Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wednesday 3.26.14

Ally Bushey.

1. 5 RFT:
6 Power Snatches, 135/95
12 Box Jump Overs, 24/20"

2.  Burner
12/10 Cals on Airdyne
10 Burpees
Goal is to be sub 3:00
This is assuming you have the most recent version of the Schwinn Airdyne.  If the monitor on your airdyne gives reading every few seconds (not constant reading like a rower) you have an older bike, which is easier to accumulate cals on; you should do 15/12 calories for this wod.

3.  Skills
Practice Free Standing HSPU

1. 5 RFT:
6 Power Snatches, 135/95
12 Box Jump Overs, 24/20"


  1. 53rd place in the region with one workout to go! Let's do this!

    1. Pulling for you J!!!
      Hope the Burpees are only a few and lots of heavy Thrusters :)
      Either way I'm sure you are gonna make it!!

    2. U got this bro, use that as motivation to crush 14.5!

    3. You so got this Jeremy. Pulling for you!

    4. Tear it up man!! You got it this, be relentless and smash whatever it is!

    5. Great work so far...You got it!!!
      Crush 14.5!!!
      CompWod PRIDE!!!

    6. Time to make that push brotha!!! Mindset is everything. You got this.

    7. You've got this Jeremy. You have done all the work, now you just have let your body do what it's trained for and crush it!

    8. Right there with you man! Lets finish strong and pull this bad boy out!!!!

    9. You've earned every rep - go get it!

    10. Good luck Jeremy!! You're going to do great. No regrets!

    11. Thanks guys! Rest assured I will either kill this workout or it will kill me in the process, there will be no in between.

  2. If we have access to a rower, now an airdyne, what would the appropriate sub cal be? Thank you!

  3. Joined in partially with the class and coach's training today so here's how it went:
    1) Worked on Headstand to Handstand to Handstand walking with the class - still progressing to being a competent walker.
    2) Did the Snatch and Box Jump Over Workout with 40kg snatch - snatching is still a weakness that needs improving - 6:50
    3) Joined in with the coach who was doing:
    10 Rounds of 1 min to complete 150m row then max number of burpees in the time remaining. Then 30 seconds rest before the next round. Score was number of Burpee's managed in each round so I got: 9,9,8,6,7,7,8,7,9.9

  4. Open: 5:40, thanks for he confidence booster Ben.

  5. Snatch/box jump - 6:20Rx

    Then completed the 21 min row/AD/DU emom I missed yesterday. Good stuff!

  6. Open 7:46 rx
    Did no touch jump overs. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to jump on the box first or not so I went with the harder one of the two. Well harder for me ha.

  7. OPEN
    Time - 6:10 RX

    Snatch breakdown

    Feeling very tired today .

  8. 1) 7:57 (completely cleared the box on all the jump overs, wasn't sure if we were supposed to jump on and then over or clear, so I did the harder one)

    2) at the request of my coach I did 10 rds of the burner, this was horrible, lol!!! 16:06

    Didn't have time for the handstand work, will play with it some tomorrow, need to be able to even do a freestanding handstand before I can even attempt a freestanding hspu, so I'll work on that first.

    1. Forgot to mention I used a rower for 12 cal, no access to an airdyne.

  9. Open
    Left shoulder issue since 14.1 makes snatch painful. So I scaled
    5 RFT
    6 snatch 40 kg
    12 BJO
    Wearing a 10kg vest
    Shoulders fried from the 2 last workouts those days

  10. Replies
    1. Also did 3x10 HSPU and Regionals Burner, subbed row for Airdyne - 3:11.

  11. 11:40 Rx not feeling it. shoulders gone.
    4:34 Rx paced myself just to get a sweat, not all there today.

  12. Regionals:

    1) Metcon - 6:25
    2) burner - 2:59
    3) free standing hspus - I got 2 unbroken!

  13. 1. 5 RFT:
    2. Burner
    3. Skills
    15 mins of Handstand progression practice, still suck at this.

