Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday 4.1.14

Myself reviewing a training session with 
Michele Letendre, Cheryl Nasso and Becca Voigt.

All Athletes:  Going forward, Rest/Recovery days will be on Mondays and Thursdays through the Regionals to prepare for weekend competitions.

Session ONE:
1.  Sprints
5 x 20-20 - Each set is a 20 meter sprint and back, followed by another 20 meters and back.

2.  Pulls
Dead Lift, work up to a heavy triple

3.  Metcon:
"Big Christine"
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Deads, 315/225
21 Box Jumps, 30/24" - games standards.

Session TWO:
1.  20 Rep Max
20 meter Unbroken Back Rack Walking Lunge for max weight.

2.  For time
1,000m Row
1,000m Row

1.  "Christine"
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Deads, bodyweight
21 Box Jumps, 20" - games standards.

2.  Strength
Dead Lift, work up to a heavy triple

3.  Strength Accessory
Straight sets, rest equal to work time.
20 Sumo Deads, 155/105
20 Romanian Deads, 155/105
20 Stiff Leg Deads, 155/105
20 Deads, 155/105


  1. If you are Master's Regionals...which programming do we follow?

  2. Hey coach thank you for all of your help ..I have been following you for 1 year now and competed in my first open. I placed 166 overall in the North Central region and I am not to thrilled, but learned a lot...I need to get stronger and put on some weight..wondering if I should go back to the Get huge program .. Or if your going to program in more strength for the 2015 athletes

  3. Hi Ben
    Mate I would just like to thank you for all of your programming and the thought u put into it, I have been following since August and havnt look back since. My gains from last open to this years have been great and as of today I am sitting 3rd in the Australian region. I'm really looking forward to regionals as I know I am as prepared as ever!! Thanks again
    Matt Reilly

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  5. Open:
    1. Metcon - 12:05
    2. Worked up to 355x3
    3. Done at around 5 minutes.

  6. 1. Metcon: 11:42
    2. Triple: 355
    3. Done

    14.3 killed me so great to work on that weakness on my first day back on the open program.

  7. Open
    1. "Christine": 12:06 (last time it was 10:40 - time to get back on track...)
    2. 295#
    3. Done, in about 11 minutes.

  8. Open
    Time - 9:10
    Deads unbroken. (Overhand grip, 170lbs)
    Box Jumps rebounding
    Row split between 1:45-1:50 each round

    Built up to heavy single instead - 390lbs

    Accessory work
    Work time between 45 seconds to 1 min each movement .

  9. Open
    405# triple
    3:26 accessory work

  10. Open
    1) 10:31 Rx - 155# DL
    2) 335# - real happy with this. My last 1RM was 345#
    3) completed in 6:19

  11. Guys, does anyone know how the video submission works? I got an email to submit one by 7 April and they will either accept, reject, or modify the score. If I submit now, will they grade it now and give me the opportunity to submit a new one prior to the deadline if mine was garbage, or do we only get one video? Thanks for any help!

    1. You're not allowed to redo the workout, so how can you make a new video?

    2. Mark is correct, HQ is requesting your video for validation of your score and b/c you are in the top 48 within your region. I hope your video isn't garbage, good luck at regionals!

    3. You can redo the wod and submit a new video prior to your dead line date..

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  12. Open
    1. 10:46 (80 kg)
    2. 160 kg x 3
    3. Done (had to break the set of stiff leg in 12/8 and romanian in 10/5/5)
    Happy to work on my great weakness!

  13. Session ONE:
    1. Sprints
    2. Pulls
    Dead Lift, got up to 365#
    3. Metcon:
    "Big Christine"
    34:57 rx
    Session TWO:
    1. 20 Rep Max
    2. For time

  14. SESSION I:
    2. max was 355 in Janurary on the 6th and hit a triple today at 365 (BW-160)
    3. 19.04 scaled down to 225 but still did the 30in box and 500m row for 3rds

  15. Open
    1. 13:41 with 82.5kg (182lb ish)
    2. 3x140 kg (308 lb)
    Tried 150kg(330 lb) only managed 1 rep
    3. Not done, ran out of time will try to get it done later.

