Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monday 3.31.14

Tracy O'Donnell

1.  Snatch
EMOMx10: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch

2.  Clean and Jerk
3RM TnG Squat Clean and Jerk

3.  Squat
7x5 Front Squats, across 

4.  Gymnastic Benchmark
50 Strict HSPU for time

5.   Metcon
10 RFT:
7 C2B
14 Push ups
21 Squats

"Open 14.5"
Thrusters, 95/65
Bar Facing Burpees


  1. Alright everyone. One last day for the open. Last chance to improve our positions. Good luck everyone it's been great to see how everyone has been doing.

  2. Any chance we have some followers from Central London? It would be great to link up and train soon!

    1. My dad lives near there he is masters age 53. Matt Kaleikini. He follows here and at the end of 14.4 was first in Europe and 34th in world in masters. Maybe y'all can train. He doesn't have a box. Not sure how far away you might be but might work.

    2. Thanks, Joey. I'll be in Clerkenwell, but if I can, I'll try to make something happen. Best of luck to you!

  3. How do all the Competitors WOD followers incorporate the programming while training at a box? I am trying to figure out the best way to use this programming without it seeming like I am going behind my coaches back. Do people do it as a group, during open hours, or do most of you have garage gyms?


    1. I own crissfit Rikr and I have worked it out to allow my athletes to train off to the side on their own irony smaller classes or I open the gym for them an hour early in the afternoon. And since I follow I do it at 4 am so some come in then too. Just work with the box owner. They should be happy you are trying to take your sport to the next level

  4. We're doing it in small groups. I am a trainer myself and I follow the program while the box members do the prescribed programming. But it would be great if we could get the full week of programming at once.

  5. No 14.5 redo for me. Still feel beat up. Did 13:49. Great open games. Def exposed my weaknesses and know exactly what I need to do this year and this is def the place and programming to get it there. I should finish up top 200 in southeast. Thanks coach and great job everyone with this years open. Look forwar to continuin to improve with everyone here. Anyone every in tampa fl an need a place to train always welcome to join me at CrossFit Rikr.

  6. 16:27, This was after a Burden run (2 mile then 1 mile with 15kg plate) and a squat clean ladder from 40-100kg, legs where weary, never the less this was horrendous, one of the most difficult WODs I've done.

  7. 14.5 take 2 - 22:55 (or so), slower than 20:39 on Friday. Well, I gave it a shot (but hated every minute of it) :).

    1. Good try Ilya - I give you credit! My body is still so sore that I can't even think of attempting it again...

    2. Thank you :). I had higher hopes, though :).

    3. Weldone buddy, it's an horrendous WOD to think about repeating

  8. 1. Snatch
    2. Clean and Jerk
    3. Squat
    4. Gymnastic Benchmark
    3:45 sets of 5 shoulders were hurting kept it light
    5. Metcon
    10 RFT:

  9. Did the Open Wod yesterday.
    12:20 Got really winded quick, wanted to quit half way through just had to keep pushing. Also smoked my head on the bar on the first burpee, not cool!
    Great job everyone!

  10. I'm going to start this programming. Looks great, hope I will not quit after some "weight" problems ;) . 14.25 in last open workout. GJ every1 !!!

  11. Regionals
    1. Snatch OTM- 155lbs. 10/10. Hit 165 after.
    2. C&J 3RM- 215lbs. Missed 3rd Jerk at 225lbs :(.
    3. Front Squats- skipped. Quads are still on fire from 14.5 yesterday.
    4. Done. Did it as am OTM.
    5. Metcon- 11:53. Was shooting for sub 12. Happy with this!
    This is my last week of following along every day. Our first game is this Friday and it will be crazy for about two months. I'm going to switch to the open program and follow as well as I can. I'd just like to thank Coach Ben and all of you. Without this, I wouldn't be the athlete I am today.

