Thursday, April 10, 2014

Saturday 4.12.14

1.  Track Session
6x400m, on the 3 minute - attempt to hold the same pace for all six sets.

2.  5 RFT:
20 Burpees
30 KBS, 70/53
40 Sit ups
50 Squats
Rest Exactly 3 minutes between rounds.

3.  Skills
10-yard unbroken HS Walk
10 Pistols (5/side)

Get outside the gym today.  This entire session is meant to be done outside at a track -  Just bring a kettlebell with you.

"Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 minute Wall Balls, 20/14
1 minute Sumo Dead Lift High Pull, 75/55
1 minute Box Jumps, 20"
1 minute Push Press, 75/55
1 minute Row for Calories
1 minute Rest


  1. No training today.
    Body needs rest

  2. 6x400/ 1:26,1:24,1:23,1:26,1:24,1:26
    My 400's arnt on a track there at the gym and it's all hills.
    R5-6:?? Finished and lost track of things but all in all really hard to grind to get through today still no push, did ghdsu instead of sit-ups.
    8rounds + 3

  3. Hi all.
    FGB - 373 reps (13 reps PR)

  4. Regional:

    1. Track Session - 1:21; 1:16; 1:13; 1:13; 1:11; 1:09 (Should have gone harder)

    2. 5RFT - 4:57; 5:50; 6:00; 6:15; 6:10 Total - 41:12 (This broke me down! Shoulders need more capacity, KB's killed me, everything else all unbroken)

    3. Skills - 9Rd's

  5. Got outside today with the Apex crew. Did some of regionals

    1) 1:14/1:13/1:13/1:13/1:18/1:13
    2) 33:16 - I only had time for 4 rounds and only did 25 KBS @ 70#. On the up side, it's the first time I've done 100 KBS @ 70#

  6. Hey guys, please help. What is ARMAP?

    1. AMRAP; As Many Repetitions As Possible

    2. Thanks but the description reads ARMAP ? Typo?

  7. Open/Masters
    "FGB" 389 PR. This past week I feel like pure sh&$t doing the wods. Hit several PR's this week. But don't feel good at all doing the wods. One more week then a week off.

    Keep up the good work everyone. Been missing Michael Johnson the last few days. Hope all is well Michael.

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    2. Rest/Recovery is needed once in a while...Know what your body is telling you! But with those PR's and reps you are putting up...You are not overtraining...YET ;-)

      Keep up the great work!

      I too miss MJ on the blog...HUGE postive attitude that keeps me motivated!

    3. After seeing some of the impressive times/scores this week, and now you say you haven't been feeling good that whole time?....damn, I don't want to see what you do when you are feeling good! Way to push Steeve even though you haven't felt well. I think you are due some well deserved rest/recovery. Congrats on another PR too!

  8. Regionals
    1. Ran about 1:30 - 1:34 each round of 400.Need to work on my running a lot.

    2. 40:25 Rx

    3. Unfortunately didn't have time to do the skill work today.

    Great day of Training :)

  9. Regionals
    1. Done. Didn't track my time
    2. 40:14 35# kbs
    Didn't have time for #3. Felt great to be outside

  10. Regionals
    1. 400m: 1:15-1:18-1:16-1:19-1:19-1:28
    2. Skipped this- calfs and hammies cramped on last 400. Did some mobility and then did the emom
    3.EMOM- 5 rounds- only counted the rounds that the handstand walk was unbroken.

  11. Open
    393 (23 rep PR)...overall work capacity still a weakness, so really happy to see the needle moving the right way.

    1. Nice PR!!! Next time you break 400! That is big work capacity if you ask me. Keep pushing it.

    2. Looks pretty damn strong to me Mike, congrats on the PR!

  12. Fight gone bad 357 not my best showing was pretty beat up after catalyst today.
    On a positive note hit 225 for 3rm tng c&j

  13. 1. 6x400m: 1:24 (whoops) 1:16 1:13 1:17 1:17 1:17
    2. 5rft: 39:36 total. 5:24 5:08 5:28 5:44 5:52
    3. Worked on handstand holds

  14. FGB ~ 313 Reps (Rnd #1-121 / Rnd #2-99 / Rnd #3-93)
    More of a drop off on the rounds than I wanted, but was still a PR by 1 Rep.
    I was hoping for 25's on first round...2-'s on second and 20's on 3rd...
    MY work cap needs to grow!

    I did use a 30# Wall Ball! Michael Johnson's suggestion of never going back to a 20# ball unless in competition will be ONE thing I do the entire "off-season".

    Nice job everyone! Keep up the great work. It is motivating! MJ hope everything is ok and you are just taking a week off!

    1. Another PR, way to get after it Tony! Congrats again!

  15. Regionals:

    1) 400m - 80.7s avg
    2) metcon - 39:31
    3) hs walks - finished 6 rnds in 7:30 before I had to go.

