Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday 4.2.14

Geoff Leard

1.  Jerk
1RM Jerk  - from a rack or boxes.

2.  Front Squat
4x6 across

3.  Big Clean Complex
6 climbing sets of:
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
Each set of the "Big Clean Complex" consists of 12 unbroken reps.  Repeat this sequence six times, resting as needed between sets and climb up in weight every set.  

4.  Gymnastics Skills
A.  3x20 Unbroken C2B - rest as needed between sets.
B.  30 Burpee Muscle ups for time  - rings set at six inches above max reach.

1.  Big Clean Complex
6 climbing sets of:
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
Each set of the "Big Clean Complex" consists of 12 unbroken reps.  Repeat this sequence six times, resting as needed between sets and climb up in weight every set. 

2.  Gymnastics Skills
A.  3x20 Unbroken C2B- rest as needed between sets.
B.  30 Burpee Muscle ups for time - rings set at six inches above max reach.

Nate Schrader's world record "Big Clean Complex" of 255# performed at CFNE last fall.


  1. Hello, jerk it is clean and push press, or only from shoulders over the head?? Thanks

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    2. 1RM jerk from rack so no clean needed. Just shoulder to overhead.
      Big clean complex you can watch the video and see how its done...

  2. Justin Lasala
    40-44 Masters
    Open Finish 58th NER Finish 9th
    Thanks for the Programing Coach. Really helped a lot Hopefully Ill meet you at the Games :)
    Congrats to all the Athletes this Year. Best of Luck in the Future.

  3. Up to 79th place from 280ish last year. Not bad for a years work.

    Just wanted to let you know what the last year has meant to me. You guys have been great and the support level from the CompWod family is great. I feel like I've met some guys on here that I will continue to track regardless of the programming we are following.

    That being said I'm moving on from CompWod. This programming has been fantastic and is probably the best free resource out there. If you are well rounded then this is the programming for you. I started looking for coaches around 14.4 and I've found one that I believe will address my specific areas of improvement in a way that an online template can not.

    Many of you are my friends on Facebook, IG and other social media platforms. If you're not I'm easy to find. I'll be watching with interest Bryan, Dex, Dylan and others as you guys move into the Regional stage of the competition season.

    Thanks for everything.


    1. Jeremy.

      Congrats a great open man. Awesome improvement. Good luck in your new endeavors. I will miss being able to check to see how did in the workouts but I look forward to seeing how you do when you make it to Regionals next year.

      Take care.

    2. Drew, man, I was crushed when I saw what 14.5 did to your overall placing. I was pulling for you big time. Your region is stacked and you were a little man biased workout away from going. I'll be pulling for you again next year.

    3. Goodluck for whatever lies ahead for you Jeremy! I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress on Instagram!

    4. Austin, good luck with baseball man. You're doing it right. Whenever baseball is done in it's current form you have a sick level of fitness already built up. 18 years old with your current numbers I have no doubts you are regional quality in the upcoming years.

    5. Good luck dude. I'm gonna miss a fellow big guy in his 30s to chase!

    6. All the best J!!
      Will stay in contact!!

    7. No matter how you look at it, you crushed it this season brother. Right on the edge of qualifying, and as I said before, next year is undoubtedly yours.I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your name on the leaderboard next year. Keep training, and good luck!

    8. Pace congrats man. Do a drop in here from time to time. Seeing your results encourage me. I went from over a 1000 in southeast last year to 365 this year and only started following compwod last august. Seeing you improvement this year is awesome. Train hard and drop in here from time to time. Gonna miss testing myself against you.

    9. Jeremy,

      Congrats on a great season and good luck with your fresh new start.
      I will continue to track your progress.
      You are a great part of this CompWod family.

      All the best and talk to you soon!

    10. Jeremy,
      Congrats on a great year, was always great to see you set the standard for a lot of the wod's. Will miss your posts, but know it is time to take it to the next level. Good luck and look forward to seeing your name next year!

