Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunday 4.6.14

Meg Fox.

1.  Clean Complex
work up to a heavy set of: Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

2.  3 RFT:
6 Power Cleans, 205/145

3.  4 RFT:
Max Rep Bench Press, bodyweight
50m Prowler Push, you choose weight

4.  5 RFT:
4 DB Thrusters, 70/53
8 DB Walking Lunges Steps, 70/53 (4/side)
200m Run

1.  Clean Complex
work up to a heavy set of: Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

2.  5 RFT:
10 TTB
8 DB Thrusters, 40/30
12 DB Walking Lunges Steps, 40/30 (6/side)
200m Run


  1. Nice Sunday morning. Thank You. :)

  2. On Tuesday coach explained that rest days will be on Monday and Thursdays to accommodate the Regionals weekend schedule.
    You can still have rest days on Sundays and Thursday like I am and just move the programming one day on...

  3. Masters 47
    1. 100kg
    2. 13:10 (sub T2B for V-ups// DB 22,5kg)

  4. clean complex 105kg, i just need to get stronger with my squats
    3rft 3:05 every thing unbroken
    4rft 8:02 max bench was 9,6,5,4 bw 98kg
    and only have a sled so i put 95kg on it
    5rft 8:41 nice little combo that one :)

  5. Help me, how much sets must do in clean complex. And how much reps? Thanks

    1. As many sets as it takes to work up to "heavy" for the day. Each set is 3 reps (squat clean+front squat+jerk).

    2. Squat clean+front squat+jerk it is one rep?

  6. Good day everyone.
    1. Today did French Throwdown 2014 Online qualifier 1. So it was Fran.
    Finished in 2:47. Here's the video Not a PR, but still good result for me.

    2. Worked up to 100kg in Clean Complex.

  7. Clean Complex: 245# / Failed at 255

    2: RX at 13:46

    Notes: 8 mos post op from pectoral tear surgery. currently deployed at 5900 ft elevation....uhhhhhhh

  8. Where do you hold the DB for the walking lunge? At your sides, shoulders or overhead?

    1. Hey Chris, I always assume you hold them by your side, unless otherwise noted.

  9. Master:
    120#, 125# f jerk
    16:27, rx but subbed 10 cal air dyne for run- ft healing

  10. Clean Complex: 210#
    Cleans and Squat were easy, I just need work on my jerk

    3RFT - 7:28

    4RFT @ 195# 4:53 20/15/12/10

    5RFT: 7:53 - That one hurt!

  11. 1. Clean Complex: up to 285# the knee felt great here so I decided to stop instead of risking more pain.

    2. 3RFT: 3:29Rx

    3.) 4RFT: 4:25Rx (On turf, significantly more difficult than the asphalt outside!)

    4.) 5RFT: 7:31....ouch!

  12. Open
    1. Worked up to 265. This matches my jerk pr so I'm good with it.
    2. 13:25. Kinda dogged this one but feel like my body needs a break!

  13. Had a great opening weekend of baseball. We went 3-0 against some quality competition. I had 5 rbi's and had a massive towering homerun that may have still not landed. Anyways, did the open workout today.
    1. C&J Complex- 245lbs.
    2. Metcon- 11:45. This felt really good.

  14. hi this is my 3rd post, and i want to ask 2 things hope you could help me:
    both of them are about when the coach says "work to a heavy (something)":
    - does it means thay i have to go to a 1RM when it says to a heavy single or is it just when i feel it is heavy?
    - and second all of you have a lot more experience so id like to ask more or less how much time do you spend working in a complex?

    thank you for your help

    1. Good questions firstly ben has specified between heavy and 1rms in the past so I always treat heavy as just that no failures. Where as a 1rm I will go to failure
      Secondly as it has been said before we are crossfitters and not weightlifters so I always try to keep pretty strict time domains on my sets never more than 2 mins between sets most the time enough time to change weight and chalk up if it's heavy. Sometimes I'll even throw in aux work in between like double unders or something to jack the heart rate between sets.
      Best luck and just remember everyone's different and these are personal things you have to play with to find what's best 4 u

    2. thanks for your reply Blaine, just regarding the second question i think i didn't explain myself correctly (sorry english is not my first language) what i wanted to know is how much time do you spend doing complexes until you find out that heavy set, for example 10-15 mins or something like that. but thanks for saying the amount of time between sets cause some times a think i rest a little bit more between one attempt and the next one (around 3-4 mins)

      thanks again

    3. Let me try and add on to what Blaine said. I try not to spend more than twenty minutes working a complex if there's no time specified. Otherwise it's easy to let time get away and wear yourself out. I set a timer myself. On something like this I'd take fifteen minutes or so.

