Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thursday 3.20.14

Kaleena, currently 2nd place in the world wide Open, 
will be joining the fun on Friday night.

Recovery Day.

Ladies Night at CFNE
This Friday at 6:30 pm CFNE will be hosting "Ladies Night" sponsored by Fuel For Fire.  Come and watch some of the world's fittest female athletes throw down on Open 14.4.  Everyone (including non-CFNE members) are welcome.  This will be a great time to hang out with friends, talk about the Open and meet some of these amazing athletes.  Fuel For Fire will be providing FREE beer, margaritas, paleo treats and more.  Hope to see you here.

Confirm Badass Beauties:
Becca Voigt - So. Cal.
Michelle Letendre - Canada East
Katrin Davidsdoitter - Europe
Kaleena Ladeairous - North East
Jessa Lemoine - North East
Stacey Kroon - North East
Shelia Barden - North East
Heather Bergeron - CFNE
Rachel Martinez - CFNE
Cheryl Nasso - CFNE
Ally Bushey - CFNE
Kate Shuh - CFNE
Tracy O'Donnell - CFNE

Rachel will be representing CFNE at "Ladies Night".  

Shawn McQueen, Leon Uptegrove and Nolan Gauthier of Railroad CrossFit.


  1. This is so awesome Ben! Wish I could be there to join in on the fun!

  2. Ben,
    First: Thanks for this site and your hard work on our behalf. Most of our coaches and some of our athletes at CrossFit Chaparral in Scottsdale, AZ have been using it the last 12 months. Huge gains. Great things. Thank you.
    Second: Are you going to do the strength (get ha-uge) program after the Games season?

    Thanks again.

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  4. Has anyone in here done Ben's "Get Ha-Uge" Program ? And did you see gains if so?

    1. Hell. Yes.

      Squat +20#, DL +15#, Bench +20#, Strict press +5#, Hang power clean +50#. Clean and Jerk & Snatch both PR's, don't remember how much though.

      We were talking about doing it after the open. I'll see what Mr. Bergeron has in store for us inferiors that don't make it to regionals and make my decision then.

  5. Babes, beer and barbells.....SWEET!!!!! Wish I lived in the CFNE area.

  6. any chance of streaming the event?

  7. A couple things here.
    1. Thank you coach Bergeron for all your time, effort, and programming! Can't believe how far I've come in the 5 short months I've been following.
    2. Thank you for programming rowing for cals on a regular basis!
    3. Most active recovery days I spend a little time working on muscle ups (a huge goat of mine). Well I finally strung them together today for the first time and did 5 straight. Pretty excited about that.
    4. Finally, good luck to everyone on 14.4!