Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday 4.7.14

Tracy O'Donnell

Recovery Day.

Remember to keep it fun...  Burpee Broad Box Jump races.


  1. Made up the work I missed on Friday
    1. Isabel- 3:30. Not a pr. Little Dissapointed. I wanted sub 3. Next time!
    2. Muscle ups- done. Felt decent today.
    3. HSPU's and DU's- done. These felt great.
    I have games tomorrow and Wednesday so I will be missing those days. Happy training everyone!

  2. Did yesterday.
    285# clean complex
    12:34 metcon.

  3. Did yesterdays WOD today...
    1) 245# ~ very happy with this one...iffy with the jerk, but got it up!
    Need to continue shoulder strength work...Strict HSPU are coming

    2) 19:19 w/ 55# KB's... My aerobic/wind needs LOTS of work!!!

    Great job to all from yesterday!

    1. Nice work on the complex Tony! 245 was my goal for today, but after barely hitting the jerk at 232, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Just keep working and you will get your endurance.

    2. Tony, I actually filmed my complex with a new tablet I just got. Unfortunately, I can't figure how to get the video off the tablet. #technologybeatsoldman

      Once I do, I will let you know and you can have a look at an iffy jerk...whoosh!

    3. Here it is:

      Pretty iffy indeed!

    4. NICE... way to stay under and get it!!! Split Jerk and all.. As I get heavy, my feet just widen (starfish style) our arms looked the same...pushing your way to the jerk for the last 2-3"!

      Great work... Should have thought about filming that! Brilliant ~ I will try to get video later this week of something!

    5. Nice, Mike. Looked good. One thing you might want to take a look at is your head position on your pull. I think you might want to tuck your chin a bit to keep a neutral spine/neck.

      Just something I try to remind myself of everyday!

      Thanks for posting. I'll try to get better at posting vids too.

      PS nice platform!

    6. Good job on the clean Tony!
      Michael, awesome seeing video, great to put action and video to all the names on here, also a great teaching tool for all of us!

  4. Regionals.

    Did Yeaterdays wod today.

    1) 220. Still struggling with overhead strength. Don't seem to be making any progress.

    2) 4.02. Had to sub 30 sit-ups today for the ghd's

    3) 7.32 Used 190 on bench and sled plus 180#

    4) 9.41. Had to do 25m lengths for the runs.

  5. Did yesterday today, have to spend atleast one day with the lady.
    1. Skipped; catalyst tonight has c&j work
    2. 11:54; it was raining and nasty outside so subbed 1 min on airdyne for runs

    Also added in the regionals GHD and cleans 4:45
    & the bench prowler work both at BW 165 didn't time but bench was 20,15,8,5 Arms got wrecked here

  6. Maters yesterdays wod
    1. 205 weak sauce!
    2. 11:31

  7. Regionals:

    1. Clean Complex: 232 lbs.
    2. 3 RFT: Scaled power cleans to 185 lbs. 4:57.
    3. 4 RFT: Bench done at 185 (12,6,5,6) Prowler done at 190, on turf and with 5x10m lengths. 9:03.
    4. 5 RFT: We don't have 70 lbs. dumbbells at the gym so I did 5 thrusters and 10 lunges with 60 lbs. dumbbells. 12:04.

    Great (hard as hell) day of training! Have a great day everyone!

    1. Nice work Michael....lunges were by far the worst!

    2. Good job Michael. I'm super impressed with your Prowler time. That thing crushed me yesterday.

    3. Nice work Michael. I skipped part 4. Shoulder doesn't like this volume! haha

    4. Keith, the lunges were the worst. Thrusters felt surprisingly easy. Runs were slower than I would like, but those prowlers stole my soul (Mike F.) and made me a little grumpy :)

      Greg, rest that shoulder! You have to get healthy. There are big things down the road for you.