    11. Jeremy,
      Congrats on a stellar season and good luck with your new coach! I'll keep my eye out for you in future Opens and Regionals.
      Time to attack our weaknesses and start prepping for 2015.

    12. Great work Jeremy.
      All the best in your 2015 training.

  4. Jerk 120kg
    Front squats 95kg
    Big clean complex 50,60,70,80,90,80
    3x20 C2B done had to kip 2nd n 3rd sets after 14 reps
    30 B MU's 6:59 best time is 6:01 but happy with this after everything today!!

  5. Masters 47
    1. 60/65/70/75/80/85 kg last split jerk at 85kg failed.
    2. Done Rx'd
    3 stopped at 20 MU (6:04) felt discomfort in right shoulder.

  6. Complex finished at 165#
    C2b had to break 2nd set 13 and 7.
    8:59 burpee m.u. I can still feel 14.5. Geez.

  7. Regionals.

    Still feeling 14.5 today. Triceps and shoulder still sore and stiff.
    1) 220#.

    2) 220/220/242/242. Probably should have gone with 242 across or 253.

    3) 132/143/154/160/165/171. Tough but good.

    4A) done. Had to break third set into 14 and 6.
    4B) skipped due to time. Will try and do this afternoon.

  8. 1) 20-30-40-45-50-55 kg rushed due to time
    2) a. 3x10 ub. Can't get 20 yet.
    b. Not done. No time.

    Master 45 (not top 200)

  9. 1. Jerk
    Got up to 285# (PR)
    2. Front Squat
    Stuck with 225#
    3. Big Clean Complex
    135,145,155,165,175, then failed on the 9th rep of 185
    4. Gymnastics Skills
    A. Skipped due to time
    B. 10 min AMRAP, got 26 reps

  10. Open
    1. "Big Clean Complex" - 105/115/125/135/145/155 (failed both jerks in the last set, did the cleans).
    2A. 20, 18-2, 13-7. Grip wasn't there.
    2B. Failed miserably - did a couple of MUs and realized that it is not going to happen. Too bad, I was looking forward to it.

  11. 1. BCC: 50/55/60/65/70/75 KG
    2. One set of 20
    3. 10:32. Happy to get through it.

  12. OPEN
    1. Big Clean Complex - 125-135-145-155-165-175 (PR)
    2a. UB C2B Pull-ups - 3x10
    ... establishing a butterfly - gotta take a step back before moving ahead ...
    2b. DNS

    1. Haven't done today's work yet, but I'm going to be doing the same thing on the C2B, time to learn the butterfly.....

  13. 1. Big Clean Complex
    135#-175# Wanted 185# but failed; really need to work on re-hook gripping after squat cleans
    2. Gymnastics Skills
    A. Done; 1st all butterfly, 2nd lost butterfly at 16, 3rd lost butterfly at 10
    B. 7:46; by this time my hands just really hurt and I was dreading the rings each rep

  14. Regionals:

    1. Jerk 1 RM. 247 lbs. That is a PR for a jerk of any kind and 15 lbs. PR off the jerk boxes.
    2. Front squat. 185, 205, 225, 245.
    3. Big Clean Complex. 100, 110, 132, 143, 154, 165.
    4.A. Hands are way too torn up still to C2B. So did 3 x 10 strict pull-ups.
    4.B. Burpee Muscle ups. Lost track of time and reps. Gym was chaotic today. I had a lot of people around me asking me questions :) I think I ended up doing 37 and it took me about 11 minutes.

    Have a good day everyone!

    1. Michael, what is your box?
      Does it have a Facebook page?

    2. Greg, it goes by the name of Phase Five Fitness, but its official affiliate name is Crossfit Revolution. Facebook page:


  15. 75-125/ dropped from overhead on the jerk and regripped on the last squat clean.

    10 burpee mu, slow I did not actually time this but probably 12 mins. I could have pushed harder.