    1. Good luck with baseball season. It must be pretty awesome to be so good at two sports!

  12. Open 14.5

    16:59 - I actually did this on Saturday and I'm still pretty happy with it. Of course, even if I wanted to do it again today, I don't think I could. My legs killing me!

    Overall, I have to say, it was a great Open season, but I'm glad it is nerves are shot for no reason other than the pressure I put on myself. I'm not positive, but it appears that I'm going to accomplish my goal of finishing in the top 50% which is a significant improvement from the previous two years (2012: bottom 7%, 2013: bottom 35%) - so I'm really happy. Something tells me that the climb is only going to get harder from here, but I'm looking forward to continuing with this programming to see if I can get into the top 35% next year!

    Good luck to everyone that is moving on and congratulations to anyone that achieved their own personal goals - there is no better feeling.

    1. Huge improvements! Definitely a good goal to shoot for.

    2. Congrats Jon, that is fantastic improvement, great to aim to get better each year! (Even as we get older!)

    3. That is a very nice progress, if I may say so. And a pretty good result for the 14.5 too.

    4. Jon that's awesome man. Especially with how much the Open participation numbers have grown!

    5. As always, thanks guys! Just trying to chase you all down!!! Especially you "old guys" ;o)

  13. 14.5 Take 2:

    12:46. 1:11 improvement over Saturday.

    I wasn't going to repeat, but got thinking about a little different approach that I wanted to test and it worked pretty well.

    1. I'd say the new approach worked! Nice work man!

    2. Wow, that is awesome Michael! What was the different approach?

    3. Wow! Awesome improvement and solid time!

    4. Thata boy Michael! Stellar work

    5. Fantastic. What did you do different ? Great open games. See you around local comps

    6. Sick! A little strategy goes a long way!

    7. Congrats, Michael! That is a great improvement!!

    8. Congrats Michael awesome job on 14.5.

    9. That's a hell of an improvement! Nice work

    10. Mike: great job and good luck on the final four masters WOD'S, go beast mode.

    11. Wow bro, amazing improvement!!!

    12. Good job! Amazing improvement!

  14. 14.5 take 2
    Tried it Saturday. Went unbroken and totally blew up.... Like never before. 15:25.
    Re-did it this am. Different strategy 12:23.

    Good job everyone! Keep on getting it!


    1. Haha! Great job Steeve. As always, a stellar performance!

    2. How did you break it up this time Steeve?

    3. Mark, I broke the thrusters 7-7-7, 6-6-6, 5-5-5, 6-6,9,6,3.
      I took 3-4 seconds every time I dropped the bar. Burpees, I tried to move the whole time best I could.
      Hope it helps! Good luck!

    4. Great work Steeve...huge improvement

    5. Great job Steeve!! Awesome Improvement!

  15. Thanks guys. I wanted to see if I could get around 12:00 so I did it like a EMOTM with 14 reps per minute. Once I hit 14 reps, I rested until to the top of each minute. I held it (I think) until the 9th or 10th minute. Then, I got behind a little bit and I just kept moving. The rounds with a lot of burpees were taxing. The rounds with a lot of thrusters felt like a rest.

    Saturday when I finished I was completely wrecked and could not ever imagine getting any faster. Today, I feel like I could have pushed a little harder at the beginning to get right at 12:00 or even a little faster. Oh, well. I did as a test and for fun.

    1. Whoops. Posted in the wrong place. You would think after all these months, I would know how to use the comment function.

    2. Nice job Michael! Gives me hope for my re-do this afternoon

    3. I love the approach and now it has me wondering...but not enough to do it again - hahaha! Please remind me of your philosophy when Ben stings us with a re-do some time this summer.

      Awesome work.

  16. Did 14.5 the other day but forgot to post. Crazy busy weekend so I was glad I did it Friday. 18:44. I was really unhappy about this. I watched my video, I spent way too much time just staring at the ground. Well over 2 minutes. But I am very happy with my performance overall for the Open. Being just my second open, I improved a lot because of this programming. I have been following since late May/June. Excited to see what the offseason for us entails!