      Hope this helps!

    4. Yeah you both helped me a lot thx and good luck with your training

  15. Open/Masters 43

    Clean and jerk complex: 205# this felt good, next time will go heavier
    5 RFT: 14:08, been a long brutal winter with no running, feeling really slow now!

  16. Regionals

    complex- worked up to 195 lbs (max c and j is 210)

    1) 3 RFT- 7:13 145lbs on PC (no GHD so subbed in toes to bar)
    2) 4 RFT-18:32 135 bench, 50 lbs on prowler- done in a group of 3 with 1 prowler so some built in rest (which I am not complaining about)
    3) 5 RFT- 10:07 55lb DB...ouch

  17. 1. 275lbs
    2. 3:40 (Subbed 30 abmat sit ups)
    3. Had to go round for round w/ partner. BW 200lbs (11, 6, 7, 7) and prowler total weight 225lbs on turf. Appx 10 minutes
    4. 10:25 - did ten 20M shuttle runs for the 200s.

  18. OPEN
    1) 265 - pumped - heaviest I've cleaned since hurting my back last year on heavy cleans. Form was really good but didn't want to push it any heavier yet.
    2) 11:28 - dogged it a bit - running is definitely a goat. Can run fast but it takes too much out of me - mechanics issue. High on the goat list.

  19. 1. 300
    2. 3:28
    3. 190# bench, 245 # sled on turf with 2 turn arounds, 13:10 15/10/10/10
    Sled was entirely too heavy
    4. 9:34, sled took it out of my legs on the runs. Unbroken otherwise.

  20. Open
    1. 115#
    2. 17:43 w/ 20# DB
    I also added bench press with DU. I haven't benched in so long, it showed! 80#! 6, 3, 4, 4

  21. Did a 14 mile backpacking trip over the weekend. I'm going to try and hit today's work tomorrow then back on track.

  22. 1.complex-275

    2. 3rds
    18ghd all games standard(2 hand touch)
    6pcl 205lb=3:43

    3. 4rds
    Max rep BW bench press 220(7,4,3,3)
    50m prowler@270=10:01 on asphalt which sucked

    4. 5rds
    4 kb thrusters 70kbs
    8 lunges 70kbs
    200m run=10:17
    I was able to hold onto the kbs after the thrusters and go into my lunges and do everything unbroken. My runs where slooowww.

  23. Open
    1- 135-185-204-225 (missed jerk)
    2- 14:29 The runs were bad!! Felt my asthma acting up.

  24. Feeling great today! Was ready to get after it.

    A. Complex

    Really happy with this! This was my goal with this today and I felt solid.

    B. 3RFT
    =4:23 RX
    GHD's ate me up. Not the best at cycling them with little rest but I look at it as quality time with a weakness.

    C. 4RFT:
    Max BW Bench, 185lb: 13/8/7/7
    50m Prowler push, 250lb (outside on a tough asphalt surface)

    This is def a pick your poison workout. I hope everyone chose the difficult route and squeeked out every rep they could on the bench and pushed the limits on that prowler because if done right- it got hard!

    D. 5RFT
    No 70lb DB so used 70lb KB
    This was brutal. I felt like a grandmother on the runs. Those KB thrusters were no joke. Legs are pooped, solid session.

    Felt like Ben was testing some mental game, as the workouts increase in difficulty and complexity as you go on-well done Ben! I focused on staying positive and feeding myself the right messages as all of these workouts are out of my comfort level.

    Big props to my main man Leon, who cycled those KB thrusters to the lunge like it was nothing and kept a great tempo. Impressive!

  25. Regionals

    1) 235#

    2) 3:55 rx

    3) 10:58 with push-ups (30-15-11-12) and 6x45# on the prowler. Horrible.

    Decided to call it a day. Shoulder is not liking all this volume. Better rest and take it easy for next week.

  26. Open: had some extra time for Regional work
    1. 245#- hit 265# sqt clean & jerk, didn't feel confident in the f.sqt
    2. 5 RFT- 10 t2b, 8 DB thrusters 45#, 12 lunges, 200 m run- 12:40
    3. 4 rds- 50 M prowler push 90#/sled 185#, yoke carry 405#, BW bench 220#- 10ish, had 3 people on one yoke, bench 6/6/5/5
    4. 3rft- 6 cleans 205#, 18 GHD- 3:58- UB on cleans, GHD slowed me down.

