Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday 4.9.14

Becca Voigt.
1.  Snatch

2.  Bench 
4x8 across

3.  Boat Race
500m Row
400m Run
Rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds.

1.  Snatch

2.  10 RFT:
10 TTB
10 Ground to Overhead, 95/65


  1. Hi everyone.
    Today did only 1RM snatch attempt.
    Hit 100kg http://youtu.be/3w46XM_SupU
    And failed three times at 105kg http://youtu.be/hm2vktEuejg
    But feel rather close to 105.

  2. 1. Snatch 90kg, 95kg fail
    2. Metcon 15:13 TTB Unbroken

  3. Masters 47
    1. 80kg (shoulder discomfort )
    2. 15:55 ( all sets PSnatch 5/5, T2B all ub. Set 10: PSn 7/3// T2B 7/3) done in weightlifting shoes.

  4. 1) Haven't snatched in a while so did a few reps at 80kg.

    2) 14:12 RX

  5. 135 -(185is pb)

    Tough day, still getting used to early mornings

  6. regional
    1.) Hit a 225# snatch, worked up slowly from 135. haven't been full snatching for a while because of a patellar tendonitis issue for the last year.
    2.) 205# across
    3.) 18:30 , kept a running clock. and ran my 400's on a evil machine called "the curve". its a torture device which resembles a hamster wheel for humans, forces you to pose-run and feels like you are running with up hill with resistance.

  7. Regionals.

    1) 182. Pr of about 17#. Super excited about this haven't seen progress in a long time on my max snatch. Really struggle with OH flexibility but hitting it really hard and starting to take back my mobility. Almost had 187 but didn't quite get under it enough to control it. More of a mental "oh shit I'm pr'ing like crazy and can't focus on the lift anymore" than a lack of strength.

    2) 191 across

    3) 17.20. Had to do 400m run on a 25m long piece of turf. Took 8 laps each round. Rows at 1.40 runs at about 2min. 30sec slower than a moderately paced 400 on a track.

    Great day today. Super pumped and excited to keeping working on my OH mobility and strength. I will hit a 200# snatch by the next open. Good luck everyone.

  8. Open
    1. 155lbs 167lbs failed... Twice...
    2. 21:06... Wow... That was deceiving...

  9. Open
    1.) Snatch 85lbs
    2.) 22:42

    Tough WOD

  10. Open

    -Snatch, worked to 155lbs, 3 fails. 10lbs of PR. Struggling lately
    -WOD: 18:42 @ 95lbs

  11. Regional:

    1.) Snatch--- 175#
    2.) Bench---205# Across
    3.) Row/Run---17:19

    Note: Just started following this programming right after the Open ended and I cannot thank Ben Bergeron enough for allowing access to this programming. I am an 18 year old in ROTC @ Kentucky and my trainers are really pushing me to get really get competitive with the sport. It'll be fun watching and following the posts from you all and I look forward to improving as a potential CrossFit athlete!

    1. Welcome to the community brother and thanks ahead of time for your service. Good to have an SEC guy following - I'm a Bama alum. Crush it!

  12. Regional:

    1) Snatch - 245
    2) bench - 205 across (final set 215)
    3) boat race - 15:30

  13. Open
    1) 215 - fired up. Haven't snatched heavy in a long time and matched my pre-injury PR.
    2) 13:28 - grip was smoked

    1. Nice work! Good to get back to pre-injury strength! Congrats
      10 Rnd time is awesome!

  14. Regional:

    1. Snatch - 111kg (245lb) (1kg PR) Haven't been at my PR for a long time! And 115kg was SO close:-P

    2 Bench - 88kg (195lb)

    3. Boat Race - 16:11 (Run had to be 16x25m shuttle runs)

  15. 1. Snatch
    Skipped Catalyst instead
    2. 10 RFT:
    15:17; wow, first 3 rounds unbroken in about 3:30ish with snatches, then I hit a wall mixed in clean and pp and snatches.


    1) 235#
    Tied my PR

    2) Subbed for shoulder press @ 125#

    3) 16:30
    First run outside, felt good to breathe fresh air!

  17. Snatch ~ 200# ... 15# PR ~ Jacked up on that one! My goal is 225# by Christmas
    Need to get under the bar quicker...Like Stas!

