Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday 4.21.14

Becca Voigt

1.  For Time
1 Mile Run
10 Rounds of:
10 Pull ups
20 Push ups
30 Squats
1 mile Run
All with a 20# vest


1.  "100/100"
For Time:
100 Pull ups
100 Wall Balls
reps, weights, and target height vary depending on age group.

1 mile Run
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Squats
1 mile 
Optional 20# weight vest.  Break up the gymnastics movements as desired.  


  1. Hi guys I recently started this awesome programming (thx coach Ben) but a week ago I had a surgery to repair an umbilical hernia does someone here has some experience with that for how long you couldn't train or how slow should I start after the 6 weeks my doctor told me to rest of intense exercise? Any help or comments are really appreciated good luck to you all and hopefully I'll return soon to continue my preparation for the 2015 open

    1. Hi Alejandro. I had the similar but not the same issue - inguinal hernia. Surgery was in June. So I was out of training for 3.5 weeks. In July I've started low intense-style training with rubber resistance bands and doing nothing that increases intra-abdominall pressure. After two months I've started Lifting lightly, all workouts were technique-oriented and was sooo happy with rehab-progress lol.. I was increasing weights slowly and felt fully recovered in September.
      I advice you to be patient and don't harm yourself.

    2. Thank you very much for your reply yes I'll be patient my doctor told me that to be fully recovered it'll take like 4 months so I'm going to take it slow and improve my technique and mobility thx again

  2. justin lasala masters 40-44 Qualifing Rd OPEN Finish 58th of 200
    Just want to say thanks coach for the programming. Can only imagine what a full year will do to my Game.
    Sick as a dog and 1 WOD to Go
    WOD #1 285
    WOD #2 7:17 missed 3 Snatches and it cost me 40 sec.
    WOD #3 13:46 couldnt get my breath
    WOED #4???

  3. Open
    Murph (5kg - 11lbs vest)
    Splitted main part as 10 rounds of 10pull-ups - 10push-ups - 15squats - 10push-ups - 15squats

    1. Thanks for the idea, Stas! I broke them up the same way and kept it nice and steady. Good work!

  4. Murph with 20# vest
    This is a 3:09 pr since Veterans Day

  5. Open
    40:00 (13 min pr since last year.)

  6. Open
    Murph w/ 5 kg vest and 2k row instead of run (my left calve had not recovered from tosh sprints)

  7. Regionals:

    1) 38:24 (w/ Titin vest)

  8. Murph
    34:28 w/ 20# vest. Last time I did this I was around 32ish. But considering Catalyst had heavy Back Squats today was pretty happy. Broke up Regionals style with 10/20/30

    1. Oh also forgot to list the biggest accomplishment of the day, I didn't rip!!! First time doing this volume of pull ups with or without grips and not ripping hands

  9. Open.

    1) 38.17 with 20#vest.

    Accidentally ran 1.32miles each time. Did the math and at the same pace would have finished around 33min give or take a few seconds. But was only 1min 30sec off my pr of 36.44 so I'll take it. Run hurt but I was crusing on the gymnastics.

  10. Regionals
    1. 44:46 Rx, push ups were my Achilles heel

  11. Did some other stuff as well.
    1) Snatches. worked up to about 80% for a few reps 225# Felt Solid
    2)OH Squats 6x3 Worked up to 265 starting at 215 EMOM
    3) Snatch Balance Worked up to heavy double 245#
    4)COMP WOD 45:45 25#Vest HUMBLED!!!
    4 Rds for not for time cool down wod
    10 GHD Situps
    1- 63ft Empty Yoke Carry
    10 Back Ext 10#Meb Ball
    1- 63ft Empty Yoke Carry

  12. Regionals:

    This wod is my jam. 34:10 with Tac Vest and plates.

  13. 32:40. No vest. Tasty WOD
    Went 10/20/30 for 6 rounds then 20/40/60 for 2 rounds see how that felt. Pull ups felt good all butterfly kip. Good work everyone.

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  15. Regionals:
    53:10 with 6,5kg vest. Push ups killed me!

  16. Did masters qualifier
    Wall balls are what slowed me down. Finished pull-ups at 5:30.
    Did 10 sets of 10 on WB. The pull-ups really fatigued my shoulders so couldn't do bigger sets.