  16. FGB - 351. 20 Rep PR. Pretty amped.

    1. I have PRed my squat clean, Jackie, Diane, Sq. Clean Elizabeth, and FGB this week. Good to see progress.

  17. Open/Masters (41)

    Did a partner FGB with my fellow Comp Wod'er Manny Vidal.
    We cycled every 30 secs on the movements, except on the row, I stayed on the whole minute of the first and third rounds, Manny rowed the whole minute of second round.

    We finished with 623 reps. Wasn't sure how this would go as a partner WOD, but we liked it. Was able to go higher intensity for 30 sec on, then get a 30 sec rest. Just wanted to mix things up a bit, turned out to be a great workout.


    1. Noticed MJ missing as well, his scores/times are always one that I look for, hope all is well buddy.

  18. 1. kept a 1:30 pace for for all the runs. decent for me im very bad at running
    2.48:10 was a very tough one thats for sure, that 70# was a bitch. but got through it. didn't have time for the skill work. great day felt nice in the sun.

  19. Regionals:
    1.) 1:07, 1:07, 1:07, 1:09, 1:10, 1:10

    2.) I was gassed when I jumped into this after the runs!
    Total Time= 35:35
    Splits= 4:03, 4:28, 4:45, 5:22, 5:00

  20. FGB - 320 reps. First time doing it with actual rows. Switching to morning wods on the weekends is not easy for me but is good to keep it fresh. Great job y'all!

  21. Track still covered in snow...

    Wod 39:29 and amrap done rx

  22. All performed outside at the local track

    A. 400m runs
    1. 1:17
    2. 1:20
    3. 1:27
    4. 1:30
    5. 1:32
    6. 1:31

    Wasn't as consistent as I wanted, however two good take aways - I've been working on my form and that felt a lot better and my recovery was quick. Not the best but 1% better

    B. 5rft total time: 40:15
    1. 4:47
    2. 5:31
    3. 5:40
    4. 5:33
    5. 5:44

    Harder than I thought it'd be.

    C. 10 min AMRAP
    1 full round

    Had many failed attempts would make it half or 3/4 way and fall out of hs. Normally two strengths, did this on the grass on a baseball field dodging rabbit shit....constantly varied.

    All in all, was great to get outside, Away from the gym, get some color it was beautiful out. Great job to everyone on their hard work (& PR's)

  23. Open
    FGB: 392 reps (157-123-112) 18 rep PR

    FGB: 256 reps (91-81-84) first time

    Josh & Katie

  24. Regional
    1-between 1:15 and 1:25 each round
    2-did three rounds as a partner WOD in around 27 min
    3-6 rounds, some HS walks were broken into 2 or 3 attemps, not good enough yet to go unbroken every time.

  25. Running : 1:30 - 1:35
    5RFT :Total with rests 39:40

    FGB : New Pr 365 reps

  26. A. 400m runs: 1:15-1:15--1:16--1:17--1:20--1:13

    B. 5 RFT: 34:09: 4:24--4:24--4:32--4:25--4:24

    C. Skill: worked on handstand walks

  27. Some great numbers posted today. I shall be joining you all again tomorrow.

    Stay huge, Comp WODers.

  28. Been trying to follow along--modified--since November when I suffered a distal bicep tear. Been back at my gym squating and doing good mornings with the safety squat yoke bar for about the past 5 weeks.


    6 x 5 weighted glut bridges (365, 365, 365, 385, 405, 405), 10 goblet squats (88# KB), 20 swings (88# KB)
    8 min AMRAMP, 5/5 DB thrusters (35#), waiters carry 30m each arm (think 10-12 rounds)

    PM--Fight Gone Bad (modified)
    WB (20# to 10' target): 30, 30, 30
    KBS (55#): 45, 45, 45
    BJ (20" step ups): 30, 30, 29
    PP (55# KB, R/L): 20/10, 20/10, 20/10 (did 10 per round on my L arm that was surgically repaired)
    Row: 30cal, 30cal, 30cal
    1 minute rest after each round

    Total: 494 reps


  29. Open
    335 rep
    First time I do this wod

  30. Regional:
    1. held between 1:40-1:43
    2. 39 or 49:00 something (didn't record our finish team well)

  31. Great day to hit the track
    1. 1:21/1:25/1:25/1:29/1:25:1:23
    2. Total Time- 39:06
    Didn't have time for #3- Celebrated 6 year Anniversary at CF Apex today!

  32. Had to sub calorie run on treadmill instead of row.
    Wall Balls- 30/30/30
    Sumo DL Hi-Pull- 30/30/30
    Box Step Ups- 25/25/23
    Push Press- 30/30/30
    Calorie Run- 20/20/22

    405 reps.

  33. Open
    FGB - 370 Off my PR by two reps! 😖

  34. Regionals:
    1. 1:27, 1:31, 1:27, 1:31, 1:26
    2. Metcon: 27:17 (read this wrong and did this with no rest... Yep, it sucked)
    3. AMRAP: 12 rounds plus one walk and 4 pistols
    4. Bonus* 1 rep max back squat: 435

  35. A. 1:21 1:21 1:22 1:24 1:29 1:29
    B. 43:00 ekk too slow!
    C. 4rds + 2yds

  36. Got it all in. Was awesome getting outside the gym today.
    Not sure of all the times
    But runs were consistent and everything else felt good, though handstand walks seemed a lot harder on grass. Lol, great day though

  37. 1. 1:14, 1:14, 1:13, 1:13, 1:13, 1:13

    2. 4:03, 4:05, 4:30, 4:42, 4:49. 34:09 Total. Really wanted to keep 70 in my hands for 30 each time, but couldn't muster the heart. I subbed push-ups for burpees to save my wrist. Fun little wod.