    10 Rnds ~ 17:42
    All TTB were UB. First 5 sets of G2O UB...but I was beginning each on the 90s mark trying to maintain a pace...after 5 rnds I needed to break up the G2O (5-3-2)...then got rnd 10 with 10 in a row!

    Great effort (& video) on the Clean Complex yesterday:
    Tu (275#) ~ you are a monster!!!
    Chris G (245#) ~ excellent 2nd attempt on that wt...& no belt ~ Impressive!

    1. Thanks Tb, videoing is helping me see issues I miss on my own for sure. I may be giving in and getting a belt and oly shoes in the near future :-)

    2. Thanks Tony! Hoping to do well on the 1rm snatch later today...

    3. Hahaha - Chris G - I picked up on the running shoes and left you that exact comment earlier today. I'm a day behind and did yesterday's WOD today - and seriously considered throwing on a belt, but opted out! Video coming later - although it doesn't match you manimals...

    4. You know us garage gamers....its always a battle of what to buy next! Belt, shoes, rower, more plates, dbs, kbs, rope, bench, sigh :-)

  18. Open
    1. Snatch - 145# (2# pr, not much, but nice to get :) ). Dropped under 150# twice, but could not hold it and get up.
    2. 10 RFT - 19:38. That was tougher than it seemed on paper. TTB unbroken, did power snatches for ground to overhead - first round - 10, second - 2-3, then settled in and did in sets of 5.

  19. OPEN
    1. Snatch - 170# (10# off PR - shoulder stability was sketchy at best today)
    2. 10 RFT - 18:35 Rx

  20. Open/Masters
    1) 175 was my max today. Wasn't getting under like I should.
    2) 11:11 rx. Broke my last set of ttb's 8/2. Did power snatches tng, with a handful of singles here and there.

    Good job everyone! Impressive numbers on the 1 rm.

    1. Wow - smoking fast time - nice work.

    2. Steeve, that is a smoking time on the 10 rds....crazy fast, nice!

  21. Master/Open
    Snatch 200lbs pr
    2. 18:32 rx

  22. Open
    Worked up to 180 on snatches couldn't get 185
    14:56 rx'd
    T2b were in sets of 5 all the way through gto were clean and jerks done in sets of 2 all the way through

  23. Open
    1. 135# - 25# below PR. Failed 155# twice - blah!
    2. 21:40 RX'd - Spicy little number

  24. Open
    1) 165# (10# off PR). Failed at 185# 3x, but I was damn close. Totally a mental block at this point
    2) 16:55 Rx - went quick singles after 2nd round to keep moving. TTB broken into sets of 5. Great WOD to focus on using the hips and dropping under the bar.
    3) Going to do regional row/run WOD tonight. Feel like I need to do some longer Metcon work to build my lungs a little more.

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  26. 1. 185#, really working on new positioning and pulls
    2. 15:55, wind was great but core and shoulders just weak. TTB turned to mostly singles after 3rd rnd.

    Will do bench next time I'm at work.

  27. Today went rather odly but I really enjoyed it overall.
    1) Didn't get chance to go to 1rm but worked on technique, focussing on the knee position and first pull
    2) Ended up doing the class wod which was a 15min partner AMRAP including power snatches, box jumps and sit ups.
    3) Then did some weighted pull ups, worked my way up to a 32kg kb for 4 reps (bodyweight of 70kg)

    Then did a 2nd session tonight:
    1) T2B workout from the open: 18:19 - ended up doing clean and press because the bar at home isn't long enough for snatches. Broke most of t2b into 5's.
    2) Row workout without the row, had to sub in burpees for the row. Finished in 15:03.

  28. Regionals:
    1.) 245#...I struggled to get underneath the weight today, just felt slow. 10lbs under PR. I may try to attack this again later in the week for a confidence boost.
    2.) 240, 245, 250, 255#
    3.) "Boat Race" Splits:

  29. Hey guys, anyone on her from the Tampa area? I know someone said they were before. I have a close friend who will be moving there next month and I wanted to help them find a good box to join.

    If you know of one, please let me know!

  30. Open:
    1) 76kg/167lbs (+1kg), Went for 77.5, couldn't quite get out of the bottom of rock bottom. Guess I need to work on my snatch balance.
    2) 19:08rx, wow that smoked my grip!