  17. Regional:

    1. For Time - 32:23 - No vest (First time at this workout, pull-ups have never felt that easy, really happy about this! Push-ups all in 5's, its my all time biggest goat but I enjoyed the fact that I got it done and its gonna make me a better athlete in this area)

  18. Open 2015. 9 kg vest. run 1.7-8 km time: 48:80.

  19. SoCal Regional

    34:32 as RX.
    mile 1 : 7:48
    unbroken pullups
    mostly sets of 10 on push ups
    wished I had a better pace on squats.
    8:51 second mile

    1. No I followed the 10 rounds
      10-20-30. So 10 sets of 10.
      100 unbroken would be remarkable with a 20# vest. Next time :)

  20. Open

    I wimped out. I plan on doing the Murph on Memorial Day and didn't want to get in my own head going into it, so I decided to just do Cindy. Mistake. I ended up getting into my own head because I tried to set a pace that I actually intend on using in the Murph and I couldn't hold it. Completed 17 rounds, but wanted 20! Not good.

  21. Open

    "Murph" - 49:37. Unpartitioned. Pushups took forever

  22. Regionals:

    I've been following compwod for about a year now, but never posted in the past for some reason. I was busy getting my gym up and running, CrossFit Payback, with Josh Michaud, so neither him or I actively participated in the open this year. However, we will be bringing the heat for the 2015 season.

    1: worked on some OH squats
    6x3- went relatively light and built up to 205 for the last 2 sets
    2: Snatch balance doubles
    worked up to 185, didn't really want to push it too much
    3: 1 mile
    10 rounds:
    10 pull ups
    20 push ups
    30 squats
    1 mile
    -42:02 (My mir vest ended up being a few pounds too heavy at 23#)

    Looking forward to being an active participant with my compwod comrades in the future

  23. Back from 1 week off feel great.
    Hit the gymnastic trainer course this weekend with Kevin Montoya from CFNE and man it was awesome, thanks again Kevin.

    Done 10-20-30 style

    Set Strict movements standards and kept to them. Proud to have hit this workout as it gets pretty uncomfortable. All Pullups unbroken.

  24. My sympathies and thoughts to the family of 'Murph'. As a fellow soldier from across the pond I salute you. His WOD completed in 43.18 without a vest.

  25. Regionals

    No vest though. Happy with my effort

  26. Been following compWod since last quarter of 2013. Thanks Ben love the programming. Haven't really posted much gonna try to stay consistent with it love following you all on here...some real athletes keep it up everyone!

    20lb pound vest
    First time doing with a vest...runs and push-ups got to me! Def needed it though.

  27. Open/masters 48

    48:23. Not a PR. Booooo.

  28. Open - M/37/5'10"/175#
    Murph - 30:30, no vest. Broke twice on pushups 7 & 3 reps. All else unbroken. Did 20 rds of Cindy. Second run was a suck-fest. haha!

  29. 50:21 with 20# weight vest. thanks Lou for the push at the end, needed that.

  30. Open
    1) 48:21 w/ 20# weight vest. On Memorial Day last year I was 44:54. Need to work on push ups big time and get back on eating cleaner!

  31. Open
    1) 38:42 with 20# vest. That was about 10x longer than my wheelhouse WODs haha. It was a great solo suckfest and a really cool thing to suffer through on Marathon Monday.

  32. Regionals:
    W/ 12# vest - 60 min
    I usually break Murph into 20 rounds of Cindy to spare myself push up fatigue... Those took the longest. Pull ups unbroken. Never done Murph as rx or with a vest so I guess a double PR today at turtle speed :)

  33. Murph, no vest: 35:21, broken up 10x: 10plu, 10psu, 30sqt, 10psu
    First time doing Murph, happy with bodyweight movements, but pushups slow me down. Pullups all unbroken and squats felt fast. 7:11 and 7:56 runs.


  34. Murph w/ no vest-33:50
    Ten rounds 10-20-30

  35. 54:46 ~ w/ vest

    My PR w/ vest is 51 minutes (42 w/o).
    Longer Dist. Running and using my lungs is not a strength of mine! Debated to not use the vest to see where I could get this to, but went against it...I want to see some progress by Memorial Day (we do Mem. Day Murph)...So my retest will be in about 4 weeks... I will get under 50.
    At least 5 Rnds of Cindy will be in every warm-up for the next month (w/ and w/o a vest)!

  36. Have games all week again so didn't want to wreck my body.
    1. Did snatch+OHS heavy single- worked up to 175 and hit that a few times.
    2. Masters event 3 b/c it looked fun- 12:07. Unbroken everything except 2nd set of DU'S.

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  38. Regionals:
    1/2 Murph with 20# Vest for runs only. 10 rounds of 5,10,15 w/ C2B Pull-ups 28:47

  39. Murph
    12,20,30 in 20 lb vest 48:02
    Last mile my legs cramped right up but I kept moving 48:02 not a pr at all

    Side note went to a gymnastic cert with Kevin Montoyit was awesome to learn from someone so skilled thank you for your time.