    C2b progression 7x5 :60rest

  16. Open
    1) Complex - 95, 135, 165, 185 - had to cut it short due to time constraints. 185 was solid - would have loved to try 205
    2) Did the 30 burpee muscle ups next bc of time - 7:07
    Coached a class then did the 3 sets of 20 C2B after. Each set unbroken - rested about 90 seconds or so between sets.

  17. Open:
    1. Worked up to 175#
    2a. Have no proper bar today
    2b. 30 Burpee-MUs finished between 4:30 и 5:00

  18. Regionals:
    1.) 335#...sloppy footwork on last one but happy with the effort. I want 350 bad!
    2.) Stayed at 225# today. My legs are trashed!
    3.) First time ever doing this...boy was it fun (and exceptionally difficult)!!!!

    135#, 155#, 185#, 205#, 215#, 225#...no way i could have gotten more than 225 today, but I want to try this again soon...i think 235-240 is attainable.

    4.) Will do tonight before coaching.

    1. Just finished part 4...
      C2B: Done
      30 Burpee MU for time: 6:15....not happy with this one...my hands tore about halfway through and just had to push through. Something to get better at!

  19. Regionals:
    Still feeling the 14.5 from monday
    1- 255
    2- stop at 145, feeling very tired
    3- 3*15
    4- 6:57

  20. Open
    1. 60kg - 67.5 - 72.5 - 77.5 - 80 - 65
    2a. 13/5/2 - 11/5/4 - 7/5/4/4 weakness!!!
    b. 6mn53

  21. Regionals
    1) Jerk - worked up to 90kg which is a PR
    2) Front Squat - 60kg across
    3)Clean complex worked up to 60kg
    4 a)C2B done
    4 b)Burpee Muscle Ups Lost track of time - the box clock was being used and forgot what time I started!

  22. Still worn down. Really looking forward to gymnastics part but going to put off until tomorrow. Soccer practice tonight.
    1. 235#, 20# off PR ugh
    2. 185#, only did 4 working sets
    3. 225#, focused on form since muscles weren't giving me much more

  23. Regionals 2014- SE, 22, 165lbs

    Chalked today up as a rest day- gonna have to hit today's work tomorrow. Woke up with triceps/shoulders still wrecked from repeating 14.5 on Monday. Thought I'd battle through it, but 2 failed split jerks @225 was the signal.

    Also think I've gotta adjust to the volume. Been following the Open programming since a few weeks before the Open started, and to jump right into the Regionals/Games stuff I think shocked my body a little. Low back, glutes, hammy's..heck, everything is sore!

  24. Open/ Masters

    1) 135,155,165,185,195,200. Happy with that one. Grip was good and legs felt good.

    I have had a left shoulder issue for a while. Jerks was one of the movements I've been staying away from. Felt ok today.
    2) done 3x20 ub.
    3) did 6, and started to feel shoulder. Stopped. Live to fight another day!

  25. Master
    1. Big clean complex Failed @ 175
    2. 3x30 UB done
    3. 30 Burpee MU 7:47

  26. regionals

    1) jerk 275lbs (20lbs from pr, didn't go heavier though)
    2) 135-155-165-185-185 and then tried 225 but failed to regrip after push press

    barbell was feeling heavy today so decided to call it a day.

  27. Masters F
    1) 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 (push jerked the first overhead), 125 w/ two push jerks, failed the split jerk. The wrists and grip quite before my mental energy.
    2) shoulder is not 100%, no kipping for me. Did strict chin to bar and chest to bar pullups. 6x3

  28. Open:
    1) 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 kg. Was throwing around the Eleiko stuff today at the box! dang that bar is smooth. (In lbs it's: 88, 110, 121, 132, 143, 154)
    2) Done, trying to learn butterfly C2B, can only string together 2-3 right now, did regular kipping the rest of the reps.
    3) 8:40, tried to keep a pace of 5 EMOM for 6:00, didn't go as planned the last 5 reps haha, took me a good 2+ min to get those.