  31. Open Masters
    1. sqt snatch 2x 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, failed to get under 105 sqt snatch. 2x105 power snatch. Failed 115 power snatch, which had been my PR. Then failed 105 power snatch. I share my ramp up to ask: did I over warm up on the lighter weight?
    2. 23:41 this was brutal from a TTB perspective. G2O was a breeze: mixed up 5 rounds of cleans into jerks and snatches. UB for 7 rounds. I spent so much time rewrapping my palms and doing single TTBs. suck fest. My palms were killing me and I couldn't grip or kip. Afterward a buddy asked "Why were you doing strict TTB?" Ha, I couldn't kip or my hands would burn.

    1. Some depends on your rest time, but I would think you should have been ok... You have to determine where you feel really dialed in when going for maxes...

      Some of my "best" feeling days have come on Ben's programming of EMOM stuff with snatches... all of a sudden around minute 6-8 I feel really solid on tech. and strength...

      Today I got 200# and the routine I did was 3x135# EMOM for 4 min...60sec Rest then singles @ 155#...175#...185#...195#...200 Failed...200# Made it! with about 90sec b/t each of these!

  32. 1. Snatch 1RM of the day
    (My pr is 255lb, wanted more just wasn't there today)

    Here's 225lb:

    2. 4x8 Bench Across

    3. "Boat Race"
    Total time: 16:35

    1. Shawn, send some of that snatch skill down here to Long Island!

  33. Open
    1. 195# (5# PR)
    2. 4 x 8 Bench Press @185# + chains

    Thought I better start adding in some bench. Have department PEB test coming up next month and it includes a 1 RM bench,

    3. 19:50

    All power snatch. This is a weakness of mine so I thought I better work on it. Unbroken on the first set then 5/5 on the rest. All TTB unbroken.

  34. Open
    1. Snatch 1 RM 105lbs. 5# PR. Happy with it since my snatch has suffered for quite awhile. 105 felt light, barely missed 110 but called it a day since I still had the WOD to do.
    2. 19:56 RX. Broke everything into quick sets to keep a good pace. Working on less rest and getting back on the bar a few seconds after dropping it.

  35. Open

    1) Hit 175, 10 lbs off PR. Tried 185 couple times but wasn't happening today.
    2) 17:03. Went all power snatches.

  36. Combo of yesterday and today.
    Bench 4x8
    "Boat Race" treated this as a recovery rather than a wod.
    Splits: 4:21, 4:31, 4:36

  37. Snatch 90kg my shoulder in the lead up to the open was very unstable so have been taking it easy over head and doing a lot of iron scap and stability exercises but finally getting back up to where i was before.
    Bench 3x @100 1x8 @ 97 had to drop it back
    Done in 15:50 found it hard to get a good push today!

  38. Open Masters
    1. SS 110#
    2. Scaled to 5 rounds 9:05

  39. 1. up to 175 squat sn, then split snatch 195-215-missed 230 3 times
    2. 225-225-225-255(6)
    3. Done with no rest

  40. Regionals
    1. 140#
    2. 115-115-115-115#
    3. 17:53 (included rest breaks in total time)

  41. Regional:
    1) 165# (worked on technique)
    2) 225# across on bench
    3) 17:47

    Didn't get much sleep but I'll take it!

  42. Open/Masters (41)

    195 has been my PR snatch for several months, and I had only ever hit it one time, missing it multiple times after that, was becoming quite frustrating.
    Went after it today with a warmup, then 80kg, 85kg, 87kg which felt really good, so I loaded 90kg (198 lbs.) on the bar. Banged it, felt really good. Here a vid that I took, vids seem to be helping me.

    10 rds: 17:07. Just tried to stay steady pace on these, did all clean/jerk. This was a grip blaster for me. Got me leaking hard for sure.

    1. Great job...Nice PR! Good patience in the hole!

  43. Open/Masters/Regional

    Way too nice outside today, (been a long winter) so took the rower outside and did Boat Race: 17:15
    Bench Press : 185 x 8

    will do 1RM snatch and open tomorrow

  44. 1. 272. Missed on 285
    2. 230 across
    3. Boat race... Felt like a sloth. 16:42. 1:46 average on rower

  45. Only 195 snatch today
    Bench 225
    Boat race 16:30
    Still feel a little weak with strength but felt good to run today.