  8. Did a mix of Open and Regionals - Masters (41)

    1. Clean complex - Completed 235 rather easy so went after 255. First attempt the jerk was ugly and right arm didn't completely lock out so I called it no good. Tried a second attempt, the jerk just was not there. Jerks are a big goat for me. I have a 290 clean but struggle badly with jerks 40-50# lighter than that...ugg

    2. 3RFT - GHDSU 205 cleans - 4:00. 2 good movements for me, felt good.

    3. 5RFT - 10TTB-8 DB thrusters (40#)-12 lunges (40#)-200m run - 12:05
    Legs felt like jello when I took off for each run, hope to rest them a bit, they feel tired.


    1. Great job Brad! Your GHD/power clean time was really fast!

    2. Very impressive on the 3 Rnds!!!

    3. Thanks guys, just tryin to keep up with you beasts!

  9. Completed yesterday's open WOD today:

    22.53. On the plus side it was all done RX'd!

  10. Hi Ben and friends. This is Mane from the southwest region. It's been a while since I posted on here. Going team this year with SLC CF. this(bens program) is by far one of the best programs out there.

    Did yesterday's work.

    1. 325 on clean complex
    2. 3:48 (did 225) ghd sit-ups killed me
    3. 8-8-7-7 @ bw 215
    4. 9:25 rx. Ouch!!! Quads hurt.

    1. Phew. Huge clean complex. I remember you throwing up some huge numbers earlier in the year. Good luck at regionals, brotha!

  11. part 2 from yesterday-3:46
    no one wants to hear excuses but it was nasty out and no 70lb dumbbells so did 20 step front rack walking lunge with 145 and 185 bench four rounds went 12-12-13-12. i rested in after then bench for a couple minutes but went straight into the bench after the lunges.

  12. Open/Masters 48

    Did yesterday's open wod

    1. Clean complex 195. 205 failed jerk

    2. 14;09 used 30# db. ttb coming along.

  13. Open - making up yesterday's work
    1) 245# Real happy with this ties my current C&J PR.
    2) 11:42 Rx

  14. Open from yesterday
    1) 225#, 96% of my C&J PR so I'm happy, even though I know my jerk needs loads of work
    2) Did Helen in class with my box - 9:59. First time doing this wod, pretty happy since running and pullups are goats of mine and it was pouring down rain.

  15. Masters 50_54
    1. 215, 235 f fs
    2. 15:18 (2x1.5 kbps) ub, but slow

  16. Done Monday:
    1. 225# felt "heavy" so stopped there and worked on standard C&J form up to 245#. Can't wait for my strength to come back more. Feeling weak lately.
    2. 3rft: 4:13. Mostly ub on PCs so apparently my GHDSU's are slow as shit
    3. no bench or prowler at home. Did bench at 205# at work gym on Sunday.
    4. 5rft: no DBs or 2 70# kbs, so subbed 155# thrusters and front rack WLs: 9:49

  17. Open
    1) 205-225-245-260-280(f)

    2) 13:49

    1) 95-115-135(f)-125(f--jerk)

    2) 14:39 (25# Db)

    Josh & Katie

  18. Did Sunday's work today (team practices on the weekend), workout partner and I blew through the 3 mini-wods in like 45mins:

    1. 3 RFT:
    18 GHDSU
    6 Power Cleans, 205/145
    Done, didn't time, was pretty fast though, did all PC unbroken

    2. 4 RFT:
    Max Rep Push-ups
    50m Prowler Push @ ~95#?
    Did 25-12-12-10 Push-ups... Quads were burning on prowler pushes! Didn't time

    3. 5 RFT:
    4 DB Thrusters @ 45# (50# DB are broken at the moment)
    8 DB Walking Lunges Steps @45# (4/side)
    200m Run
    Time: 12:10min

    4. Clean Complex
    work up to a heavy set of: Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk
    Up to 175#, the jerk always gets me, every time

  19. Did Fridays open session today - took a week after after the open and closing on a house

    1. clean complex - 225 - felt really good here
    2. no dumbells so i used a 95lb bar for thrusters and lunges - 15:01 - lunges didn't feel too good on this one

  20. Still following! Will be a week behind to allow for goat training!