  29. A. 1RM Jerk
    (Had 300lb over head in split, lost it behind recovering)

    B. 4x6 Front Squat
    245lb across

    C. 6 climbing sets of big clean complex
    135-160-180-185-190 (failed on my split jerk, did not return feet together man this was straight up in your face nastiness)

    D. Gymnastics
    1. 3x20 unbroken chest to bar Pullups
    =complete all unbroken never lost rhythm
    2. 30 Burpee Muscle ups for time

  30. Open
    1. 135/155/165/175/185/190f
    2. 20/20/20
    3. 9:05 setting the rings higher made this difficult. Couldn't steady them as I came down.

  31. 1. Max jerk = 300

    2.4x6 FS =295

    3.6 sets big clean complex
    First of all I have to shout out my best friend/training partner Shawn McQueen he is the smallest out of us all and he straight up killed this better then all us big guys awesome job brother.
    130,160,180f,185,f and I love the bar bell just not today

    4.20 chest to bars all unbroken

    5.30 burpee MU=7:37

    As for training and last years open to this one. This was my worst placing ever. 102 in the northeast last year to 282 this year. Followed Ben going into 2013. Went on my own with my partners for 2014 and it was a disaster. Just goes to show in my own hands I won't challenge myself. More then happy to be back already feel better with my overall fitness and its only been a couple weeks next year regionals is mine. Thank you for all you do Ben me and Shawn will be down to visit soon.

  32. Regionals
    1. Jerk 1RM- Hit 265lbs. 10lb PR. Just missed 275.
    2. No squats for me. #lifeofacatcher #constantlysoreknees
    3. Big Clean Complex- worked from 115-165lbs.
    A. C2B's- done. Worked butterfly kip. Split into 6×10.
    B. 30 Burpees MU's- 9:42. This beat my 30 MU time by 2 minutes. #Progress
    Good day in the garage.

  33. Regionals / Games

    1) Hit a new PR with a 285# push jerk today! Super excited about that. Tried for 295 and just wasn't there. This is a 20# PR in the span of three months or so.

    2) Did 225 today for the Front Squats. These are a huge weakness for me.

    3) Did power cleans as my knee has been feeling wonky doing squat cleans. Built up to 195.

    4) Did the MU first and pullups after. Did the 30 Burpee MU in 5:55. Really happy about that. Smooth and steady the whole time. Muscle Ups are a big strength of mine.

    5) Did 3 sets of 15 reps. I was smoked after the muscle ups. I don't know if it's more practice or what, but regular pullups are a breeze and the C2B just murder me. I'm not sure I've ever gotten 20 unbroken even while fresh. Something I need to develop for next year

    1. Thanks Shawn! Keep posting solid times. I check your scores every day for motivation

    2. Likewise man! Let's keep pushing each other!

  34. Open

    1) Worked up to 145
    2) A - Done. 18/2 - 14/6 - 12/4/2/2
    B - 12:30ish Check out of this one mentally early


    1) 285#
    20# PR! Yeah!

    2) Didn't squat. Ramping up this week.

    3) Failed 165#

    4) Done!

    5) Gave everything to nail it under 7 mins. Made 25 reps, and finished the 30 in 8:49.

    Finally a day off tomorrow!

  36. Open:

    1. Big Clean Complex - worked up to 145#

    2a. Spent about 10 minutes working my butterfly C2B skills. Got 2 sets of 7 unbroken butterfly C2B. I've never done more than singles of butterfly C2B before today so I'm walking away from today with this as a huge win! All in all, did about 8 sets of 4-7 C2B.

    2b. 30 Burpee Muscle-Ups - 12:27. really surprised at how terrible I did on this. I've never been forced to do singles on muscle-ups like that before, quite a humbling experience!

  37. Day 3, body is feeling it! CNS definitely. Been battling a knee and shoulder injury since jan, so feels good to move through some heavy stuff.

    1. Singles at 275, shoulder not ready to max. PR is 325.
    2. Fs 275 across
    3. Complex was nasty! 135-185-195-205-215-225(f) did 1 clean at 225 an decided it was pointless. Very hard.