  46. Masters 46
    1. Snatch
    1RM (115-135-155-160-165 F)

    2. 10 RFT: 19:23 RX
    10 TTB
    10 Ground to Overhead, 95/65
    All snatches

    3.) 4x8 Across Bench press

  47. 1.snatch- 230 20lbs under max but hey it's not there everyday.

    2.bench- 220 across

    3. Row 500m
    400m run=16:17

  48. Regionals
    1. 205#
    2. 165# across
    3. Boat race splits 3:24, 3:16, 3:11


  49. 215 snatch. Tied pb
    185 bench. Sore shoulder. Taking it easy
    3:07, 9:32, 16:05 final on boat race.

  50. Open
    1. 1 RM Snatch - PRd at 215 lb! Failed T 225 twice, really close though. Caught it but fell forward. Next time!

    2. 17:59. Paced it a bit too much but it was a great wod.

    1. And all power snatches on the wod. Nice tears on both hands ring fingers.. Not sure from TTB or snatches...

    2. Good PR! For me 225 Snatch was the most desired lift ever. So hope you'll get it soon!

  51. 1. 225 - caught 235 a couple times but just shaky in the bottom.

    2. Do tomorrow - working on Jerks today - up to 315

    3. Felt good on the run: total time 16:17

  52. Regionals:
    1. 1RM Snatch - 150
    2. Bench 105# across
    3. "Boat Race" 18:00 flat including rest. First time running outside this year! Beautiful day.

  53. Open
    Snatch 1RM 185 missed 205 about six times. So close!
    2- 15:03 more of a lung burner than expected.

  54. 1.80#. Failed multiple times on 85#. Max pre-open was 88# so I was happy to at least get 80#.
    2. 15:01 45#
    3. Bench Press 4x8-80#/85#/85#/85#. 1RM back in Oct or Nov was 95#.

  55. Open
    1. 245- tied pr- 255#F- any tips greatly appreciated-
    2. 13:00- t2b felt good today
    3. Bench 4x8- 205/205/205/225#
    today was a good day

    1. Huge weigh! Think the problem in 255 lifting is not keeping Hip-Back angle while lifting, IMHO you should keep your chest more up. Anyway you're a beast!

    2. Keith, that is a solid pull man. Stas does have a good point where your starting angle disappears while you pull to your knees. Prob pulls you forward just enough so your catch ends up collapsing forward. Its obvious you can get under 255#! My suggestion is to start climbing in 2# or 5# increments instead of 10#.

    3. Thanks Chris! 245# felt really good and I was greedy!

  56. Open/Masters 48

    1) 165 tied PR. Failed 175 then failed 170.
    2) 18:30 scaled to 6 ttb per round.
    3) 4x8 bench worked up to 155.

  57. Regionals:

    1. 205 (-40lbs)
    2. 185, 205, 185, 185
    3. 15:32

    Completed this in reverse order. Extremely bad snatch performance today.

  58. Open
    1. 215 (10# off PR) was one of those days
    2. 16:05

    1. 85#
    2. 13:59 (V-ups/45# G2O)

    Josh & Katie

  59. 1. Snatch: 205
    2. Bench: 225x8 across
    3. Boat Race: 16:05 total w/ rest

  60. Open
    1) 195# PR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvOieRd5JcM
    Need to get chest up more in set up so it doesn't catch forward.
    2) 18:43 - Not happy with this, did all power snatches.
    3) Bench 4x8 - 135/155/155/165

  61. Open
    1. 185# Not a PR, missed 195 twice.
    2. 14:37 Rx

  62. Made up from last week. Will do Wednesday's Wod on Thursday.
    60 minute Row
    1st 5k 19:40, 2nd 5k 19:55, Last leg was just survive :)
    My goodness. I felt my hands as much as my legs.

  63. Regionals.
    Snatch - hit 255 barely missed 265
    Bench - 225, 235, 245, 255
    Row/Run - 3:30 3:36 3:44

  64. 1. Snatch - 155# (match Pr) , need to be more aggressive
    2. Bench -100# across (should have gone heavier)
    3. Boat Race total 18:40
    Splits: 4:10, 4:20, 4:10 (running and rowing a weakness for me so glad to hit this)

  65. Bench - 185

    Boat Race: 16:05 (3:13, 3:22, 3:30).