  27. Open.
    1. 75 KG.
    2. 2X16 KG/ 1 POOD KB - 200 M TIME 15:14

  28. regionals
    1. 295
    2. 5:09
    3. around 16mins used 225 for bench got 9,7,7,5 and used 165lb sled drag
    4. 12:09

  29. 1. Slow start, up to 245 of complex, then did clean + FS up to 275, then single clean up to 315
    2. 3:16 rx
    3. Didn't do for time- got a new bench so had to take her for a test dive sat night so did STO at 185 and no prowler so pushing my jeep in the Parking lot. Sets were 15-12-12-15
    4. 9:40 rx

  30. Open
    1. Did at 135#. Got 140 easily but waited too long to jerk.

    2. 16:50. used 25# kettle bells

  31. Regional
    1. 245#
    2. 3:45
    3. 13:15 175# (17,11,9,8) Don't have prowler did sled drag 180#
    4. 9:13 (don't have 2-70kb, instead of using a 135# barbell, used 45#db did 7thruster, 14 lunges)

  32. Regional
    1. 235
    2. 5:20
    3. 12:59 (9,7,7,5). Prowler on rubber flooring. 90 lb + Rogue Butcher. 5 turnarounds.
    4. 9:14 (rowed). Still too much snow out back to run.

  33. Had work today so I'm doing the complex tomorrow.

    Metcon: did the 5 rounds and then a 1000m run on treadmill


  34. 1) 242 Didn't feel confident to jerk it...

    2) When I got to the end the clock never started... Around 13ish

  35. Open
    1. 195, 205 failed twice on Jerk
    2. 15:32 - modified run for DU... Too much ice outside.

  36. Did the regional programming Monday morning seen as my box doesn't open Sundays - I did still end up training but nothing from on here.
    1) Worked up to 80kg - failed on 85kg - couldn't stand up my clean - my 1RM Front Squat is only 90kg and squatting in general is a massive goat that I am working on.
    2) Did this with 80kg rather than the 205lbs (currently my 1RM Power Clean) and finished in 5:15.
    3) Didn't have time and didn't have a prowler may do something similar later on if I get time.
    4) Did this quickly but more focussed on the strength of the movements than moving as quickly as I could. I had to do this with KB's rather than dumbells - no heavy DB.

  37. Day 2 of this new programming and I am loving it.

    1,)131 Clean PR of 1lb and Jerk PR of 11lbs
    2.)13:50 Modified run for DU- Too much snow outside

  38. 1. Clean Complex
    Got up to 225#

    2. 3 RFT:
    5:04 rx

    3. 4 RFT:
    14:45 @215# rx

    4. 5 RFT:
    18 minutes, first two sets finished with 55#

  39. 1) 305lb

    2) 3RFT:
    - 3:26 Rx

    3) 10-8-6-6 @ 205lb (no spotter).. around 8-10 min

    4) This evening

  40. First day on the CompWod program
    1. 205#
    2. 12:49 - subbed 40 DU for the run - icy conditions

  41. Open
    Shoulder issue, did not do the OH position exercises
    1. 115 kg full clean+FS
    2. W/ 2 KB 20 kg, no thrusters, sub by FS W/ front racked KBs

  42. Regionals:

    1) c&j complex - up to 275
    2) metcon 1 - 4:53?? (I can't remember the time exactly)
    3) metcon 2 - untimed, but man did that prowler hurt!
    4) metcon 3 - 11:?? again, can't remember the time.

  43. 1. Clean Complex 120kg
    2. Metcon 14:30

  44. OPEN
    1. Clean Complex - work up to 225# (ties current C&J PR - felt solid)
    2. Metcon - 12:49 (sub'd 50 DU for run)

    ... need to shorten the rest between movements.

  45. Regionals:

    1. Clean Complex: 232 lbs.
    2. 3 RFT: Scaled power cleans to 185 lbs. 4:57.
    3. 4 RFT: Bench done at 185 (12,6,5,6) Prowler done at 190, on turf and with 5x10m lengths. 9:03.
    4. 5 RFT: We don't have 70 lbs. dumbbells at the gym so I did 5 thrusters and 10 lunges with 60 lbs. dumbbells. 12:04.

    Great (hard as hell) day of training! Have a great day everyone!

  46. Regionals (Team):

    1. 274
    2. w/ a partner (funnel style); unbroken Pwr Cleans (205) - not timed.
    3. w/ a partner alt. each exercise (1 person spotting on bench, then, 1 person running beside prowler); Bench @ 205 (15, 11, 9, 7), 180 lbs on prowler
    4. 2KB (70); untimed race against Paul Tremblay - lost...

  47. Regionals (Individual)-

    Up in Orlando for a couple days for my girlfriend's 21st birthday. Pushed Sunday's work back to today due to the drive up from Miami. Dropped into CrossFit OCD- Great space. JT and the rest of the OCD fam was very welcoming. Thanks again JT!

