Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday 3.8.14

Mat Fraser, winner of the ECC.  Watch out for this guy this year.

1.  Run
8x400 -  On the 3 min mark run 400m as fast as possible.

2.  Barbell
100 Back Squats for time, 135/95 - no racks.

3.  Gymnastics
2 rounds SLOWLY of: (demo video)
20 Back Extensions
15 Hip Extensions
10 Hip and Back Extensions

1.  Metcon
7 RFT:
200m Run
15 Box Jumps, 24/20" - games standards
15 Wall Balls, 20/14


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  2. I've added myself to the leaderboard ;)
    Good luck to all !!

  3. OPEN
    Time - 14:27 RX

    Loved this WOD
    Went into this trying to keep a 2 min per round average pace..... I split the wall balls in round 2-5 doing 8,7 with 4 second break to just give legs a break. Rest unbroken and all box jumps rebounding .

  4. 1. I did it slowly and my time is 20:40

  5. Open, jeremy Levo, Europe
    Loved the WOD. Tough long effort, ideal to work on my poor conditionning.
    WBS all UB (but 20 sec rest before each set). BJ almost UB. Run at low pace.

  6. Open:
    Metcon - 17:00
    Runs on treadmill on the another floor. 18-19 kmh.

  7. Did open this morning. Will lift something heavy this evening, and do the gymnastics.

    15:48 30# ball. Legs are tired, but did all unbroken and controlled.

    1. Did 1RH Clean and Jerk to 275, then 5X3@ 225
      Did Gymnastics stuff on GHD thing

  8. Open/Masters 48

    14.2 last night 70. Ohs are evil due to shoulder mobility.

    Today 20:34 felt good and only broke one set of wb at 13 due tobad throw.

  9. I'm only posting today to prevent someone from making the same mistake as me. I re-attempted 14.2 today because I was so disappointed in yesterday's results. Big mistake. Even though I felt good going in, I underestimated my grip fatigue. Do yourself a favor...wait until Monday!

  10. Did it with the class this mornig.
    Did a mix

    Did open wod but subbed 12- 135 BS in for wallballs 18:39

    Back / core work completed as rx

    Hit some sprints later to make up for the run

  11. Snatched and c & J up to a heavy single. Went 225/295 (not prs) then did the open metcon

    Open - 16:12 Rx. All ub with minimal rest but stepped down on box jumps. Super cautious of high rep box jumps since I know a few of those who have blown their Achilles

  12. 1. PRed my 400m on 1st one at 58.8. Next 3 were done sub 1:15 last 4 were sub 1:30. Was kinda cold at 8am tough to catch breath
    2. 6:54 3x20 2x15 10 to finish. Tough
    3. Done

  13. Open:
    14.2- 197
    WOD- 18:59- first two rounds were the slowest after doing 14.2

    1. Thanks Mark....Not looking forward to the redo!
      Keep up the great work too!

  14. Did the open wod today.

    1) 14.58.

    Trying to rest up for a redo of 14.2 on Monday. Going to get 200.

  15. First and only attempt at 14.2

    132... set a goal to complete 3 rds and came up 12 C2B short, still happy with the score. Those last two C2B pullups were gut checks, love it!:) #2morereps

    1. did all OHS unb, very happy with that!

    2. Nice Josh! Way to represent. I'd love to make it to the 3rd round. Keep it up and enjoy the weekend...

  16. Partner and I took everything outside with no clock. Too nice of a day to be inside.
    BS- went back and forth for sets of 25

    1. People at our box that follow this programming did the same. Run and back squats were both done outside. Beautiful 74 degrees here in Little Rock, AR.

  17. 1) Ranged from 1:17 to 1:30
    2) Did the BS unbroken. Time: 5:25
    3) Done

    Good day today

  18. Open
    Metcon - 15:28 subbed 200m row for the run
    Could have gone harder in the beginning. All wall balls unbroken.

  19. 1. done
    2. 8:48(25-25-10-10--10-10--10)
    3. done later

  20. Open:

    1. 12:40 Rx. Felt good. This was a good one for me. Everything unbroken + fast runs.

    2. Strength EMOM
    = EMOM x 12
    odd- 3 BackSquats @ 205
    even- 3 Bench Press @ 135

    3. Did some Midline / skill work

  21. Regional Programming
    1. Didn't write down splits but first two were close to 1:10 and kept the rest under 1:30.
    2. Legs are pretty fried from yesterday so turned this into a 10 min emotm of 10 squats.
    3. Done

  22. Open: 17:32
    Still hurting from 14.2...

  23. 1. Done. I suck at running. Best was 1:20, worst was 1:42. Legs were a bit more smoked from yesterday than I expected.

    2. Skipped this. Legs were just smoked after the 400's and hit an 8x2 of bench, and a 6x3 of hang power cleans. Sometimes ya just gotta do what sounds fun.

    3. Done.

  24. 2014 Regional & Games:

    Morning Session:
    1. Did 14.2 for the first time. Extremely disappointed in my score. Got 125. Ugly.

    Afternoon Session:

    1. 8x400m Row: Done. All rows 1:20 or less.

    2. 100 Back Squats FT: 6:29 Rx. 50-25-25.

    3. Gymnastics:
    No GHD
    2 Rounds Slowly:
    50 Banded Good Mornings
    50 GHD Sit-Ups. Rigged up a GHD with a flat bench a 45# bumper underneath and hooked my feet in 70# KBs.

    1. I have rigged a homemade ghd with the pins from my rack and stacking a medball on some 45 lb bumpers. Works pretty well.

    2. Awesome man, I appreciate that and I'll have to try it out next time. I hope the Open is going as well or better than you expected! Good luck the rest of the way out!

  25. Open 15:45
    First crack at 14.2 136 way to slow on the 14's. Doing it again Monday gotta get into those 16's...

  26. 1. Did 14.2
    205 reps ( not sure on a redo only if I have to ) Broke up a ton maybe would try to hold on a bit more. Broke on purpose on c2b.
    2. Open Metcon

  27. Open
    19:50. Kinda took it easy but fought at the end to get under 20...

  28. Did 14.2 Saturday: 186 reps. How this #antininja pulled that off I'm still wondering, but I paced the hell out of those C2Bs. Only got reliable butterfly c2b's 2.5ish months ago. Only did 57 reps in 13.5. Happy with progress and feeling a bit more reinvigorated.

    Sunday did Open workout with 30# wbs in 15:59. Thanks MJ!

  29. Masters 47/ Open
    Done on treadmill ( speed 14); substituted wall balls for Db thrusters 10 kg e/h
    Time for all 7 pretty equal: 1:30/////1:36/37 last 2. ( I mean time of thr. + BJ)

  30. Open
    21:01 RX, felt pretty shot this week. Tried to keep it under 3:00 rounds.