  66. 195 snatch
    Boat race

  67. 1. Snatch
    1RM @ 165#
    Tried 170# twice, on the second attempt I got under it but caught it wrong. Hoping on a good day for 170-175#... this was day 6 in a row!

    2. Bench
    4x8 across @ 105#, probably should have gone heavier

    3. Did a team WOD instead with 3 people total:
    60 Burpee over 5' wall
    12 min AMRAP of:
    1 person is the marker for switching stations and does 40m uneven Farmers/Waiters carry @ 53/35#
    1 person CTB Pull-ups
    1 person medball cleans @ 30#
    60 Burpee over 5' wall

  68. Rested wed and did this today:

    1) tied my pr at 215, attempted 220 3 times and failed, was under it, but couldn't lock it. What's crazy though is all my other pr snatches have been in the afternoon, I normally can't get over 185 in the morning and I did this in my nanos because my coach wants me lifting in my nanos all month because I normally don't feel very stable in them and really rely on my lifters too much for heavy lifts, so I'm freaking stoked. Maybe she's right and it's just in my head, cuz I forced myself to do the snatch in my nanos this morning and they felt great, was a little wobbly at lower weights, but as the weight got heavier I felt rock solid!

    2) didn't get to this and will do at home tonight.

    3) 16:34


  69. Open 2015:

    1. 1 Rep Max #135 (new PR!!). I've struggled @ this weight for awhile. Been doing the "Bullet Proof Shoulders" routine & mixing in 2.5lb weights to activate/work my rotator cuffs 3-4x per week for the past month or so. I've noticed improved range of motion & a faster turnover in snatches & cleans and had an easier time managing weight overhead.

    2) 20.59 Rx.

  70. Pretty crappy training day.
    Snatch - 205 (PR is 230) Pull felt great, never really felt stable in the bottom
    Bench - 185 across - probably should have gone a little heavier
    Boat Race - 3:34 / 3:38 / 3:40 - 100m turn arounds

  71. open -

    snatch - 175 (ties PR) - this is still more of a muscle snatch. need some coaching on this big time.

    ttb/g2o - 19:57 - lungs felt great, grip became limiting factor.

  72. Open

    1. Squat Snatch: 145 (10# PR) I attempted 155 and then 150, but ran out of steam and failed at both. After reviewing the two videos, it looks like I'm bending my elbows as I come under the bar - and when I'm too late @155, I can't recover. I think I need to keep my elbows locked. Any other suggestions are welcome...

    Success @145#: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDex2g6USyY
    Fail @155: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl0aFEzIO7c

    2. 10 RFT
    10 TTB
    10 Ground to Overhead, 95/65

    21:56 Rx - wow. I had a lot of evil voices in my head today. Somewhere near the 10min mark, I was definitely contemplating quitting.

  73. Open master 44

    185 snatch. Haven't done heavy snatches in 3 months because of injury and hit previois PR. Happy.
    18:01rx on metcon. Snatch all 6/4 and ttb 5/5 till very end then some singles.

  74. Regionals-
    1.) 195- (20lbs under PR).. Oly just isn't clicking right now..
    2.) 205/195/195/195
    3.) About 6 hours later.. 3:10/ 3:19/ 3:17

    Did 1 & 2 this morning before flying into Minnesota to MC the Cold War Throwdown! Coming from Miami, the cold air was a surprise to the lungs on #3. Pretty tough.

  75. Regional programming
    1. 175. I've got a lot of work to do here.
    2. 205# across
    3. Because it was suppose to be active recovery day, we did this at a very very slow pace. Didn't even time it.

  76. Open:
    1. Snatch- 225 Squat Snatch. Felt Good.
    2. Metcon: 15:36. First 5 sets of G2OH unbroken Clean and Push Jerk. Went 5 & 5 on all T2B.

  77. Open:
    1. 185 (ties pr)
    2. 16:08...felt pretty good. Did 5-5 first set of GTO and then 4-3-3 rest of the way

  78. 1. 205# First time snatching in 2+ months from elbow injury. Felt ok but real nervous.
    2. 185#
    3. 16:07 (3:19,3:23,3:25)

  79. Regionals
    1) 1RM snatch 250 (10 pound PR) was super clean shocked me a bit
    2) 4x8 Bench @ 215 across
    3) Boat race 16:55 total time 400m runs killed me