    1. 185/215/235/ 255 Fail on the jerk x3.. Don't know what's going on with my jerk. 235 is 50lbs off of my 1RM C&J from about 9 months ago. Really need to work on tech. A month to go.

    2. 4:26 - fast GHD's, and quick singles on the cleans.

    3. 8:02 - Low style sled +70lbs. BP @165. 16, 6, 5, 6. Fun but tough finding the balance between resting to maximize the amount of BP reps, but also stay fast for the time on the WOD.

    4. Will have to save for later tonight.

  48. Deadlift 195kg 5x3
    Complex 100kg
    Mercon 13:50 rx I hate db thrusters.

  49. Open:

    1. Clean Complex: 185# This felt pretty good. I think I may have had a little more in the tank, but there was potential for failure at 195, so I didn't both attempting.

    2. 14:34 with 35# KB. This was my first run in a while. Wow, NOT pretty, but good reality check.

  50. Open

    1) Worked up to 205
    2) Had to modify some movement due to lack of equipment
    10 toes to rings
    8 barbell thrusters @ 95
    12 stationary back rack lunges @ 95
    200 m run

  51. 1. 245 easily, hit 275 then missed the jerk.

    2. Done with 95# barbell, no DB's. 200m Row instead of run as it was pouring outside. 12:47.

  52. regionals

    1. complex 265, tried 285 but missed the jerk.
    2. 4:32 rx
    3. 12-8-8-8 with 175lbs and 350lbs on prowler on turf. that was painful (didn't time)
    4. tonight

  53. Open
    1. 215#
    2. 13:56

  54. 1. Clean complex - built up to 195#, jerk was ugly but managed to lock it out
    2. GHD/PCL-4:25
    3. BP/Prowler- 6:38 (BP @ 165#, 3-2-2-2, propeller @ 185#)
    4. Kb/Run - 14:47.. this was rough and I messed up rep scheme and did 6 kb thrusters each round. Holy only

  55. Completed 4/7/14
    1) 205#. First time I caught 225#, just couldn't stand. It's progress
    2) had to modify because I did it at home and crap weather. Subbed 95# barbell thruster and front rack lunge, also 250m Row. Time: 17:01

  56. 1.clean complex- built up to 265#, almost got 275# was good little complex, couldn't land solid
    2.GHD/PCL -5:31 liked it, coming off the GHD and grabbing that bar was little dizzy at points lol
    3.17:15, TTB kill me, and the DB thrusters were a new challenge, little mobility issues.

  57. Done Monday:
    1. 225# felt "heavy" so stopped there and worked on standard C&J form up to 245#. Can't wait for my strength to come back more. Feeling weak lately.
    2. 3rft: 4:13. Mostly ub on PCs so apparently my GHDSU's are slow as shit
    3. no bench or prowler at home. Did bench at 205# at work gym on Sunday.
    4. 5rft: no DBs or 2 70# kbs, so subbed 155# thrusters and front rack WLs: 9:49

  58. 1. clean complex: completed 275, failed the jerk at 290
    2. GHD/ PCL: 3:38
    3. 210 lb BP/ 270 lb Prowler: no time (forgot to start clock)--16/6/5/5 on bench
    4. 5 RFT w/70 lb KB's: 8:41

  59. 1. clean complex 165lbs
    2. 3:55@135
    3.bench/prowler didn't time only used 100 lb bench/60kg prowler
    4.5rds for time 40lbs dbs thrusters/lunges/running 10:12

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  61. Open:
    1. Clean Complex- 285
    2. Metcon: 13:32
    10 T2B
    8 95 lb Barbell Thrusters
    12 95 lb walking lunges
    Run 200 M.

  62. Master Open 2015

    1) Clean Complex : 115#
    2) Metcon: 11:36 RX

  63. Open masters
    215 complex. Missed jerk@225
    15:55 rx on metcon. Runs more like 250 m steeplechase. lol

  64. Regional Programming
    1. Worked up to 255#, which was/is my 1 rep max C&J
    2. 3:38 rxd.
    3. No prowler, so we subbed 315# yolk caries. Also so how missed that it was for time. Rotated sets with partner, so about 2 min of rest between each set. At 175 bw, did bench at 185 for 12, 12, 10, & 9.
    4. 11:02 rxd.

  65. Regionals
    1) clean complex 275
    2) 4:24 (got lazy on my ghdsu)
    3) 5:04 bench press was 190 15/8/7/6 on reps and 185 on the sled
    4) 13:05 used 2pood Kb in each hand 13:05 waaaay harder than I thought