  17. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam McGhee. I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm an insurance agent for the family business, have a wife and 3 beautiful kids. I've been doing Crossfit for 4 years now. I have my Crossfit Level 1, and have been coaching others in Crossfit on the side for a couple years. I train in my shop building out back behind my house. I have just about everything I need back there. Enough about me.

    I'm very impressed with the programming on this site. Please consider me part of your community. I have aspirations of making it to Regionals 2015. I will be following the OPEN prescription.

    I did Saturday's WOD. I haven't been working out for a week and a half due to some overuse injuries. Felt good though. Did it all unbroken.

    Thanks Everyone!

    1. Welcome Adam and good luck with the programming and training!

    2. Thanks, Jon! Out of curiosity, how long have you been apart of the community here? What has your experience been like?

    3. Hey Adam - I've been following since September and can't say enough good things about it. The programming is extremely well-rounded - and I haven't found anything quite like it. I'd highly encourage you to keep up with your postings because I think it helps with the camaraderie (even though it's virtual - everyone is extremely supportive) - but that's up to you. Like anything'll get out of it, what you put into it!

    4. Welcome, Adam! If you stick with it, you will find the results you are looking for. Coach Ben has done an amazing job with the programming and the community on here is phenomenal. Good luck to you!

    5. Welcome to the CompWOD fam Adam!

  18. This is the start of my 2nd week of CrossFit - I am still getting the hang of the snatch and working on my shoulder strength (torn rotator cuff since 7th grade) I workout in my basement. Overall, I am improving in just two short weeks...


    1. Snatch- 140# Up from 125# last week

    2. Clean and Jerk - 185# - I can clean this easy, the jerk gets me...

    3. Squat - 225#

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark : 8:00 - Last week I could not get through the 50 reps (stopped at 35) - this week felt much stronger and more controlled.

    5. Metcon 10:09

  19. Between 14.5 on Sat and a soccer game yesterday I'm really feeling worn. Tried to take it easy today and it still sucked haha!

    1. 155# with several misses on the Squat Snatch.
    2. Worked to 185# and just started falling apart. PR is 235# I believe lol
    3. Skipped to give legs a break
    4. Did 5 strict then shoulder pain and complete weakness kicked in. Did 5 kipping and pretty much same thing so I stopped.
    5. Did Emom10 to get the stimulus: 7c2b + 7pushups

  20. 1.) 185 for 2min, 205 for 4min, 215, for 2min, 225 for 2min. No Misses today...felt good.
    2.) Did power clean TnG to save knee for squats. Worked up to 250#
    3.) 295# (last two sets went to 315)
    4.) 4:52 last two weeks have felt terrible on strict HSPU's...need more work before regionals.
    5.) 10:22Rx (Push-ups wrecked me today! Had to split up sets after third round, not ideal...haha!)

  21. did not redo 14.5...


    1) 185x5 min 195x4min 205x1 min
    2) 245
    3) 275 across
    4) terrible, need to work that. ouch.
    5) tonight.

  22. i redid 14.5.

    i had a goal to make regionals this year at baseline. i've ran top 12-15 the whole open(to my complete surprise). so i wanted to stay in the last heat for day 1 of regionals.

    14.5: 10:04

    1. Great job Dex and congratulations! I think we all know how hard you have worked this year. I can't wait to follow you at Regionals.

    2. Congrats Dex! I am not at all surprised you are top 15 in the region. I will be rooting for you man!

    3. Nice work Dex! Rooting for ya at regionals to. What week are you?

    4. Nice Dex! Way to crush it on the redo. Good luck at Regionals brother!

  23. Regionals/Games Programming

    1) Worked to 185# today which was so-so. I took a rest day Saturday but did a crap ton of dips yesterday. Didn't feel sore but the power/strength just wasn't there. Oh well.

