Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Announcing 2015 KCECC

2014 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships

Stacie Tovar, Elizabeth Akinwale, Rich Froning and Chris Spealler.

Hack's Pack.

The top team athletes.  How many Games athletes can you name?

Team Irish and Pasty, Christy Phillips Adkins, Hobart, Malleolo, and Maddy Curley.

Team Dirty South, Fortunato, Noah Olsen, Guido Trinidad, Emily Friedman.

Final WOD:  Hackenbruck, Malleolo, Jordan Troyan, Tyminski, Spealler.

Adrian Conway and Brooke Ence.

The Champ and Spealler buddy carry.

Lindsey Valenzuela finishing the final wod.

Malleolo and Hobart clean the 245# barbell before the partner lunge.

Maya judging Froning and Spealler's synchronized bear complexes.

Michele Letendre and Simon Paquette.

Froning taking over the final team wod and securing the win.

Stacked heat:  Hackenbruck, Spealler, Froning, Letendre, Curley, Hobart, Malleolo.

Spencer Hendel - 'Merica!

Spealler and Tyminski showing off some of the best MU's in the game.

 Becca Voigts' super fast rope climbs of the first event, "Ropes & Ladders".

The spider monkey lunging to first place.

Hackenbruck's strong, just missed the podium by 1 point.

White shorts.

Dan Tyminski's overhead squats.

Mat Fraser celebrating his win.

Emily Friedman (Dirty South) and Brooke Ence (Hack's Pack) celebrate their teams Podium.

Michele Letendre and Trevor James, winners of the Reebok True Grit Award.

All 12 lanes had a camera dedicated to their individual action.

Lots of great media at the event.

Couldn't image a better company to partner with the ECC.

Chris Irwin, President of Kill Cliff, and me at the podium presentation.

Froning giving me and Irwin a taste of the bubbly.

Male Podium:  Fraser, Malleolo, Spealler.

Female Podium:  Fortunato, Valenzuela, Tovar.

Team Podium:  Dream Team, Dirty South, Hack's Pack.
Along with the Dream Team donating their winnings to the Ogar Fund, 
we were able to raise over $10,000 for a friend.

Announcing the 2015 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships

Jan. 24 & 25, 2015

Boston's World Trade Center


Saturday - Individual Competition
Sunday - Team Competition (2 guys, 2 Girls)

Individuals:  Invited athletes or qualify through "ECC Online Qualifier"
Teams:  At least 2 team members must be "invited" or "qualified" athletes.

Three Challenges over three weeks.
November 3rd - November 20th.
One Challenge will be announced each Sunday at 5:00pm ET.  Athletes will have till Thursday at 5:00pm ET to submit their scores and videos.  
Registration opens September 15th and ends October 31st.
$20 Registration.

Video of the 2014 ECC...


  1. Goal; After having my baby boy (and giving myself two full weeks of doing NOTHING - per Ben's suggestion), I am going to push it so that I can be eligible to attend!!! I know I can do it :) ECC Qualifier, here I come!

  2. I may miss tomorrow so did some MUs today and hit 3 unbroken during the session. A small PR from only doing singles, but a PR nonetheless.

    I 'm not sure I will make the ECC but there's no harm in training like I will!

    Rock on Comp WODers

  3. Ben, can we stay with you if we qualify? Dibs on top bunk!

  4. Great video - great event - great work Ben.

  5. Love the idea of the online qualifier. I'll probably give it a go. a mini open to look forward to in the middle of the year

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I will be giving it a go!

    Didn't recover today. Did 5mi run with tac vest and plates. 35:13