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  17. On Sunday my wife asked ...
    "So now that the Open is over what are you going to do?"
    "I'll start training for 2015."
    "Oh ... right."

    I was excited yesterday when I saw today's posting - Back to work - thanks Coach.


    1. Christine - 10:09 (185# / 24" Box)
    2. Deadlift 3x 325/345/365/385
    3. Strength Accessory - done

  18. 1. "Christine"
    3 RFT:
    10:28; DL at 165#
    2. Strength
    Tripple at 350#
    3. Strength Accessory

    I will be switching to doing the open for a while and will be adding in a Catalyst Athletics 18 week strength cycle in the afternoon along with some fun metcon to keep me focused on having fun and enjoying my fitness

  19. Regionals In one session
    1. Deadlifts- worked up to 366lbs. Had a lot more in the tank but cut it off here.
    2. Just did normal Christine- 10:15 @185lbs
    3. Don't have the space to do the 20m max lunge, so just did a few treks back and forth in the garage.
    4. Did a OTM×10 of 10 GHDSU'S.

  20. Open/Masers (not top 200)

    1) 13:46 (185#)
    2) 335#
    3) Done @ 155#

  21. Regionals (Modified):

    First off, congratulations to everyone on completing the 2014 Open. I know for many this year has been a year of substantial improvement and growth. I improved over 330 spots from last year with more than double the amount of participants in the Men's 40-44 age group, and even though I fell a little short of my goal, I know this training and community gave me, and will continue to give me, the best shot of reaching my goal.

    Best of luck to all of those that are moving on to Regionals or the Master's weekend. You should all be very proud of your accomplishments.

    Last year I followed the Regional programming because I enjoyed the variety. This year I am going to continue following the Regional programming and scale when needed to give my body a chance to recover.

    1. Sprints. Did not time, but it was fun to move fast again.
    2. Deadlift heavy triple. Worked up to 355 lbs. Had a lot more in me, but wanted to ease back into lifting heavy lifting.
    3. "Semi-Chubby Christine"
    3 RFT
    500m Row
    12 Deadlifts 275 lbs.
    21 Box jumps 30"
    4. 20m Back Rack Walking Lunge. 185 lbs.
    5. 3 x 25 GHDSU

    Good day of training.

    1. Been following here for the last year, just never really posted much. Always pop on to see what kind of scores, Michael, Biolo and some of you other top masters competitors get on the WOD's. Quite humbling sometimes to try and keep up on certain WOD's. Love the competition though.

      Michael, I too fell short this year. I was sitting around 180th after 14.4, then 14.5 smacked me in the face. Those 2 movements at hi volume just don't suit me well at the moment. Definitely something to try and fix this coming year. I did improve about 70 spots over last year, so I will take that.

      Congratulations to all finishing this years Open and looking forward to another year of training, and try to post more here to stay involved with the community that has pushed and helped me this far. Thanks all and especially Ben!

      Brad Apple Masters 40-44

    2. Awesome profile picture on your Games profile. My number one dream my whole life was to dunk a basketball...

      Being 6'4" = Good for Dunking a Basketball = Not so good for burpees. :)

      Really great job! Keep posting. It makes a little more fun and personal.

    3. That was back in the day Michael, haha. I could probably still dunk, although nothing like back in my early 20's. My career playing collegiately and professionally is what fueled my competitive drive and now Crossfit has taken that role. And yeah, 6'4" mixed with thrusters and burpees, equals me in pain on the floor, ha!
      Will def post more for sure, thanks brother!


    4. MJ ~

      Thanks for all your posts and positive attitude! It is you and the others like you that make this board awesome! Always positive and giving great advice & support when needed!

      It is truly inspiring to see everyone make the improvements they do...and helpful to see the scores and work done on a daily basis. It keeps me motivated to be as good as you all!!!

      I was very disappointed in this years OPEN performance for myself, but that is the way it goes! To much to get into...lesson learned for me: No Deadlifting more than 225# w/o a belt (low back probs).