    1. Great consistency on your runs mike

    2. Thanks. I was pretty excited because I remember doing 8x400 on the 3 minutes a few months ago and they were 1:14-1:19.

  38. Regional programming
    Visited some friends from a different box, so modified a few things slightly today.
    1. Did intervals with prowlers and sled pulls. Don't have these at CFSI so wanted to get comfortable with them in case they pop in here in a few weeks.
    2. 34:57
    3. Unable to do that distance for hs walks. So instead did 10 min of max hs distance then straight into a 3 min amrap of pistols - 90 yds and 52 pistols

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  40. Regional
    1. 1:11, 1:14, 1:14, 1:18, 1:16, 1:14

    2. Did WOD at my box.
    7 HSPU (deficit 45 lb plate)
    21 RKB swings 2pood
    30 Butterfly sit-ups.

    3. 12 full founds. That's the ex-gymnast in me. I did this immediately following the above WOD. (3 min break) I used a 1pd KB with the pistols for 2 rounds before I figured out that might be a little much. So, I did the other 10 rounds without.

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to posting. I've been doing workouts from this site over the last two weeks. I'm from Central East Region in Michigan. I'm new to CrossFit. I look forward to growing as a competitor and CrossFit has changed my life. I haven't worked out in years when I started training this past July 2013.

    Ben, thank you so much for caring about this sport and giving us the opportunity to stay fit, stay challenged, and most importantly to stay connected to a group who enjoys the ever-changing world with this community here.

    I look forward to supporting all of you and seeing everyones growth.


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    1) 1:29/1:23/1:26/1:26/1:29/1:28

    Decided to call it a day after trying the MetCon. Shoulder doesn't feel right and needs rest. Calling it off until tuesday. I'll be ready for Regionals!

  43. Completed on a chilly track at 7am - it was cold until the sun came out! :)
    Runs around 1:40ish
    Metcon completed - don't know time. But it was "fun"!

  44. Open/Masters

    6 x 400m: all consistent at around 1:38

    was pretty beat up, so just did 3 RFT of the burped/KBS/sit-tps/squats: couldn't remember time, around 4:30-5 min a round

  45. Open

    FGB: 324 reps (enormous PR - felt great!)

  46. 1. Track Session
    6x400m, on the 3 minute - attempt to hold the same pace for all six sets.
    Skipped because of time.

    2. 5 RFT:
    20 Burpees
    30 KBS, 70/53
    40 Sit ups
    50 Squats
    Rest Exactly 3 minutes between rounds.
    (3:55, 4:00, 4:33, 4:25, 4:44) Rd 1,3,5 used 70kb, 2,4 53kb shared with someone else. Rested approx 3-3:30min between each rd because of going with a group.

    3. Skills
    AMRAP 10:
    10-yard unbroken HS Walk
    10 Pistols (5/side)
    Accidentally did 10m HS Walk which was 36' Alternated feet on pistols.
    Hit 10rds flat!"

  47. Did regionals second wod, scaled due to injury

    20 single leg burpees
    30 push ups
    40 sit ups
    25 pistols to box


  48. Regionals-

    A day behind after having to take yesterday off- MC'ing a whole day's event alone really beats you up! Overall though, an awesome time out in St. Cloud Minnesota with great people. Got into the gym today to make-up for what was missed. Planning on hitting Sunday's work tomorrow.

    1.) 6x400m Sprints- 1:16/1:18/1:22/1:19/1:20/1:18
    -about 50 degrees less than what I'm used to, and a turn-around made these less than easy!

    2.) 5 Rounds w/ strict 3min rest- 37:32 overall
    Splits: 4:47/5:09/5:04/5:32/5:00 - too many breaks on the dang KB swings.

    About 4 hours later in the hotel pool area…

    3.) 8 full rounds. Didn't alternate legs..5R first, then 5L. Broke twice and had to restart on my round of 7, from then on I was golden.

  49. Open Masters 44
    FGB 288 (18 reps off best)
    Got to fix my slow box jumps a d transition times were bad. Trying to write down reps after every set.

  50. Went to the track with the team on Saturday:
    1. Track Session
    6x400m, I think I was around 1:49min per round, held pretty consistent, was increasing about 1 sec per round towards the end. I hate running with a passion.

    2. 3 RFT (made this into a team workout, tripled the reps and we were focused on testing rep schemes and transitions):
    60 Burpees (10 per person seemed to work the best)
    90 KBS, 70/53 (10 per person was the best)
    120 Sit ups (15/person)
    150 Squats (this one kind of depends on the speed of the person squatting, faster the squatter = more reps taken)

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