Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monday 4.14.14

Nice write up on the ECC in Sweat RX Magazine.

Recovery Day.


  1. Such a fun and well run event! Cant wait til next year!

  2. Had a great weekend of bsseball. Swept one of our conference rivals. We're now 6-0 on the season.
    Did yesterday's work today
    1. Clean Complex- 245lbs.
    2. Skipped. No squats.
    3. Metcon- 14:50. Spent way too much time on the snatches.

  3. Comp yesterday so I did Sunday today.
    Open 15:35
    Took first place at the comp. 4 Wods two first places an two second places. Got second by 4 seconds each workout. Thanks coach for really setting is up for success all around. It was a great feeling winning the first comp after the open.

    1. Congratulations on the win Joey.

    2. Great job on the win! Nice to feel the results of training with a victory!

  4. Did yesterday's wod today.

    1) clean complex up to 264. Failed low hang at 275.

    2) 6rds.

    3) 13.54. Wanted sub 13 but snatches really slowed me down.

  5. Regionals:

    1) cl complex - 295
    2) FS metcon - 9 rnds
    3) metcon - 16:10

    1. Wow! Strong Joey. 9 rounds on the front squats is pretty amazing.

    2. Son of a gun...Strong man! Great numbers!!!
      9 Rnds is amazing!

  6. Were hoping to get a team together for next year!

  7. Did yesterday's work today:

    1. 231 lbs. Failed low hang at 242.
    2. 6 rounds
    3. 17:30 and I scaled the snatches to 115. My lord I suck at snatches and CTB.

    Weaknesses aside, it was a fun day of training.

    1. Nice work Michael! Glad to see you back posting. Last Friday when you weren't on here had lots of folks worried and desperately looking for words of encouragement that you usually provide lol!

      I think lots of folks including myself are doing Sunday's work on Monday... I really needed that one full day off, with no work and no wod. Mental break more than anything.

      Happy training everyone!}

    2. I competed in a team competition Friday and Saturday so I was off the grid for a few days. Glad to be back!

    3. Nice work Michael... For sucking in the snatch and c2b's you definitely make up for it in some strength!!! 231 & 6 Rnds are awesome!!! don't get a couple days off the blog to go do a team comp. w/o telling everyone how you did! Soooo????

    4. Glad to see back MJ! Hope the competiton went well and nice work today!

    5. I did the competition with a few guys from our gym. It was more for fun than placement, but I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience.

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  9. I am away for the next few days so rubbed my crystal ball to see what was coming up. Madame Wodbuster, my local clairvoyant, came up with the following:

    Snatch Complex-
    Power snatch + snatch balance. + OHS. I worked up to 125#.

    Coach Ben, if that snatch complex doesn't appear tomorrow I will be forced to fire the charlatan that is Madame Wodbuster.

  10. Masters/Open
    Been out with a jacked up next.
    1. 225 but failed on the low.
    2. 6
    3. 13:37

  11. Yesterdays WOD Today...

    Clean Compelx ~ 205# ...couldn't even get 225# from High Hang...
    FS ~ 4 Rnds
    MetCon ~ 19:05

    Crap...I felt like Crap the entire time. Row was 3:35...a full minute before I even attempted the Squat Snatch (all Singles w/ drops). Didn't finish snatches until 15:00...Just way to long!!! Low back was just numb after the first 15 reps...

  12. Open/Masters (41)

    Clean complex 275#
    AMRAP 225# 5 rep UB 5 rounds
    Metcon Stopped at 20 snatches at abut 10 mins. in, my wrist was in pain on every snatch so I decided to listen, and stop. Sucks but gotta listen when its screamin at you.


  13. 1 and 2 skipped catalyst this am
    3. 12:30 hands opened back up on 1st set of 15 c2b so had to drop to sets of 5

  14. Open / Masters 48

    Did Sundays stuff

    1. 13:25. Used 95# and did power snatch.
    2. failed at 215, got it from high hang but not below the knee.
    3. 4 rounds at 185#.

    1. Went out of order as regular class needed rowers.

  15. Sundays Open:
    1. Clean complex 225, tried 245 and got the first hang clean for a PR.
    2. Front Squats - 6 rounds with 205.
    3. Not enough time tonight so finished with a quick interval workout.

  16. Sundays Regionals:
    1. Clean complex - 285lbs and failed at 305lbs on the low hang.
    2. Front Squats - 6 rounds.
    3. 13:58, c2b pull-ups slowed down my time. Gotta do better next time.

  17. Sundays Open Work
    1) 255#-265(failed on low hang)
    2) 4 rounds
    3) 17:51

    1) 115# - 125(fail on low hang)
    2) 5 rounds at 100#
    3) 18:41 (45# bar/green-band assisted C2B)

    Josh & Katie

  18. Open
    1. Clean complex - worked up to 265. Only 10 lbs off my pr clean... May be time soon for a new pr

    2. AMRAP 5 - 6 rounds of 5 UB FS at 225. Spicy!

    3. 16:24. Great wod.

  19. Open

    1) Worked up to 205
    2) AMRAP - 3 rounds @ 185. This type of wod is my worst nightmare
    3) 14:57

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  21. Worked on the following Monday night:
    1. Clean Complex
    Work up to a max effort: Clean Deadlift + Hang Squat Clean (mid thigh) + Low Hang Squat Clean (below knee)
    Worked up to 175#, I tried 185#, think I could have had it but I did some weird breathing and thus failed my second hang clean...

    2. With a partner, 5 rounds each of:
    15 KB Swings @ 53#
    10 Lateral burpee over box (those lateral burpee over boxes are fast but smoke the legs)
    Time: 12:01min

    3. With a partner complete 3000m on the ski erg while the other partner pushes the prowler 60m @ 70#
    No idea how long this took but it was just awful, lats and tri's were screaming

    4. Partner had to teach so had to do the next part on my own. Was supposed to be 3000m rowing with the same prowler pushes. Halved it to 1500m, did 500m row at a time and 3 prowler pushes between each row.

    I was toast after all this, especially given that all of the above work is nothing I like. Fun stuff!