  14. 1. 4:44Rx
    2. Airdyne will not display calories so went 3RFT: 35sec at maxreps and 10 burpees
    3. Work in progress, but feeling much more comfortable with freestanding HSPU's

  15. How many of you guys do 'extra work' after doing all this eg. assistance etc...

    For todays, with no airdyne, would I row then do burpess?


  16. Open: 5:50 Rx. Snatches unbroken.

  17. I went off program today. I felt like I needed a little human interaction, and since my workout buddy Josh is gone for a few weeks, I decided to sleep in a little and take part in our gym's 0830 class of soccer moms. :) Great workout and a great environment.

    3 Rounds for box jump reps
    8 Power Cleans 195 lbs.
    0:45 24" box jumps 25,24,23
    1:00 Rest

    5:00 Rest

    3 rounds for burpee muscle ups
    8 Front rack lunges 195 lbs.
    0:45 Burpee muscle-ups 5,5,5
    1:00 Rest

    3:00 Rest

    50 TTB (NFT)

  18. Open/Masters
    5:34 rx. Felt good. Cold is gone, cardio is good. Finished this one, wanted more. Controlled myself. Saving it for 14.5. Good luck everyone. Thankful for this training program and everyone that takes the time to post and comment.

  19. Went back for the "Burner" in the afternoon

    Time - 2:43

  20. Day 10 of Crossfit for me - I workout in my basement.

    Metcon: 13:58 with 125# - I had to google "what is a muscle snatch" - my later rounds were much faster as I started to get the form down...

    Burner: 3:32

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  23. I dont have an AirDyne I can sub a rower is that acceptable?

  24. Metcon


    Body is tired but feel great at the same time. Goodluck on 14.5 everyone!!

  25. metcon: 6:40. no excuse. just slow.

    burner: 2:52

    aboutt the same as B. Crump. ready for a rest and the last week. goodluck guys.

  26. I just started doing the Regional & Games Athletes Wods and have really enjoyed it, but i was wondering how long y'all wait before each different segment of the workout (eg the 5RFT to the burner). I have been doing just about how long it would take me to set up the next thing but i don't want to go to slow and lose that aspect of the workout or go too fast and not be able to perform as well on each segment...

    Any input?

    1. also i don't have a rower or an airdyne, what should i sub for this? thought about weighted squat-jumps or weighted lunges

    2. Hey Levi- if it specifies "Session One" and "Session Two," they should be done HOURS apart. Otherwise, if it doesn't specify seperate sessions, rest as needed between. I personally take a great deal of time between pieces.

      For a sub, I'd say Sumo DL High-Pull, pretty heavy. Maybe 2 for every calorie? Just a thought. Looks like it is meant to be quick, but hurt- if you a achieve that I think you're good! :)

    3. For me, I rest as long as I need to in order to be able to hit the next WOD with maximum intensity. Ben is good about letting you know when and how long to rest. When he doesn't, I assume be wants 100% effort.

      For me personally thats about a 5 to 10 min rest. Sometimes though if he's got 7 separate pieces, Ill rest a little longer to ensure Im ready to go. Hope that helps.

      And as for the Rower or Satan's Cycle, its hard to find a sub for that. I had that issue a while ago. Did a lotta burpees

    4. thanks guys, i ended up doing 15 OHS at 45# to try to get that sub 3 minute mark . feel like i got a good, fast-paced workout out of it

  27. Open:
    8:20 RX, holy smokes those box jumps killed the last round!

  28. Open -

    10:00 minutes even.

    First time I've done that many power snatches at that weight!
    Was trying to maintain the "30th rep looks like my 1st"...consistency.

    And agreed, the box jumps at the end were killer.

  29. 1-5:31
    3-can't get these consistently so I did 50 strict HSPU for time from the other day instead. 1:45

  30. Open/masters 48

    1) 7:01 @ 115#.

    Then I did 4 rounds of 30 seconds air dyne 30 seconds burpees and 30 seconds rest. Score was total burpees 43.

