 each rd.
    -FS 3rm, struggled to get past 95# tonight. I have a long way to go with my squat strength...definite weakness of mine.
    -Snatch Ladder-53#-78#. Hurt my back the week before the open and started to feel it again at 83# so decided not to risk a set back and stopped.

  50. Regional

    Dynamite kid: 13:57 rxd
    3RM FS @ 300
    Snatch: 165,175, 185, 195, 205 (f)

  51. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Re-did 14.1 today. I got 360!! A 21 rep PR from Saturday (339)!! I'm very nervous though because I submitted my score before 5pm pacific time, but my affiliate cannot validate my score because the account is messed up. PLEASE if anyone has information on this and can help please do so ASAP!!

    Started to do Dynamite Kid but my hands are shredded right now and ended up stopping to preserve the hands.

    Did 50 HSPU (kipping) for time and got 6:51. Really need work on these and MUs.

  52. Open athlete 45-49 masters:
    Did some regional athlete work...I couldn't bring myself to do 14.1 AGAIN. :-)
    Did Dynamite Kid: 11:51, 95# and assisted Muscle ups (with a red band)
    3 rep max Front squat got to 135# --10# PR
    Snatch ladder started at 35#-45#-55#-65#-65#-65#-70#

  53. Open Program
    1) retried 14.1 - 307 - pr by 5. Did about 2/3 snatch, 1/3 c&j. Absolutely gave all I had here. Wish my ranking was better, but can't complain.

  54. Open 14.1 - 330 reps
    All the best to everyone in 14.2!

  55. Regionals programming with a several twists.
    1. Started at 135 and went up by 5#. Hit a 185 snatch for a new 10# pr.
    2. 305 for 3 rep front squat. Up 10# from last month.
    3. Wasn't feeling strict HSPUs today so did 50 kipping in 2:13
    4. Muscle ups are a huge goat for me so did 3 rds of 5 muscle ups and 5 squat cleans at 225. 14:12. Lots of work to be done.

  56. First time posting on the board but i have been following this programming a while with some of my freinds at the box.
    Open, first try @ 257, second 300.
    Thanks Ben for a great program!

  57. 1. Snatch wave: started at 135, got up to 185. Got under 195 twice, but couldn't stand it up.
    2. 3RM squat : hit 195 for 3, it was front squats that hurt my low back in January unary so I'm being caution since I've only felt 100% for about 2 weeks.
    3. 50 strict HSPU - 11:40. frustrated with this, usually I'm better at these. Ah well.
    4. Skipped to go play in league basketball game. Didn't think I would make it on time if I did the WOD.

  58. 352. Same score. Went too fast and hit the wall at 9 minutes, couldn't even jump.

  59. 1. Snatch Ladder
    1 rep EMOM
    Started with 125#
    Hit 155, which was ugly, then failed 160# then hit 160#, decided to go for 165# and hit it! My old PR was 152# so this was awesome!!!

    2. 3 rep max Front Squat
    Up to 195#, hit 2 @ 205#, waited too long between sets, I know I have it in me

    3. 50 Strict Handstand Push ups for time
    Some where in the ball park of 10 mins, class restarted timer so I am unsure

    4. Dynamite Kid
    3 RFT:
    10 Muscle ups
    5 Squat Cleans, 225/155
    Time: 12:56min
    Honestly I should have done better with this, smoked through the first round in 2 and a half minutes... had to wait to use rings a couple of times because class was doing laps right under them

  60. redid 14.1 - was off my last score by about 30 reps. Long weekend with work. Just didn't have the gas in the tank to finish strong. Got a clean video this time so i posted it with my original score of 307. 60 rep improvement from 2011 so not bad.