Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday 4.4.14

Katrin Davidsdottir

OPEN 14.4 - if you need to refilm
60-minute Row - If you feel the need to do extra work today, stay away from upper-body pulling and pushing.

1.  "Isabel"
30 Snatches for time, 135/95

2.  Muscle ups
4x6 unbroken reps

3.  Skills
Odd:  6-10 HSPU
Even:  40 Double unders 


  1. Anyone Top 60 hear back that their video was no good? Still waiting for ruling on mine.

    1. I submitted mine @ 6pm Tuesday night and heard back 7am this morning. Good luck!

  2. I've heard back GOOD as well.

    Anyone know why your allowed to re-video? Wouldn't that be classified at late since the Open is closed?

    1. Not sure, but it's written in the rulebook that a revideo would be OK. I sure hope I'm approved, because I made some costly mistakes in my initial video, and really don't want to have to hit 14.4 for a 3rd time…

    2. Any word from HQ on your video? I was curious because i'm considering redoing mine, I don't have good profile views on my muscle ups or Cleans

    3. Hey Joe- Nope. Not yet. Someone suggested they might be going in order based on the order you placed, starting with the top. If I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'm gonna hit it again.

  3. 60min row
    Beat my 10km time by 40ish seconds

  4. Didn't get to post yesterday but southeast region.
    2013 open 1394
    2014 open 365
    Next hope is 2015 open. Coach I went through a dark time where I was convinced I genetic potential existed. You and everyone got me through and am still improving. I hope I can make it the rest of the way. Thank you.

  5. Anyone training in Colorado Springs??

    1. I'm in Greenwood Village about an hour from you! CrossFit Greenwood Village. Let me know if you want to join!

    2. I'm in Colorado springs. I train at Redrocks crossfit...

  6. Hello everyone!
    I have been following this program for a while but haven't posted in here much. I plan to start posting more often. I thank Ben for his phenomenal programming. I am having trouble with muscle ups. They are my biggest goat and I need to attack them this year for next years open. Any suggestions will help

  7. I may have missed it, but if you have qualified for the masters 200 (50-54), which format do you follow?

    1. Hey Boo- Continue following the 2015 Open, and Master's Competitors. You are still "in-season," with the additional Open-like workouts coming. Good luck!

  8. Just started following this CompWod program.
    Did my first Open 2014 and loved every wod! Goal for Open-15 is top 100 in sweden!

    1. Välkommen till Competitors Wod - Grym programmering med en av de främsta CrossFit coacherna, Ben Bergeron!

  9. 1. "Isabel" 62.5kg 3:30
    2. Mucsle Up done
    3. Easy done

  10. 1. 3:29
    2. Rx'd
    3. Rx'd (all HSPU kipping 6/6/10/10/10 ; all DU ub)

    Need to do TnGo PSn work

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  12. 2015 Open.

    1) 4.36. About a 2min pr. Know it's not a great time but since snatches are a big goat of mine I'm pretty excited with this progress.

    2) done. Feeling really good.

    3) done. All Kipping hspu: 10/8/8/8/7=41reps.
    Another goat but feeling much better, goal for this year before next open season is to really increase my shoulder mobility which is lacking and increase overhead strength and endurance.

    1. Great job Drew! I think your Isabel number is pretty stellar. I would love to be there!

  13. 1.3:04
    2. Done 90 sec rest between sets
    3. done 10 hspu all kipping
    Fun times. Tested a competition wod yesterday which had Isabel at 155# so I had to laugh out loud when Isabel showed up today. I need it though. Thanks coach.

  14. Day 1- Loved it

    1.) Isabel @ 65lbs-3:04
    2.) worked on MU progression with band
    3.) Strict HSPU with 25lb & 10lb plate and ab mat 5/5/5/3/3 and did DU

  15. 60 minute row - right under 14,000m. Treated this like a recovery workout... still feeling beat up from the work earlier this week

  16. Morning All,
    My apologies for the following long post….

    This is officially my first day following this amazing program.