  31. Regionals/Games

    1) 5 rounds for time -- 6:18. Did sets of 3 for Power Snatch. Repping snatches just kills me. So tough. Happy with this though. Next time gonna shoot for sets of 4 and 2.

    2) Burner -- 2:58. Did a row in place of AirDyne. A little tough with getting on and off the rower but made due. Had 20 seconds and 10 burpees to go to make it under 3 min. Flopped as fast as I could to finish. Stomach was in pain for a few min afterwards.

    3) Free standing HSPU. Tough! Better but still not able to consistently rep these out. Need more practice

    Love the community here! Keeps me motivated to post everyday.

  32. 1. 5rft: 6:01, wowza did that hurt
    2. 3:08 w/15cals. Wasn't sure if I had the older computer. I don't think I do now, lol

  33. 1. 8:09
    2. 3:55

    Not feeling well today- feel like I'm getting sick. Went at these at a slow pace to just move my body. Did 15 cal on the airdyne. Hoping to rest up and recoup these next few days. Great job everyone. My fellow training partner demolished the snatch bj over it was Impressive as hell to watch!

  34. A. 5 RFT--4:55--unbroken power snatches

    B. Burner 3 RFT--15 cal/10 burpees--3:32

    C. Skill--worked handstand holds w/ and w/o wall as support

  35. Regionals with a twist:

    1: 3rep heavy dead: up to 405
    2: metcon: 6:20rx
    3: 2:55...ouch
    4: was able to go down but not back up....getting much better

  36. 8:01 70#. Most I've used in a workout so far

    12/12/12/12 burpee/airdyne/rest

  37. Masters 46
    1. 5 RFT: 9:52 ( legs ouch)
    6 Power Snatches, 135/95
    12 Box Jump Overs, 24"

    2.) EMOM x 10
    2 HSPU
    30 DU

  38. Regional Programming
    1. 6:30 rxd. Back was fried from deads yesterday.
    2. No airdyne so did 12 cals rowing instead. 3:10.
    3. Turns out I can't do freestanding HSPUs... Or a very good forward roll. Ha. Add it to the list of skills to work on!

  39. Open
    1. 5:51
    2. 4RFT
    30 sec airdyne
    30 sec burpees
    30 sec rest
    Burpees- 10/9/10/10

  40. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 9:58 Rx.

    2. 3:02 - Done on the rower, no airdyne.

    3. 10 min clock: Worked on free standing HSPU.

  41. Open
    1. 8:30 Rx. Snatches felt heavy!

  42. Regionals.

    1) 6.58. Pretty happy with this since snatches are an enemy of mine. Felt smooth, thanks coach.

    2) skipped because I did it at the house and don't have a rower or air yen and was short on time.

    3) did freestanding handstand hold practice. Figured I should get this down before I start trying to do freestanding hspu.

  43. Open - 6:09 - Steady pace, TnG is feeling better

    Messed around with Freestanding HSPUs - Got a couple but need to work on a better handstand positioning and stability at the top

  44. Open-
    Rx 5:30 - UB on the snatches, but wasn't pretty. Did a jump on top, turn around, and bound back-up. Helped keep my cycle times fast.

  45. Open Program
    1) 8:00 - no energy today, so I didn't really go all out, tried to maintain a smooth pace. All snatches in doubles. First rd 1:10, others ~1:40.

  46. 1. 9:53 not sure why but I was winded today. I didn't expect a fast time since box jump overs always get me but I thought for sure 6-7 minutes. 2nd last round ate it pretty good, ouch.
    2. Burner - did Cal row instead and ended up at 3:30. Second round of burpees I had to slow down. Just bad pacing.
    3. Played with these until I got 20 of em. Probably took 15 minutes or so but didn't time

  47. 1. 5:07
    2. 2:54
    3. worked for 10 min was able to hit 3 unbroken!!

  48. Open:

    7:41 RX.
    Paced BJO a little to much.
    Fun metcon!!!


  49. OPEN: 6:25 modified to 115#. My snatches suck. Definitely need work. I went with a 3-3 approach to the snatches. That helped with going too fast out of the gate.