    2) 225#

    3) 225# Across. Definitely a weakness. Holy cow. This needs to be a lot better. Goal is to be in the 250 - 275 range

    4) Did kipping HSPU because strict would take me hours. However, improved on this from last week! Got 7:25 now, almost a minute better. Happy with that.

    5) 13:04. C2B felt good and I thought I was moving pretty well overall. This programming is hitting all of my weaknesses. Love it.

  24. Open Masters
    2 mile run
    10 min EMOM 1 PS + 1 SS
    1000 row

  25. 14.5- 13:38. this will be my worst WOD of the open for sure. I welcomed my first child into the world three weeks ago which was awesome but needless to say it didn't help my open workouts being sleep deprived and stressed out. I'll finish around top 100. Good luck to everyone moving onto regionals. I'll be cheering for you

  26. A. 10 min EMOTM 1 PSN + 1 Squat Snatch
    Min 1-5 = 185lb
    Min 6-10 = 190lb

    Felt great no misses

    B. 7x5 Front Squats
    245lb across

    C. CF Open 14.5

    Few hours later

    D. 50 strict handstand Pushups for time
    =2:51 (30 sec pr from last week)

  27. Redid 14.5.

    Got 12.56 but not happy with this. A 31sec improvement over Saturday but not good enough. Was sitting in 53rd in the Mid Atlantic after 14.4 but I blew it today. Dropped well out of the top 60 after this one. Really upset with myself and feel like I failed you guys. Once again my overhead weakness has bit me in the ass. Will be getting back at the wods and incorporating a lot more overhead strength and mobility. Sorry compwoders feel like I let you all down when everyone did so well. Sorry coach but I promise to train harder and better and not be in this position next year.

    1. Drew, your performance is nothing to hang your head about. You crushed the Open. You might not see it, but I would recommend you go back and look at your posts from 8 months ago and compare your metcons to your Open scores. You have come a LONG way! Congratulations on a great Open and I look forward to seeing you at Regionals in 2015.

  28. Open:
    12:05. Better then Friday by 19sec. It was a fun open. I must work harder for next year. Good job everyone.

  29. Open
    12:17 - 9 seconds better than I did on Saturday.

  30. 14.5 take 2 - 12:52. Friday's score was 14:48! Super pleased with this!

    1. Wow Mark! That is awesome! What did you do different?

    2. I split up all the thrusters into two sets until 9's, didn't try to go unbroken early on. More importantly, I did all step up and step downs on the burpees until toward the end. Kept them slow and steady with no breaks, gave me sort of a recovery during the burpees. I really strategized this one and it worked out.

    3. Awesome job Mark, huge improvement!

    4. Sick improvement!!! Strategy really does help take you to the next level of performance. That's a great experience to have knowing how to tackle a similar workout in the future since its such a significant improvement!

    5. Thanks guys! It's been a stressful but fun Open. We all got better through this experience. Looking forward to another year of training with you all!

    6. Nice job Mark!!! Seems like your game plan worked well. Your tips worked wonders for me too!

  31. 14.5 redo

    12:48 - :36 seconds faster. Extremely pleased with my open results this year. My goal was to place in the top 1000 in the mid Atlantic and it looks like I'll end up around 550-600. Last year I was in the 1300. I've made tremendous gains over the past 8 months following this programming and looking forward to the coming year.

    Only 364 days until the 2015 open...time to do work!

    1. Clayton you have done so awesome! Great job!

    2. Nice work Clayton! That's an amazing improvement in one year!

  32. 1.) 10 min. pwr/sq snatch: 155/155/165/165/175/175/185/185/195/195
    2.) 3 rep C&J Touch 'n go: Worked up to 225
    3.) Front Squat: Did 295 across
    4.) HSPU: 9:51
    5.) WOD: 11:45

  33. Masters 46
    Re did 14.5
    Original time (16:23) new time (15:48)
    Pleased with that just need to get better at thrusters, learned a lot during this my first open. Need to constantly work on DU's, improve C2B pulls and get stronger from the floor. I have only been following the Comp. WOD since mid October, can't wait to see my gains by continuing my journey via Comp WOD as well as this community it's a gold mine. Good luck to everyone who is going onto regionals and those Masters who are getting an invatation to that top 200 weekend dance, good luck and go H.A.M (Hard as a Mother f&@?er)

  34. 14.5 redo - 13:39, broke the thrusters from the start this time to try not to redline, :51 pr!