    A friend of mine recently directed me to this web site. Searching for ways to improve my fitness, I’ve been CrossFit’ing for the past 2+ years. Starting as a way to get my a$$ off the couch, to participating in local CrossFit events in our region. I’ve recently hit a wall with the standard training format.

    2015 Open
    1. 3:34 (115Lbs)
    2. 6,6,4,4
    3. 6,6,4,3,3 Strict HSPU and completed all DU

    Guy Melanson

  17. Open:
    1. Isabel - 2:36 rxd. First time doing this girl. So it seems to be PR. All singles.
    2. Done
    3. Done at 6/6/10/6/6 HSPUs

  18. Open
    1. "Isabel" 2:04 Rx. Second time doing this one. 31 second PR
    2. Done.
    3. Done. All unbroken. Each set took about 20 seconds.

  19. Open
    1. Isabel - 1:54 - 15 sec PR. Failed the last attempt 3 times because legs were so tired.
    2. 6,6,6,4 - just lost focus and missed on the last set
    3. Strict HSPU - 10s until last set was 7,1,2. UB on DUs

    1. thats awesome mike! what was your rep scheme?

    2. I think I was on rep 12 around 1:54...yikes! Awesome work!

    3. Thanks, Jared! I knocked out 14 to start and then just fast singles - didn't worry about where my hands were, just grabbed and pulled. Good luck at regionals man!

  20. Good afternoon from the UK. This is just a test post ahead of me joining the community. I look forward to training with you all.


  21. from yesterday
    Jared Shaw
    South East
    2013:starting crossfit around this time
    2014: 181 (still cant believe light weight snatches and dus proved to be my worst workout)
    Next Step: South East Regionals with Team Crossfit Spartanburg!! thank you ben! there are some studs in my gym glad to make the cut in the #2 spot.
    2015: Cant wait to see what it brings being Built By Ben. Thank you again.

  22. Open
    1. Isabel (with 50kg)= 3.04
    2. MUs done on bar, very slow, mostly singles.
    3. Done with 10/8/7/6/6 HSPU, DUs broken and ragged.

  23. 1. "Isabel"
    2. Muscle ups
    Done: Last set went for ME and hit 11 missed 12th
    3. Skills
    Done with 10 HSPU per round

    Also threw in a 20 min 5k for fun

    1. Great job Blaine! Fast Isabel time and whole bunch of muscle ups!

    2. Thanks Michael,
      Whenever you finally get a chance to make it here to Atlanta to work out with Victor and myself we'll have to work on that Snatch goat and turn that goat into a lion.

  24. Isabel 3.25. First time doing this workout.
    Muscle up's done
    Omem done. Went 8 across on hspu. They need a lot of work.

  25. Open:

    1. 6:18. Whoa! Don't know what happened here, but I think my clock must have malfunctioned! But for real, I am horrible at snatches and not snatching for six weeks definitely did not help. I felt like I was moving okay, but obviously, I was not. Time to kill this goat.
    2. 6,6,5,5. I am okay with this. My muscle ups have improved a lot, and I am happy that I am able to just grab and go now and not have to take 30 seconds every time I get on the rings to get a false grip locked in.
    3. HSPU's were all 6's and dubs were unbroken. Pretty happy with this. HSPU are in a death battle with snatches to be my biggest goat.

    Have a great day everyone!

    1. Great Job... I need to work the non-false grip muscle up! When I false grip there is always a bend in my elbows...

    2. Great work Michael, keep after dem goats! I know I have several myself (hmmm, burpees and thrusters maybe...LOL)

    3. Great work! Hope you'll kill your goats!

    4. Good Job Michael! I love this saying from Chris Spealler... Find your weaknesses, make friends with them and beat them to death. That being said, I've been making a few friends lately lol!!

  26. 1) 3:28 Rx
    2) skipped (large class going)
    3) done. 6(strict)10 (Kip)/7/7/7

  27. 1) 8:58 Rx
    2) unbroken rx, rest about 3 min.
    3), 6,6,7,7,7 (kip) double rx.

