Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday 4.27.14

Danny Bostwick.
1.  Back Squats
3x3, across

2.  3 RFT:
50 Pistols (alternating 25/side)
7 Burpee Bar Muscle ups
10 Hang Power Snatches, 135/95

Rest Day
Open athletes will be returning to the Sunday/Thursday rest days.


  1. Regional:

    1. Back Squats - 155kg/342lb (I'm keen to test 1-RM again, this weight was difficult for 1 rep not so long ago, felt easy today)

    2. 3RFT - 13:35

  2. Regionals:
    That was rough.
    1. 345
    2. 14:56

  3. Regionals-

    1. 335
    2. 19:52- Pistols held me back- hip mobility issues that cause me to roll onto my toe/front of foot. Slowed me down a bunch. Should've spent more time warming up snatches as well.

    1. Came back for a night session of the rope-climb HSPU WOD.

      For deficit, used Rogue Paralettes, and a flat gymnastics mat. Ended up being 13".

      Total time Rx- 12:31

  4. Did the HSPU/Rope climb from yesterday's regional work. I have to keep a Monday/Thursday rest schedule. I have a 1 yr old at home and an already accepting wife that allows me to train 5x/week. Going forward I'll make up the Monday open workout on Sundays.

    Time - 14:44 (45#+25# for deficit)

  5. Did the HSPU/Rope Climb work with Clayton
    18:52 - 45# plate for deficit & on the set of 8 strict I did kipping instead.

    Also that's a sweet pic!

  6. 1. 405 across

    2. 10:52
    Felt awesome. Nasty combo tho!

  7. 16:02 on today's Metcon fun WOD love pistols

  8. Did Fridays work today. Have had games the past few days
    1. Front Squats- did speed squats at 205lbs. Felt good.
    2. Amrap 7- 7rds even. Felt good.
    3. Amrap 12- did o.h. walking lunge steps at 95lbs instead of prowler push

  9. Regional
    2. 17:14 ( pistols def a goat)

    Also made up rope climb wod from yesterday. 12:41 (used 2-45lb plates for deficit ~7")

    Was away since tues in Parris island getting to do an educators workshop and experience Marine corps life) awesome experience. Thanks to all the Marines out there. No one can explain what you can overcome during 3 months of boot camp unless you actually do it. Those DI's are relentless. Wonderful family to be apart of. True inspiring! Thank you go your service.

  10. Regionals

    1) 345-355-365

    2) 13:09 rx

  11. Regionals
    1. 335 across
    2. 13:45, felt good. Had not hit pistols in a long time.

  12. Regionals
    1. 225

    2. 18:26 Bar Mu felt good

  13. Open
    1. f.sqt- 3x3- 275x3, 275x2, 265x4- legs were a bit toasty from Manion
    2.HSPU/Rope Climb
    16:35- 2-25# plates for Kipping def, on the set of 8 strict I did 2 strict and rest kipping
    3. OTMx10 6 Butterfly C2B & 25 UB DU's (messed up on last 2 rds and couldn't go UB)

  14. Regionals:
    1. 235# across
    2. 26:59
    Bar muscle ups a struggle - I always end up "chicken winging" and pulling one arm over first. Last 2 of the entire workout were clean, double arm over. Starting to figure it out which is good. Pistols were fine, snatches unbroken.

  15. Is there a problem?I can not view mondays wod on mobile.

  16. Master 44
    Did this on Monday because I couldn't do the scheduled wod due to weather.
    1. 315 across. Felt good but had a lot of popping and cracking.
    2. RX'd this one but slow. I have never done bar muscle ups in a wod and the 135 hang snatch had to be singles. Been off pistols for several months due to injury so im happy just to get through it in a blistering time of 24:24. This is why I do the open programming.

  17. 1:) 385
    2:) ankle mobility limit my speed on pistols 17:38