  35. Open 14.5: 13:13 (One and Done on Saturday)

    Regional WOD: 10:30

    Congratulations to everyone going to Regionals. "Everything you got you earned and everything you will get you deserve." It's been great following everyone's progress and there are not only some amazing athletes in here, but also some truly incredible people supporting each other. I wish you all nothing but the best.


  36. Snatch emom at 190 # (getting pretty comfortable here, really happy!)

    C+ J 3rm up to 255 #

    7x5 FS at 305

    50 strict Hspu : 5 mins - was getting better but triceps smoked from 14.5 - all good

    Metcon 11:32 rx

  37. Open
    13:16....3 second improvement.

  38. First day here.
    1. 205 across
    2. 245, 265 failed 3rd jerk
    3. 260(shoulda went up, will do 275 next time)
    4. 3:37 (break up earlier to improve)
    5. 9:59 (did 24 squats a round by accident)

    Complexes are very tiring...

  39. Open-

    Well, today was the redo to improve from Friday's disaster. For whatever reason, on Friday I went in with the mindset that I HAD to go UB on the thrusters. I did just that, but I was destroyed for the burpees. Took a million breaks, and ended up falling apart. Finished with a time of 11:53, and while sitting in 39th going into the final WOD, I knew that this time would knock me out of contention for Regionals. Trying to rationalize what happened, and how to improve, I also realized I had barely eaten that day leading up to doing the workout due to a sensitive/weak stomach. Big mistake.

    Rested Saturday & Sunday, since my quads but especially my shoulders and triceps were VERY SORE.

    Today- triceps still VERY sore, but knew I had to give it a go. Ate well this time, and went in with a different game plan. Honestly, was not sure how I was going to improve by a minute, as I figured sub-11 is what I needed. Wasn't confident. Extremely nervous.

    Burpees- all knee up, to foot up, to jump.
    Thrusters- 21, 12/6, 9/6, 8/4, 9, 6, 3

    Somehow managed a 10:22. Pretty sure at this point that I've locked up a spot to Regionals here in the Dirty South. :) Big thanks to the supportive group on here, and especially Ben for the incredible programming. Couldn't be more excited for the month of preparation ahead, and then a trip up to Jacksonville. Happy to have another weekend off the mic this Games Season!!!

  40. With the Open coming to a close I won't be able to follow as religiously. I am in my last month of Grad school and I have to study for my comps coming up in a couple weeks. Not to mention all of the projects and papers as well. Come May I will be back on the Regional & Games programming.

    Coach Ben I really want to thank you for everything that you do and I would like to thank all of you followers too! You guys are great motivators and amazing athletes!! I ended up finishing 265th in the South Central region and that would not have been possible without this amazing programming. I exceeded my expectations so I am pretty excited about this finish! I wanted to be top 1,000 and ended up cracking the top 300! There is a lot of work to do before I reach my goal of competing at regionals but I know this programming will give me my best shot so I am excited to see what the next year has in store for me. I hope every one had a great 2014 Open and good luck to all of you freaks who are going to regionals! I will be cheering for you!

    Just had time for the metcon today.

    1. 10 RFT: 18:22. Ripped about round 7 so I switched to strict pull-ups.

  41. 1. 14.5 repeated: 14:01, not my day.
    2. Snatch complex 70kg.
    3. SCL &J 80kg(80%)
    4. 10 RFT : 13:02

  42. No 14.5 redo.
    spent the day instructing swift water rescue so did several river swims then a hill sprint in a dry suit. Not for time( ha ha).