  28. Open
    Took the day off work today and worked out in the morning for a change
    1. Isabel - 3:11. Mostly singles. Tried to pace for under 3 min but not quite there. May be a pr, I'll have to check.
    2. 5,5,4,3 UB MUs. No false grip.. Wrists still torn up from burpee MUs the other day. Happy to work on regular grip MUs.
    3. Done, 10 kipping hspu / 40 DUs

    1. Thanks Mike! You too man. Keep up the good work all around.

    2. Looked up my last Isabel time from July 23 last year.. It was a PR at the time - 4:15. Shaved over a minute off that today. I was shocked... What an amazing program this is! Boom!

    3. A minute off of Isabel is a BOOM for sure! Nice work Mark!

    4. Solid!!! Great job on the HSPU... Even better on the PR!!! Congrats

  29. OPEN

    1. Isabel 4:53 (2 min PR)
    2. 4/4/5/3 - Happy with these considering I couldn't hit a MU for 14.4 so need the practice
    3. Done with 10 each set

    Anyone who follows the programming workout in the Pittsburgh area? I have some equipment limitations at my university gym and was wondering if anyone wanted to train together.

  30. 1: Isabel-2:24 PR
    2: Done
    3: hspu- 10,10,10,8,8 all strict
    DUs- all unbroken

  31. 1: Isabel: 5:40 - First time doing this. Really focusing on form because it's only day 21 of CrossFit for me. When I got it right, the bar just popped...when I got it was a struggle.

    2: 6 / 6 / 5-1 / 4-2

    3: RXd - DUs unbroken, Strict HSPU (6/7/8/10/10)

  32. If anyone is out there in the Detroit Lakes, MN or Park Rapids MN area...let me know..I need a training partner. I live out in the sticks and train in my basement

  33. Open:
    1) 3:42 @55KG (121lbs)
    2) Rx'd, rested 2 min between sets to get the arm pump out.
    3) Done @ 6 hspu

  34. Open/Masters (43):

    1) 2:41
    2) 6-6-6-6, but elbows were bent slightly at bottom...
    3) HSPU 10-10-9-6-7 (Kipping) / 40 UB for all sets

    1. Nice time on Isabel Tony! That's killin it! I gotta shoot for sub 3 min next time.


    2. Thanks... Been on this programming for a year now... It has helped a ton!
      Just looked back at my other times for Izzy...
      12-19-13 was 3:05
      7-19-13 was 3:40
      Today I did 5 UB, 10 singles, 5 UB, 7 Singles, 3 UB to finish

  35. Open/Masters
    1. 3:04 10sec PR
    3. HSPU 10,10,7,7,8/ 40 DU some broken some unbroken

  36. 60 minute row: 15,164 m.

    Super pumped about this. I'd only rowed 10 K once and PRed it by 3 minute (39:34). I really wanted to keep the pace under 2:00.

  37. Open
    1. Isabel @ 85lbs 2:37. Over 2 minute PR from last time we did this.
    2. MU practice - got my first muscle ups a month ago so these were mostly singles and attempts to hit more then one in a row.
    3. Emom hit between 6-8 unbroken Hspu each round & 40 doubles.
    Good shoulder burners today

  38. 1. 2:36 (PR).
    2. Did 6x4. Felt good. Focused on keeping feet together. We're getting better and better.
    3. 10 hspu's and 40,40,35,38,35 du's.

    Really happy with this session. Mu's felt good for me. Been working on the timing and consistency of my jumps without the rope on du's. First time I've actually used the rope since 14.1. Again huge improvement for me. As far as Isabel goes. Been a while since I've done that one too. Paced myself. I have more in the tank for next time.

    Good job everyone! Keep it up!

    1. Nice work! We hit the same time in Isabel. What was your rep scheme?

    2. Hey Stas! Good job! Nice and easy one at the time with a constant pace. I was a lil too conservative. I'll remember that for next time. BTW, I think this father and son crossfit relationship you have is pretty awesome.