      This season only makes me want to train harder and smarter for next season! I move up to Masters 45-49...that means I will be competing against the beast that we know as Vadim Darchinov (good luck with the next round!).

      Good luck to all moving onto the Regionals & Masters Competition!

      ALSO ~ Thanks Coach Ben for the OUTSTANDING and INGENIOUS programming...You are truly one of the best coaches in the world! The CompWOD demonstrates that!!!

    5. Nice job Biolo. You are one of the guys I look to to try and beat each and every workout if possible. Thanks for the push and good luck in 45-49, you are going to be a force in that division for sure!


    6. Tony, I am also moving up next year. I think it will be just as big as a battle as this year. More people and everyone is getting better and better. Bring it on, right?!?!?

      Also, sorry to hear about your back. I watched your 14.5 video and those burpees did not look fun, but as always, your thrusters were textbook. Nice job battling through. I hope you feel better soon.

    7. Awesome and huge strides this year, buddy! Keep up the hard work and positive chatter.

  22. 2014 Masters F/48/5'8"/145#
    1. 11:48 w/ 400m runs (bad shoulder, no rowing; 125# just in case shoulder flared)
    2. 215#
    3. done. time = 6:15

  23. Open
    1. 10:47
    2. 215#
    3. 4:57 @ 105#

  24. regionals:
    2. 455*3
    3. 11:09

    did some walking lunge @145lbs and ghdsu

  25. Let the 2015 Open training begin! Thanks for everything, coach. Looking forward to another year of progress.

    1) 9:02 rx @190#
    2) 385

    Think I'm going to run sprints later - after two days of rain it's too damn beautiful out not to

  26. Ben- thank you for sharing this awesome programming. Spot on preparation for the Open and beyond.
    Master- regionals:
    1. 11:32 @ 115 (steps ups/ injured ft)
    2. 225*3
    3. 4:24 @ 105

  27. Open/Masters

    1. 9:28 @ 185#. ( got on scale for first time since last time time we did a bw wod... Lost 10#?? Lol!)
    2. 405#
    3. Done

    Good job to all. Proud to be part of this community. Good luck to all moving on. Thanks for everything coach.

  28. Congrats to everyone who completed the Open and good luck to the regional athletes. Thanks a lot Ben for your amazing programming.

    1) 11:53 @ 205# (def felt tired from yesterday's WOD)
    2) Worked up to 405#x3
    3) Done

  29. Open/Masters 47
    1. 10:08 (75kg)
    2. 150kg (80%)
    3. 4:11 ( all sets ub)

  30. 1. 9mn48 (80kg deadlift)
    2. 3*160kg
    3. done

  31. Masters
    Christine @ 165.....9:31
    2. 400x3
    3. all done@135

  32. Reg.

    2) 515lb (new 3RM)
    3) Big Christine Rx - 13:39

    1. wholey jesus in a baby blanket! 515# triple is solid!!!

  33. Open

    1) 12:42 - 170 lbs, only had a 24" box
    2) Worked up to 300
    3) Done

  34. 1. Heavy Triple: 425#
    2. "Big Christine": 13:43 (sub 1k AirDyne instead of 500m row)
    3. Back Rack W.L.: 225# still feel weakish in legs
    4. 2k AirDyne, 75 ghdsu, 2k AirDyne: 11:19
    5. Open Accessory Work @ 155# done.

  35. Was still a bit sore from 14.5 yesterday so this is what I did:
    Deadlift triples worked up to 140kg which is a new PB
    Then just did the normal Christine so was 70kg bodyweight deadlifts 12:50
    Then did the row and GHDSU but not so much for time as I didn't have chance to do 2 sessions and like I said was still sore!
    Hopefully will be able to get back to normal tomorrow.

  36. Masters 41

    1. 9:41 (BW deads at 195#)

    2. Heavy triple at 385#

    3. All done...glutes and hams feelin it!

    1. Used 24" box also on Christine. Or is a 20" box RX for males on that one? Wasn't sure so we used 24" either way.


  37. A. 5x20-20m sprints
    2. 15.81
    3. 16.06
    4. 15.97
    5. 16.29

    My slowest time was faster than my fastest time from last week! Awesome!