    4. Done
    5. 5:12, PR is 4:56. Feels good to do mu again!

  38. 1. Jerk up to 295 , missed 315
    2. Changed to backsquat - elbow is messed from 14.5 - rack position very painful - 345 x 6 for 4 sets
    3. Skipped due to elbow
    4. A) done as rx
    B) 5:53 with 15# vest

    Then made up for missing "BIG Christine" from yesterday: 12: 47

  39. Open
    1. Big clean complex: 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195
    2. 3 x 20 c2b done. Struggled on the last set
    3. 30 burpee MUs for time: 20:00. Was significantly beat up from the c2bs going into this. Really paced myself to get thru it without too many failed reps. Still failed a couple MUs but they started feeling better midway thru.

    Challenging but fun day of training!

  40. Open
    1. 75, 85, 95, 105, 110, 115
    2. Done
    3. 07:23 Muscle Ups done one bar, No rings.

    BTW my name is Rob and this is my second day doing Compwod programming. I am really enjoying it and wanted to introduce myself.

  41. Open
    1. 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115
    2. 7x5 C2B with :60 between
    3. 6x4 banded MU

  42. Open
    1- 135-155-160-165-170fail
    2a - done
    2b - 7:08

  43. Regionals:
    1. 295lbs
    2. 255lbs
    3. 135, 155, 175, 185, 205, 215 (failed last jerk)
    4A. Completed
    4B. 7:40

    1. Awesome job in the open Chad! Can't wait to see you kill it in individuals this year!

  44. Open/Masters 48

    Big Clean Complex: 95-115-125-135-145-155(f)
    2. Didn't do 60 but did 5 or 6 sets to failure. Didn't help that I did 70 c2b on Monday.
    2.b. 1 pathetic burpee muscle up. Shoulder wouldn't let me do more. Tried about 5 more but couldn't dive through because of shoulder pain/tightness Did 30 burpees as punishment.

  45. 1. Jerk: 295
    2. Front Squat: 225x6/245x6/275x6/295x6
    3. Big Clean Complex: 135/145/155/165/175/200
    4. Skill: CTB-20/10-10/5-5-5-5
    30 Burpee MU's: 7:58

  46. Open
    1) 95-115-135-155-175PR-185F (Missed h.h. sqt clean after push jerk)
    2) 60 Butterfly C2B - 13/10/11/10/9/7 - Need to keep practicing this.
    3) 11:53 - Not the best time, but pretty happy to finish under the 12 minute cap Clayton and Bus put on this.

  47. Open
    1) 95/105/115/135/155/165(f). I missed 165 trying to re-grip for the last squat clean before the split jerk...PISSED! Waited a couple minutes then finished the last series with a split jerk to complete all the reps.
    2) 60 butterfly C2B 13/12/10/10/8/7 - I will not let these bastards limit me in the 2015 Open!
    3) 8:01

  48. Regionals: (3rd week of CrossFit)

    225# Jerk - went easy but it was a 20# PR so stopped there
    FrontSquats: 235# Across - felt solid - up 10lbs from last week

    Clean Complex:
    125#, 130, 135, 140, 144, 150 - the grip went before anything else

    Pull-Ups - 1 set of 20, then hand tore

    Burpee Muscle-Ups - 7:23

  49. Been following the programming and doing some WOD's with the Apex Competition team. Now that my first Open is over I am committed to following the Comp WOD programming more diligently and posting results to this page.
    Big thanks to Ben for the program and for my mates down at Apex for getting me involved.
    Here's how I fared today.

    1) Big Clean Complex 95/105/115/135/155/165
    2) C2B 20/20/14/6
    3) 30 Burpee MU's for time 8:10

  50. 2015 Open

    1. Got to 185. 10#PR from last time. Felt like maybe 195 was in the tank.

    2. CTB - 20/12-8not sure what happened here, lost my rhythm, came off the bar. Weird.)20

    3) 30 Burpee Muscle ups 9:33. Last time I did this I couldn't finish and threw a 25# plate across my yard.