  39. 1. 3:20, First time doing Isabel. 10,5,4,3,2,1,1s rep scheme. Was at #28 at 2:24 and failed twice. Then failed at #30. I'll remember to tackle differently to get closer to 2:15. Got ugly though. I felt I lost efficency after 10. If anyone has time and wouldn't mind giving me feedback, sometimes its hard to watch yourself and see the glaring issues and I've been struggling to progress on the snatch past 4-5 months:
    2. Did 30 burpee MUs yesterday, so I used red-band and did some assisted MU work today. Wasn't stringing more than 2 together even with the red band.
    3. done w/ 10 kipping HSPU. Did 97 ME UB DUs for last rnd.

    1. Chris, I think your main issue is losing lumbar spine support. It wasn't as bad in the beginning (but was still evident) and got noticably worse as you fatigued. Need to lock that neutral curved spine position in place on your setup. Your hamstring flexibility looks like is limiting you from getting the right pelvic position. Lastly, you need to pull elbows higher so that bar stays closer. It is swinging out too far - watch your bar path in the video.

      That's my nickel's worth..
      Good luck man!

    2. Yeah I have noticed that as well, but it feels like I have good curve when I go down into it and I can't see m own back lol! I have to see what I can do to improve that flexibility because you are 100% right that should be fixed. Good pickup on the bar too far from body as well. Its something I only recently noticed so you reinforce my own critique and I'm gonna make that a priority since it should be relatively easy to drill that. Thanks so much for taking the time

    3. Glad I can help Chris. Good luck man!

    4. Just watched the 2012 Games Isabel heats. First heat has Hendel and Holmberg who have similar leverages as I do. Both start with feet much further apart than I do (even Tyminski's are much further apart). I bet that will absolutely help getting my hips into position early as you can see how much straighter my back becomes as soon as I spread my feet apart. They both have some curve in their lower back, which is prob from bending over so far from their longer legs, but its not nearly as bad as mine. Most noticably though is how much closer the bar stays to their bodies after hitting triple extension. Thanks again, I really think this has a good chance of helping me overcome the slump if I can correct these.

    5. Chris, I am 6'4"(i feel your pain) and when I took Chad Vaughn's Seminar(AWESOME!) the first thing he did was move my feet out. I use to keep my feet directly under my hips, now they are under my shoulders. Moving my feet out allowed me to sink my hips deeper and keep my chest up when I cycle snatch. Mess around with it, Ben has also told us to practice cycling snatch with our feet in the same land position.

    6. Yea man I'm pretty excited to start drilling this. Seems so obvious now that I see it. I have a past as a college rower so I've been defaulting to a narrow stance in that crouched position because that's how I'm used to generating power when pulling, just like fastened feet in a boat. Gonna take awhile but I'm looking forward to working this. Btw, awesome job this year. You are one of the guys I'm always guaging off of and I was gunning for your scores in the Open!

  40. Isabel: 2:08
    muscle ups done
    emom done
    fun day, i have a feeling something crazy is coming tomorrow.

  41. Open masters
    1. 3:50 Rx
    2. Handstand holds or 3 to 5 HSPUs/set w/ DUs
    3. Practiced MU transitions and kips. I don't have MUs yet.

  42. Open Masters
    1. 5:33 Rx PR
    2. 1 mu oth for 10 mins
    3. practiced C2B and butterfly pulls (calf sore)

  43. 1.60min row first 30 min was gross second half me and Shawn McQueen turned into a interval style row and it made it much easier. Took your mind off the time and focused more on rowing intensity and recovery.

    2. Isabel=2:37-:35sec off PR

    3. 4x6 muscle ups unbroken about 1:40 in between sets

    EMOM= HSPU are a big hole for me so kept them strict and 6 reps able to keep them unbroken
    Du-tripped up twice trying to use my wrist and wasn't use to the speed of the rope felt less fatigue though.

  44. Open/Masters (41)

    1: 3:14
    2. Arms still a bit tired from doing Wed. workout yesterday. Did 4 sets of dips instead.
    3. 6-6-6-6-6, DU's done in 22-25 sec each round

    Felt pretty good today.