    B. Heavy triple Deadlift

    C. "Christine"
    500m row
    12 Deadlifts, 185lb
    21 BJ 20"

    D. 20m back rack unbroken lunge
    Felt strong here

    E. For time:
    1k row
    75 GHD
    1k row
    Well that was awful!

  38. Regionals (gosh this is hard.. lol)

    1) no go
    2) 405#
    3) 15:36 @ 275#. Horrible

    1. I don't know about you Greg, but I feel like I haven't lifted anything heavier than a broomstick in the last 8 weeks! Everything felt heavy today. I am hoping the ol' muscle memory kicks in by next week.

    2. Same here brother.. It actually scares me a lot lol

  39. Globo gym training!
    Deadlift triple 405lbs
    Big Christine done at a globo gym had to run up and down the stairs each time... Done RX @ 315lbs 17 min

  40. 1. Done. :15 per or so
    2. 425, big goat for me
    3. 13:55, box jumps slowed me a lot.
    4. 225, felt pretty good. Wasn't sure what to expect. Will definitely improve next time.
    5. Didn't time. 3:45 a row. Steady ghd.

    My legs are shot!

  41. Masters 46
    1. "Christine"
    3 RFT: (11:46)
    500m Row
    12 Deads, bodyweight #190
    21 Box Jumps, 24" - games standards.

    2. Strength
    Dead Lift, work up to a heavy triple #345

    3.) no time

  42. Open:
    1. Christine - 10:56 @ 175#, much harder than I expected
    2. 385#, felt heavy but comfortable
    3. Total time = 8:03. Broke the Sumo, RDL, and Stiff Leg into 2 sets of 10 with a different grips each set to practice. Did the 20 regular DL unbroken.
    Extra: Did 3x20 GHDSU since core is a huge weakness of mine and i thought it would be a good stretch after all the DL

  43. Regionals / Games Programming

    1) Didn't do sprints. Went into my local box and did #2 (below) and then did this WOD with the class:
    4 Rounds
    400m Run
    12 Push Press 95#
    9 T2B
    Took me 10:45. After all this hard work it was nice to just have an easy workout.

    2) Worked to 350#. My deads suck :/

    3) "Christine" ish. Didn't have it in the tank to even attempt "Big Christine". Props to everyone who did. I didn't want to use to rower to tax my lower back more. Need these muscles to get in shape!
    3 Rounds:
    12 Deadlift 225#
    21 Box Jump 24"
    5:32 or thereabouts.

    4) Didn't do the 20 max step lunges. Pushed a sled outside instead. Such a pretty day.

    5) Did this in 12:20 something. Don't have a GHD so I use a makeshift one which makes things a little harder. Oh well. My average pace on the rower was a 1:45/500m which is my bread and butter for 1k rows.

  44. Open
    1. 11:26 with 205 DL
    2. Worked up to 405. Felt good to lift heavy again!
    3. Done, all UB. ~5:48

  45. Open/masters (not top 200) 48

    Christine 10:36 @ 190#

    2. 3 reps @ 325

    3. Done @ 135 all ub.

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  47. Great work Compers! Good Luck to those of you are moving on to regionals. HUGE thanks to Ben for the fantastic programming
    - I normally do the open wods but going to start doing Regional Metcons to help Wags train for regionals. Basically to beat my score by a minute or 2
    1. Big Christine- 12:26
    2. 3 Rep Max DL- 405#- didn't want to push the back after the metcon
    3. DL strength accessory - done
    4. 500 m row/50 GHD/500 m row- 6:52

  48. Open
    1-9:58 at 175 lbs

  49. Open
    1. Christine 13:33 bodyweight deadliest 125#; 20" box jumps
    2. 3 reps @ 215 TnG
    3. Done @ 105#
    This is my first official WOD through this program and I loved every minute of it!