  51. Open
    1. BCC- 95/135/155/175/195/205F- lost my grip on way down from 2nd h.cln
    2. 60 c2b- I am committing to butterflying all my c2b from here on out, never went less than 6
    3. 30 B.MU- 10:18- started out too slow

  52. Just joined the Apex Competition team. This was my first Competition WOD and am looking forward to following the programming. Thank you to everyone there tonight I enjoyed it! And a big thanks to Bussom for getting me involved in the competition WODS!

    1) 65/85/95/105/125/140 - plan was to get to my body weight and I succeeded so I was happy with that.
    2) 60 butterfly C2B 15/12/12/11/10 - really felt good with these.
    3) 10:36 - never done so many at once!

  53. 1. 1RM Jerk- 195# (felt weak today)
    2. 4x6 Front squats- 155#
    3. Big clean Complex- 75#-85#-95#105#-115#-135# - this was nasty and challenging mentally overall
    4. 3x20 c2b pullups- this is a weakness so i broke them up to accumulate 60 reps: 10/10/8/7/5x5
    5. Did not complete burpee muscle ups- i had nothing left in shoulders but plan on hitting when my body is well recovered (mus also a weakness)

  54. 1) Jerk up to 275 (290 is PR)
    2) DND - Hatch cycle day 2 on Fri
    3) 155/165x2/175x2/180
    - this was so unbelievably hard. Thought I was gonna die.
    4) 2x20, 1x11 - butterfly, rhythm felt awesome but hands started ripping on last set
    5) 14:something - hands ripped. Casual pace focused on mechanics.

  55. Open
    1. Big Clean Complex: 105,115,125,135,145,155 Very happy with this considering the last time we did this in September for 3 sets, I only used 95 and 105.
    2a. Butterfly practice with grips. I switched over to kipping PUs after #32 (4 or 5 sets?). Getting better, but still a ton of work to be done.
    2b. MU progression. Time to kill the goat.

  56. Got the Wifey following the programming now!

    1. 135-145-155-165-175(fail on last high hang)-135
    2. A. 20-13-15 (22 is my max unbroken/no Butterfly YET)
    B. 10:35 (3 failed MUs)

    1. 65-75-80-85-90-95(fail on 2d hang clean)
    2. A. Complete with green band (regular pull-ups)
    B. 100 Burpees for time (11:58) still working n her first MU

    Josh and Katie

  57. 1. 95-115-135-145-155 (fail on 3rd HHSC)
    2. B. started missing many reps around 15, finished 20 in 20 min and capped it.
    A. smoked after missed MUs, 3 x 6

  58. Masters 46
    1.) Big Clean Complex #160
    6 climbing sets of: #95, #115, #135, #145, #155, #160

    2.) 3x20 C2B unbroken (done) tired to go unbroken
    17(unbroken) 15(unbroken) 12(unbroken)

    3.) 10 burpee MU for time : instead of 30 ( just started doing MU so wanted to play it smart)

  59. 1. 205#. Went for PR at 235#, couldn't stand it up.

    2. 225# across.

    3. Wow. 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140.

    4. Hand ripped Monday. Did:

    EMOM x 15:
    Min 1: 250 m Row
    Min 2: 50 DU's
    Min 3: 20 sec HS Hold

  60. Big Clean Complex done at 65/75/85/95 (dropped after push jerk)/105
    3x20 C2B (2's and 3"s at a time, working on rhythm of these)
    30 Burpee pull ups (3:37 - can't do a muscle up yet due to recovering from a shoulder injury)

  61. I was super pumped to hit all this work, but as the day progressed it felt more and more like I had been hit by a transport truck. So sore! Had to take it a bit easier...
    1. 1RM Jerk @ 190#, this is a PR, Jerks are a big goat of mine. Stopped here and didn't want to push it.