  43. Hey guys.... here's my update all thrown into one post.
    Saturday I competed at Ontario Provincial Weightlifting in the 63kg class... I unfortunately did not personally lift as best as I know I am capable of, but all in all a good learning experience.
    My total was 152 kg, 69kg snatch and 83 kg C&J... failed 73kg Snatch twice (which I should have had) and failed 86kg C&J (which would have been a PR on the jerk).
    Ended up doing 14.5 on Sunday... knew going into this one it wouldn't be a strong one for me, so just wanted to stay slow & steady. Ended at 13:03min. It's looking like our team will be top 10 going into Regionals!
    As for yesterday's work...

    1. EMOMx10: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch
    Skipped (for time)

    2. 3RM TnG Squat Clean and Jerk
    Worked up to 155#

    3. 7x5 Front Squats
    4 @ 155#
    1 @ 165#
    1 @ 175#
    1 @ 185#
    Should have worked with higher weight from the get go, 185 felt relatively easy!

    4. Did class metcon:
    3 RFT:
    400m run
    15 Pull-ups
    7 S2O @ 105#
    Time: 10:12min

    5. 50 Strict HSPU for time
    Didn't time, but wow am I so glad you've been programming these Ben! Broken down into the following: 16-7-7-7-7-6
    These are coming nicely! Especially since like 3 weeks ago when we first started I would have to do small sets at the end

    1. Danielle! Awesome job in the comp. Those are some impressive numbers! Keep training hard, I will see you at regionals :-)

    2. Thanks Brandon! Definitely looking forward to watching you absolutely dominate at Regionals! Less than 7 weeks now, crazy!

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  45. I have never posted before but have been following since Aug. 2013. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Ben for the great programming! In 2013 I finished 359th in the North Central Region & with the close of the 2014 Open I sit at 172. Going for Regionals in 2015!

  46. Feels weird to know exactly which of the two programs to follow for once.. Was always between the Open and Regionals.

    Well, today begins my 6 weeks of training for the 2014 CrossFit Games SouthEast Regionals. Honestly, I didn't expect it to happen after going into the Open with the thought I was actually going to regress. I surprised myself, and couldn't be more excited.

    Session One-
    1.) Sprints- 14.97/15.03/15.04/15.72/14.92 - Tougher than I expected!

    2.) DL - 5x155/205/245 3x 295/335 >all clean grip..385x3, 425x3

    3.) WOD- Rx- 12:20
    Row splits were around 1:50/1:55/1:58
    DL's- 9/3, 6/6, 5/4/3
    BJ's were TOUGH!

    Session 2-
    1. 20m Back-rack Lunge- 225. TOUGH!

    2. 11:25 - had to take about three breaks on the GHD's.

  47. Snatch 1x70
    3rm 110kg
    Front squats 7x5 95kg
    50hspu 10:56
    Metcon 10:14

  48. 1. 155#
    2. 225# (20# pr)
    3. Was running short on time, so only did 5x5 with increasing weight. Sets were at 245, 245, 255, 265, & 275.
    Had to come back around 9:30 pm to do parts 4 & 5 so intensity was dialed down a bit.
    4. 10 min EMOTM of 5 strict HSPUs
    5. 12:31 rx

  49. New to the program. Running Hatch squat cycle to really focus in on bringing my squat up for the next few weeks.
    Snatch - 165-175
    C&J - 185 - legs were completely toasted
    Gymnastic - no time
    Metcon - 14:27

  50. Still battling a chest cold I did 14.5 and finished in 14:52. Prior to this wod I was sitting in 82nd in the region and was really hoping to move up. Unfortunately 14.5 wasnt going to help me with that. Ended up 141 overall which was exactly where I finished last year. But I felt way better prepared coming into the open due to this program. Back to training for next year and hopefully the wods fall more my way. (And maybe keep from getting sick the last two weeks.)