  50. Metcon 9:23
    Deadlift 405 x3
    Under 5 accesory

  51. Open
    1) 8:44 Rx - BW 185# and used 24" box
    2) 350#
    3) 6:36

  52. Sprints-all 16 sec

    3rep max DL-435


    20m lunge-225

    1000 row
    75 ghd
    1000m row=12:53

    RRCF crew

  53. Open
    1- Christine 9:19 @185#
    2- 275-325-345-365
    3- done all unbroken. Oh boy the low back is gonna be tight!

  54. 1) Sprints: complete
    2) D-lift heavy triple: 405
    3) "Big Christine": 15:34 @ 315 DL
    4) 20 meter lunge: 225
    5) GHD/Row WOD: 12:46

  55. Open:
    Big Christine: 17:50 @170# Totally wish I were lighter!
    Skipped heavy triples as I would have had to drop weight to do so. Did 3rds of 1 strict C2B and 3 Ring Dip negatives (super goat for me)
    Accessory work done!

    Been following for awhile now, ended up being the top girl in our gym and finished 399 in So Cal. Huge improvement over last year when I was bottom half of the region! Thanks Coach Ben!

  56. "Did everything in one session!
    1. Pulls
    Dead Lift, work up to a heavy triple
    425# felt good

    3. Metcon:
    ""Big Christine""
    3 RFT:
    500m Row
    12 Deads, 315/225
    21 Box Jumps, 30/24"" - games standards.
    Wow tough. 15:34

    Rested 6 minutes

    1. For time
    1,000m Row 3:46
    75 GHDSU
    1,000m Row 3:44

    2. 20 Rep Max
    20 meter Unbroken Back Rack Walking Lunge for max weight.
    1 shot 155#

  57. A. Sprints- All completed. Time range from 17.25-18.50 these were killer on the legs but felt good

    B. 3RM Deadlift 225#

    3 Rounds For Time
    500m Row
    12 Deadlifts @ BW = 170#
    21 Box Jumps

    Legs were smoked and back was sore but this was a good one. Almost ate a box jump but survived :)

    D. 20m Back Rack walking Lunge UB 145#

    E. 1000m row
    75 GHD
    1000m row
    *14:54 - took longer than i hoped but working through an annoying hip issue.

    Feels good to hit the extra work

  58. Open
    1. Christine done with 155# dead (not body weight) and 24in bj
    Planned to work on rebounding 24 in bj because it's a goat!
    15:18 RX
    2. 235# dead 3rm
    Went up and found 1rm dead at 245# (20# PR) but could not turn into 3rm
    3. Done

  59. Been a long time follower/part time poster. I told myself I would strictly follow the Open program this year as the Open taught me I need to work on my engine and would post every day.

    I enjoy reading all of you posts and would also like to take this time to thank Ben for the awesome program!

    Here it goes, any support/criticism is welcome!


    1) Christine- 9:25 (BW 200#)

    2) 3 Rep Heavy DL - 335-355-385*1 (disengaged on the way down)

    Didn't have time to do the work at the end.

  60. Sprints 16,15,15,15,15
    Heavy triple 200kg
    Big Christine 12:09
    20m BR WL @ 100, next time 110kg
    Row/core 10:31 had more in me should have paced the row at 1:37 pace.

  61. 1) Christine: 14:29 with 215 deads. I am utterly awful at box jumps (still working on rebounding).

    2) DL Heavy Triple: 365 and it felt very light. My max 8 months ago with awful form was 365. I wanted to try heavier but had to squeeze this workout in between classes.

  62. Congratulations to everyone on completing the Open, and best of luck in the coming months for those who are moving on! I'm getting back up to speed after some time away CrossFit.

    1) Christine - 12:45 @205# (long transitions between rower indoors and DL/BJ outside)
    2) DL 365 x 3 immediately after
    3) Strength accessory completed

  63. Feels weird to know exactly which of the two programs to follow for once.. Was always between the Open and Regionals.

    Well, today begins my 6 weeks of training for the 2014 CrossFit Games SouthEast Regionals. Honestly, I didn't expect it to happen after going into the Open with the thought I was actually going to regress. I surprised myself, and couldn't be more excited.

    Session One-
    1.) Sprints- 14.97/15.03/15.04/15.72/14.92 - Tougher than I expected!