    2. Front Squat 4x6 across @ 165#

    3. Big Clean Complex
    Skipped, didn't think my traps could handle it

    4. Gymnastics Skills
    Did class partner WOD instead

  62. Open/Masters
    1) Big Clean Complex ~ 130-140-145-155-165-175
    2) 3x20 ~ Done
    3) 20 Burpee Muscle ups in 14:30 ~ this was tough! Only got to 20 and time was up to get to work...Sucks! Need to be able to do a strict M.U. Major Goal for the next year is working this!

  63. Rested Wed and did this today


    1) 290# (5# PR!) was a little ugly, but I got it, had a press out. Need to figure out how to stay fast and committed as the bar starts to feel heavy in my front rack, that's what messes me up.

    2) 245# across

    3) 135/165/185/205/then I went back down to 145/155 to finish up the 6 cuz I barely made it through 205, wasn't going to happen heavier. Grip went to shit and heart rate through the roof.

    4) a) tore right away so skipped, must've been ready to go after all the c2b in the wod from monday that I did tuesday since I redid 14.5 on monday.

    b) put a 10 min cap on this and got 15, really hard because I can't jump to the rings and set my false grip, so I had to do these no false grip, the first 4 to 5 minutes I only got 1 per minute, then I started getting a little better with the no false grip and was going through them a little better.

  64. Open
    Had to modify as I suffered from shoulder since 14.1
    1. Row 300 E2MOM x 7
    (1:00-1:02 each)
    2. 3 sets of strict ring row with eleveted feet (15-15-12/3)
    3. Big clean complex
    60-70-75-80-60 kg

  65. Regionals/SE/22/165lbs- Make-up after forcing myself to rest yesterday due to really suffering on the 1RM Jerk.

    1. 235 (50lbs off C&J PR) -
    Shoulders/tri's STILL sore from 14.5 redo. Felt odd. Spent a lot of time playing around with lighter loads before adding the weight. Hit 235, then failed it twice. Definitely a hole I've got to repair before Regionals.

    2. 245 across. Felt good!

    3. 135/145/155/165/175 (failed SJ)/ 175 (again, failed SJ)

    1.) 3x20 C2B- no problem at all.
    2.) Burpee Muscle-ups- 5:54 .. Here's the vid: http://youtu.be/VAowQvF4-Aw

  66. 1. 275#
    2. 185#
    3. 95,115,135,155,175,185
    (FIrst time cleaning, squating or jerking heavy in weeks since I hurt my elbow) Definitely need to regain some strength before Regionals. I also need to stay healthy.
    4A. had to skip not enough time
    B. 5:59

  67. Tough one!
    1. 65#,75#,85#,90#,95#,100# unbroken until last 2 sets
    2. 4 sets of 5 grip was going
    3. 8:38 burpee, pull-up, box dip

  68. Open
    1. Done at 65-75-85-95-105-115
    I doubted if i could do more than 115 but wish I tried 120/125.
    2. Did 15 c2b working on cleaner hollow rock form and not breaking form by bending knees. Still trying to figure out best form for gymnastic movements.

  69. Regional programming
    1. 265#. Same as previous 1 rm hit at Great Lakes Inv. in Jan.
    2. Had zero desire to squat tonight after yesterday's failed attempt at active recovery... Convinced myself to do it at 225.
    3. 135, 155, 185 (failed on third set), 165, 185 (failed on third set), 135
    4. Absolutely terrible at pull-ups so did 6x10
    5. Did with teammate for regionals in the same format they used last year. 10 min amrap. 3 each then switch. Between the two of us we got to 33. Probably sounds silly and a terrible excuse, but we were doing these outside with straps over the tree. Completely killed the pull as the branch drooped about 3 inches each time. A whole lot of fun though!

  70. Open
    1/ 45,50,55,60,65,70 kg broke the 65 and 70 after jerk
    2/ 3x 12 c2b unbroken
    3/ Burpee MU 12:24

  71. Big Clean Complex:
    Lost it on the last Squat clean of 195. Rest 3-4ish minutes between sets.

    C2B's: Did 5 sets of 6.
    Burpee Muscle-Ups: 30 "Jumping" Burpee Muscle-ups.

    Going to be working hard on the skills and bodyweight stuff.

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