    1. Great work for no rest day from the Big Clean Complex...

  45. Regionals / Games

    Did the Open work today because I didnt want to row for an hour.

    1) 3:30. Repping snatches is a huge weakness for me so my focus lately has been to do anything but singles. I did sets of 2 the whole way through. PR for this is just under three min so this is a work in progress

    2) Did 3 sets of 8 instead of 4x6 because I need higher reps. 6 woulda been too easy for me today. MU are a strength.

    3) Did a 12 min EMOM of:
    - 10 T2B
    - 6 HSPU

    Also hit a 300 Power Clean today! Really excited about that.

  46. 1. 7:45 85#
    2. 6 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 5 reps all banded
    3. 40 DU/6 HSPU

  47. Open
    1. 2:00- not a PR, but happy....arms are really sore from Wed
    2. Done
    3. HSPU- 10/10/6/8/8
    DU's- done

  48. A. 60 min row

    First 30 was mental, last 30 Leon and I went at it intervals :40 hard/1:20 recovery, then last 10 min :30 hard :30 recovery. That made it so much more fun and not such a pain in the ass.

    Rested 10 min

    B. "Isabel"
    (Pr is 2:16) not my best but still a great workout. The row took more out of me than I thought.

    C. 4x6 unbroken muscle ups every 90 seconds
    =all unbroken

    D. 10 minute EMOTM
    Even: 10 strict hspu
    Odd: 40 double Unders

    All unbroken. Another solid day.

    1. You are mentally tough to PR Isabel after doing that hour row. Nice job!

    2. Thanks Mike, I tried my best! Keep up the hard training and let's push eachother.

    3. Sounds like a good plan. Tomorrow is yet another reminder of how badly I need to learn butterfly C2B.

  49. Open:
    1. 2:45
    2. 5,4,3,3.
    3. Done.

  50. Backpacking trip this weekend. Hopefully I'll get to hit Sundays work when I get home.

  51. Open

    1. 2:37, 25 Second PR.

    2. Done, 6 on all sets.

    3. Done, got 10 on all 5 sets, pretty good for me as HSPU is definitely a weak point.

  52. Master
    5:26 (80#)
    4 x 4-6 banded mus
    Otm: 8 hspu/ 15 gto w 25# plate

  53. Regionals:
    10k row done! Rowing is all mental for me. Thanks Ben for pushing me to step out of my comfort zone


    15 min row: 1800m
    Lower back was killing me and hamstrings started to cramp.
    Too 1 min rest and then:

    45 min airdyne: 518 calories.

    Looking forward to this weekend!

  55. Open
    1. 3:18....4 sec. PR
    2. Done
    3. Done

  56. Open
    1) 3:25 First time doing Isabelle Rx.
    2) Mu did 6/5/4/4/3/2
    3) Done - HSPU were 10/10/7/7/8

    Was pretty sore going into today, now I'm really sore.

  57. Open/Masters (43):

    Today is officially my first day following this program.

    I have just one question, how long of a rest do you take between workouts #'s 1,2 &3?

    1. "Isabel"
    3:40 (Singles)

    2. Muscle ups
    3/3/4/3 ( having a hard time stringing them together)

    3. Skills
    Done with
    10 HSPU w/ 40 Dubs
    10 HSPU w/ 40 Dubs
    10 HSPU w/ 35 Dubs
    10 HSPU w/ 25 Dubs
    10 HSPU w/ 18 Dubs

  58. Was very close to not doing the row. But that's exactly why I follow. Force me to do things I don't want to do.
    Did some heavy backsquat in the Am then 13,500ish on the row

  59. Masters 46
    1. "Isabel"
    30 Snatches for time, 135/95
    (on 12/17 6:18---today 4:13 PR by 2:05)
    2. Muscle ups
    4x6 unbroken reps #1 3-3 #2 3-3 #3 4-2 #4 4-2
    3. Skills
    EMOMx10 Done
    Odd: 6-10 HSPU (6)
    Even: 40 Double unders

  60. Hi, I've been following since September 2013, but this would be my first post. Master 40+, finished 225 world and 14 in my region. Pretty happy with my results. Looking for top 100 next year. Need to work hard and be accountable. So STEEVE DUPRE, my partner in all crimes, is making me post here!