    2.) DL - 5x155/205/245 3x 295/335 >all clean grip..385x3, 425x3

    3.) WOD- Rx- 12:20
    Row splits were around 1:50/1:55/1:58
    DL's- 9/3, 6/6, 5/4/3
    BJ's were TOUGH!

    Session 2-
    1. 20m Back-rack Lunge- 225. TOUGH!

    2. 11:25 - had to take about three breaks on the GHD's.

    1. Congrats Dylan! That is amazing and goodluck with Regionals!

    2. Freakin animal. Good luck at regionals!

  64. Masters 50 - 54
    Scaled to
    2 Rnds Christine (115#) 7:30

  65. Open
    1) 205# / 12:02
    2) 315#
    3) Complete

  66. 1. Sprints 5 x 20-20

    2. Dead Lift
    Worked up to 275#, felt pretty solid, considering DL is not my favourite

    3. Metcon:
    "Big Christine"
    Time: 16:39min

    4. 20 meter Unbroken Back Rack Walking Lunge for max weight @ 155#
    Think I should have gone heavier

    5. For time
    1,000m Row
    75 GHDSU
    1,000m Row
    Will try to make this up Thursday

  67. Open

    Air dyne instead of row
    1/ 7:15 75kg
    2/ 3x 165 kg
    3/ completed

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  69. Did Session 2 in AM
    1) 195 - never done this before and took 1 shot. felt pretty easy.
    2) 14:56 - should have pushed rows harder but it was early. GHDSU got tough

    Session 1 in PM
    Sprints - Done around 16s each
    Heavy DL - 345x3, 365x1
    Big Christine: 22 something. Heavy deads really screwed me in the open so this is something I need to work on

  70. 1. Chrstine 13:27 @ 195# (lost 25 seconds when someone else hopped on my rower hah! My gym is the home of non-crossfit athletes as well so sometimes they don't pay attention)

    2. Doing some other strength work with my friends. We have a couple prop bets before summer. Just having fun, lifting heavy stuff before we get serious again in the late summer.

  71. Hi All -

    New to CompWod! Thanks Coach Ben for putting this up.

    1) 11:39 @ 175#
    2) 325# DL Triple
    3) Ran out of time

  72. Decided to do the open program this year. My engine hurt me the most in 14.1 and 14.5, that was the sole crusher, the engine. Will continue to work stength, too. A squat program and maybe some bench/DL program, too. Do the strength stuff in the morning, metcon in the afternoon. Stoked to get the season started immediately.

    1. Sprints from regionals. Fastestwas 15.42, slowest was 15.69

    2. Christine - 10:47@215. This is a pr for sure.

    3. Worked up to 385, accessory work, done.

    Good luck to dex, crump, dorman, Phillipe, all you animals that made regionals. Such inspirations, I'll be leader boarding each of your weekends that's for sure. Dig in boys!

  73. Christine@145# : 12:16
    255# DL x3
    PRd my 1RM by 5# at 295. Chasing that elusive 300#.

  74. 20m lunge 245

    Deadlift 405 (no juice)

    Did row / ghd wod because of time

    Make up the rest on Wednesday

  75. Open:
    1) 12:47rx (185lbs) yeesh round 3 sucked! my first split times were 3 then 4 min each
    2) 350lb tripplet! so stoked!
    3) Done, (8:13) 1:12/ 1:09/ 56 sec rest times

  76. Regional Programming
    1. Did but didn't have a timer.
    2. Worked up to 385#. Should have gone up, but knowing heavy Christine was coming up kind of squashed that plan.
    3. 11:57 rx
    4. 225#
    5. Coincidentally the exact same time as the first metcon - 11:57 rx
    Had a lot of fun with this today working out with a few good friends.

  77. Had a ton of homework and papers to do tonight. Used today as my rest day, doing metcons Thursday.

  78. Open:
    1. Christine - 9:46 Used 175 on deads, a little over BW but oh well.
    2. Heavy triple 345
    3. Done

  79. Open:
    1. Christine- 11:43 (260 Deadlift)
    2. DL's- 405 x 5
    3. 5:33 Total time with rests