  40. 45:06 no vest.
    1st mi 6:24
    2nd mi 7:16

    Would like to try at least a 10# vest next time. This was the first time doing Murph

  41. So much running the past two days.

    Sunday - Tosh Sprints - 23:36
    Today - Murph, no vest - 38:45 with 6:20 first mile and 8:00 last mile

  42. Open
    1) 43:10 Rx. First time doing Murph as prescribed.

    Thank you to all the men and women of the armed services. I sleep better at night because of people like you.

  43. Open, scaled
    1200m row
    100 pull ups
    200 push ups
    300 sit ups
    1200m row

  44. Open
    Murph - 38:00. No vest. Runs were hilly and slightly more than a mile.

  45. Open
    1. 43:23- 20# vest- sloooow runs!

  46. 13 hour travel day, Murph just wasn't happening alone. Wifey didn't want to do it with me, so I just did the Masters WOD because i knew I could muster up 10 minutes of diggin' in. About a minute off my 100 pullup PR, and could only do 10's and 15's on the wall balls. Not my finest workout, but got it done in 11:26

  47. 39:39 w/ a 20# vest. First crack at "Murph," this one's definitely tough.

  48. Regionals:

    Push ups got me, had to break them early into 5s, then 3s, then 2s.

  49. Open
    41:20 about 40seconds off PR

    53:23 first time (red band assisted PUs)

    Josh & Katie

  50. Regionals

    36:42 with 10# vest.

    Are females suppose to use 20# vests or 10#? I only had a 10# available but wanted to know

  51. Soo not my best murph but had a blast doing it with some friends at home. Nasty hill runs on the one mile and a tree branch for pull-ups. All in all 69mins

  52. Masters 46
    4 RFT (18:23)
    10 C2B
    15 Bench Press #135
    20 GHDSU
    400 Meter Run

    EMOM x 10
    2 Jerks From Blocks #165
    (1 Push/1 Split)

  53. 48:32 -- 19 weeks pregnant. Push-ups are tough with compromised abdominal strength! :) Oh...and it is a boy!

  54. Today was a mental gut check.

    Broke it up into ten rounds. 55:21 PR

    Running was hard, push ups were harder. Still have room...

  55. Regional programming
    Need to invest in a weighted vest. 33:27 without a vest. 9+ min pr from about 10 months ago.

  56. Wow, so sad:
    Murph with 20lb vest: 51:52. First time in the vest. I almost started crying out loud on the last few sets of pushups.

  57. Masters 44
    Tougher than I thought.
    Legs blew up on wall ball shots. I've had trouble with that lately.

  58. Murph
    Time: 45:05min
    Didn't use a vest... wow the higher rep scheme is MUCH harder for me, those push-ups! I think last time I did Murph I was around 41mins? (with 5-10-15 rep scheme)

  59. OPEN
    1. 5/3/1 - Week 1/Day 1
    2. Half Murph (w/20# Vest) - 19:51

  60. Regionals
    I have been following Comp wod for a while, awesome programing. Decided I needed to start posting. Recently I joined Ryan Bressner as I need someone to kick my butt everyday!!!

    37:34 (6min PR).

  61. Murph in 10/20/30 rep scheme no vest-46:50... pushups and running not my strong suit but glad to puah thru this one

  62. Open:
    1) 56:14, 10 min PR, 1 mile run included a solid hill to climb!

  63. Im a day behind :( but got murph in today. Cant wait to do Tuesday and Wednesdays wod. They look great.

    40:54 PR by about 3 minutes.

    1. Regionals-

      I'm a day behind with this guy^^^.. Got the sprints in from Saturday, on Sunday. Made up the 2 WOD's that followed the next day.

      2.) Ascending Thruster/ L-sit Pull-up ladder- 10+18..
      Pull-ups got tougher than I expected. UB on Thrusters and pull-ups through 6, then broke everything up into 2 sets until 11. Thrusters I went 4/3/3. I pace myself too much on who I'm going against. Could have pushed harder here.

      3.) 2:51- Didn't matter that it was 70lbs..that DB squat snatch was AWKWARD. Especially on my left side. Had to be on my toes to get the necessary depth- all mobility related.

      Then today-

      Regionals style Murph w/ 20lb vest- 36:15
      -First mile= 7:07.. UB on pull-ups throughout. Push-ups went to crap early, and air squats were pretty slow. Last mile= 7:59

  64. Regionals

    48min46 (with 20# vest)

    doing it this way instead of 20x 5-10-15 affected me quite a bit by the looks of my time.. almost 10 minutes slower.

  65. Murph RX no vest
    PR was April 2013 at 52:00 min. This is bad. Need to work on push-up