    Open Master 40+ Female

    1. Isabel 5:18 (:52 sec PR)

    2. muscles-up: 2-3-2-2

    3. done.

  61. 14.5k on the row. Didn't want 15k bad enough. Disappointed, but moving on!

  62. 2015 Open


    1) 2:14 (57s PR!!! All Singles)
    2) 6-6-6-5
    3) HSPU: 8-8-8-6
    All DUs Unbroken

    1) 3:36 (65#--First time)
    2) 4-4-4-4 (Assisted Ring Dips + 5sec static hold)
    3) 20 sec Handstand Holds
    20 DUs

    Josh & Katie

  63. Masters 50
    1. 5:19 (+50sec)
    2. 4x5 singles
    3. Done

    Followed Outlaw for about 2 years but am now committed to Comp Wod.
    Thank you for sharing your programming.

  64. A. 60 min. row: 14,023

    (rested 10 minutes)

    B. "Isabel": 1:42
    C. 4x6 unbroken MU's
    D. 10 minute EMOTM--6 HSPU/40 DU's

  65. Regionals

    Went for the 60min row but back was killing me since the deadlift sesh so just did 5500m in 20 min

    Then snatch doubles and singles
    80kgx2 80kgx2 90kgx2 90kgx2 100kgx1 100kgx1 105 fail 100x1

  66. Open
    1. Done at 85#
    4:57 PR BY 3:03

    2. 2x6 muscle up progression (blue band) into rind dip (unassisted)

    3. EMOM
    4 inch deficit HSPU (5-3-3-3-2)
    40 double unders each round

  67. Isabel 2:04
    Mu done in 6x4
    Did "hitman" w/class 9:00

  68. Open
    1. "Isabel": 4:23 with 115# . 3 month ago was 6:22.
    2. 5-1, 4-2, 4-2, 4-2. Still can't get 6.
    3. 4,4,3,4,3 for HSPUs. Double unders were ok.

  69. Hi this is my first post in here, I really liked the programming philosophy and started following competitors wod thank you Ben for taking time to program this, I recently had the chance to take the coach's prep course and I watched some of your videos and immediately realize the amazing coach you are, hopefully I'll be posting everyday to try and catch up to you guys cause I see some amazing scores in here. So here are my first records:

    Isabel 2:41 rx
    Mu did 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 this are huge goat
    EMOM 8 6 6 6 7 du's ok

  70. Open

    Isabel- 5:25 pb
    Mu- 1st set strict, 2nd strict and Kip, 3rd kip, 4th Kip broken 4,2.
    Skill-Hspu strict-10,10,8,7,6
    40 du

  71. 1) 3:40 @95- can't wait to try this again in the future.
    2) done all muscle ups! happy about that.
    3) 7/6/6/5/5 - I just fatigued too easily they are a weakness for me
    DU's- did all 40.

  72. Open:
    1. 4:24, I did terrible math before starting this one. I set a clock to do thirty 10 second rounds, thinking that would be a 3 minute pace. WRONG!! Realized around rep 23 so I finished off the last 7 quickly.
    2. 4/5/4/5 had trouble today
    3. Done

  73. Open
    1) Isabel - 3:15. 23 second PR from July
    2) Did 6 x 3, hands were still tore up from Weds
    3) Done - 10 HSPU per round

  74. Regional programming
    14300 meters. Honestly was more of a mental fight than physical. Lots of questioning "why" followed by "shut up and keep rowing". Gotta love self talk!

  75. Open:
    1. Isabel- 2:38 (10 second PR)
    2. Jumping Muscle-ups: 4 x 6
    3) Done- 6 HSPU per round

  76. Open:
    Isabel - 2:10 (15s slower than PR)
    All Strict HSPU